RT @samswey: Columbus police have killed more than 40 people since 2013. Black people were killed at 5x higher rate than white people. Data…
RT @BreeNewsome: People are really arguing that because one teen might have gotten stabbed otherwise, it was better that police shot & kill…
RT @tressiemcphd: An older white woman passed me on the trail. Without missing a step she whispered, “thank God” and kept walking. Somehow…
RT @nordicmodelnow: “When you're in prostitution you internalize the violence. You hear the same things over & over - you're called a slut, …
RT @bryanbehar: Val Demings served in law enforcement for 27 years. Gym Jordan’s only involvement with the law was not reporting locker roo…
RT @arelisrhdz: Just before the verdict was announced, Ohio police fatally shoot a Black teenage girl, family says https://t.co/4EhsPz7tHT
RT @drbashir2018: Putin will sow disinformation worldwide so he can grab land without the world’s eyes! https://t.co/XeuCd2K4Ip
RT @ElieNYC: Neighbor: You don't let your kids right their bikes around the neighborhood by themselves? Me: Nope. Neighbor: Why not? I've a…
RT @DDpan: If you are a journalist who is still taking law enforcement narratives at face value, you are not doing your job.
RT @PattyArquette: @iAm_Junha @deep_dab Is this going on their record? Come on! Registering bikes? Arresting kids for bike riding?
RT @ECMcLaughlin: Hey, check out this new progressive organization that is focused purely on state legislative races. As I've been preachi…
RT @juliaioffe: Alexey @Navalny has been transferred to the hospital of a nearby penal colony. Russian independent media spoke to former in…
RT @NickKristof: Excellent @nytopinion op-ed by @RickKahlenberg about the damage caused to working class Americans of every race by exclusi…
RT @Kendragarden: Girls don’t want boys; they want Stevie Nicks hair and a bookstore within walking distance of their apartment.
RT @jjz1600: In upstate NY: my hometown of Utica was dying. Refugees are bringing it back & the city has opened its arms wide. A former Met…
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Rest well, Mr. Vice President, and thank you for fighting for us. https://t.co/7aAkEcvo9q
RT @JuddLegum: I wrote about why there are more consumer safety regulations for Teddy Bears - AND TOY GUNS - than for actual guns. It has…
RT @MacFarlaneNews: !!! Major media organizations (mine included) have filed a legal challenge in DC federal court to obtain copies of the…
RT @edokeefe: CONFIRMED: Former Vice President Walter Mondale, widely credited for elevating the role of vice president and known for his w…
RT @marclacey: “Let’s tell the truth, ” he declared in his nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in San Francis…
RT @MattMurchison: Hillary Clinton never did anything but try to improve people's lives, and she is HATED for it.
RT @MEdwardsVA: His mother warned the FBI a year in advanced and he was apart of white supremacist forums But sure, go ahead and talk to u…
RT @RepKatiePorter: Taxpayers lose $1 trillion or more each year to corporations cheating our tax code. Yes, trillion with a T. Orange Cou…
RT @BrianKarem: How is it a certain part of the population can go into a spit spewing, purple frenzy over something Waters said, but has no…
RT @RhinoReally: Remember when Tulsi supporters made an actual hit list of Twitter enemies?
RT @jdawsey1: "Although I would have rather won, tonight we rejoice in our democracy, we rejoice in the freedom of a wonderful people, and…
RT @VABVOX: 5 mass shootings in America on Sunday. FIVE. IN. ONE. DAY. ▪Kenosha, WI ▪Columbus, OH ▪Austin, TX ▪LaPlace, LA ▪Shreveport, LA…
RT @AndreaRScardina: "A 2015 study in the U.S. found that, over a 10 year period, an officer was caught in a case of sexual misconduct ever…
RT @BryanDawsonUSA: @BillyBaldwin Gun manufacturers are exempt from the 1972 Consumer Product Safety Act and get other protections. It’s on…
RT @JohnFugelsang: Hobby Lobby covers Viagra, but not IUD. Because a fertilized egg is clearly God's will but impotency clearly isn't.
RT @Toure: Police are murdering Black people all over the country while also actively helping the Oath Keepers. And you wonder why people…
RT @Azi: "Mr. McFadden, who is Black, said the police did not believe his press credentials were real until another photographer vouched fo…
RT @Vonnie932: @JoshuaPotash This is why white supremacist will remain in America. 👇🏾 13 investigations, no court-martials: Here's how the…
RT @washingtonpost: Opinion: Being Black in America is exhausting https://t.co/4z9gKV6251
RT @bibliohussy: So my daughter has a gov’t related job, and is due to have her security clearance upgraded. An agent called me today, and…
RT @ReverendWarnock: If you ever think your voice in our democracy doesn’t matter, just look at how hard politicians are working to silence…
RT @NickKnudsenUS: Retweet if you’re partially or fully vaccinated but you’re still wearing a mask to help protect your community. #WearAMa…
RT @GeorgeTakei: The good apples are way too quiet about the bad ones.
RT @Politidope: OMG. This just broke me. https://t.co/b4njfns9l7
RT @StrictlyChristo: This happy pup spending his first night at his new home after being adopted from the shelter. https://t.co/IzceUV1cnF
RT @underaredflag: @PeoplesMomentum “Only when women's bodies are being sold for profit do Leftists claim to cherish the free market.” -And…
RT @nordicmodelnow: @PeoplesMomentum https://t.co/tMTuQhfs65
RT @cathydevine56: @PeoplesMomentum Commodifying women's bodies. How very 21C socialism. Patriarchy, same as it ever was.
RT @mcdon_al: @PeoplesMomentum This is bullshit. Momentum should be leading the fight to eradicate the conditions (socio-economic etc) that…
RT @underaredflag: @PeoplesMomentum Momentum launch their "Justice for Johns" campaign becuse facilitating the exploitation of the desperat…
RT @fickleskittle: @PeoplesMomentum The right think women are private property whereas they left think they belong to the public
RT @BitterTonic: @PeoplesMomentum it's like saying let's make it nicer for the children in the mines... instead of let's get the children o…
RT @AKAsusangreen: @humbleetc @PeoplesMomentum Institutionalising oppressive abusive practices will not deliver harm reduction. Investing i…
RT @AKAsusangreen: @PeoplesMomentum You are defending one of the most exploitative capitalist markets to have existed. Momentum powered by…
RT @kjonesoctober: @PeoplesMomentum Trotsky described prostitution as "the extreme degradation of women in the interests of men who can pay…
RT @joncoopertweets: The Biden administration lifted restrictions on using fetal tissue for medical research, reversing rules imposed by Tr…
RT @JohnCollins_KP: This is a reminder that quoting scripture is not the same as living by it.
RT @joncoopertweets: 'I shut him down': Maxine Waters condemns Jim Jordan for 'bullying' Dr. Fauci https://t.co/svGAmVWOcK
RT @TheTNHoller: INBOX: Students at John Overton High and across MNPS are organizing a protest to help end the excuse for sexual harassment…
RT @JoyAnnReid: Tossing it over to a historian for final comments. By the way, stuff like this used to be perfectly normal and respectable…
RT @JoyAnnReid: Solid question. Because uniquely AMERICAN culture wouldn’t exist without jazz, hip-hop, blues, rock, country and soul music…
RT @jkarsh: Siri, show me ‘systemic rot.’ https://t.co/oppl6KSef2
RT @JoshuaPotash: The Gothamist does a lot of good reporting on the NYPD, and they did change the headline on their website (link below), t…
RT @JoshuaPotash: Allegedly? What's that a picture of? https://t.co/ToJwtzMFVY
RT @JustinGTanner: @robertjdenault For those who haven’t read the report, this is what Mueller literally said. And this is only one excerpt…
RT @debaajimod: @robertjdenault Once more for those in the back: The 2016 election was stolen. His entire Presidency was *illegitimate.* Hi…
RT @harrisonjaime: I just put my boys down for the night kissed them & told them I loved them. Adam Toledo was only 13. He is dead & his p…
RT @harrisonjaime: Tomorrow, I’m going to begin personally calling every Democratic Member of the US Senate & l will write to my US Senator…
RT @NoahShachtman: An examination of Greenberg’s Venmo transactions shows dozens of suspicious and curiously titled payments. Some were as…
RT @BreeNewsome: The riots are always sparked by police murdering people. Communities don’t need curfews. They need police forces to stop k…
RT @sarasidnerCNN: Police have pushed protestors into the parking lot of the dollar tree. Huge police line saying “move you will be arreste…
RT @Dianne4NYC: I have been the mother on the phone, listening as my son is harassed by police, coaching through the interaction, overwhelm…
RT @Kalarigamerchic: Not that I should even have to tweet this but a warrant does NOT give an officer the right to execute an American citi…
RT @brinleyhineman: What a violent day in Tennessee. This morning a woman and her mother were killed in a Lebanon shooting. Then a shoot…
RT @joncoopertweets: American people: We LOVE calm President Biden because he doesn’t post unhinged tweets like Trump did. American media…
RT @otto_maddoxx: @Eric_Williams_1 @therecount This needs to be on a every commercial in the midterms. Ted Cruz says, "After every mass s…
RT @Eric_Williams_1: @therecount "What happens in this committee after every mass shooting is Democrats propose taking away guns from law a…
RT @FeelGoodPage11: I will always be there for you. https://t.co/wMvXcWDVj6
RT @BebeNeuwirth: Just because we got our vaccines doesn’t mean we can rouge our knees and roll our stockings down.
RT @MsEntropy: I don’t have much time right now, so I’ll pick this up later, but: Government reluctance to pursue white supremacist activi…
RT @maddenifico: The black mother who kicked the KKK’s racist ass: The new four-part docuseries “The People v. the Klan, ” premiering Apri…
RT @MSNBC: Opinion | @HayesBrown: Rights are not a zero-sum, winner-takes-all system. Acknowledging someone else's rights in no way diminis…
RT @MorganicInk: Vaccinated people are supposed to still wear masks and everything right? I’m seeing a lot of people posting pics with frie…
RT @OlgaNYC1211: https://t.co/Ge3YMnN1El This is really crazy especially now that Russia is escalating and threatening destruction of Ukrai…
RT @JudyHager11: Ain't that the damn truth. https://t.co/Ygc0PNhzf9
RT @m_mendozaferrer: 'Yang himself admits that the milestone of 100, 000 jobs at the core of his pitch was not a realistic target. VFA today…
RT @m_mendozaferrer: Manifest Destiny was an ideology that was used to justify genocide against Native Americans and Andrew Yang thought i…
RT @JamesGleick: The mainstream press, including the @nytimes, should not adopt right-wing talking points. According to the Times, McConnel…
RT @drsanjaygupta: Take a look at the brain images here. Evidence of brain changes associated with autism as early as six months of age. Re…
RT @Sites4Congress: "I never knew about any type of abuse. If I did, I would have done something about it." - Jim Jordan "I believe Matt G…
RT @Ireland0828: @NoMoSplainin @ChkUOut @willip @LoordyMarie @GivensLois @SolUru @Mgivens61 @Jensin520 @kharly @ncforchange @GrannyBlinky @…
RT @Men_4_Choice: If you believe that your opinion about someone else’s reproductive decisions should matter at all, you’re an asshole. Y…
RT @DearDean22: Only 1? https://t.co/sQYgBKOLUd
RT @mlevenson: “The defendant’s act of coughing in my face at the height of a pandemic was an act that was calculated to attack me at my we…
RT @PenalvaCubana: The Grifting has begun again https://t.co/7eSvPicfPD
RT @IsaacDovere: Jane O’Meara Sanders and her son David Driscoll announce that they’re restarting the Sanders Institute—closed as he starte…
RT @nathanheller: Story of a 66-year-old researcher, an immigrant, who rarely got grants, never got her own lab, never earned more than $60…
RT @addiebrownlee: @MEPFuller Has anyone checked to see who actually to the bar for Gaetz because this is next level stupid.
@MEPFuller Has anyone checked to see who actually to the bar for Gaetz because this is next level stupid.
RT @JoyAnnReid: And will they be doing these patrols armed, just to complete the history-conjuring imagery and the potential lethality of t…
RT @ericgarland: Lobbyist? Brian Ballard by any chance? https://t.co/6WDebLffnQ
RT @aanika_islam: Making the #abortion pill available through #pharmacies on prescription can improve abortion access—especially for those…
RT @sashafeld: Thank you Lily Tomlin of @GraceandFrankie for standing with #domesticworkers. #SB321 #HealthandSafetyNow https://t.co/VZXpn
RT @lawcrimenews: Backing Tennessee Abortion Providers, 20 Attorneys General Tell Sixth Circuit to Strike Down Law Requiring Waiting Period…
RT @thehill: Investigators seize documents, laptop from Trump Organization CFO's former daughter-in-law https://t.co/ePVSYnQvZl https://t.c
RT @JoyAnnReid: Trump’a political legacy: https://t.co/DLp8LdsOT3
RT @jeremythunder: This is art https://t.co/f3URQSgEFM
RT @AmyMcGrathKY: so true https://t.co/wDJbFzZVLp
RT @RepDonBeyer: So, kind of like.... a vaccine passport? https://t.co/e5wpJVuBxo
RT @chasestrangio: The Arkansas General Assembly has officially voted to override Gov. Hutchinson's veto. HB1570 passes. We will see you in…
RT @TheRealHoarse: This is now a @tedlieu fan account. https://t.co/uwiBatU7MI
RT @santiagomayer_: So... are we ever gonna find out who removed the panic buttons in Ayanna Pressley’s office?
RT @kenolin1: Hey @mtgreenee - Why did you delete this photo with @mattgaetz? https://t.co/1vgVGQm6la
RT @SenDuckworth: Instead of holding DeJoy accountable, the USPS Board of Governors confirmed what I always suspected was true: The 6 curr…
RT @lindyli: The FBI is investigating Matt Gaetz He’s still on the Judiciary Committee, which oversees the FBI See the problem here?
RT @ialhusseini: Polio and smallpox never reached herd immunity. They were eradicated by vaccines.
RT @MSNBC: President Biden names diverse slate of judicial nominees in first effort to reshape federal courts. https://t.co/uE3l5cwus5
RT @Smorgasboredom: Imagine finding out you’re the one Republican who’s not allowed to do sex crimes. https://t.co/1XaGHlZoAL
RT @harrysiegel: This @petridishes piece about Matt Gaetz showing off his "trophy" photos, "the moments when people make up their secret mi…
RT @OlgaNYC1211: What kind of analysis is this? Sliding into war? I cannot understand how the fact that Russia is occupying parts of Ukrain…
RT @addiebrownlee: @BernieSanders @JoyAnnReid Why would you care? You have never thought Black and Brown voices were important or needed. I…
@BernieSanders @JoyAnnReid Why would you care? You have never thought Black and Brown voices were important or need… https://t.co/Vo93PKXM9F
RT @BajaGorgeGirl: Whenever you buy any produce, be it fruits or vegetables, please remember the real people out in the fields doing the ba…
RT @AliciaOnMSNBC: "What I can say is that it shows that all of these offenses that we've been prosecuting and convicting individuals for..…
RT @marceelias: This might just be the best example of how mainstream journalism is failing democracy. It is actually quite depressing. htt…
RT @VP: Going back to how things were is not the end goal of getting through this pandemic. We must build our country back better than it w…
RT @NARAL: While pregnancy discrimination is technically illegal, there are far too many loopholes that still exist. That’s why we need the…
RT @BitchMedia: “We learned there’s so much more that you never read about. The media narratives that we had ingested, that had been espous…
RT @fightfor15: It's time @McDonalds steps forward and takes real action against sexual harassment at their stores, and listens to survivor…
RT @PaulaCobia: The @GOP are fine with mentally unstable humans getting a gun, committing mass shootings and thousands of Americans dying f…
RT @PaulaCobia: The @GOP are fine with the @NRA being a Russian Money Laundering franchise because that's where most of the money originate…
RT @dawnstaley: Congrats @aa_boston! 2 time @LisaLeslie award......career sweep it. #hardwareU https://t.co/QkZFzH1fqg
RT @Zeddary: New rule: if you're repping a state that has a big-ass bridge named for a Klansman you don't get to trash someone else's infra…
RT @JoyAnnReid: Whew... @60Minutes right now is running down the disaster that @GovRonDeSantis made of the covid vaccine rollout, which bec…
RT @joannelipman: I love this pic so much: for the first time ever, all 8 Ivy League college newspapers are led by women 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 https://t…
RT @Esosa_Osa: THREAD: 50 Reasons Why Georgia's New Voting Law Really Is That Bad. Each reason is cited by line so feel free to follow al…
RT @a35362: With stimulus cash and jobs spike, U.S. emerges as main engine for global economic recovery https://t.co/OC9ZLuqgnh
RT @JoyAnnReid: No one with fully functional brain cells does. https://t.co/3IibzokSzy
RT @RottenInDenmark: As usual, they're projecting the pathologies of the in-group onto an out-group. Conservatives are openly hostile to hi…
RT @60Minutes: In Belle Glade, Florida, many residents don’t have cars. In January, Florida’s governor announced a partnership with Publix…
RT @TheTNHoller: WATCH: “In 2020 @GovBillLee said he was enacting paid leave for state employees... this is an attempt to make good on that…
RT @SethAbramson: PROOF offers comprehensive reportage and analysis on the largest, most complex FBI case in history: the federal criminal…
RT @60Minutes: A Florida mayor said he was trying to secure vaccines for his town’s firefighters when he learned that some board members of…
RT @kerrycorkmd: @nypost This "story" cited favorable reporting on Penske by Womens Wear Daily (WWD), which is owned by Fairchild Fashion L…
RT @meiselasb: NEVER call a Republican “conservative” again! If you hear someone refer to them as “conservative(s)” correct them! They are…
RT @ArnoldZiffleJr: @meiselasb @seth_hettena @RollingStone Hence their love affair for that young cutie who killed 3 people in Boston and m…
RT @meiselasb: Check out the political contributions made by @seth_hettena’s boss the owner of @RollingStone who is Saudi funded... well, w…
RT @trom771: The fact that congressional Republicans are still blocking an independent investigation into the Jan. 6 riot can mean only one…
RT @TheTNHoller: How it started How it’s going The @TNGOP edition. (H/t @brotherjones_) https://t.co/Wy7olmGz0Y
RT @notstevenwhite: A lot of people seem to have developed this idea that Jim Crow era voting restrictions were a series of laws explicitly…
RT @BetoORourke: Nearly 200 people died during Texas power failure, including: - 100 cases of hypothermia - 16 cases of carbon monoxide…
RT @atrupar: Voting is a right. Going to an MLB game is not. Boarding a plane is not. https://t.co/RQcQlIfz2H
RT @jefftimmer: Let’s not fuck around. I say go straight to DEFCON 1 Pro teams should refuse to play games in these states. So should @N…
RT @ananavarro: ALL Americans -regardless of color- should be profoundly angry and saddened by the inhumanity of #derekChauvin. Watching an…
RT @T_FisherKing: Pretend it's about Hillary Clinton, @DanaBashCNN 🙄 https://t.co/MKDocILXKV
RT @addiebrownlee: @kurteichenwald You’re talking about the no call hard UConn foul in the game that got them here? Or the kick ball in SC/…
@kurteichenwald You’re talking about the no call hard UConn foul in the game that got them here? Or the kick ball in SC/Stanford?
