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Thanks to everyone who tuned in today to watch the press conference. I'm thrilled to be a part of the NCPC campaign to educate consumers about intellectual property and specifically fair payment for musicians. Check out an article on the campaign at Yahoo Finance. I'll send a link to the PSA as soon as I have one!



RT @HollabackOttawa: GUESS WHAT?! We've got another bystander intervention training on the schedule! We are stoked to be teaching the 5Ds…
RT @RVAwonk: Wow. More children in Florida have died of COVID in the month since school started back than died during the first 16 months o…
RT @addiebrownlee: @dandrezner “You don’t look at all creepy” https://t.co/tp0NzQFsxl
@dandrezner “You don’t look at all creepy” https://t.co/tp0NzQFsxl
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