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    Addie Brownlee launches Kickstarter Campaign

    Addie Brownlee launches Kickstarter campaign - You and Me Abridged - Addie's Making a New Record

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    I Beg Your Parton WEST COAST!
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    Joe's Pub: I Beg Your Parton, Addie Sings Dolly
    New York, NY, US
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    RT @MrDane1982: Bernie Sanders didn't vote until he was 40 Bernie Sanders didn't work until he was 40 Bernie Sanders was on govt as… https://t.co/hBxogEL79n
    RT @RepKarenBass: After receiving an overwhelming response on the twitter poll, I've decided not to attend the inauguration of Presid… https://t.co/eIgV2ilbTl
    RT @JoyAnnReid: Just spoke with @RepWilson of Miami, who informed me that after much contemplation, she will NOT be attending the Trump inaugural.
    RT @SheWhoVotes: I stand with Summer Zervos and other survivors of Donald's sexual violence, of which there are probably 100s. She needs our support.
    RT @MrDane1982: Its offensive to tell woman to move on when men want to control their bodies. It's offensive to tell LGBT to move on with Mike Pence as VP
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