RT @funder: RED FLAG Matt Gaetz campaign filings questionable expenses: Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort $1, 000 for "lodging"--exactly $1, 00…
RT @sfpelosi: 🗣 Shout it t from the rooftops! Let this be the end of the facile “economic anxiety” argument from pundits seeking to explain…
RT @dailykos: Officers pepper-sprayed ICE detainees who peacefully protested lack of PPE, DHS watchdog says https://t.co/qe3nkIUwDO
RT @Eviljohna: So I took a field trip over to Ro Khanna’s Twitter feed & noticed he’s not said a peep about his buddy Matt Gaetz For some…
RT @jemelehill: What a terrific game by Arizona. No question they were the better team. #ncaaW
RT @addiebrownlee: @washingtonpost Imagine someone who coached her team to a national championship without once looking at her players like…
@washingtonpost Imagine someone who coached her team to a national championship without once looking at her players… https://t.co/oqYHq1S0Es
RT @ejeancarroll: When I accused Trump of assault, Elle fired me. But I miss my Ask E. Jean correspondents . . . so: https://t.co/Tk8kGiM
RT @donwinslow: Tucker Carlson is a serial liar and great friends with @mattgaetz. https://t.co/phnYBjL3nc
RT @dwnews: The US has lifted sanctions on the International Criminal Court's top prosecutor, as President Joe Biden seeks to reverse the T…
RT @JuanSaaa: This SPECIFIC detail from @washingtonpost should be bolded, underlined, and highlighted — as Gaetz (currently under investiga…
RT @kurteichenwald: @JoyAnnReid No unvaccinated in our house both because it is not worth taking the risk and I don’t want to show hospital…
RT @ajplus: Chicago police killed a 13-year-old boy on Monday, say officials. Police chased #AdamToledo in an “armed confrontation” and sh…
RT @ThomboyD: Help me out, Aussies: a young staffer is allegedly raped by a colleague two years ago in Parliament House, she eventually com…
RT @CNNPolitics: Latinx activists in a Chicago suburb oppose renaming a school after Barack and Michelle Obama, citing the former President…
RT @ZevShalev: Washington Post says close ties to Donald Trump and Roger Stone. https://t.co/etT0sMHH8S
RT @TeaPainUSA: The immoral behavior of @MattGaetz is iconic of the toxic masculinity of the Trump administration. It was an orgy of sexu…
RT @JJohnsonLaw: What my Senator is doing vs what Arizona’s Senator is doing... https://t.co/huba4VIgZD
RT @ConSelfOwns: https://t.co/DSCTe8TjHI
RT @johnsweeneyroar: Putin is mucking about, sending troops to #Ukraine border. Meanwhile, Russian oligarch money sits in London, safe as h…
RT @joshtpm: Glenn is just consistently, increasingly, gratuitously mean, and seemingly all in the service of multilayered grievances about…
RT @Mama1494: It just Gaetz worse and worse. https://t.co/ArO7kGrXxE
RT @ACLU: “I encourage us to look at this in the context of years-long attempts to stigmatize and further marginalize trans people.” Laver…
RT @RepKatiePorter: A Big Oil exec told me I had a "misconception" about a special tax break polluters get that other businesses don't. So…
RT @pinkheretic: "Evolution is the atheist religion" #evolution #atheist @_CROPES_ https://t.co/Y1tH8llWJQ
RT @pinkheretic: "Women have an extra rib to men" #atheist @_CROPES_ https://t.co/kNgqtONW2U
RT @BVDGRRL: Oh yeah just casual genocide in 2021. Perfectly healthy country. https://t.co/Lsd8JrdUsO
RT @lmatsakis: OpenStreetMap is an open source tool used by many of the world's most prominent tech companies. Anyone can edit it. @NilChri…
RT @kylegriffin1: Marc Elias, the Democratic lawyer who's suing to overturn Georgia's voting restrictions, says he might sue Florida Republ…
RT @pinkheretic: "DNA similarities are evidence of a common designer." #evolution #atheist @_CROPES_ https://t.co/b23fwWa5ZY
RT @olgavandijk: @DrTomFrieden https://t.co/C2tPAk5ffx
RT @epitygxanwn: @Pancreas7 @DrTomFrieden @MonicaGandhi9 Not quite right. In order to feel that "selective pressure", the virus has to muta…
RT @WalshFreedom: I don't care what was in his system. I don't care if he was drunk. I don't care if he was high. I don't care if he was an…
RT @BKimGerv: @DrTomFrieden @happyshinyrobin Please use Inhibits or mitigates, not prevents. The precise language helps us have the discuss…
RT @SenWhitehouse: Dark economy tax havens support international cartels, kleptocrats, and enemies of our country. This goes beyond just ta…
RT @SethAbramson: If you want to see the summer 2022 "breaking news" from CNN about a January 5 "war council" at Trump International Hotel…
RT @TriMyData: When I’m in danger of taking life too seriously, I look at my dog. https://t.co/9B5BperrSI
RT @addiebrownlee: @bryan_jersey @cmclymer @NCAA My religious conviction is that everyone with a dumb name like Bryan should be put out to…
@bryan_jersey @cmclymer @NCAA My religious conviction is that everyone with a dumb name like Bryan should be put ou… https://t.co/kqrarc9vDc
RT @dickens_man: @bryan_jersey @cmclymer @NCAA No its not, someones belief in an imaginary sky daddy dosen't justify or excuse taking real…
RT @lbibclc: @bryan_jersey @cmclymer @NCAA Yes, they can make their own policies but the NCAA has policies also.
RT @cmclymer: @JohnRussell99 @NCAA Well, permitting a school that bans LGBTQ people to compete and enjoy the rewards of all this seems to b…
RT @cmclymer: Here's where Oral Roberts expressly forbids "homosexual behavior" in its student code of conduct. #MarchMadness https://t.co
RT @cmclymer: Here's a question: why does the @NCAA allow schools like Oral Roberts to compete when they have literal bans on LGBTQ student…
RT @camiloreports: San Diego's convention center, which was converted into a makeshift shelter for migrant children, is set to receive this…
RT @NotHoodlum: Arkansas governor, Asa Hutchinson signs bill allowing medical workers to refuse treatment to LGBTQ people. https://t.co/OD
RT @JoyAnnReid: Indeed. https://t.co/3FNmvmKJvT
RT @ScottDougan1: @eminently_me5 It’s easier to imagine we have total control of our lives—of who we are—than to acknowledge the importance…
RT @brianefallon: This man has quickly become one of the most compelling senators in the body. https://t.co/Aa2kyCAnR0
RT @_RichardHall: Season 7 of Lost looks really bad. https://t.co/AdEZ1esFD1
RT @SethAbramson: Just came across some fascinating new major-media information that is relevant—indeed, is *highly* relevant—to the now-in…
RT @jennycohn1: @CShaef6687 I wrote about Cleland's loss to Chambliss here. Diebold applied uncertified software patches before that electi…
RT @jennycohn1: We do not have enough control of the Senate. It is crucial that we examine some of the unexpected (poll-defying) Republican…
RT @KaivanShroff: So not a single Coronavirus question at the press conference. Shows you the press corps values drama and not keeping the…
RT @SE_DC_4life: @samstein You are still pissed about Bernie, and it shows. What’s next, another hit piece on the dog? You know damn well w…
RT @RobertCooper58: The Senate confirmed Dr. Rachel Levine as assistant secretary of health at the Department of Health and Human Services, …
RT @NormOrnstein: @BillyBaldwin In Texas, you can use a concealed weapon permit as a voter ID, but not a state-issued student ID. What does…
RT @piyushmittal: If you’re watching Maddow .. this is how the cabal of old white men will crumble. With highly qualified, dedicated people…
RT @QondiNtini: Rachel Maddow exposing Senator John Cornyn for trying to get revenge on Vanita Gupta for beating him and the corrupt cops i…
RT @allisongeroi: @amazonnews @repmarkpocan What about the time an employee had a heart attack and was on the floor for 20 minutes before s…
RT @neal_katyal: https://t.co/xdyZxPx0Rq
RT @JulieSLalonde: Buckle up, boo-boos. It's a journey. A man watched a 5 minute PSA about my experience of stalking and thought "You kno…
RT @JoyAnnReid: This is gonna be me when I get vaxxed... https://t.co/695awSTnVv
RT @eclecticbrotha: It seems inconsistent for Bernie to make the OMB confirmation about Neera Tanden's supposedly mean tweets and then turn…
RT @HC_Exvangelical: @life_she_wrote @C_Stroop @RachaelBL @kelsyburke @DavidAFrench There seems to be either fear or apathy when it comes t…
RT @51for51: 📣 @MayorBowser to @JoyAnnReid: "712, 000 tax-paying Americans don't have a voting representative in Congress and no senators. T…
RT @nytopinion: "It seems plausible to some gun policy experts that a sensible, politically feasible set of public health steps could over…
RT @MSNBC: .@AymanM: "Why do you think stripping veterans and active service members of their benefits is the right move right now?" Rep.…
RT @KaivanShroff: D.C. has a population of 712, 000. Vermont has a population of 623, 000. Wyoming has a population of 578, 000. D.C. is 45…
RT @sarahkendzior: "We live in a growing corporate oligarch-driven power structure. Elon Musk drives space exploration. Jeff Bezos provides…
RT @mjs_DC: A senior law enforcement source told CNN that this is the kind of rifle a gunman just used to commit a mass shooting. In Boulde…
RT @MaryLTrump: The NRA is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such.
RT @voxdotcom: When the 40-hour workweek became part of American labor law, it was designed so that men worked all day while wives raised t…
RT @KayKosmos: #DCStatehood is a civil right's issue. Every U.S. citizen should have equal rights. Every U.S. citizen should have represe…
RT @Abraxsys: BREAKING: This Photo from the surge at the border illustrates the growing danger to America that Republicans warn has become…
RT @esglaude: “No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.” -Warsan Shire, “Home”
RT @TheAmandaGorman: When I dress up as my idol I have to dress up as him! https://t.co/oitNAsEC9V
RT @igorbobic: Warnock on Meet the Press: “We have to pass voting rights no matter what. And it's a contradiction to insist on minority rig…
RT @santiagomayer_: I still want to know who removed the panic buttons from Ayanna Pressley’s office.
RT @marceelias: "In recent weeks, many of the most prominent and well-organized groups that power the G.O.P.’s vast voter turnout efforts h…
RT @NILES100: white dudes get to make 4 hour movies, movies that “you might have to watch twice to get it”, movies with Mel gibson in it an…
RT @dailykos: From weight rooms to COVID-19 tests, the NCAA's lack of care for women athletes is on full display https://t.co/7ZEtJe6ydm
RT @Rosemarie4311: @Jo_IsABitch @nazuzuwin https://t.co/EZygDNJ1wr
RT @MomsDemand: “That the Asian women murdered yesterday were working highly vulnerable and low-wage jobs during an ongoing pandemic speaks…
RT @MomsDemand: WE DID IT! At the urging of thousands of our volunteers and other gun safety advocates, the U.S. House just passed #HR8, a…
RT @ArtsyJoJoBeans: And so it begins. Trump calls @SenKamalaHarris "Nasty" and says that she's the meanest and most horrible person in the…
RT @ArtsyJoJoBeans: Fueling up for a day of bad assery & @MomsDemand advocacy! First on the docket: Our local chapter monthly meeting w/ a…
RT @VP: Ready for lift off! https://t.co/jfeOAsh6sm
RT @AdamJSchwarz: How Police How Police handle handle a vigil an anti-Lockdown for a murdered protest. young…
RT @AdamJSchwarz: So apparently... Not a danger Danger to to public health public health (7 March)…
RT @AdamJSchwarz: Perhaps the women who attended last week's vigil for a murdered young woman should have taken off their masks and pretend…
RT @ericgarland: The buried lede here is that Trump is a money launderer. If American prosecutors know his business practices in detail, …
RT @henderway: @DerrickNAACP @WhiteHouse @mlfudge She just gave them a "Praise the Lord Saints" greeting. They better research "call and r…
RT @DerrickNAACP: If the @WhiteHouse press room didn’t know #BlackChurch protocol, they do now! #GoodAfternoon! cc: @mlfudge https://t.co/1
RT @hill_charlotte: @drvolts @RadioFreeTom To this point, there is high-quality research showing that FOX could gain viewership if it adopt…
RT @politico: The battle over abortion rights has a dramatic new front: the fight over whether the Biden administration will make pills ava…
RT @nycjim: Perhaps Gov. DeSantis or Rep. Gaetz have some thoughts they would like to share about election integrity in Florida.
RT @nycjim: Florida Democrats are demanding a special election after a former GOP State Senator was arrested for allegedly tampering with v…
RT @MSNBC: "Given how Asian women are hyperfetishized and sexualized in this country and the specific type of racialized sexism that we dea…
RT @diannaeanderson: “Queer” in the 90s, Grindel says, “connoted gay men and lesbians” and now “it’s much more amorphorous.” Bitch which 9…
RT @RISEtoWIN: “I say what’s on my mind. I can’t not do it. I can’t not post it because I don’t want to live with thinking that I should’ve…
RT @itsBTerrell: That’s it‼️ The 👑 Dawn Staley has spoken out in regards to @NickSwagyPYoung’s horrible 🗑 take. #NCAAW https://t.co/99ejl
RT @dawnstaley: THIS! Incredible exchange between the visionary behind #pieceofthenet. Thx @CAROLYNPECK for your vision and belief #nationa…
RT @dawnstaley: #WHATMATTERS https://t.co/QTQzCwbnZT
RT @IAMWholescalera: @dawnstaley If colleges withdrew the men's teams until the inequities were rectified, then the inequities would disapp…
RT @Amy_Siskind: I'll wait for Stefanik, Zeldin and the rest of these GOP hypocrites to call for an investigation of Tom Reed, or for his r…
RT @anitasaito: @markberman Life turned tumultuous was pretty disgusting to read. It may not have been your intention but it reads like an…
RT @VP: Everyone has the right to go to work, to go to school, to walk down the street and be safe, and also, the right to be recognized as…
RT @mollycrabapple: Delania Yaun was one of the eight people murdered by a fundamentalist, racist pig in Atlanta. Cops arrested her husban…
RT @Abihabib: We bring you the latest scenes from the US-Mexican border. Photos by ⁦@berehulak⁩ are a moving snapshot of the despair and fr…
RT @TheTinaVasquez: The Asian women who were murdered in Atlanta had full, complex lives and it is so overwhelmingly clear that most newsro…
RT @aterkel: Dianne Feinstein is now open to filibuster reform — a significant shift from a longtime holdout https://t.co/z3giMBUsnY
RT @CNNPolitics: See the names of the House Democrats who support a resolution to expel Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from…
RT @KayTy93: .@RepStefanik care to explain why you voted against this? https://t.co/qsTQwaLrta
RT @marceelias: "Where minorities constituted more than 90 percent of active registered voters, the average minimum wait time in the evenin…
RT @nytimes: The Los Angeles Police Department said on Thursday that it had opened an investigation into a woman’s allegation that she had…
RT @AdamJSmithGA: C’mon sleepy Joe! https://t.co/YGjilF89vl
RT @rachelswarns: In 2016, I received an email that knocked me off my feet. It was a tip about Jesuit priests who sold 272 people in 1838 t…
RT @adrienneelrod: Pretty messed up that 172 Members of Congress - all Republicans - voted against the Violence Against Women Act. No bette…
RT @rgoodlaw: @danielsgoldman Agreed. Plus Nunes's actions during the impeachment hearings: "At no point did Nunes ever mention that he or…
RT @C_Stroop: Christ is what Christians make him https://t.co/EHHFwMx7BM https://t.co/OaBt25npjV
RT @voxdotcom: The Atlanta violence "was a mass shooting, an act of gendered racial violence fueled by misogyny, xenophobia, and modern-day…
RT @NARAL: Medication abortion is safe. It’s effective. And it should be accessible. #SafeButStillObstructed
RT @davejoh24134011: @DearAuntCrabby let's make DAMN SURE those in govt that helped with this scheme also get exposed and dealt with accord…
RT @DearAuntCrabby: A New Report Adds Evidence That Trump Was a Russian Asset Trump helped Putin manipulate the U.S. election in 2020, as…
RT @matthewjdowd: Here is what I don’t get: why didn’t the Republicans and Fox News, who are calling for Governor Cuomo to resign, call fo…
RT @addiebrownlee: @everywhereist Bwahahahahahahaha. TESTIFY
@everywhereist Bwahahahahahahaha. TESTIFY
RT @KenTremendous: What kind of day was he having though? https://t.co/C2WON0ekAk
RT @ishaantharoor: Hideous racism. The casual ease with which it's articulated is shocking. And yet another demonstration of how so many wh…
RT @JenAshleyWright: Raise your hand if you're a woman who has been hearing messages about "how to treat men properly" since you were old e…
RT @JenAshleyWright: This is, perhaps, the best summation of the “men’s rights movement” I've ever read. https://t.co/iNltLh9ros
RT @C_Stroop: In short, this case has specifically evangelical toxic masculinity and purity culture written all over it. The attitudes des…
RT @C_Stroop: If they are abused or assaulted by a male church leader, they are often forced to “confess” to “their part” in the “sin.” In…
RT @C_Stroop: Generally these “addictions”—aren’t. On this see the work of @JoshuaGrubbsPhD And yes, while this sometimes leads to self-h…
RT @C_Stroop: The person who most often conveys this message is the youth pastor—Long’s dad in this case. Long’s sex drive was likely norm…
RT @C_Stroop: “‘He... wouldn’t even cuss, ’ the woman said. ‘He was big into religion.’” Looks like externalization of self-hatred by a pur…
RT @C_Stroop: Mass murderer Aaron Long reportedly told police he sought to “eliminate temptation” by murdering sex workers. Yes, we’ve seen…
RT @CraigCaplan: 244-172: House votes to reauthorize and update the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which expired two years ago. 29 Repu…
RT @marceelias: To all of the hateful trolls who insist on tweeting my association with @HillaryClinton, thank you! #ImStillWithHer
RT @kate_manne: But if you'd like to think through the injustices faced by Black women in the medical system, the transmisogynistic policin…
RT @kate_manne: Seems like my previous pinned tweet, which announced the publication of my upcoming book on white male privilege and entitl…
RT @GretchenKoch: @kate_manne https://t.co/6OU8CNXEkj
RT @kate_manne: Most, if not all, of us can feel shame. But many white men harbor what I call "entitled shame, " which is not content to hid…
RT @kate_manne: Whatever else we learn about this heinous crime, what we now know suggests that Long has a great deal in common with incels…
RT @kate_manne: Long may be a misogynist who, like so many, targets only or mostly a particular class of women, who are especially vulnerab…
RT @kate_manne: It is entirely possible that Long targeted the women who were representative of who he desired the most, and desired not to…
RT @kate_manne: When a white man attributes his feelings of shame to a woman--because she has left him, or she is sexually unavailable to h…
RT @gutsywoman19: @petestrzok "I don’t want to hear “taking the high road” as a euphemism for DECLINING to prosecute the criminal politicia…
RT @laurastuart: @dtd823 @petestrzok Demand the resignations of @ChuckGrassley and @SenRonJohnson NOW
RT @dtd823: @petestrzok I really don’t understand how these Senators are still allowed walk among us. Shouldn’t they be in jail? Aren’t the…
RT @JuneCasagrande: @petestrzok The Chuck Grassley that cozied up at the 2017 Prayer Breakfast with a Russian hand-picked to create a GOP-t…
RT @AudreyWatson56: @petestrzok See! I’ve been saying for a long time @ChuckGrassley is a Putin asset. It started at breakfast. https://t.c
RT @petestrzok: https://t.co/HqGng1OBQP USIC concludes with high confidence Putin intervened again in our presidential elections to help T…
RT @SpyTalker: #Wisconsin voters should have no misunderstanding about Ron Johnson: He’s a willing Russian tool. Is that what they want? Ne…
RT @slkpca: I don’t want my daughters to have to live under white male authoritarianism. Unless @SenSchumer and @POTUS act boldly, this cou…
RT @moontwerk: I’m sick of white cis men speaking for Black women. White people speaking for Black people. Non-Black people speaking on our…
RT @addiebrownlee: @kylegriffin1 There’s no place like home.
@kylegriffin1 There’s no place like home.
RT @sarahkendzior: The US did a very unusual thing when it voted out an aspiring autocrat despite huge obstacles (voter suppression, threat…
RT @shawnsebastian: Yuuuuuuuup. We can abolish the filibuster and push through voting rights reform or let every Republican controlled sta…
RT @RJSzczerba: In 1964, a group of kids went to see the Beatles. While they were driving, Ringo pulled up beside them and snapped a photo.…
RT @_Yayger: "Born-again Protestantism is, like all fundamentalisms, ultimately incompatible with democracy; it must be defeated politicall…
RT @cmclymer: This right here. I couldn’t agree more. Raise the minimum wage NOW. https://t.co/Kcrx0RwbFv
RT @AriBerman: Dems have a clear choice: they can end filibuster to pass HR1 & John Lewis Voting Rights Act to stop voter suppression Or t…
RT @RobertMaguire_: Siri, show me something that nobody in any other developed country ever has to do to cover their basic health needs ht…
RT @ericuman: Wait, Cuomo's office released government records on one of the women??? Cuomo's acting counsel said, "It is within a governm…
RT @janellefiona: Sharon Osbourne also referred to former co-host and executive producer Sara Gilbert, who is a lesbian, as "p---- licker"…
RT @DJSugi: Great piece by @scout_brobst on why so many of us former evangelicals feel the need to #EmptyThePews with @C_Stroop @brchastain…
RT @DJSugi: #whyileft https://t.co/70Bu7ir4Y0
RT @CREWcrew: Hey, Congress — Here's a simple way to avoid embarrasing ethics scandals: Ban individual stock trading and corporate board m…
RT @addiebrownlee: @TheRickyDavila Taylor was hoping that no one was ever going to know that he works for BWAHAHA. Sorry. Mar...BWAHAHAHA.…
@TheRickyDavila Taylor was hoping that no one was ever going to know that he works for BWAHAHA. Sorry. Mar...BWAHAH… https://t.co/tB5NeqPQo2
RT @BetheneC: @TheRickyDavila @donwinslow I do love the kind approach of bringing gifts and allowing her the opportunity to be gracious in…
RT @KevinMKruse: So voter fraud in Texas is so rare that calling it a “one in a million” thing actually overstates the frequency? https://t…
RT @MonicaLewinsky: not playing. https://t.co/5ONapMpd1Q
RT @axios: BREAKING: Deb Haaland has been confirmed as secretary of the Interior Department. She makes history as the first Native America…
RT @cwebbonline: I’m old enough to remember when Italy locked down the 1st time before we did. It was a warning then & we should take it as…
RT @TheRickyDavila: Wow, so Maryland Republican Gov Larry Hogan hired Robert Redfield to be “Senior Advisor of Public Health” even though R…
RT @MakahaMelody: @hungrybowtie @ryanjreilly Several Capitol Police Officers were suspended after the Jan 6 insurrection. For each one of t…
RT @AWKWORDrap: This is disinformation The cops didn’t “ignore” the Proud Boys They *are* the Proud Boys And that’s why reforms are mere…
RT @grantstern: Why is the WH press corps so upset about a lack of press conferences when they completely ignored the first speech by the n…
RT @DeanObeidallah: Is it time that the GOP be officially designated as a White supremacist hate group?
RT @TheTNHoller: Always worth remembering @joey_senator Hensley, who wants to impeach Lee if the KKK bust gets moved, got popped for illega…
RT @VoteGloriaJ: Dude. Wow. #slaverycaucus https://t.co/eM7HycPLVA
RT @DrStaceyPatton: Arguing with people who are incapable of thinking critically about their own social conditioning is a futile exercise.
RT @MSNBC: WATCH: Gov. Newsom commits to nominating an African American woman to Senate if Sen. Feinstein retires. https://t.co/47CVEcIalL
RT @JillWineBanks: .@RonJohnsonWI says he wasn't afraid on Jan 6 bec mob "loved America" but wld have been afraid if it was #BLM. He's up f…
RT @kylegriffin1: Mississippi's Republican governor, Tate Reeves, remains committed to denying access to Medicaid for constituents near the…
RT @clearing_fog: Thankfully, Roger Stone’s account has been suspended. He is a crook who has been involved in some of the dirtiest, most…
RT @dsupervilleap: WASHINGTON (AP) — New Mexico Rep. Deb Haaland confirmed as interior secretary; 1st Native American to lead US Cabinet ag…
RT @page88: ...but overnight any man trapped in middle-class life, suddenly needed the delicacy of an American girl to break into his overm…
RT @page88: It’s astounding how smoothly in the 20thc child rape became a proxy for the avant garde & a hallmark of worldliness. The signat…
RT @page88: Nabokov’s best & creepiest con with Lolita (1955) was to make gruesome Humbert Humbert aspirational for provincial American men…
RT @MaryLTrump: A brilliant, incisive analysis that should give us all some hope that justice is coming. 👇🏼 https://t.co/3GGLMgeV2s
RT @donwinslow: Jesus. What a headline. The Trump family steals from kids with cancer (and paid $2m fine) They steal from dogs in shelte…
RT @CheriJacobus: https://t.co/xTzM9kKe5Q
RT @MaryLTrump: Black lives matter. It has to be said because it isn’t implied. #BreonnaTaylor #SayHerName
RT @JoyAnnReid: When you say “make the officer corps less woke, ” do you mean less open to diversity and inclusion in the ranks? Less hostil…
RT @HuffPostWomen: Timothy Hale-Cusanelli was reprimanded for mockingly sporting a Hitler mustache at the New Jersey Naval Weapons Station…
RT @HelenKennedy: @art_morehouse @sahilkapur This is good. Hashtag it. #BidenBucks
RT @AllTransLivesM1: I went to Walmart to get food and omg it’s packed in there it’s stimulus check day people were buying all electronics…
RT @MaryLTrump: So, trust fund baby and misogynist, Fish Sticks, who's never sacrificed anything for this country in his life, has a proble…
RT @FBI: Help the #FBI capture the rest of the individuals who took part in the January 6 violence at the U.S. Capitol. Visit https://t.co/
RT @Gabriele_Corno: Due to the pandemic all beaches are free..... https://t.co/egh6TaheyB
RT @bocxtop: i can’t do this whole 5 days of suffering and 2 days of trying to distract myself from the next 5 days of suffering for the re…
RT @FredTaming: if this is a then wtf pair of scissors is this https://t.co/bEVCPLfsI5
RT @kaichoyce: https://t.co/0VTbziXXJK
RT @dmeisner99: She has a history of kicking ass in statewide NY races https://t.co/oepdToIKur
RT @dmeisner99: Hillary Clinton should run for NY Governor in 2022
RT @QueenMab87: I know HRC is living her best life and doesn’t need the hassle but her as governor would be amazing https://t.co/0bw6eVSopN
RT @MaxKennerly: The "filibuster on the legislative calendar" was invented out of whole cloth by Majority Leader Mansfield in 1972, the yea…
RT @MSNBC: "You can get the feeling that this is just gonna keep building ... They're putting together the bricks of a conspiracy, " @CarolL…
RT @Baligubadle1: Reporter: How did y’all come up with Fourth of July? Jen Psaki: How did y’all buy it will “miraculously” go away by Eas…
RT @Rschooley: "Here's money Republicans didn't want you to have" is a pretty effective political message.
RT @Sifill_LDF: Some of the ugliest moments at ⁦@vanitaguptaCR⁩’s confirmation hearing⁩ to serve as Assoc AG was when Repub Senators, unable…
RT @Thinkwert: Every raccoon is either planning a heist or in the middle of a heist. https://t.co/g858cdKKGm
RT @maziehirono: Vanita Gupta. Deb Haaland. Neera Tanden. Highly qualified/respected women of color singled out by GOP senators for being…
RT @LethalityJane: When I tweeted this, I didn't really expect anyone to speak out. So thank you to @PaulFunk2, @TradocDCG, @PatDonahoeArm…
RT @LethalityJane: Dear @TuckerCarlson and @FoxNews, I'm a woman who has served in the U.S. military for over a decade. I've deployed three…
RT @KerryDonovanCO: Lauren Boebert just voted AGAINST the American Rescue Plan. Let’s be clear what that means: Vaccine supplies in Durang…
RT @rinaskal: @B52Malmet What’s the penalty for purposely killing the people of Texas because of neglect in not winterizing the equipment n…
RT @jim1036: @B52Malmet The sperm donor should be considered an accomplice and receive a similar sentence.
RT @TeamPelosi: Democrats were able to keep our promises and deliver #ForThePeople because *you* voted in record numbers to #BuildBackBette…
RT @CNNPolitics: First on CNN: A nonprofit watchdog group has filed a complaint with the House Committee on Ethics, requesting an investiga…
RT @NickKnudsenUS: Is Minority Leader Mitch McConnell supposed to have veto power? Because that's what the filibuster is. A McConnell Veto…
RT @SeditionHunters: #macenhammer New addition to FBI wanted list 268-AFO Do you Know this person?? Please contact the FBI #SeditionHunters…
RT @sfpelosi: Here we go ... our very first of many Republican hypocrites to “Vote No and Take the Dough” https://t.co/u11v6YWPa0
RT @d_l_mayfield: if Beth Moore can leave the SBC in 2021 you too can leave your church that is committed to upholding the toxic status quo…
RT @anniefdowns: Beth Moore. Meghan Markle. Truth-telling women, unafraid of the institution, willing to lose so much for what is right. T…
RT @JaelitheL: Psst: hey, white evangelical christian women....now's your chance: escape with Beth Moore. https://t.co/PltptBZbcc
RT @SteveRustad1: Why are these MAGA traitors still in Congress??? Expel them all. NOW. #MerrickGarland #MarjorieTraitorGreene #MorningJ…
RT @imteddybless: women can’t even tweet about how shaken they feel without some guy rolling up to make sure that she knows he’s One Of The…
RT @AnnieGabstonH: Vaccinated governors who tell unvaccinated citizens that masks are no longer needed aren't serving the people of their s…
RT @mjfree: BREAKING: Merrick Garland will be the next Attorney General. Senate vote was 70-29.
RT @therecount: Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) yells at the GOP over union organizing bill: “Heaven forbid we pass something that’s going to help the…
RT @DanPriceSeattle: When we doubled our minimum wage to $70k, the rate of staff having babies and buying houses both grew 10x. All of a su…
RT @HillaryClinton: Imagine thinking you should be the one to explain tax law to Katie Porter. https://t.co/nC2Ea3s3iL
RT @mikemchargue: If anyone is every curious why it can take so long for Baptists and other Evangelicals to leave, or to see the impact of…
RT @RLStollar: Which is the result of unregulated Christian homeschooling and private schools, as @C_Stroop has pointed out: https://t.co/S
RT @CNNPolitics: The House of Representatives introduces legislation to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, a landmark bill champio…
RT @themaxburns: "Piers Morgan is such a baby someone at Buckingham Palace just asked what color he's going to be." @StephenAtHome with a…
RT @C_Stroop: This is a huge blow. @rklein90 has given us the best recent reporting on the racism and “alternative facts” that pervade Chr…
RT @ABC: U.S. visa applicants denied under Trump's travel ban can reapply. https://t.co/ftKJaDZMSc
RT @CBSNews: Ohio sued over law requiring burial or cremation of aborted fetal remains https://t.co/7k2qa7IpKl
RT @Needle_of_Arya: Almost none of the white men's comedy specials playing on Netflix are hitting the same way in 2021: once they begin to…
RT @cjchivers: whatever your politics or positions, getting bit by your boss’s dog is pretty much how the world works
RT @staceyabrams: This week, there is a coordinated attack on voting rights. GOP-led legislatures in GA, AZ & NH are pushing dozens of bill…
RT @itsmeglinehan: H.R.1644 - To prohibit the use of funds for the 2026 World Cup unless the United States Soccer Federation provides equit…
RT @HillaryClinton: Tune in this afternoon! https://t.co/6BHy2V4OUA
RT @YourAnonCentral: The terrorist junta trapped hundreds of young protestors in Sanchaung, Yangon, and blocked all the exits. Protestors r…
RT @politico: Sen. Roy Blunt, a member of GOP leadership, will not run for reelection https://t.co/1WduWK4Q5e
RT @rudepundit: All I'm gonna say about Woody Allen is that one of his best films is Crimes and Misdemeanors, which is about a man getting…
RT @Sifill_LDF: Well, remember that Strom Thurmond filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1957 for more than 24 hours, breaking only once for…
RT @MSNBC: Opinion | @JoyceWhiteVance: People who are afraid of the results of elections in which everyone who is eligible to vote can vote…
RT @T_FisherKing: Because, to the British Royal family, .. Pedophilia is much more acceptable than being Black🙄 https://t.co/EMXBzS1b3C
RT @UN_Women: No more stigma. No more silence. No more stereotypes. No more discrimination. No more systematic barriers. No more harmful ge…
RT @vz_: Queen Diana in heaven livestreaming the Oprah interview on her mobile. #OprahMeghanHarry #MeghanMarkle https://t.co/03fNue8KAU
RT @monaeltahawy: The Sorority of Pinky Swears wears a bespoke feminism that is tailored to fit their aspirations of fighting whatever hurt…
RT @notcapnamerica: Oprah’s face when Meghan said the Royal Family didn’t want Archie to be too dark https://t.co/zeUtUcGR82
RT @kurteichenwald: Well, that’s it. If you live a good life, when you die, you go to Somalia. https://t.co/0c1SkN044T
RT @MelanieMoore: 3/4ths of ALL the charity money given last year by philanthropists for pandemic relief...came from MacKenzie Scott. http…
RT @page88: I’m no Dr. Seuss. But if the right is worried about censorship they should speak out about the ceaseless campaigns against jour…
RT @addiebrownlee: @RonFilipkowski Pastor Stewart Allen-Clark forgot to look at himself.
@RonFilipkowski Pastor Stewart Allen-Clark forgot to look at himself.
RT @Sifill_LDF: When Sessions was nominated to be Attorney General in 2016, we shared w/the Senate the 1986 letter Coretta Scott King wrote…
RT @tgracchus1848: i love being an essential worker in time of plague. i get no raises, risk my life every day, and get treated like dirt b…
RT @godless_mom: If you ask me what stops me from killing w/o god, you're outing yourself as a terrible person. You're saying w/o a god, yo…
RT @TWLadyGrey: @SenSanders Bernie you did nothing. Thank you Chuck, Joe, and Nancy for this $2 trillion bill that is going to change peopl…
RT @thepoliticalcat: @diamondj1978 @SenSanders Name a single bill Bernie ever wrote that would benefit BIPOC folks. Just one. Please.
RT @BerniceKing: No one should be okay with anyone living in poverty.
RT @TheAmandaGorman: A security guard tailed me on my walk home tonight. He demanded if I lived there because “you look suspicious.” I show…
RT @briantylercohen: While Trump was president, EVERY Democrat voted for the $2 trillion CARES Act, even though doing so helped Trump. Whi…
RT @kylegriffin1: A federal criminal investigation into Rudy Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine is resuming after stalling in the final months…
RT @StakeSoon: @nierop_pieter We've come a long way, Pieter, sometimes we have to be patient. 😉 https://t.co/p274A3N9OI
RT @StephenLevin33: This is a clear example of how ⁦@NYPDnews⁩ discipline is broken-the well-connected get to retire w nice new job lined u…
RT @runwithskizzers: Now kill the filibuster @SenateDems so you can pass the voting rights bill that just got through the house — we won in…
RT @DemopJ: "Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hosted a delegation from the far-right German party, Alternative for Germany, or AfD, i…
RT @DoloresHuerta: I received my first #COVID-19 vaccine courtesy of Dr. Joaquin Arambula, in Del Rey, CA yesterday! The #Vaccine is safe, …
RT @brianschatz: 1) biggest investment in native communities in history 2) cutting child poverty in half 3) justice and financial help for…
RT @mmpadellan: NEW RULE for the Senate: Every day they are in session, at least ONE Senator must drag Ted Cruz thusly. https://t.co/HmZJg0
RT @TheBoroHoller: Once again, the GOP doesn’t give a damn about you. Tennesseans are starving and they get nothing from their elected repr…
RT @PressSec: Anyone wondering who best captures the heart, soul, empathy of @POTUS and who does so with a level of humility that is incred…
RT @Cruella1: News At Kate 2021: This Arming Man https://t.co/mseHTE2ibY On the hypocrisy of aid and arms in Yemen. No paywall, please watc…
RT @JohnWDean: .@capitolhunters are the good people, the real patriots! These folks can probably use all the help they can find. They have…
RT @TimFullerton: And he was in the Senate when the ACA passed. This is a big, big deal. https://t.co/XAnxLBJglb
RT @MsMagazine: As the @UN prepares to debate conflict and hunger, it is imperative that world leaders embrace the leadership of displaced…
RT @CassandraCorvid: No moral Republicans. https://t.co/uwCnNUSJjD
RT @allamaze: @jibberjabber57 @atrupar Very surprised she would ask this question considering Trump made a pretty racist remark towards her…
RT @JRehling: @atrupar If a person uses "many people are saying" as a form of evidence in a debate, that person is an idiot.
RT @harleyb11: @SanchMachine @PragObots @atrupar @weijia I got secondhand embarrassment watching it at home. The unintended hilarity of usi…
RT @SanchMachine: @atrupar Honestly @weijia , you should be embarrassed by this. “A lot of Americans are saying...” and then when asked who…
RT @atrupar: REPORTER: Americans are saying immigrant surges are happening under President Biden's watch PSAKI: Who are the Americans? RE…
RT @addiebrownlee: @DanCrenshawTX You’re talking about the former guy’s illegal use of the National Guard at our Southern Border - yes? I’m…
@DanCrenshawTX You’re talking about the former guy’s illegal use of the National Guard at our Southern Border - yes… https://t.co/RfivIzyUAy
RT @WonderKing82: Y'all have no problem blaming Nancy Pelosi, VP Harris, Chuck Schumer, President Biden but when Bernie Sanders fucked up..…
RT @KBeds: I think the kids call this a psakibomb https://t.co/mrs8n8ada0
RT @RBReich: Democrats spent years in the wilderness as Republicans controlled the Senate and stuck together. Now Democrats control the Se…
RT @RepJayapal: The next time I hear a Senator from either side say that $15 an hour is too much, I am going to ask you to tell me your net…
RT @waltshaub: What conclusion are we supposed to draw from the former Defense Secretary ordering the national guard to stand down, barring…
RT @ericswalwell: Today, I filed a civil claim against Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Rudolph Giuliani, and Rep. Mo Brooks for inciting an…
RT @Acyn: “We don’t take our advice or counsel from former president Trump on immigration policy” https://t.co/090Sdf5mY6
RT @mskane2u: Coming Soon: No Masks From the people who brought you no electricity and no running water.
RT @eliehonig: Let's start with this: why was ANY member of Congress communicating directly with any insurrectionist in the days leading up…
RT @kurtbardella: Senate Dems should put forward a rule change that stipulates if a Senator calls for the reading of the bill, that Senator…
RT @neontaster: I am literally crying laughing. https://t.co/k7ur1dDt6S
RT @ArkDems: AR Legislative Black Caucus President: @hodgesmonte1 “This has nothing to do with my party affiliation, but my deeply held be…
RT @ArkDems: .@meganforAR powerfully talks about women who have experienced pregnancies with fetal abnormalities. #SB6 takes away women and…
RT @PPGreatPlainsAR: @ashleyforAR "We don't have to do this. We don't have to make women in this state collateral damage just to promote a…
RT @RockShrimp: Maybe some of us don't want to force new life into a rapidly emerging christofascist dystopia? https://t.co/5ySEu8SQlB
RT @kylegriffin1: Chairmen Nadler and Thompson, along with a bipartisan group of House members, have introduced H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Back…
RT @pollygolightly: @thepurplesage24 @bluedillygal @Strandjunker Missed the round of questioning, but this is long overdue, along with an i…
RT @thepurplesage24: @Strandjunker Andrea, did you see Sen. Whitehouse last night? Apparently FBI Dir. Wray did not handle the Kavanaugh "…
RT @RadfemBlack: @PurpleRose0666 @crosleysarah @EqualityModelNY @AF3IRM @SPACEintl @RachelRMoran @HuschkeMau @endclasssociety @CATWIntl @ca…
RT @RunchieC: @svgwhitelotus @HuschkeMau @RadfemBlack @PurpleRose0666 @crosleysarah @EqualityModelNY @AF3IRM @SPACEintl @RachelRMoran @endc…
RT @SPACEintl: The system of prostitution normalises male violence against women and girls https://t.co/nrnMTQHSl4
RT @SylviaKAlston: The 8 women who’ve commanded a US Naval Ship. ADM Michelle Howard - SWO CAPT Monica Stoker - SWO CAPT Janice Smith - S…
RT @MSNBC: Senior WH Covid-19 adviser Andy Slavitt tells @AriMelber the White House thinks "it's a mistake" for Texas to drop its mask mand…
@rudepundit Which means you’re up at 3 goddamn 30.
RT @tomwatson: Neera Tanden was treated disgracefully by @JoeManchinWV, @BernieSanders and Big Political Media™ - so now they've "won" the…
RT @inlowdownlow: @addiebrownlee @Sfdog60 @EdieJarolim @tomwatson @JoeManchinWV @BernieSanders @SenSanders https://t.co/SByAD8J71u
RT @CrowleyAntmarga: @ryanjreilly @LOLGOP Didn’t Charlie Kirk delete this tweet? Mmm. 🤔🤔🤔 @charliekirk11 https://t.co/NSod3L30eD
RT @ryanjreilly: Here’s something I’d missed: an attorney for Robert Sanford — the man who was captured on video striking three police offi…
RT @addiebrownlee: @Sfdog60 @EdieJarolim @tomwatson @JoeManchinWV @BernieSanders Hilarious that you think @SenSanders focuses on issues. He…
@Sfdog60 @EdieJarolim @tomwatson @JoeManchinWV @BernieSanders Hilarious that you think @SenSanders focuses on issue… https://t.co/OXeeXXCQaR
RT @blackwomenviews: I told y'all last week this was going to turn into an anti-MVP Harris propaganda campaign. 2024 has started and the *p…
RT @Margoandhow: See? It can happen. https://t.co/fEWmnmVpJz
RT @DiegoBernalTX: No mask mandate. No vaccines for teachers. No expansion of Medicaid. Politically "pro life" with "let die" policies.…
RT @DanielPantss: Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley leaving the scene of the crime after Christopher Wray refers to the January 6th insurrection as…
RT @HillaryClinton: Two secretaries of state talk shop: Don't miss my conversation with @SecBlinken about his North Star and the unique ch…
RT @jodipicoult: Today my daughter, who is NOT vaccinated bc teachers don't matter in Massachusetts, spent the day IN PERSON with 4 ten-yr-…
RT @Redistrict: FLORIDA: if you thought things couldn't get worse for Dems...it can. FL could be the GOP's biggest redistricting weapon of…
RT @ParkerMolloy: Dear Senate: please pass the Equality Act https://t.co/hIF2LHBDrE
RT @tify330: VP Harris is not the Senate Dictator, she is the Senate President and we don’t have 50 votes for the $15 minimum wage. Go ann…
RT @ThomboyD: @tommyxtopher @Mediaite Maybe instead of being at the podium in front of a bank of cameras and mics she should park herself i…
RT @matthewamiller: Why is Josh Hawley so concerned about what cellphone and other data the FBI has gathered about January 6?
RT @therecount: @PalmerReport Sen. Josh Hawley asks FBI Director Chris Wray about the FBI's collection of cellphone metadata during the Cap…
RT @owasow: Do BLM protests generate any real change? @jimdaleywrites offers a thoughtful overview of a new study by Travis Campbell that f…
RT @funder: Hawley is super concerned about what Wray and the FBI have on him. I’d be worried too if I were a Jan 6 accomplice.
RT @funder: Wray confirms Antifa wasn't involved with Jan 6th. Because it was Trump/GOP who attacked the Capitol.
RT @NateSilver538: What's kind of screwed up is that states like Texas and Florida that are eager to fully open up tend not to have made th…
RT @mkraju: 15 senators who voted NO on Gina Raimondo to be Commerce Secretary: Barrasso (R-WY) Cotton (R-AR) Cramer (R-ND) Cruz (R-TX) Ha…
RT @addiebrownlee: @DollyParton @VUMChealth Atta girl. Nine to Five anyone??
@DollyParton @VUMChealth Atta girl. Nine to Five anyone??
RT @hmcghee: The zero-sum divide and conquer racial politics have been lethal for labor, and thus for the strength of the middle class. An…
RT @glennkirschner2: Video dropping soon: today’s announcement that Trump officials entered into “unlawful” contracts . . . with our tax do…
RT @PaulaCobia: Republican-controlled states have specified which IDs will be accepted & immediately afterwards CLOSED offices in predomina…
RT @CoriBush: URGENT: We just found out that the House will vote tomorrow on my and @MondaireJones’ amendment to restore the right to vote…
RT @mattwilstein: “A lot of flashy garbage got nominated, but that happens. That’s like their thing.”—Amy Poehler “We all know award shows…
RT @Sifill_LDF: .@vanitaguptaCR should be overwhelming confirmed as Associate Attorney General. It’s a test of whether any President can se…
RT @straterize: The “bin” they are paid $30 for is around one ton of fruit. https://t.co/0PSrZXzyNH https://t.co/QCifRJ0IOk
RT @Miiiigs_: I saw a comment that said “no picture ever radicalized me more than a picture of fruit pickers.” I’ve never felt this more ht…
RT @JillFilipovic: Yes. I wrote a whole newsletter about this dynamic of liberal press-bashing when the press does their job and interrogat…
RT @jordanzakarin: @yashar Years of covering personality over policy has made people identify with lawmakers. Thus, objective criticism bec…
RT @cmclymer: At the risk of pissing a few folks off (though I hope not)... If you're in a priority group for a vaccine, you probably know…
RT @DeanObeidallah: WOW: Rep. Al Green (D-TX)amazing response to GOP Rep Greg Steube who said God opposes transgender rights: "You used Go…
RT @womensmediacntr: “The list of women attacked physically by vigilante mobs goes into hundreds since 2014 ... The attackers used stones, …
RT @yashar: Happy anniversary to this tweet https://t.co/ePxiLj9SDC
RT @RVAwonk: It’s quite f*cked up, indeed. https://t.co/Pp5nZJPRQY
RT @Ms_MMMJ: Are the cable networks still going to have him on after this? Do @CNN and @MSNBC think this is acceptable? https://t.co/rVWOim
RT @showme_02: @Ms_MMMJ @CNN @MSNBC Where’s Jake Tapper now that our Black woman VP is being disrespected by one of his colleagues in the m…
RT @MsEntropy: I'll say it again - Christian Identity Movement is dangerous in no small part due to the name. If you don't believe me, re…
RT @MsEntropy: Brief thread on the white supremacist Christian Identity theology you asked in response to this thread. Incoming. https:/…
RT @yashar: >>>>> https://t.co/lXNywBiMIr
RT @ElieNYC: Dear Democrats: If you don’t expand the courts (Supreme and lower courts) YOU WILL HAVE NOTHING. Trump judges will stop EVER…
RT @ElieNYC: This would be a good time for Moses to do some smiting. https://t.co/tAKHtxhTdP
RT @ElieNYC: @auntie_shay @zarbusiness @AngryBlackLady The best way to STOP the GOP from ever controlling all of government again is to...…
RT @ElieNYC: Do white male Senators have a list of tweets women of color are not allowed to send if they ever want to be confirmed by the S…
RT @ElieNYC: We're not going to make it, are we? https://t.co/zbGURt36OJ
RT @LiberalNavySeal: WAPO: Beryl Howell, chief federal jurist for DC, snarled at a defense attorney’s claim that his client, a Proud Boy r…
RT @bigley_l: @JanNWolfe The “sensitive nature” closed to the public is exactly why the we, The People, deserve to know what these murderou…
RT @JanNWolfe: Jessica Watkins, one of the Oath Keepers, was at the Capitol to help maintain "law and order, " her defense lawyer said. "Af…
Again. Not often that I retweet Bill @BillKristol - but... https://t.co/9JZZEMjDK8
RT @arlenparsa: The moment needed music. Here you go. https://t.co/7mirN91L8e
RT @arlenparsa: i still can't believe my dumb tweets made the national news https://t.co/rditcr1Vn9
RT @arlenparsa: when your drunk uncle thinks he's making a really good point: https://t.co/uebN9irBm3
RT @Selena_Adera: Keep tearing up because of the tangible excitement for a woman taking control. For a Woman who will be spending mo… https://t.co/tjuKxMJbK4
RT @wkamaubell: Lindsay Graham sounding less like a senator and more like an nursing home orderly. https://t.co/m3w2uXBfj7
RT @AalayahEastmond: Hey Louis CK - since you like making fun of me and other Parkland survivors behind closed doors, I’m right here if… https://t.co/mfa4kuUlXe
RT @JuliusGoat: If your reaction to people like Brett Kavanaugh or Louis CK or Woody Allen is "well where do we draw the LINE?" you… https://t.co/VssEvKMEN3
RT @xdelmar59: Elizabeth Warren, along with Donna Brazille, claimed on national television, that the Democratic primary was rigged… https://t.co/XVu49O7zXj
RT @MrFilmkritik: An American soldier was left alive by private contractors to be brutally murdered by terrorists in Niger, his body… https://t.co/mIks0Mj6RR
RT @shannonrwatts: You left off the gun lobby again. https://t.co/eWDL2RvWaz
RT @JuliaDavisNews: #Russia's state TV, August 2018: Russian lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky: "They're grabbing our people all over the… https://t.co/7dNZJwcpeA
RT @Amy_Siskind: Dear @instagram, owned by @facebook - I reported this 2 days ago and heard nothing. Other times, you tell me mess… https://t.co/pRdwMQEs0e
RT @fred_guttenberg: To anyone who knows Louis CK, please deliver this message for me. My daughter was killed in the Parkland shooting.… https://t.co/48JIwFOoUa
RT @JMyers1971: I'm about to lose some followers, but fuck it. STOP trying to bully me into saying I will vote for Bernie if he's… https://t.co/cu1FkEKsck
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Louis CK is a sexual predator who mocks school shooting survivors, delegitimizes trans people, and could not work t… https://t.co/ppyeYblCIc
RT @SenSherrodBrown: Our billionaire President is denying these workers the cost of living increase they have earned. https://t.co/rCgQ6IZT3I
RT @KarimeMasson1: @Selena_Adera ALWAYS!! https://t.co/kMFgF3n5EV
RT @ConnieBallou: @Selena_Adera Let's not overlook the only woman who exclusively has his ear all the time, his *better* half, who wi… https://t.co/GerENAzRGY
RT @Selena_Adera: Bernie's reckoning with #MeToo has come. Letter from ex-staff made public to: - Address what happened on 2016 cam… https://t.co/4eZedhfsrh
RT @911CORLEBRA777: Really, this is fuckin hilarious. And as @kelly2277 has pointed out, Cloud4 is a major partner with Russia's bigges… https://t.co/9sCMEiPwB5
RT @kimadler: @kelly2277 @TrueFactsStated @MingGao26 https://t.co/TJZ1pnx3ls
RT @RyanHillMI: @realDonaldTrump This never gets old! https://t.co/7iVGLcd9A5
RT @FadingTeacher: To "Franklin Graham" and all those who claim to be "pro life" --- #Immigrants #SundayThoughts https://t.co/CjXpQYCzfq
@SallyAlbright @Ithinkitscatchy YEAH. DUMB CHUCK.
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Oops https://t.co/HIzws1TjGV
RT @funder: BREAKING: This is allegedly a photo of Kellyanne Conway in Florida right now. Looks like same shirt and earrings fr… https://t.co/ChsRx1Bqux
@Shopaholic_918 @owillis Following you solely for “ass-breath smelling mouth”
RT @splcenter: Men who call themselves "incels" — involuntary celibates — believe that women owe men sex, exist purely for their r… https://t.co/Q30FkRfkTL
RT @au_heyyou: @BlueSteelDC Ignoring the blatant anti-Clinton bias, let's also remember that Chuck Todd's wife, Kristian was a pol… https://t.co/Nzybp30N5V
RT @BlueSteelDC: 4. He didn’t hold a job until late 30s and didn’t vote until he was 40. How you going to say you are a civil right… https://t.co/h05XvMjdhd
RT @BlueSteelDC: But Sanders has a lot of ugly in his background. Usually ppl don’t run for President with backgrounds like his. 1.… https://t.co/Mzmi7S6i75
RT @leonidragozin: 22-year-old Russian Daniil Dubov, who has just won the world rapid chess championship, says that he is “entirely on… https://t.co/481LaU4hnV
RT @SenBlumenthal: Most Americans agree, presidents can be indictable while in office. No constitutional reason precludes it. Justice… https://t.co/53MRVhnvT1
RT @KamalaHarris: Don’t let this be overlooked: government contractors — who do everything from janitorial work to computer software… https://t.co/6Hw1w47Y9Y
RT @MarkHertling: For those who may have forgotten, there are still 24 Ukrainian sailors being held as “prisoners of war” by the Russ… https://t.co/sIZhhj0i8q
RT @CraigDi33414: https://t.co/KCcQiilvXN Not a Gentleman in anyway. Many more examples are out there.
RT @AP: The mother of one of two Guatemalan children who died in U.S. custody at the U.S.-Mexico border tells @AP journalis… https://t.co/83lTE7JIe0
RT @Arutak1: I just read Jamia Wilson’s piece about Spin a Soft Black Song in the @wellreadblkgirl anthology ✨ https://t.co/VccI9MgLut
RT @Zeddary: again, holy crap. Time reporting that after Manafort "left" the Trump campaign he was pitching himself to an anti-N… https://t.co/sRAudRWttG
RT @Zeddary: Holy crap. Time magazine identified AND FOUND the Russian spy/arms dealer who apparently was tasked with 'collectin… https://t.co/PO7Yf6GGYA
RT @TIME: Exclusive: Russian ex-spy pressured Manafort over debts to an oligarch https://t.co/tnKYl1Md9J
RT @AmandiOnAir: This evil is what the Nazi’s did👇🏼 https://t.co/8odSiX2vqd
RT @TheLoyalO: The #Kurds are becoming a central focus in the discussion about Trump's #SyriaWithdrawal. Context is crucial to be… https://t.co/4Kwb0craXx
RT @MollyJongFast: “But there’s another explanation that I think is even more convincing: Kushner is exactly like Trump. He is all sho… https://t.co/2UncG1xMQo
RT @joncoopertweets: Exclusive: Russian Ex-Spy Pressured Paul Manafort Over His Debts to an Oligarch https://t.co/8QY0FeeKhm
RT @MSNBC: Forces loyal to Sen. Sanders are waging an increasingly public war against Rep. O'Rourke, the new darling of Democr… https://t.co/35EaUXnFyS
RT @TheDailyEdge: "The future of the Justice Department, and that of all Americans, will be impaired if it appears the department is… https://t.co/wyZ9sYEaC0
RT @apignataro: Today is the anniversary of the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre, in which the US Army slaughtered at least 150 Lakota me… https://t.co/vg1Hm2rBmp
RT @frankrichny: It's not Dershowitz's shilling for Trump that is taking him off the air. It's new revelations about his shilling fo… https://t.co/nfsB9QjwDI
RT @FiveThirtyEight: What If Only Men Voted? https://t.co/gSCUPX5AAp https://t.co/q5Lv68K0Iy
RT @tomorrowtambien: Downtown CHARLOTTESVILLE right now. F*ing white trash has a black man submitted first with a knife around his neck, … https://t.co/NFSQaAQe5x
RT @TheOnlyKAVIN: Russians launched pro-Jill Stein social media blitz to help Trump, reports say https://t.co/mheIn8uDuF
RT @page88: @SethAbramson Marc Kasowitz’s firm is also the one Brett Kavanaugh seems to have met with — to, perhaps, discuss t… https://t.co/SMZSHpVCU2
RT @olgaNYC1211: Last month Russia started pushing a false narrative of Ukraine preparing a chemical attack (they are not). This fak… https://t.co/FMEOhDpnwa
RT @joshtpm: nothing to see here https://t.co/c4JvRsopNr https://t.co/1cijZFUs0j
RT @Spaziotwat: Dear Jesus, I'm not sure any of my sins are worth dying for. Perhaps just graze your knee? Thanks
RT @jilevin: A decision tree compliments of the @NRA. https://t.co/c30LpAg1sQ
RT @lauren_kelley: My colleagues on the NYT editorial board and I have a new series out on fetal personhood — how that notion has been… https://t.co/e5AoNCXlxe
@MoscowTimes @olgaNYC1211 Merk and Mac. Not elected by Russia.
RT @RWPUSA: For the past five years have these jokers done anything other than investigate Hillary Clinton? House Republicans… https://t.co/t8JRBmCbKn
RT @dcbigjohn: A note to my fellow reporters. In this story we didn’t run the quote from @DHSgov. It was unresponsive to our quest… https://t.co/F2fwDMKIX3
RT @TomthunkitsMind: Apparently Crooked Rick Santorum has hired a firm to scrub the internet of this picture of him cozied up to confess… https://t.co/EzoaDSMdCD
RT @JuddLegum: Tucker is on a break until next year but he’s still losing advertisers https://t.co/3boybJjzap
RT @CNNPolitics: House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, who is poised to be the next House majority leader, says Democrats would object to… https://t.co/JGfguwl3s9
RT @riotwomennn: @antiindividual @iMarx5 @morelosa @GovHowardDean @amyklobuchar @KamalaHarris @SenBooker @BetoORourke @SherrodBrown… https://t.co/bcrqrvmbie
RT @therealdrix78: I have made the executive and very adult decision to glitter bomb men that touch me without my consent or otherwise harass me.
RT @chrislhayes: A useful corrective to some of the over-the-top praise of Mattis' tenure https://t.co/TJIXhjeywa
RT @OjPats4: What are Berners going to do when people start talking about the rape essay? Chris L. Hayes show isn’t long enoug… https://t.co/bENYwOz1Z0
RT @ACLU: ICE paid private prisons $807 million this year. Those companies pay incarcerated workers from migrant communities… https://t.co/kd1nPjNIzH
@kylegriffin1 Maybe it’s just that the rapture happened?
RT @fawfulfan: @NateSilver538 I like Beto a lot. But I wish half the energy spent to defend him had gone to defending Hillary, who… https://t.co/Wx1YdHJgw9
RT @JessicaHuseman: An absolutely dishonest article. This person stalked a woman, repeatedly contacting her and bothering her after she… https://t.co/GPqpmBVt9U
RT @AdamParkhomenko: It is nice of team Bernie to give us a preview of how they’re going to try throw the next election to Trump.
RT @ddayen: Earlier in the year I got a tip (which I blew off) positing that the FBI's roughing up of a short seller was partia… https://t.co/4iPAlSvQao
RT @spirishdancer: @riotwomennn Never forget the most expensive ad during the campaign was for bern.Paid for by russia
RT @riotwomennn: What do you do when the top two candidates for the job are both women? Hire them both @amyklobuchar @KamalaHarris
RT @riotwomennn: Beto is a hardworking Democrat. We should welcome his dedication with open arms but let's hear about @staceyabrams… https://t.co/QU0w95vyst
RT @votevets: Calling it “arrogant” and “a violation of national sovereignty”, Trump’s surprise trip to Iraq infuriated Iraqi pol… https://t.co/ywT0TT04uw
RT @riotwomennn: Bernie Sanders & his surrogates? That's weird too. Bernie admits he knew Russians were helping him. What did… https://t.co/Mi3yC9gP8w
RT @riotwomennn: The end of the audio clip where Vermont journalist @JaneLindholm asks Bernie Sanders about why he watched in silenc… https://t.co/jrKemL8S3B
RT @riotwomennn: A @NYT article. The chief strategist for Bernie Sanders lied about his continued $10K per day work for a now indi… https://t.co/fN1j5KWA2q
RT @riotwomennn: The public announcement of Tad Devine joining Bernie was made in Nov of 2014. Common sense tells me that behind the… https://t.co/kHs5wFjaDX
RT @riotwomennn: In Bernie Sanders latest email he brags about making Democrats “pay a price” for our attempts to vet him in 2016, b… https://t.co/9ei7ZFDdFC
RT @riotwomennn: I am a lifelong Democrat and originally thought I might vote Bernie, then I looked at his voting record, video of h… https://t.co/zz4zXEckbo
RT @RepMcGovern: I just tried to bring up a bill to end the #TrumpShutdown & reopen the government, but the @HouseGOP wouldnt even r… https://t.co/PzlvnYU6Ra
RT @riotwomennn: The top 10 of Bernie Sanders' highest paid staffers ....they were all men. That's not the record I want going in t… https://t.co/0JdIkf7kSN
@riotwomennn PS. I hate him so much.
@riotwomennn Bernie has always felt he has a right to direct women’s bodies.
RT @riotwomennn: Another: Bernie directed to Acad Pres Margaret Archer walks right past, ignoring her for man 239 years we have pu… https://t.co/hEKxF3SCXP
@riotwomennn KEEP. EM. COMING. https://t.co/1M7ZkuV9ff
Meet the guys who tape Trump's papers back together - POLITICO https://t.co/dSC9trTyuT
RT @nytimes: In what may be the world's happiest town, there are over 100 sports and cultural, all state subsidized. The only ob… https://t.co/y1rMZV7XVk
RT @joncoopertweets: Even though the American traitors involved in the #TrumpRussia scandal (including Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Don J… https://t.co/jsR4QCbt3C
RT @ALT_uscis: Lettuce killed more Americans than undocumented immigrants this year.
RT @Mikel_Jollett: Every argument I hear against free public college, Medicare for all & a living wage is a dishonest platitude about… https://t.co/faaij2yhB6
RT @DeniseDuncanRN: Three red states - Utah, Nebraska and Idaho - approved Medicaid expansion in Tuesday's midterm elections, changes t… https://t.co/9q1T4e4wXc
RT @TrumpsareNazis: Trump is banned from running any charity due to fraud. But, he can still “run” the country?
RT @brunello4me: @IChotiner @chrislhayes such a cliche and stupid thing to say.. Reality is Republicans, Fox, Russians, and bots spe… https://t.co/kjWCRuPzmd
RT @2020fight: Hey pro-lifers? Look at Felipe Gomez Alonzo & Jakelin Caal Maquin and tell them that they deserved to die because o… https://t.co/xzGvhHOLS4
RT @robinmarty: if you missed the previous links: What to do when roe ends: https://t.co/BTeiL6yBvQ Resource guide:… https://t.co/CmzVURcySS
@tommyxtopher Um. What.
RT @Amy_Siskind: Have also heard great things about this LGBTQ organization helping in El Paso. https://t.co/u93zLSsMJw
RT @Amy_Siskind: This organization in El Paso is helping. https://t.co/OBW74j4mGy
RT @Amy_Siskind: I have been posting about ICE releasing over 1, 000 migrants at a Greyhound bus station in El Paso in the days aroun… https://t.co/cNb3vXJlil
RT @robreiner: He lies about bone spurs. Trashes war heroes & gold star parents. Refuses to honor the fallen because it’s raining.… https://t.co/TckXQOuYoc
RT @AGBecerra: It’s hard to imagine a world in which millions of Americans could lose #healthcare, but these are the stakes right… https://t.co/NLFApSRXvv
RT @YesMomsCan: Throughout my 18 yrs at DOJ, I did attorney hiring. Any career attorney applicant who did this would’ve had the plu… https://t.co/ZWo7mQWbyl
RT @waltshaub: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner traveling during the Trump shutdown means Secret Service agents who are not currentl… https://t.co/XjG8sXMJ0s
RT @HoarseWisperer: Keep an eye on Sirota. Political operatives on the left posing as journalists... that’s some shady sh**. Bernie Sa… https://t.co/0Jq8NIlTGm
Oh my god. Grandpa. https://t.co/z4wNDb1Ikl
RT @activist360: How Russian money saved Trump and his family crime syndicate: After his financial disasters two decades ago, no U.S… https://t.co/mOHiqrh5RY
RT @HoarseWisperer: Since he deleted it: https://t.co/18dzm3XnBn
RT @Martina: Susan Collins Delivered 2018's Most Shameful Hijacking Of Feminism- Susan Collins has completely lost her moral com… https://t.co/N44bsfzAff
RT @notcapnamerica: Merry Christmas to everyone except Bernie Sanders 🤓 https://t.co/k5al9xhZe5
RT @nytimes: The daughters of a foot doctor based in Queens, New York, say their father came to Donald Trump’s aid with a diagno… https://t.co/CI12GiGJGg
RT @SunflowerSoul71: @InspiringU2 @sonny_scroggins Besides I look at this list and SMH. Hillary is LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of anyone on this l… https://t.co/pOUvm7TcN4
RT @FrankieComedian: This baby has more motor skills than I do https://t.co/PjfACj8e2s
RT @iwnewroresists: @tommyxtopher @MaxineWaters @mtracey It's not like he has a documented history of faking being the victim of assaul… https://t.co/smxucMlIj6
RT @PortlusGlam: NEW FROM ME: THIS IS WHY RUDY GIULIANI IS IN ARMENIA RIGHT NOW To understand what is really happening w/ the onsla… https://t.co/wZNfbDByrU
RT @johndalytv: Farm bankruptcies surpass Great Recession levels in upper Midwest - Axios https://t.co/ObyM5l9OjS
RT @ideacity: Happy Christmas Eve! Whilst #food preparation may be well under way, take a moment to watch Professional Gastronaut… https://t.co/UqUq8Xx1o5
RT @SethAbramson: Trump's multinational pre-election collusion (the "grand bargain") is the greatest story—the most complex, continen… https://t.co/p51u3wxxJ9
If you read one thread this whole year. It needs to be this one. https://t.co/Exf9UQ3FrZ
RT @TheDailyEdge: Trump says he needs a wall to stop human trafficking? Human trafficking wasn't a concern for the pedophiles at his… https://t.co/ytvelqbUhn
RT @SenJeffMerkley: Last week I introduced a bill to shut down Tornillo immediately because child prison camps have no place in America… https://t.co/Raksdr3nKY
RT @DanRather: To all who argue they're shocked about where we are, go back and look at the vast majority of newspapers that didn'… https://t.co/rG941JbQUc
@idgafwuthinkha @iam_dr_cha0s @thinkprogress She did pocket the money. Have you met my friend, Google. I’m assuming… https://t.co/f3sDExiHpg
RT @BrianJMacaluso: @thinkprogress Let's not forget this.. https://t.co/IwfFJVc4wb
RT @thinkprogress: The Russian effort to divert votes to Jill Stein was more extensive than previously thought https://t.co/7H9JS8xraT https://t.co/9EZTu5XFT3
@InspiringU2 Rodham/Harris 2020 Harris/O’Rourke 2028
RT @CrisLeeMaza: In case you forgot about Ukraine for the holidays, @JohnEdHerbst reminds us “Moscow likes to commit aggression when… https://t.co/cuvFme6Dmb
RT @olgaNYC1211: https://t.co/mxSu91zSwh The signs are all there! The military movements are all documented! The intel is there! Why… https://t.co/3YKC5Nd0yg
RT @eclecticbrotha: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the American media to believe Bernie Sanders is a Democrat.
RT @renato_mariotti: He was a George W. Bush appointee, and no one loaded up airplanes with cash to send to Iran. https://t.co/58kpsWySb8
RT @waltshaub: Lest anyone misunderstand this tweet, the President just announced on Christmas Eve that he has negotiated for the… https://t.co/dN5C5Piona
RT @leahmcelrath: ICE dropped 211 immigrants, including women and young children, at the El Paso bus station without plans for transp… https://t.co/lkaI0tZlkE
RT @enja1949: @realDonaldTrump My husband is a Park Ranger in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. He had to sig… https://t.co/7BdVbEAyWe
RT @MrDane1982: There's no answer Jill Stein can provide that will make me believe she's not a Russian agent like Maria Butina. Wha… https://t.co/Ne4iQyZd9H
RT @Montejp231: 60 years of marriage My parents still get it done on the dance floor #MerryChristmas https://t.co/FZXHBPRVVS
RT @princessmom122: Great to see all the reporters defending Beto from the Sanders attacks, but where the fuck were they when it was Hi… https://t.co/en4x4shyGa
RT @JuddLegum: NEW: Startling details about alleged election fraud in North Carolina's 9th Congressional district https://t.co/vaxVCgsEfu
RT @Khanoisseur: Um…ex-Defense Sec Mattis was on board of directors of defense contractor General Dynamics (plus on also on board of… https://t.co/GDvaYx9V8H
RT @emrazz: Women who dedicate their lives to harassing men are a rarity. Men who dedicate their lives to harassing women are c… https://t.co/9pYtuWOIU8
RT @neeratanden: Oddly enough no one at the Green Party responded to this story. But since @DrJillStein is an avid reader of my twee… https://t.co/7VYhJArrgx
RT @marcushjohnson: Just wrote a new piece, "The Sanders 2020 Primary Strategy, " let me know what you think. https://t.co/8akYSVBAu3
RT @Amy_Siskind: Now do Epstein and name all the powerful men who sexually assaulted underage girls. https://t.co/QDrfVDtd50
RT @ananavarro: #PresidentLoco is drunk-tweeting sober. https://t.co/fJm5G5TXqC
RT @jonallendc: In any other administration, it would be newsworthy that the new defense secretary is a defense contractor.
RT @riotwomennn: Being silent is not an option between now and 2020. Bernie Sanders and his ilk are dangerous. We need to wake up an… https://t.co/5Jpp40awFK
RT @sarahkendzior: Reminder that Steve Mnuchin is one of few people to profit massively off the Madoff Ponzi scheme. They will crash… https://t.co/BAQyz2opXR
RT @m_jo_c: @sarahkendzior tweeted this in 2016. She’s not prescient, she’s a *student of history. *By student, I mean the kind… https://t.co/TjZhVVCy66
RT @susanmcp1: Hmm! @nike was the only company in the Dow to finish up for the year! Taking a stand on kneeling might have really… https://t.co/Rkd3Z31w2T
RT @reproaction: June 19, 2018 - Who is Surprised a Fake Clinic Operator Is Misrepresenting Feminism, Too? https://t.co/WgU6h7nLjG
RT @MSNBC: Rep. Waters: "I have warned America from the beginning that this president is not worthy. He should not be there. T… https://t.co/Zdb7ceMtSG
RT @joncoopertweets: #TrumpTariffs #TrumpResign https://t.co/ofSMSRrdm6
RT @riotwomennn: What do we think? Was #Khashoggi murdered as a gift to Trump? Khashoggi was barred from writing in Saudi Arabia af… https://t.co/ejT4g1Nrp2
RT @MiaFarrow: Trump Is relieved that troops are being withdrawn because hes too cowardly to visit them in war zones
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: https://t.co/eQXn5CosPx
RT @kathygriffin: The GOP hated an experienced woman so much they put our country in the hands of a sociopath.
RT @UN_Women: #MondayMotivation from Eleanor Roosevelt, the Chairperson of the drafting committee of the Universal Declaration of… https://t.co/8ioKtbpacY
RT @SpyTalker: How the collusion began... https://t.co/XeSufMjeGX
RT @waltshaub: Back on Earth, this would be everything: POTUS fires FBI Dir + AG to stop investigation of him, picks acting AG who… https://t.co/eyJ95OUSia
RT @queerBengali: Doesn’t anyone find it a tad bit funny that supporters of Kamala or Kirsten or Amy or Cory or Liz are not so insecu… https://t.co/fgWMDHWdQy
RT @eclecticbrotha: Sanders supporters have attacked Cory Booker, Liz Warren, Kamala Harris and other Democratic contenders. Now they'r… https://t.co/AtUGHtMfMr
RT @SenatorDurbin: The President likes to say this shutdown is about border security, but it’s really about his own political insecuri… https://t.co/wEltLWuaYn
RT @RogueFirstLady: Goodnight friend in the Twitter. My life suck.
RT @MrFilmkritik: The GoFundMe for the border wall is over $15million. Flint still doesn’t have clean water. Puerto Rico still needs help.
RT @joshscampbell: This new reporting is a bombshell. The President of the United States shouldn’t be conversing with DOJ about *any*… https://t.co/aZTznm12HP
RT @Ali_H_Soufan: Unfortunately, the Russian strategy paid off: In PA, Stein received 49, 678 votes. Trump won by 46, 765 votes. In… https://t.co/U87cgyOXVv
RT @EricBoehlert: btw, it’s completely not normal. Dems and surrogates traditionally have never approached the primary by relentlessl… https://t.co/VLQxupaAzT
RT @KaivanShroff: So the Violence Against Women Act just officially expired. This will cut off funding for programs that help victim… https://t.co/KkRIUrOMgt
RT @BillKristol: I’m not a Democrat and it’s none of my business, but based on what I saw of their respective performances in that O… https://t.co/2hiYBB8MGk
RT @IChotiner: Chris Cillizza is still doing this. Forget whether you think he’s correct or not and just focus on the sheer hacker… https://t.co/hw9p9WTolU
Female-Led Movies Have Outperformed Male-Led Movies for the Last Three Years - Vanity Fair https://t.co/nXokCpcV2d
RT @pithywidow: "Cases like Epstein’s don’t just hurt the victims, they undermine the legitimacy of the entire justice system." Bra… https://t.co/rI6nOVf6GW
RT @grantstern: Dear Holdout House Dems, Are you still unsure about Nancy Pelosi's leadership now? She just marched into the Oval… https://t.co/ulUh5CRrc0
RT @LMAO_in_Fla: Jacob Anderson was accused of rape. He'll not spend one night in jail. He won't register as a sex offender. The pro… https://t.co/Iv9sjjShNq
RT @nytimes: “Mr. President, please don’t characterize the strength that I bring to this meeting as a leader of the House Democr… https://t.co/QcdhdTTSXn
RT @MaddowBlog: "The Department of State late last week informed a federal judge that 6, 670 ballots were mailed ahead of the Nov. 6… https://t.co/pKj2z4npu4
RT @18DianneM: Please keep this face Going RT As may save a life.. Follow this monster until He has no life left... https://t.co/IkIFXCFbVq
RT @EvanHurst: FOR REAL https://t.co/0KcYIfTTXV
RT @BravenakBlog: Nancy Pelosi ripped Trump's balls off, handed them to him, then slapped them back out of his tiny hands. Then told… https://t.co/NXkyNLSl7k
BwhaaaaaaaAaAaa https://t.co/uXp812vy7O
RT @CapehartJ: Live look at me right now writing about "Chuck and Nancy"..... https://t.co/SglAOmqw4S
RT @BUSPH: Boston University School of Public Health is unafraid to tackle some of our toughest challenges. Learn more. https://t.co/na866vDixU
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: You know who loses if Trump shuts down the gov’t over border security, as he is threatening? Federal employees nati… https://t.co/3MNNRzUAZ4
RT @eugenegu: The political pressure on doctors in Nashville is especially severe. That’s where now Senator-elect Marsha Blackbur… https://t.co/ig5SgU5KGH
RT @NBCNews: President Trump: "Nancy's in a situation where it's not easy for her to talk right now." House Minority Leader Pel… https://t.co/ZpZE8IZ9o0
RT @CapehartJ: I wrote this right after the midterms. After that Oval Office display, it still holds: Why President Trump makes… https://t.co/5QVmXIg3TV
RT @Zac_Petkanas: .@NancyPelosi is a boss. Any Democratic member of Congress who doesn't support her for speaker after watching how… https://t.co/b6K7UEL0Vy
RT @JuddLegum: Nancy Pelosi just did something that not a single Republican has had the guts to do in 2 years. Stand up to Trump… https://t.co/LiQkZ7XwEZ
...solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States... https://t.co/CzAYg3tBMM
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: https://t.co/dWzCxDqSDZ
RT @addiebrownlee: @tommyxtopher @NancyPelosi Cause we got NANCE!!! https://t.co/wMkLpRhREF
@tommyxtopher @NancyPelosi Cause we got NANCE!!! https://t.co/wMkLpRhREF
RT @tommyxtopher: Haha, @NancyPelosi on why the Trump meeting was private: "We didn't want to say, in front of those people, 'You don… https://t.co/zzBIWersMo
RT @sarahkendzior: Its like he's auditioning for hell https://t.co/czQ6VaulBQ
RT @According2Luke: Must watch. Journalist drops hammer on Breitbart editor. Dr. Sarah Kendzior with 60 seconds that needed to be said.… https://t.co/oQzl4ElIp2
RT @robinmarty: You can no longer access a legal abortion in Nashville. "Planned Parenthood, the only abortion provider left in Nas… https://t.co/41xaEvOrXj
RT @KamalaHarris: Right now, a single parent can be held in jail for a nonviolent offense awaiting trial for weeks, months, or even y… https://t.co/laa8yzxagV
RT @notcapnamerica: In 4th grade I had a crush on a boy in my class named Max. He was cute, smart, and he made me laugh. I remember wr… https://t.co/LcfTrNuUdH
@notcapnamerica And I second those two fuck yous and the thank you for Max. Chris. What an awful thing to experienc… https://t.co/cTRGmXRzCz
RT @AriBerman: 6, 670 ballots in Florida not counted even though they were mailed before Election Day. This is real election scanda… https://t.co/NOdPRN2Qd6
RT @HillaryClinton: Russia's actions brazenly violate a treaty allowing free passage in the strait and the G7 should hold fast in deman… https://t.co/i9LrTOssM8
RT @hugorifkind: The thing is, the best way to understand Theresa May’s predicament is to imagine that 52 percent of Britain had vot… https://t.co/COM5LtQzZs
RT @ezraklein: Andrew Sullivan’s explanation for political tribalism is a perfect demonstration of political tribalism in action https://t.co/pHKC2CTEKk
RT @EricHolder: Constitution does not anticipate allowing a president who used fraud to obtain the office to remain in power. Execu… https://t.co/xKtio0wcJG
@Ange_Amene Except he hadn’t ridden the subway in so long he still thought it took tokens.
RT @Ange_Amene: https://t.co/zoWW9YpSVQ
RT @Ange_Amene: A thread of fucked up shit Bernie Sanders has said https://t.co/AyezRxAJbv
RT @KatyTurNBC: Are you sure this is something you want to be saying out loud? https://t.co/ciPMvo9bW8
RT @MollyJongFast: Just the president’s lawyer picking up a little extra cash because that fourth divorce isn’t going to pay for itsel… https://t.co/UsMvsSt40D
RT @AshleyJudd: "The Times’s archives are rich with pictures of Gloria. They weren’t edited to reflect a certain truth, and yet the… https://t.co/KpvUHSNUSZ
RT @voxdotcom: You have to go back 20 or 30 years to understand Trump's ties to Russia, writes journalist Craig Unger. https://t.co/KqwiTJJWS4
RT @MyDaughtersArmy: I can’t say the same for Kevin Hart. I can't find a history of helping at risk LGBT youth. To be honest, his tweets… https://t.co/MjFQnqTj0E
RT @BettyBowers: Smarmy Mike Pence was handpicked by seedy Paul Manafort to be VP. Pence ran the transition team. Pence has repeat… https://t.co/3xQGJY5kqA
RT @TheRickyDavila: But if he were black or Latin... https://t.co/Dgpqey3XgK
RT @jilevin: No jail for Baylor student accused of fraternity party rape https://t.co/OsubL5sJQd https://t.co/jXAAyToMKd
RT @AdamParkhomenko: I’ve been tweeting about Nick Ayers since early 2017 and I am still dismayed that even as Chief of Staff to the Vic… https://t.co/P0LXO7eBfM
RT @Zeddary: I'd give up a finger to see the look on the FBI agent's face when they found this note https://t.co/6lCajvhmZk https://t.co/4Y11MlYqve
RT @ninaburleigh: @AdamParkhomenko As @SpyTalker tweeted earlier today, young Nick has a $54 million fortune that probably doesn't ne… https://t.co/gNu10yLd3Y
RT @ksadjadpour: It's exceedingly rare--perhaps unprecedented--for a male activist in the Middle East to risk his life for women's r… https://t.co/m4ODPrvC45
@juliamacfarlane Parliament is always better than congress. https://t.co/Fqi0dw34Y7
RT @NARAL: Lives could once again be endangered by the Trump administration and anti-choice extremists. How super “pro-life” o… https://t.co/4YXH05NkwW
RT @washingtonpost: Opinion: Saudi Arabia’s brutal treatment of female reformers should have woken us up long ago https://t.co/rLhbkyIFDX
RT @WokeZilla95: @notcapnamerica @MeghanMcCain For real white women come get your girl.
RT @UN_Women: On #HumanRightsDay, remember @HillaryClinton's 1995 speech as she addressed a special session of the @UN Fourth Wor… https://t.co/3cTUx0H9mc
RT @nytimes: "She has always listened to black women. I know because it is evidenced in the photographs — which are templates of… https://t.co/3rdfvKCmZL
RT @knowyoursnakes: I hope all the white guys in this pic just shit their pants. https://t.co/MMO8iggWsu
RT @sarahkendzior: @leahmcelrath It is bizarre to read the national press on Nick Ayers and see no mention of the Eric Greitens scanda… https://t.co/6P7CD2e3HG
RT @KaivanShroff: This thing where white dudes give obviously awful other white men the benefit of the doubt when all evidence and ev… https://t.co/jqiJqK0nnp
RT @Unpersuaded112: Take a real good look. This is not the 2018 map, the United States could slip to a 6. Think about this.… https://t.co/jPDjbKTEj7
@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews Sorry everyone is smocking you this morning.
RT @joncoopertweets: Mike Pence and the Trump administration’s complicity in downplaying Russian election interference #PenceKnew https://t.co/yWiOJkXScS
RT @HillaryPix: Actress Vidya Balan took to social media to share this pic. "The first time in my life that I asked to be introduce… https://t.co/wvmlhNumOw
RT @aravosis: So, I’m like a single gay guy, so I know why on vacation I’d chat up a 21 year old poolboy named “Giancarlo, ” but p… https://t.co/WS1o2Xcs9l
RT @natasharothwell: .@realDonaldTrump on a scale from trash to not trash, u trash.
RT @BradMossEsq: HAHAHA Larry Klayman is alleging 4A violations by Mueller against Jerome Corsi in reliance upon Section 702 of the… https://t.co/c56aJ1hvv7
RT @NormEisen: Mr. Barr, you know the rules, 18 USC 208, 5 CFR 2635 & 28 CFR 25.2: a personal or professional relationship w/ the… https://t.co/K3DjnlD0CD
RT @DrRJKavanagh: Let me link here to amazing article by @CoatsandLinen & @aintacrow about how women once they are incarcerated on Ri… https://t.co/ceRx2OWKwR
RT @ananavarro: Nothing about this is normal. Nothing. Russians interacted with at least 14 Trump associates during the campaign an… https://t.co/qkZ5In0Ii1
RT @SpencerAlthouse: I often think about the time Oprah did a cooking segment with a woman whose chicken recipe won $1 million, and Opra… https://t.co/7Ln64man3Z
RT @joncoopertweets: Trump Hates Butterflies! 😡🦋 "Bulldozers are expected to tear through a protected butterfly habitat tucked along t… https://t.co/AYGIyRM0Y8
RT @Patrickesque: Bernie supporters in 2018: “We’ve never been negative to an opponent😁” Bernie supporters in 2016: ✨jeers Stacey… https://t.co/ShmnkmYBQt
RT @msleen1970: @ninaturner @_waleedshahid @VanJones68 Truth in the river my ass. You’re nothing but a bitter black woman. Go sit y… https://t.co/Osbtllemvq
RT @ma_nyc7: Opinion | The sad truth about Russian election interference is that we knew about it before Election Day https://t.co/7Mf7Bczki7
RT @reesetheone1: Ok, HRC took Obama the closest he came to losing this side of the ass kicking Bobby Rush put on him. No one has a… https://t.co/TZUINw04kX
RT @KamalaHarris: ICYMI: I’m calling for the immediate release of documents related to Roxsana Hernández, who was a transgender woman… https://t.co/YNHFp8JL0K
RT @itsreallyalexb: This excellent article is a damning indictment of John Kelly, and a well-deserved one. Kelly was a callous monster.… https://t.co/20i3ZnSosj
RT @stevemorris__: Mainstream media continues to be obsessed with normalizing Republican power grabs. Chuck Todd says of Wisconsin GO… https://t.co/i5pnAPN1Iw
RT @JamilSmith: This is the most concise (yet thorough) timeline of Donald Trump’s years of coordination with Russia, via Michael C… https://t.co/8Pqq7IgdrB
RT @jilevin: At scene of South Sudan mass rape, 'no one could hear me' https://t.co/XfYesJNVk4 https://t.co/Fpk0Ab89TI
RT @kylegriffin1: COMEY: "Mid October, maybe a little bit later, Mr. Giuliani was making statements that appeared to be based on his… https://t.co/WjtrPVzMdm
RT @riotwomennn: The Tad Devine emails prove Bernie Sanders' chief strategist was MEETING a now Mueller indicted Kremlin operative i… https://t.co/J7lPGly5M4
RT @kylegriffin1: McCrae Dowless, the man at the center of NC-09 election fraud allegations, often works for candidates who perform b… https://t.co/Y9CGsxpAII
RT @100_Disable_vet: Trump promoted the racist Birtherism conspiracy theory. I will start my own conspiracy theory called Edugate. Edu… https://t.co/ovHTDQfV4X
RT @228Years: A moment that will stand for eternity... Imagine a Hillary/Michelle ticket for 2020. How absolutely amazing that w… https://t.co/KqJrJ3PqG8
RT @HunkyGayJesus: Happy #sacrilegeSunday My Sheeple! https://t.co/EBQEddTkSv
RT @SocialPowerOne1: The New York Times Just Released an Eye-Opening Report on Jared Kushner’s Ongoing Chats With the Saudi Crown Prince https://t.co/9yArPcQM4T
@davidaxelrod @RahmEmanuel @CNN I don’t know what to say except that @RahmEmanuel has always been a piece of sh*t
RT @misslaneym: Bravo to this Judge who threw a drunk driver’s mom in jail for laughing at victim’s family in court https://t.co/4GoWr7JN8G
RT @jmflatham: @wisconsinsane @davidaxelrod @RahmEmanuel @CNN Every man who has this take when Hillary, love her or hate her, had… https://t.co/TeSpnJjXH1
RT @JulieMorr: Trump needs to be disqualified from having won the election. He didn’t win, he cheated. He undertook multiple avenu… https://t.co/KAKkaC7fhT
RT @voxdotcom: “The greatest lie of Lean In is its underlying message that most companies and bosses are ultimately benevolent, th… https://t.co/3G5qvXetQa
RT @kurteichenwald: 1. Everyone has some area of expertise. Mine is in corporate crime. I reported about it for 20 years at NY Times, w… https://t.co/5JoWdhRTgr
RT @justinhendrix: It is intolerable that a President who was elected on the back of felonies to deceive the public during his electio… https://t.co/GmzJqBwAzB
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Bernie Sanders’ campaign strategist Tad Devine turns up 16 times in evidence against Paul Manafort. https://t.co/NhPUbxOkhl
RT @Maggie_Klaus: Anybody else feeling completely heartbroken knowing this election was stolen and realizing Hillary should be our le… https://t.co/hof9QuepXo
RT @soledadobrien: News org should not quote things that are obvious fabrications. https://t.co/xYGUiRRajM
RT @flushednsticky: How about we not threaten to use Congressional subpoena powers against a private citizen because he said mean thin… https://t.co/Gx40MNi3kD
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Write her and tell her to run again. Hillary Rodham Clinton Post Office Box 5256 New York, NY 10185 https://t.co/Ydvs7fmc7z
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: Loretta Lynch’s brief Tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton sent the GOP into a frenzy, so surely, there will be intense… https://t.co/PbNXvQ06On
RT @DearAuntCrabby: After seeing and hearing the initial findings of the SD of New York and the Mueller Team, it is obvious that… https://t.co/nybwAJynLD
RT @Hatewatch: Neo-Nazi James Alex Fields was just found guilty of first-degree murder for killing Heather Heyer when he rammed hi… https://t.co/nqWSzBSTlG
RT @Dangchick1: She is a beautiful piece of broken pottery, put back together by her own hands. And a critical world judges her cra… https://t.co/vTke14a3VQ
RT @stuartpstevens: Accusations in N.C. are not “voter fraud”but “election fraud.” No one is saying illegal voters participated. This… https://t.co/knimdig8KZ
RT @paulkrugman: I read the news today, oh boy. Shocked at how little there is about the anti-democratic coup in Wisconsin. A once-p… https://t.co/SjkvCSLY8p
RT @Unpersuaded112: Its time to ditch all fossil fuels because no matter how many times they lie about it being safe, its never safe. https://t.co/pJRFYwXLvO
RT @DavidCornDC: Hey @facebook, I have 66K people following my author's page. Yet when I post material there, you only show it to a… https://t.co/Z897t1d0mE
RT @HoarseWisperer: The quotes from this interview with Tucker Carlson are pretty remarkable. I said it back when Fox News went dark o… https://t.co/yUQvKqpY56
RT @NickKristof: Talking about my trip to Yemen and what I saw. Questions or provocations welcome. https://t.co/PDMyV6c5J9
RT @JamesMartinSJ: 5/5) There are many opportunities where the church, without denying church teaching, could advocate for LGBT people… https://t.co/PvwyYgjCX2
RT @stucam7771: The stock market is now lower than it was last Christmas. Pay rises for the majority of people have been non-exist… https://t.co/Fwo1x5Y190
RT @Patrickesque: @ebruenig We are not making this racist the Democratic nominee for president https://t.co/JhaGA5SQIU
RT @The_UnSilent_: I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Dan Quayle wants to fight Trump. BAD https://t.co/OnEJNt0BE3
RT @ledmondson39: @RepSwalwell @lauferlaw Also, note that it was a Republican pastor whose campaign committed election fraud to win.… https://t.co/7FsGmRBX2D
RT @joncoopertweets: Documents Point to Illegal Campaign Coordination Between Trump and the NRA Trump and the gun group used the same c… https://t.co/49Xs79uINC
RT @NydiaVelazquez: Tear gas is a chemical weapon and it was used against innocent children and families by the U.S. government at the… https://t.co/n4UMSfKDKS
RT @tainabienaime: “Prostituted sex is always coerced...men are very well aware that the sex they buy is unwanted. The consent is not… https://t.co/LTsyzzHN6x
RT @SenWhitehouse: My colleagues & I just sent a letter to @TheJusticeDept demanding an explanation of its handling of potential polit… https://t.co/5XTqvEC9u1
RT @LincolnsBible: Why didn't any cable news outlet cover the child rape affidavit filed against Epstein & Trump, which was in public… https://t.co/r2TWiyQw8D
RT @voxdotcom: Tchiya Amet’s allegations against Neil deGrasse Tyson didn’t get widespread attention for years. Her story says a l… https://t.co/VY1cMOsnro
RT @ProChoiceOH: HAPPENING NOW: Faith leaders organized by @OhioRCRC are speaking against bans on reproductive rights. We’re across… https://t.co/kfXkbGJVmP
RT @Alfree7619: So if somebody is bullying you, trying to tear you down, just listen to Momma Clinton here.… https://t.co/k6KU7KSMF9
RT @Salon: Attorney and author Seth Abramson: Donald Trump sets “new paradigm for treachery.” Part 1 of 2 https://t.co/uYQQZQtBEY
RT @MyChickenDinner: If Donald Trump wanted Hillary Clinton locked up, he should have hired her to work on his campaign.
RT @soledadobrien: This article is many, many words to describe that ultimately Paul Ryan was a failure. Over-run by his own party. A… https://t.co/glNMaGB3gE
RT @BetoORourke: December 15 is the final day to sign up for insurance at https://t.co/pzp2uo0kAj. Hope you'll spread the word. https://t.co/rDC116NpBW
@riotwomennn @HardballChris @HillaryClinton https://t.co/LnEOY5UcwK
@TomDangora @BoleyGo @HardballChris https://t.co/kNNNE4nRlq
RT @kylegriffin1: WaPo found that McCrae Dowless has worked on at least five campaigns in North Carolina since 2010 in which his cand… https://t.co/kOYTSJMwwb
RT @SaysWho14: @realDonaldTrump Uh Oh. Did you notify Congress? #ImpeachTrump https://t.co/m9OAoDRoLS
RT @marceelias: URGENT: The North Carolina GOP now has a bill that appears aimed at obstructing a fair investigation of the NC-9 el… https://t.co/mp6T7cWaXC
RT @leahmcelrath: Through the media, male supremacy has used Hillary Clinton as a proxy for all women and targeted her for abuse acco… https://t.co/l6apT92SAN
RT @PGourevitch: hell of a headline for a coup https://t.co/rX17Av6NGr
RT @DerekCressman: Manhattan DA Who Shielded Sexual Offender Jeffrey Epstein, Also Shielded Trump Children https://t.co/cX4xxQstDp
RT @CNNPolitics: 81 children have been separated at the US-Mexico border since June https://t.co/w5wFEaf6PN https://t.co/bEHMTEOASO
RT @pronounced_ing: Important read—and it dovetails with recent research showing that large gender imbalances and the rise of far-right… https://t.co/x4sBecrXkR
RT @sarahkendzior: On the new @gaslitnation, 34 minutes in, we discuss the Epstein case, the allegations of child rape against Trump, … https://t.co/VSldXkiy40
RT @sarahkendzior: "Donald Trump is friends with at least five pedophiles, most of whom were involved in sex trafficking or blackmail… https://t.co/NMgATGB4lJ
@MsMollyRachael https://t.co/VFKchRoH9z
@HillaryWarnedUs @HardballChris https://t.co/SG4nKP8eRJ
RT @jmpalmieri: Legit reasons to love Beto. But worth reflecting on this...I fear intangible sentiments like “something about him t… https://t.co/qlP2cX2z9M
RT @aterkel: Dozens of these appointees were also just submitted yesterday. So they haven’t had public hearings or anything. https://t.co/zKYVexJGu7
RT @BeccaMaljak: @Patrickesque @SarahBCalif @HardballChris I love shows like Deadline White House, Maddow, and All in... but ever si… https://t.co/vuDBHvZvrR
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Why did you lie about this, @HardballChris? https://t.co/Xp5y9Q3Epj
RT @MsMollyRachael: Mathews: “She (HRC) obvi doesn’t like Pres. Carter. She’s sitting right next to him and hasn’t said one word to him… https://t.co/BZ48ONYzwr
RT @maddow: The guy who appears to be at the heart of the mass vote-stealing scam in #NC09 wasn't just being paid by consultant… https://t.co/95vdsLmx05
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: I hope there’s never a president who makes Trump seem better by comparison the way Trump makes George W. Bush seem better by comparison.
RT @notcapnamerica: Women police almost never use excessive force, though they use the same amount of regular force. Studies show they… https://t.co/DGRxXqnl04
RT @notcapnamerica: Since the Bernie people are so intent on branding Kamala Harris a cop because of her being a former prosecutor, let… https://t.co/XnI6zRdH7z
RT @sahilkapur: The silence on NC-09 from those who traditionally raise hell about voter fraud is deafening. This is an actual — an… https://t.co/99sESWG1yU
RT @OkCallMeAL: How do the evangelicals feel that Obama (the “Muslim”) knows all the words to the Apostles’ Creed while their “chos… https://t.co/G1CFDwEInN
RT @anildash: Has anybody written about how Indian activists’ successful resistance to Facebook’s attempt to launch Free Basics p… https://t.co/9q2uH9mWC2
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Trump being praised as presidential for doing things any normal human being would do is a metaphor for white male privilege in general.
@SunflowerSoul71 @DMandicino https://t.co/nnBqXH22p6
RT @NBCNews: 2-year-old Florida girl battling cancer needs extremely rare blood, sparking worldwide search. https://t.co/iWfKjRwY9e
RT @CJPatruno: Yale psychiatrist explains how devotion to Trump is based on emotional patterns most people grow out of by age five https://t.co/bdd5V6sf8b
RT @NARAL: We’re so grateful for the incredible work of @TaranaBurke. #MeToo https://t.co/RqCQ41zVOg
RT @benwikler: Updates from Wisconsin: - Rumors suggest GOP Senators might not have the votes for some of their power grab - A… https://t.co/rtwncBmRkr
Worth exploring https://t.co/MFTOiZoNH1
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote This is fucking nuts! He had been doing it for years. Trust me what we are seeing now is because we… https://t.co/KRHsiJ0ncW
RT @TheLoyalO: Despite #Mueller's #TrumpRussia probe & evidence of #Kompromat, Trump approached & met w/Putin at the #G20Argentina… https://t.co/6CS5qLEhrZ
RT @Mimirocah1: I worked on many child sex trafficking cases as a Fed Prosecutor. Epstein ran a child sex trafficking ring. We vigo… https://t.co/gvZpF3nHwl
@JSavoly @JoeBiden How the country feels https://t.co/EupMJUGT6v
RT @paulkrugman: Another question: was this the only place something like this happened? Did less clumsy electoral fraud take place… https://t.co/I45mhN3dWB
RT @jonlovett: Guys, I know it's morbid and a pretty unlikely scenario for most of us, but we should all just make sure our loved… https://t.co/ZIGbJdH0No
RT @girlsreallyrule: The Supreme Court is set to hear Gamble v. US, which will determine the future of Double Jeopardy for state and fed… https://t.co/ZDunCBlgrh
RT @danpfeiffer: This should be one of the biggest stories in America. It is a crisis for democracy https://t.co/ZuskNH8vZc
RT @docrocktex26: HRC campaigning in Trump country wasn’t going to stop her from being female, her coalition from being predominately… https://t.co/OZ0Ou5bfNv
RT @riotwomennn: Bernie Sanders' supporters gave him money that many could not afford. Tens of millions of dollars went to Tad De… https://t.co/cAqiRrTjNc
RT @HarryShannon: @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/s7JA9VpRR0
RT @riotwomennn: In 2014 Tad Devine signed on with Bernie Sanders. But in 2014 Devine was also emailing with Paul Manafort's right… https://t.co/Dt7C3r3IY2
RT @riotwomennn: Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian political operative, was indicted by Mueller for conspiracy to obstruct justice and… https://t.co/6Rp6Utp5B1
RT @riotwomennn: Palm Beach multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein is a free man, despite the rapes of dozens of children according to pol… https://t.co/Yt6udcRsCr
RT @KaraCalavera: Hillary Clinton has been a champion debater for decades and was no campaign neophyte. The harm he did in smearing h… https://t.co/Pk8aUPaGwV
RT @JonEHecht: A year after #MeToo, the Miami Herald can publish quotes from an affidavit alleging Alan Dershowitz had sex with a… https://t.co/GOFTvTfQol
RT @Selena_Adera: Stop wondering why the Democratic Base doesn't, and will not, support Bernie Sanders: At every turn he erases us.… https://t.co/nVXxogrkZU
RT @JesseFFerguson: SPEAKER FACTS 2018: Nancy Pelosi got 203 (86%) in caucus to be Dem nominee for Speaker. 2015: Paul Ryan got 200… https://t.co/ZLFX8Sv1b7
RT @originalspin: #NC09 GOP candidate @MarkHarrisNC9’s campaign appears to have sent people door to door in rural Robeson & Bladen Co… https://t.co/J2LnZPuCZ1
RT @EricBoehlert: NYT columnist publishing obsessive hate abt the Clinton’s, Susan Sarandon being treated like policy wonk....this we… https://t.co/d5CvWaaTtb
RT @ReginaA1981: You need to call @HillaryClinton up and apologize. https://t.co/CltfKQmmo2
RT @lynnv378: Missing from Rachel @Maddow's excellent summary on Trump & sanctions is the fact that sitting at the same table at… https://t.co/sohOG0P7nS
RT @GuthrieGF: Church sign winning. https://t.co/lPkgfb4A24
RT @DavidCornDC: George H.W. Bush had a mixed record. For instance, an independent counsel did consider indicting him for his role i… https://t.co/UrYYubs3ie
RT @ASlavitt: BREAKING: ACA enrollment down 10% so far with Trump marketing budget down 90%. The good news: Most can get covered… https://t.co/eIbDjY2Mfl
RT @VABVOX: 14, 000 children are still being detained. This has fallen off the radar. Hillary Clinton keeps raising the issue (… https://t.co/GTGq7dptpX
Election fraud not voter fraud but not the point.... https://t.co/FaQf6xZl3C
RT @womensrrhumanr: Just a reminder. @NancyPelosi and Elizabeth Taylor fighting before the House for HIV/AIDS funding when no one else… https://t.co/vNLVKw5D5T
RT @rhorseranch_joy: Time for the @Democrats to stand with Hillary. #SheWon in 2016 and we all know the election was stolen. Defend her, … https://t.co/4T4LAppoL8
RT @SonyaBaker2: @Only4RM @RonaldKlain @HillaryClinton Hillary Rodham Clinton is the legitimate President of the United States of America. Swear her in now!
RT @dollyp724: YES, #SHE SHOULD! We all know @HillaryClinton #WON the #2016Election & the course of our history must be put back i… https://t.co/WEzEk8utXh
RT @herstory2017: @maureendowd I saw Hillary Clinton last year at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, sold out and when she walked out on sta… https://t.co/xXpJmmWEdy
RT @Cirincione: I don’t want to be alarmist, but the State Department and the NSC seem to be steadily building a case for war with… https://t.co/vfpMUvKgx2
RT @JuddLegum: There is strong evidence emerging that Republicans stole a Congressional seat in North Carolina by destroying, fals… https://t.co/AgbbqikKMH
RT @JeffSharlet: Claire McCaskill says post-Senate she's looking forward to helping young women politicians learn how to be "self-ef… https://t.co/hHv9CkALw2
RT @VickerySec: .@tedcruz Your campaign gave US voter data to a guy in Russia named Yaroslav Leontenko. He wrote code directly into… https://t.co/EWwopzL2i8
RT @malinablue: @JoyceWhiteVance @phyllissharp54 Thank you for that. I’m still angry about how everyone - including media - talked… https://t.co/80wVEPzPS0
RT @UN_Women: On the #DayfortheAbolitionofSlavery, tell the world that: Women and girls do not have a price tag. 🔖 Women and gi… https://t.co/nynkXPGlDv
RT @FriesOverHoes: The men in white are the surviving members of the Original San Francisco Gay Men's Choir. Those in black represent… https://t.co/8qrzMBQnuR
RT @emokidsloveme: 🚨🚨🚨🚨 https://t.co/BJPUsVZiO9
RT @__Dutch: Your daily reminder that Joseph Gordon-Levitt BODIED the choreo to Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” 🔥 https://t.co/zQgpsqrFOe
RT @lynnv378: How many of us have been screaming this shit? How many? Like me, @Ange_Amene, @reesetheone1, @BravenakBlog, … https://t.co/k197TVpMMo
RT @tomwatson: Reading @daveweigel's piece on the "Run, Bernie, Run!" confab up in Burlington, it's crystal clear it was programme… https://t.co/86dYMyjnzC
RT @soledadobrien: Seriously, how does someone pay him actual money to write this drivel? https://t.co/RAJn07tZgS
RT @kylegriffin1: Trump reportedly killed a proposal to end a tax break solely because it would negatively impact his own business, a… https://t.co/mt6RdhqhEY
RT @MaddowBlog: What Trump neglected to mention about his support for dropping sanctions on Russia was that he had a massive busine… https://t.co/cbenlsiI3M
RT @DoubleHP: @AP ❤❤! Our police dept in Southlake Texas posted this. ❤❤ https://t.co/kyzIj4VaHz
@AP This is a good thing. I’ve always been uncomfortable with this song “What’s in this drink?”
RT @AltUSPressSec: Sater is also known for his email outlining a plan to steal the 2016 President Election using assistance provided b… https://t.co/zaG376d1lZ
RT @jilevin: Eight women say George HW Bush groped them. Their claims deserve to be remembered as we assess his legacy. https://t.co/nzktFr16iA
RT @SusanBordo: It’s crucial but not sufficient that the press only be “free.” We also count on you to resist rumor and myth. I val… https://t.co/f9KP4x9SSX
RT @AngryandAsian: 14, 000 children being detained. The US Government is not allowing any type of fostering even with family members. T… https://t.co/GiFvZTPZF8
RT @Sbengler: @Jarnocan @JamesReader_RP Funny this tweet didn't show up in the comment thread, so I added some copies of the trum… https://t.co/p3gVCmvFYX
RT @RepJayapal: It's because they aren't criminals. Seeking asylum is NOT a crime. https://t.co/gItimtiOCo
RT @Gabbiedrice78K: @donnabrazile @HillaryClinton You added to her pain by stabbing her in the back, to sell a book and to try to ingra… https://t.co/YNfRCXMRo7
RT @oysteinbogen: Very peculiar incident Northern Norway right now. Several seemingly simultaneous breaks on crucial fiber cable knoc… https://t.co/0wgNtkKzMn
RT @Selena_Adera: "And at that moment, if finally dawned on Trump why Hillary Clinton called him Putin's puppet." #StillWithHer… https://t.co/lWh0XcvuBe
RT @jordanwfisher_: Imagine being born into the female half of the population, through no fault of your own, and suddenly discovering t… https://t.co/Jq1f9fshjd
RT @HRC: .@HRC is deeply saddened to learn of the death of Tydi, a Black transgender woman who was fatally shot this week in… https://t.co/yDojppqW7Q
RT @franifio: Let’s agree to eulogize every Iraqi civilian killed and every American soldier broken by pointless wars, and *then*… https://t.co/OPKsp65aTV
RT @sahluwal: A transgender teen at Osseo Highschool had her privacy violated by administrators & was kicked out of school for us… https://t.co/n6MVWjf3zC
RT @BrianOsuch: Like her or not... she called it. https://t.co/GHhw9BLbJI
RT @JamesMartinSJ: I always admired #GeorgeHWBush even if not always agreeing with him. Motivated by an inborn sense of duty that led… https://t.co/Yw8i544Z2a
RT @BarackDaVote: @dagreatscienski @YarmondShore @notcapnamerica Word? https://t.co/c7URyqvW15
RT @jennycohn1: Wow. The implication is that Aggregate IQ may have told likely Nelson voters in the Florida senate race to vote by… https://t.co/dOOsq3QOrY
RT @PolitiwhatBlog: @VicBergerIV @Cernovich I would hope that networks like @cnn @msnbc @foxnews would give a disclosure about Dershowi… https://t.co/IKYhsXS1hP
RT @Oooooo_Donna: @HoarseWisperer @donnabrazile @HillaryClinton It wasn't even just the 2016 election---she threw Hillary under the b… https://t.co/MgTfl2xacx
RT @ByRosenberg: Gerrymandering North Carolina: Democrats won 48% of votes and 23% of seats Ohio: Democrats won nearly 50% of votes… https://t.co/6RpwgOSnC7
RT @stableford: Lorena and her two children hold out their arms to show the numbers they were given to be on a list of migrants see… https://t.co/2NRk9C6E3l
RT @Susan_Hennessey: I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, when deciding who should challenge Trump in what may be the last best s… https://t.co/cYHSpBMRJn
RT @jennycohn1: Sedgwick County, Kansas says that ES&S EXPRESSVOTE touchscreen barcode ballot markers—the ones that counties all ov… https://t.co/oNgFLVYOpb
RT @KaraCalavera: The best comment under this hypocritical drivel: My husband just came into the kitchen for coffee. I told him Iv… https://t.co/PxC3J7AElt
RT @MrDane1982: No, repeal Trump, replace with Hillary Clinton https://t.co/Hi7Duxse0m
Unbought and Unbossed!! https://t.co/NNw935K2KL
RT @mitchellreports: .@brhodes: I don't believe that anybody at that summit believes for one second that the reason that Trump cancelled… https://t.co/Uj4CMXQma1
RT @jbendery: In little noticed news, the Senate voted yesterday to advance one of Trump's circuit court nominees, Jonathan Kobes… https://t.co/hm6Vtb8Emm
RT @sarahkendzior: The next media lackey who interviews Alan Dershowitz about his summer party plans should ask about his tenure as Ju… https://t.co/3NkGKjnEF6
RT @sarahkendzior: Or they could ask Dershowitz about his defense of Beny Steinmetz, implicated in financial corruption with the Kushn… https://t.co/ujELVqoob6
RT @sarahkendzior: Or they could ask Dershowitz about the child rape charges against himself, Trump and Jeffrey Epstein. Thread: https://t.co/O2SMJRW12V
RT @shannonrwatts: “I had sexual intercourse with [Alan] Dershowitz at least six times, ’’ Roberts wrote in the 2015 court affidavit. “… https://t.co/nNAQ4xge6Y
RT @AmandiOnAir: So when the smoke clears on Mueller’s findings, proving that Trump’s illegitimate & was treasonously operating at t… https://t.co/bB816b6Cko
RT @Refugees: “Sexual harassment is both unacceptable and unjustifiable" - @RefugeesChief at the start of #16days of Activism aga… https://t.co/7bg056NwJ8
No. Uh uh. Absolutely not. https://t.co/BG8uIhtzl3
RT @speechboy71: Somehow this Murray Waas story in Vox fell through the cracks when it came out 3 weeks ago, but it's an absolute st… https://t.co/KtqS9Jxf8G
RT @Acute_Tweetment: When you’ve gotta copy off of someone else’s homework...😂 https://t.co/qW7kXSyBgs
RT @JohnBrennan: The iceberg of lies, deceit, corruption, & criminality is steadily but surely surfacing, despite the efforts of man… https://t.co/WdQHcAJFZt
RT @chrislhayes: This is monstrously Orwellian. The impurity of Iranian intentions aside, the Saudis are quite literally bombing and… https://t.co/TUA75rhcs9
RT @PerryFingal: @nasser_bovi @mermacl1000 @EVNow @NormOrnstein So what! Did he hear how the election tuned out?
@EVNow @NormOrnstein Have to agree with EV and Betty. Obama didn’t make this mess, but he gets let off the hook too easily in all of this.
RT @EmpireOfDirt2: @AJentleson What exactly would the repercussions have been if the WH & Democrats publicly shared Russian election m… https://t.co/I52LMloWYf
RT @JudgeBobOrr: Huge concern in the 9th District race. If one campaign had inside info on early vote totals, it impacts last minute… https://t.co/qQkwSE8lEI
RT @gregorykorte: "This is a story the world needs to hear.’’ Jaw-dropping @MiamiHerald story details Labor Secretary Alexander Acost… https://t.co/R6pdvGgIN5
RT @Amy_Siskind: @gregorykorte @MiamiHerald I hope all these women get justice - Epstein ends up in jail for a long time, the men wh… https://t.co/KHc4JoxEAQ
RT @Patrickesque: One of the greatest things I've experienced was watching Christiane Amanpour get the mic during a Q&A in London and… https://t.co/2w1HMZ4gxf
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: The only person in the world to call Donald Trump a puppet of Vladimir Putin to his face. In front of 71.6 million… https://t.co/bQAV8eQgEr
RT @WisamIAm: Look, I’ve never been a big fan of the Clintons, but @HillaryClinton definitely earned this “I told you so” moment https://t.co/QfhFRs3Nj7
RT @ElleAndGone: And remember, at this point, Bernard had already been involved with RU-related Slack & had hacked HRC data. Why is… https://t.co/AYMzgJdvbm
RT @ashtonpittman: The Clinton campaign tweeted this out on Oct. 31, 2016. #TrumpRussia https://t.co/xNkU7QUY0B
RT @TruthWrite: A Dutch Church Has Held Services Continuously Since October to Prevent a Family's Deportation — Dutch law forbids p… https://t.co/k9rYtzWCcz
RT @Bdwal359: Remember when Mike Pence hired a FOREIGN AGENT and then LIED about it on national TV? Rachel Maddow: "It is IMPOSS… https://t.co/RhoYWy9H53
RT @jordanwfisher_: I graduated HS in 2012. I served in the Marines from 2013 - 2018. I just want to go back to school and be paid for… https://t.co/IrV5U7gRzy
RT @broadeyeview: @notcapnamerica @Millgrist1 @AMluvinit2 Worse. He claimed he didn't take NRA donations but the NRA ran attack ads a… https://t.co/ya7jDQM5eU
RT @ScottMStedman: Russian Government Granted Amnesty to the Chairman of the Trump Tower Moscow Development Company https://t.co/DZlTZ7nDuE
RT @funder: Don’t we deserve a new election? Thoughts?
RT @wamandajd: @josheidelson Important wrinkle: Jeffrey Epstein was a close friend of Trump, and a member of Mar-a-Lago, where som… https://t.co/c8P5JHytJH
RT @MrDane1982: Imagine if the media spent an ounce of reporting on Trump business and russian investigation like they did Hillary Clinton email.
RT @notcapnamerica: Holy shit. How am I only now seeing this clip of our new Dem Caucus chair Hakeem Jeffries dragging Bernie for th… https://t.co/1VNEMf97ns
RT @JoePerticone: lol police inform Laura Loomer that Twitter isn't pressing charges and she can stay chained to their door as long as she wants
RT @_cingraham: This is amazing: a map of fragile masculinity https://t.co/LZOCPOVo6z https://t.co/ectpIzoq5h
RT @notcapnamerica: If this 5 year old's reaction to his brother being gay doesn't make you tear up, you have a lump of coal where your… https://t.co/DU1OkB4Xlw
RT @owillis: so old i remember when greenwald and company were enraged anyone on the left was paying attention to this russia stuff
RT @PiperPerabo: THIS ⤵️ IS AWESOME 💚🌎 Thank you ⁦@patagonia⁩ Patagonia’s CEO is donating company’s entire $10M Trump tax cut to fi… https://t.co/qY0zrw1vXG
RT @SenFeinstein: Thomas Farr has built a career on voter suppression. He does not belong on a federal court. https://t.co/s5JffhFRuJ
RT @VettingBernie: Hillary was robbed. She's still Democrats' most exciting candidate. She the best qualified, most experienced, tough… https://t.co/u5pU9htoKy
RT @TomDangora: She always ends up being right! https://t.co/JbMlRtjWwg
RT @NathanHRubin: The GOP in Ohio is considering making abortion punishable by death. Don’t ever tell me you’re pro-life if your pl… https://t.co/sIqieXKPjz
RT @CNN: A DC neighborhood group just voted to rename the street in front of the Saudi embassy for slain journalist Jamal Kh… https://t.co/03wzN5KpJm
RT @LoveNotGreed: @nytimes Imagine the perfect storm investigation where Panama, Trump/Russia and epstein stuff all collides. And the billionaires get caught.
RT @AngryBlackLady: *pats pockets* Darn it—where’d I put those fucks? https://t.co/HXnJgcCS8G
RT @julsieb3: @AngrierWHStaff When the rest of the world finally figures out that the presidential campaign was in fact rigged ma… https://t.co/VL5enOSOqE
RT @MikeLevinCA: I’m proud to have signed this letter along with many of my freshman colleagues in support of @NancyPelosi for Speak… https://t.co/psbcPqiO4l
RT @TannyMcG: I’m changed for the better because of “Far From The Tree”. Your work touches me every time, @Andrew_Solomon https://t.co/yI2f4YhPwc
RT @SenGillibrand: There are no more excuses. We must end America’s support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen — a humanitarian disaster.… https://t.co/PZErjJadXm
RT @SenWarren: We currently spend more than the next 8 nations combined on defense. But every year, the Pentagon asks Congress for… https://t.co/9HcxclhY7d
RT @HeerJeet: "I've known [Jeffrey Epstein] for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that h… https://t.co/T9G9GyOnJO
RT @DavidNir: My god. This is just so typical of the @NYTimes. Pelosi won *more* votes and had *fewer* "nos" than Ryan in 2015, b… https://t.co/3LWHkvL0LK
RT @SenBlumenthal: Contemptible incompetence by VA in GI Bill benefits failure is a betrayal of trust—moral bankruptcy. It must lead t… https://t.co/RrrWswwGr0
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: When we look at Auschwitz we see the end of the process. It's important to remember that the Holocaust actually did… https://t.co/AsiEn6lPGa
RT @Lonestarmomcom: @neal_katyal Can they get DTjr too, since they’ll be in New York anyway?
RT @SecondBolt: Day 3 of #thebig9! countdown to our birthday is dedicated to the magical musicians who took an early chance on us:… https://t.co/yJQMUpyI2d
RT @danielradosh: All day I've been seeing people who literally never heard of Jeffrey Epstein and I just want to remind you that the… https://t.co/hOsXoGY1l9
RT @HelenKennedy: This year-long Miami Herald investigation into Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta's role in covering up Jeffrey Epste… https://t.co/Qx5WB03iL4
RT @MarisaKabas: Future Trump cabinet member Alex Acosta was instrumental in helping Epstein avoid life in prison for the sex traffi… https://t.co/aN34t8q5F5
RT @politvidchannel: BREAKING: Rep.Adam Schiff, The next chairman of The House Intelligence Committee Today Said He Will investigate whe… https://t.co/TFMRBGI2zM
RT @riotwomennn: Video of 2016 GOP platform committee meeting. This is state @SenatorBrakey of Maine who just lost to Sen Angus K… https://t.co/F4yWU9ceUl
RT @soledadobrien: And if you follow the scientist @KHayhoe —you’ll see they also bumped her—but had a long intv with Santorum. Not. G… https://t.co/Ar1EzGB125
A. Must. Read https://t.co/LzO8aECuFz # via @HuffPost
RT @activist360: “You did not have it, sir. No, you didn’t”: Serial lying con-man Trump gets fact-checked by reporter Paula Reid rig… https://t.co/ICtKXEaSPD
RT @funder: Bravo to MSNBC for not airing this Sarah Sanders press briefing. Others should follow suit. Stop amplifying all of them.
RT @cmclymer: I repeat: Chuck Schumer not having a glove laid on him this month while Nancy Pelosi is weirdly being roasted in th… https://t.co/zOtUV6y0Da
RT @DropDragonfly: We are Google employees and we join Amnesty International in calling on Google to cancel project Dragonfly, Google’… https://t.co/Z4y6ah5H7k
RT @tomwatson: Keep in mind what the strategy had been over the four weeks leading up to the meeting. When the nomination was no l… https://t.co/T616bxeH7F
RT @starry_galaxies: @stellaaaa @tomwatson Excellent point. Coddled by the MSM & his followers, he doesn't fully grasp how many people, … https://t.co/JIq0uRbAwJ
RT @JoMoreland760: @Scooterstation @Owenamy @tomwatson @SenSanders She was absolutely right about him and those weaknesses too but lor… https://t.co/HVHEHDD6aD
RT @julianborger: White House prevents Gina Haspel from briefing Senate on Khashoggi murder https://t.co/rp1ztH5mq3
RT @Infantry0300: EVERYONE in Mississippi needs to see these numbers: #47 in education #50 in healthcare #50 in income #47 in e… https://t.co/A4Xo8fKBNC
“No one has an obligation to tolerate the idea that they should not exist.” https://t.co/nsDHevXnDm
RT @tribelaw: This vital opinion piece elegantly makes a point thus far overlooked: Even if Whitaker’s appointment were otherwise… https://t.co/I4pLxMx8Ud
RT @mattklewis: Admit it: Republicans wish they had a House Speaker as tough as Nancy Pelosi. https://t.co/bej0zZvwuo via @thedailybeast
RT @_JakubJanda: Stop calling it Ukrainian-Russian tension. It is not. What is happening is a direct RUSSIAN AGGRESSION aganist U… https://t.co/tDbDWZRjXf
RT @C_Stroop: @at_risk_dad @sarahkendzior And a big part of that is that he blows their cover; he completely destroys the fig lea… https://t.co/5Yw5rnLe8F
RT @RVAwonk: Please stop with the prison-rape jokes about George Papadopoulos. The guy totally deserves to be sitting in a jail… https://t.co/ypSys5hQXK
RT @NARAL: The "pro-life" Trump administration is 𝐓𝐄𝐀𝐑 𝐆𝐀𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐋𝐃𝐑𝐄𝐍 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐅𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐈𝐄𝐒 who are 𝑙𝑒𝑔𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦 seeking asylum. This is w… https://t.co/L1lS5dwGiG
RT @RVAwonk: Remember when Paul Manafort lobbied on behalf of the Trump campaign to remove a provision from the GOP platform tha… https://t.co/uWDZ1RqcbF
RT @leahmcelrath: The face of the young child in diapers after having been shot at with tear gas by U.S. forces. Photo by @Reuters https://t.co/vD4UtMFmHL
RT @goldengateblond: See, the problem with “both sides” journalism is when one side presents facts, they still want someone to “represen… https://t.co/WTB0RAFBkA
RT @ManCreatedGod1: @iamAtheistGirl Why did god drown/kill all the infants & pregnant women in the Flood? Why did god order the murder… https://t.co/RO8fev5MxR
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: I left Christianity because incredible, unverifiable, contradictory tales in an ancient book written by hopelessly… https://t.co/KQweRlFiEU
RT @marcushjohnson: We'll all be ready to stand up to him and defeat him again. For the final time. ✊🏾✊🏾 https://t.co/BNlaTamRfg
RT @peoplefor: “Of the 48 people [Trump has] nominated to appellate courts, none are black or Latino. 39 of them are men. 80% come… https://t.co/quV6ZLit2m
RT @sparksjls: Guess which one offends conservatives? https://t.co/VZGhdw14Gi
RT @EWagsterPettus: People are standing in line outside the Hinds County Courthouse in Jackson, #Mississippi, to vote absentee in US Se… https://t.co/uMje0yZUZd
@geokaren @Carolyny1948 Ironic isn’t it?
RT @Carolyny1948: https://t.co/rrmoWhsbzQ
RT @PassionFruit62: Sean Hannity to Ted Koppel, “So you think I’m bad for America?” Koppel replies, “Yes I do.” @seanhannity… https://t.co/29LXcEpz4y
RT @grandoftwo: I've never seen this photo. Hillary looks gorgeous. I wish every day she were our POTUS. https://t.co/AYFVtW1e1I
RT @_celia_bedelia_: Why are some men so offended when I point out the blatant sexism of other men?
RT @jayrosen_nyu: By @NickKristof: "We let ourselves be used to elevate lies about the caravan to the top of the agenda. We even knew… https://t.co/aVu1FONngl
RT @hobbsisme: “The heart is deceitful” means “don’t trust your intuition” Just keep letting us tell you what to think #EvangelicalIntoEnglish
RT @charlotteirene8: "God laid you on my heart." = "I'm about to get all up in your business and invade your privacy." #EvangelicalIntoEnglish
RT @BriKrummy: "Have you found a new church yet?" = despite the fact that you seem happier and healthier than you ever have, I am… https://t.co/fVpHQzoNY1
RT @Zenaphobe: @C_Stroop I like the "Let's just agree to disagree" translation of #EvangelicalIntoEnglish which is, "I know you'v… https://t.co/rM3MUuwekH
Hahahaha Make My Day https://t.co/3npqWjuUoM
.@donnabrazile is and has always been a Hillary despiser disguised as a Democrat https://t.co/Rsmt3jzBnr
@sethmoulton Your middle name is Wilber https://t.co/qF8VpMExKk
RT @KikiAdine: FACT: If Hillary were POTUS, Nancy Pelosi & Ruth Bader Ginsburg could have retired 2 years ago. Instead they’re her… https://t.co/JBVX9qyByi
His middle name is Wilber. https://t.co/ki4hatg3p3
RT @PoliticsWolf: Every Democrat complaining about Nancy Pelosi is targeting the wrong chamber's party leader. Between this & being t… https://t.co/Zn7XsJUXeD
RT @AndyGilder: @JasonSchwartz @worgztheowl The appropriate response is "Sir, I am legally hung. Just ask your mother"
RT @mrdolcethecat: Whaaaat? Melania lied and broke immigration laws?? Do you mean she didn’t earn that Einstein visa? White people wit… https://t.co/rXFVmsLSdH
RT @stellaaaa: Amazing number of anti-Pelosi accounts have the magical, 50 Or 100 followers, who is financing this troll farm?
RT @cmclymer: My good friend (and West Point grad) Army Captain El Cook is one of six individuals profiled in the new award-winni… https://t.co/3z2by9FsUj
RT @Amy_Siskind: I will say this to @sethmoulton @RepPerlmutter @RepSchrader @RepBillFoster, and @RepTimRyan you stay on this divisi… https://t.co/sdwTsVl0cl
RT @NateSilver538: Hi all, My friends are launching a journalism startup called The Correspondent. It's the opposite of pivot-to-vide… https://t.co/663kZNqXwI
This is incredible!! https://t.co/NmcGyAz5jX
RT @mattmfm: Remember that viral town hall where a guy scorned his Congressman for trying to take away his wife's health insuran… https://t.co/7kGj2nxfeB
@KMTBERRY Thanks Kathy!
Best. Chart. Ever. https://t.co/t3LRZHuHzM
@mrsweller99 Lol - thanks, gal!
RT @eclecticbrotha: So today's the day a bunch of stiffnecked men in Congress attempt their Manarchist Coup against Nancy Pelosi.
RT @RachelBitecofer: Lately, I've been asking people why they dislike Pelosi. Turns out, most people don't know WHY they hate her, they… https://t.co/gv3YZLWVid
RT @rosalindchao: Last year, handguns killed 10 people in Japan 50 in Great Britain 47 in Switzerland 611 in Canada 105 in Israel 41… https://t.co/fDKdx489QC
RT @charley_ck14: The invasion! #OtherTrumpPhobias https://t.co/O6VA1q90zv
RT @paulkrugman: Not really tracking this whole Pelosi-as-speaker thing. But really: the most effective speaker in modern history, w… https://t.co/kx5GMjbApo
RT @ericawerner: House Republicans-elect look pretty different from House Democrats-elect. https://t.co/KSgFVU4cFx
RT @davidhogg111: Buying a gun should not be easier than getting a drivers license.
RT @JohnJHarwood: the blue wave of 2018 in a nutshell: Republicans carried white evangelical Christians by 53 percentage points Dem… https://t.co/XvwOeQNP4l
RT @VeraMBergen: Mattis: "My mother was an immigrant, ok? She told me how hard it was to get into America. So believe me, we want le… https://t.co/6mQJwQrIp8
RT @mrsweller99: @krassenstein @Acosta This is what they should do at the next press conference https://t.co/2fZr6hFAMu
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: The following news orgs will support CNN and @Acosta in an amicus brief. In other words it will be Prac… https://t.co/qIz53PZ6M7
It’s not just me https://t.co/H3t9Fa419i
RT @RogueFirstLady: Little Marco, imagine if blue team have roadblocks set up by red team so only 1/2 of blue team even make it to game… https://t.co/K0lmTVFBaA
Whoot! Love me some C Vivian! Live me some HRC! https://t.co/yeatGk1vJd
RT @ACLU: Thanks to a victory in our lawsuit against the CIA, we obtained secret documents on the torture program. They inclu… https://t.co/91wZmA5hHt
RT @HuffPost: “The whole time that I’ve trained the justice, the one word she has never used with me is ’can’t, ’” her trainer tol… https://t.co/pjPSgjkuao
@EdKrassen I appreciate much of what you have to say, but this is condescending.
RT @peterwsinger: Seriously, this is odd. @FoxNews Twitter feed just going silent for 5 straight days has no parallel in the period s… https://t.co/d9CXjoSUxU
RT @HoarseWisperer: A woman led Dems back to the majority in the House. A man led Dems further into the minority in the Senate. Peopl… https://t.co/1hX05ATYo4
RT @thehill: Ruth Bader Ginsburg plans to resume workouts next week https://t.co/wQYFf2idNN https://t.co/eioegqzOKg
RT @joanwalsh: So #fivewhiteguys are following the tactics of the right wing white guy Freedom Caucus to block a woman speaker aft… https://t.co/i0tQx9DAG6
RT @aravosis: Oh my god. The French government showed up at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday to honor our fallen heroes when… https://t.co/U708ZndBSK
RT @jimsciutto: New: A federal judge finds Georgia county violated Civil Rights Act by rejecting voters’ absentee ballots with omit… https://t.co/oELzX90Q42
RT @stonecold2050: Breaking News: Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she tripped over the new guy passed out drunk in the hallway. https://t.co/WiXZERw2kQ
RT @CapehartJ: This is no time for on-the-job training. 4 reasons why Nancy Pelosi must be the next Speaker of the House. https://t.co/yuvRcTSOwL
RT @CoryBooker: Paul Matey was a NJ hospital exec. at University Hospital in Newark as its patient safety ratings nosedived from gr… https://t.co/XFCweoCySj
RT @FlaDems: This is why counting all the votes matters. #CountEveryVote https://t.co/k2U9KdFE3M
RT @JRowanBXL: If you blended Merkel and Macron together in this photo you would end up with Bowie on the cover of "Low". https://t.co/jHAyQeYJ8k
CNN: Give Jim Acosta Back His Press Pass Or HE WILL KILL AGAIN https://t.co/RR9xraAOga
@CNN @DanaBashCNN Right on!!!
RT @aravosis: Good point by @DanaBashCNN right now: Pelosi had a historic victory in the House, while Schumer lost seats in the S… https://t.co/IQHqUzc4nP
RT @JuddLegum: WOW "Since the tax cuts were passed, the 1, 000 largest public companies have actually reduced employment, on balan… https://t.co/uku5mJvSkY
@senatemajldr Did you type that out with your turtle typie hands?
RT @SBfut3: @notcapnamerica Nancy graciously gave her an out, which is why she is the Speaker. She knows how to handle people.
@SPB7911 @Sha_Elise24 @notcapnamerica You brought Hillary up because you’re a weirdo with mommy issues.
@NikemaForSenate proud of you for doing the right thing. We support you. https://t.co/SOHD0yJnON
Wake up people. This shit is happening. We have to stop it. https://t.co/SOHD0yJnON
RT @NateSilver538: The recent rhetoric from Trump, and often other Republicans, trying to delegitimize election results is awfully dan… https://t.co/5EuZ0TEHAA
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: NY AG is in week 2 of this trial, which involves Commerce Sec'y Wilbur lying about the reason he wanted a citizensh… https://t.co/urHv50rCuB
RT @HoarseWisperer: Incoming freshman representative secures Leader’s commitment to... *checks notes* thing she already announced a wee… https://t.co/NMsli4KN89
RT @RevJJackson: https://t.co/LgBOr5vgkA: Judge orders Georgia to protect provisional ballots in Abrams-Kemp race: @NBCNews .… https://t.co/YIUs9uZjvk
RT @arjunsethi81: The FBI just released its annual report on hate crimes in America and it contains glaring omissions. The murders o… https://t.co/ExZE4EPANh
RT @jilevin: That's just not natural… https://t.co/Kt64NQBLYv
So amazing!!! Brings tears to my eyes. https://t.co/hIJw2oJxPj
RT @Public_Citizen: We filed a FOIA request and found a foreign government was involved in planning Trump's now-cancelled military para… https://t.co/qHKL4scTk8
RT @KVynall: The new soft conversion therapy being pushed by some Christians like David Bennett is that you can only be gay and… https://t.co/iJ3jQhQBqo
RT @stonecold2050: The 92 year old Queen Elizabeth II of England out in the rain tonight attending a ceremony to commemorate the 100th… https://t.co/MMo9qxb699
RT @ChelseaClinton: #VaccinesWork only when we vaccinate ourselves & our children - New York’s Orthodox Jewish community is battling me… https://t.co/HfGdSTtXPB
RT @DanaBashCNN: Our new installment of #badasswomenofwashington is out. @NancyPelosi has some candid advice for women. Check it ou… https://t.co/iPSeTrTNrc
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: "You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep-seated… https://t.co/xqqkxv65WI
I’ve always thought this was an amazing initiative. We should try it in the US https://t.co/reXyglA0DN
RT @DanaHoule: Whoa. Federal judge just brought Kemp’s victory lap to a screeching halt. No certifications until Friday—was suppos… https://t.co/ChzgHTnhav
RT @AuschwitzMuseum: It is so hard to find words... This is why every single day we work hard to educate. We need to explain what is t… https://t.co/JzWnZub4EP
RT @RandyResist: https://t.co/AtOD64mgIa
RT @mark7130: @DrRJKavanagh @DonCheadle As a black man it makes no sense I have to choose between the police and Tucker
RT @AalayahEastmond: When we aren’t armed we get shot and killed. When we’re armed because it’s our job we get shot and killed. Who… https://t.co/mNYyAool28
RT @BravenakBlog: May I point out something to those of you who want @NancyPelosi to retire? Not one of you knows what role the Spea… https://t.co/iTIEdkP3fh
RT @HillaryClinton: The final margin in the race for Senate in Florida is too close to call, and the Secretary of State has just ordere… https://t.co/G3SRaWw0f4
RT @notcapnamerica: Meghan McCain was not prepared for that Gillibrand smoke. #NancyPelosi #GiveHerTheGavel https://t.co/jSw4y68X6S
@CassandraCorvid @CNN His mommy issues when it comes to Hillary have always been pretty apparent. @CNN should be em… https://t.co/qxdpgHEVxi
RT @jackmjenkins: SPEAKING of Catholicism: Notre Dame students cited their faith as they knelt during national anthem over the weeken… https://t.co/Ce4QfmGzem
RT @xtrixcyclex: What if this were your child? Your family basically became surrounded by a drug war so you fled to a shining city o… https://t.co/jsPva2qxmG
RT @MiQL: @kawaiinataliee @ApurvaYRawal It's important to note here that people, white people, specifically, need to start st… https://t.co/NjpHwwnIkW
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) The men below say Mueller is about to indict them. Both are suspected of a) collusive crimes, b) perjury.… https://t.co/QaBpb1BVZx
RT @staceyabrams: .@gwlauren: "A week after Election Day, #TeamAbrams finds ourselves...having to advocate for the rights of Georgia… https://t.co/Du7ENbZ2SC
And he still doesn’t even realize that half of his support got drummed up for him by good ol’ Putin https://t.co/AXd2TjZFoA
RT @ProudResister: This is the face of a Trump supporter: White. Male. Angry. Racist. Misguided. Unintelligent. Un-American. https://t.co/EVpEhp0pCD
RT @SallyAlbright: So this is me saying what I didn't say before: "Taking a stand" on something with consequences that won't fall on you is about privilege 12/
@DinaSaS69 @blechtimes @notcapnamerica Thought @Gustav_Swart and Chris’s exchange was worth adding to this conversa… https://t.co/Jhpl8ZdXtP
RT @HillaryClinton: A brilliant way to draw attention to the equal pay gap: Women in the UK set out-of-office notifications this weeken… https://t.co/kC8aXrdgS2
RT @itsmebeccam: I can relate to this wholeheartedly. I’m still disassembling my internalized misogyny and sexism. And it speaks to… https://t.co/ZlarSpS9N4
Wow. I shouldn’t be surprised at Bernie pushing back. https://t.co/jexsxpzKbt
RT @coleyworld: I’m not fighting with people on the Left over who should be leading. We have a leader. She led us as Speaker and th… https://t.co/rZMuGHZrAV
RT @Shakestweetz: I have never, in the decades I have been closely following and then professionally writing about politics, seen a m… https://t.co/YNCYoaThI6
RT @creynoldsnc: Glad to hear it. Maybe they'll let a few more of their great women reporters and analysts join in...we are the stor… https://t.co/Mq8WR6hGhZ
RT @briantylercohen: Oh are Dems asking to see his birth certificate? https://t.co/YhsecOblrr
RT @ScottFrazier19: Trump wants to exclude military ballots from the Florida vote count. So he doesn’t care if the people risking their… https://t.co/DTJPugCjN9
@CatrineMarie @nungwa @CrazyCa74303444 @CNNPolitics Anytime I see someone who says Hillary accomplished nothing I k… https://t.co/vsar3usXs5
RT @LeftStandingUp: BREAKING: @BrianKempGA's Secretary of State office has just REMOVED tons of public data from its website They've r… https://t.co/znWgVqUgHA
RT @jules_su: I spoke with the only student who is visibly not comfortable with the “salute”, he provided this statement. https://t.co/HbNBc8xLOK
RT @shaunking: I just now saw this tweet. A complete fabrication. Undermines our democracy. This is despicable. In a state where… https://t.co/D4Rq8yCDui
RT @MrFilmkritik: Trump will not visit Arlington cemetery on Veteran’s Day as rain is expected. But please, tell me again how kneeli… https://t.co/aaoEAG4ufQ
RT @melindagates: When a woman has access to contraceptives, everything changes for her and her family. Here’s why. https://t.co/STXfzGf6iE
RT @JackieEspinal4U: @kylegriffin1 @NancyPelosi is the speaker of the house we need. She's experienced in getting things done. We can't… https://t.co/P1qXTNbcbB
RT @IanDunt: Find the photo of Merkel and Macron very moving. It took so much to get to this point, where war in Europe is unthi… https://t.co/GRPbqQhsLm
RT @McFaul: To those media outlets who covered extensively the " the invading caravan" before the election-- sometimes on page… https://t.co/i3vXIaFytl
RT @keithboykin: Mississippi has had: • Republicans senators for 30 years • Republican governors for 14 years And yet Mississippi h… https://t.co/57Coslqf4d
@brianstelter @AprilDRyan It’s all true. Trump is everything bad in this world. And that includes racist. Yes he’s… https://t.co/hfKbrhhcTs
Anyone starting to think that @realdonaldtrump doesn’t get how things work? https://t.co/vsr4DKHpNw
RT @brianstelter: Re: the White House revoking press passes: "It's likely to happen again, " Floyd Abrams says. "So whether it's CNN s… https://t.co/BwRHa8DHBj
RT @crampell: ICE Detention Center Says It’s Not Responsible for Staff's Sexual Abuse of Detainees https://t.co/npkKw2O7Yu via @aclu
RT @ananavarro: Non-political Post: I’ve watched 2 amazing shows recently. Both are produced by @KingJames. “Liberty City” (Stars)… https://t.co/pQ4FhkfHQW
RT @NBCBLK: Veterans haven't received GI Bill benefits for months due to ongoing IT issues at VA https://t.co/PGxD04d9Fh https://t.co/IQSjZ0BLIK
RT @ProudResister: Here is the list of the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russian operatives WHILE Russia was attacking our election.… https://t.co/kXBtUcBGJJ
RT @scrubbedin: Hey @NRA ! Wanna see my lane? Here’s the chair I sit in when I tell parents their kids are dead. How dare you tell… https://t.co/tGlF96AQFd
RT @AshaRangappa_: Today would be a good time to reread the NYAG's lawsuit against the Trump Foundation, which used fundraising for ve… https://t.co/WBYybAukFm
RT @real_farmacist: 👀 👍🏼 “As we sit here in the rain, thinking how uncomfortable we must be, as our suits get wet and our hair gets wet… https://t.co/JhVRlRxzxg
RT @nbcsnl: Lieutenant Commander @DanCrenshawTX stopped by Weekend Update. #SNL https://t.co/pBFoSH7Yom
RT @fawfulfan: Handwriting analysis is pseudoscience and always has been. It is nothing short of insane that it plays any role wh… https://t.co/pjn7tONM4U
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Give me a president who looks at Putin like this...not this. https://t.co/x6vCkcB8aL
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: When @BarbMcQuade & I wrote this piece on protecting the Mueller investigation & insuring its conclusions become pu… https://t.co/PTg3SnfKAi
RT @TruthWrite: 1/ Let’s talk about Trump and his history with casinos, shall we? This thread will be completed over a period of… https://t.co/eMd6FXaMpK
RT @RBraceySherman: Where are these articles for abortion providers? https://t.co/D85QMV2VfS
RT @liberrygirl65: @NUCKLLEDRAGER @AAEC40088110 @BRSMatthew @GenMhayden @SteveSchmidtSES @TheRickWilson @BarackObama I guess it’s okay… https://t.co/dpxKLpwiCc
RT @TeamPelosi: "Now that we have all of these women coming into the Congress, it would be a damn shame that you then replace this… https://t.co/tN1CKKklb2
RT @danpfeiffer: It’s 2018, when will media outlets learn to stop tweeting out accusations without evidence? Most people don’t clic… https://t.co/6MrsedCzrI
RT @kmgee9: To the @NRA, this is what it looks like to stay in #mylane. We will not be silent about the toll of #gunviolence. I… https://t.co/B0Fx6wqgg9
RT @TranslateRealDT: The President of the United States is warning journalists that if they don't lie for him, he will publicly defame t… https://t.co/Bzs1ZAFTZU
RT @jilevin: What are the odds of you dying in a terrorist attack? https://t.co/T2ZOAbGC4H
RT @The_UnSilent_: The @GOP are fucking crooks https://t.co/Ee7fsNlHGJ
RT @SenSchumer: What @realDonaldTrump’s afraid of: 1. Putin 2. Mueller 3. Rain The President cancelled his visit to an American ce… https://t.co/DiObatH0xH
RT @jtuckermartin: If Dems can’t figure out how to make hay for days out of Trump not visiting military cemetery on anniversary of con… https://t.co/tfYpHaV2dw
RT @ksplanet: @realDonaldTrump Wuss. https://t.co/0gF9LuvsbJ
RT @PostBaron: An attack on one of the world’s bravest journalists. https://t.co/Jy0L2rFHvq
RT @exoticgamora: #BREAKING: FL's GOP Sec of State is rejecting provisional and mail in ballots based on voters' signatures. More th… https://t.co/gbfMNbntEA
RT @gigimorgan15: @remax #CoralSprings Florida This is Liliana Olinick. She works for your organization. She should never be allowed… https://t.co/nDOXd5I6zD
RT @HuffPostPol: 80 years ago, the first major Nazi-led attack against Jews occurred throughout Germany and Austria. Today, hate and… https://t.co/dXz9e74TTS
RT @dilemmv: Let me just say this. This man who held a Press Conference to call Hillary Clinton "extremely careless" for having… https://t.co/VMGSZAUCqA
RT @docrocktex26: And folk really had the nerve and gall to say she came forward for personal gain.🙄 https://t.co/P9DEPcw8xn
RT @DanRather: I've noticed some confusion about how elections work. People vote on (and now often before) Election Day. And those… https://t.co/r2rqtxki7u
RT @HoarseWisperer: Have you tried calling your Senator, Susan? https://t.co/Sf6FzS4GTG
RT @LucyTeece: I have the 👌perfect graph to share on #EqualPayDay ⚖️ https://t.co/3Rl4R4q7fx
RT @robreiner: There is only one enemy of the people and he sits in the Oval Office. Unfortunately this criminal will have to be d… https://t.co/F4xrCLbGpH
RT @keithboykin: 1. Fulton County is the most populous county in Georgia. 2. It has more than 1 million residents. 3. It's a maj… https://t.co/ipr7sMhaQa
Just left the hospital - bum gallbladder - but I voted. I voted in honor of all the women born before the 19th amen… https://t.co/FYYtOvYIzy
RT @zellieimani: In Georgia, officials did not supply power cords for their voting machines at a polling site in a mostly African-Am… https://t.co/31pLigvuxt
RT @funder: If you’re a candidate and your race is close but you’re behind, DO NOT CONCEDE. Wait until professionals can verify… https://t.co/NAujbS6d9P
RT @chloebabauta: As of 7 a.m., with all precincts counted, Lou Leon Guerrero is our unofficial gubernatorial winner - a historic fir… https://t.co/1xPBLEV8CH
RT @fewexecptions: @SteveDeaceShow "The guy who got emotional and yelled about liking beer during his job interview has a constitution… https://t.co/OoxtrUsU84
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Love this! Vote! Thanks Congresswoman @Grace4NY! https://t.co/miPmIuZxRl
RT @DavidJones2898: My knowledge of Scripture is a little hazy, but I can’t recall that passage. 🤔 #MarchForOurLives https://t.co/2fdPN7Y7PL
RT @DavidJones2898: The inscription on Holocaust survivor Tom Lantos gravestone are words to live and vote by ⬇️ https://t.co/aR7I3q9Ei7
RT @notlarrysabato: Of all the election day stunts, this one by a @Scotttaylorva supporter might be the winner in the voter intimidatio… https://t.co/3fhnMJDM8O
RT @OpalVadhan: It’s been two years since Election Day 2016, and I want to share a few of the things I’ve seen since then that make… https://t.co/IY6jeRVgOj
RT @rzrbladecupcake: @OpalVadhan @AdamParkhomenko https://t.co/SkjzBlr04B
RT @OpalVadhan: I’ve seen her walk through the Beyond Suffrage: A century of NY women in politics exhibit at @MuseumofCityNY where… https://t.co/81uSEyVDtb
RT @freedlander: Democrats should run on 2020 about how Trump wants to abolish ICE https://t.co/P1MjqbqqYZ
RT @AdamParkhomenko: holy shit yes https://t.co/cmT6aoq9md
RT @MSNBC: WATCH: Pamela, 77, with her oxygen tank and her “BETO FOR SENATE” T-shirt, fights back tears while talking about se… https://t.co/Dy94XlcvBs
RT @windy_moon: @NateSilver538 stop refreshing twitter to see if Nate has anything more to say you are already over the edge nervou… https://t.co/EcbzC3UaZo
RT @SoDoSlayer: @RBReich https://t.co/zWojZNze8I
RT @Eviljohna: I would like to know how Bernie Sanders got my phone number. How does an Independent senator from VT get access to… https://t.co/r1LPyYAXfs
RT @gaywonk: Me for the next 24 hours: https://t.co/G1tJyktGaS
RT @Amy_Siskind: Please snap a photo of this number and have it handy if you need help voting tomorrow. https://t.co/1EiYpsqjN7
RT @Weinsteinlaw: The fact that Donald Trump has held sixty-six rallies since being elected president but still hasn’t visited our tr… https://t.co/EAwfwd3wX6
RT @CecileRichards: For every person who asked me “Can he win?”, this goes out to you. When Ann Richards was elected Governor of Texas, … https://t.co/At8YtLZanJ
RT @itsJeffTiedrich: my favorite Bible story is probably the one where Jesus holds nightly hate-festivals, whips his worshipers into a v… https://t.co/PalGV5b1tt
RT @scottbix: President Trump introduces Rep. Jim Jordan at his Cleveland rally, highlighting his college wrestling career. His… https://t.co/R8aQpwPwp2
RT @sharicedavids: We’re knocking doors from Olathe to KCK and everywhere in between on the final day before #Election2018. What’s you… https://t.co/9BTgqF2K2v
RT @NateSilver538: The. Railroads. Are. A. Great. Investment. It's the utilities that suck. https://t.co/BbWBnQjNI1
RT @politvidchannel: This must be the most Powerful Anti-Ted Cruz Ad “Ted Cruz says he supports veterans, but he has voted against us… https://t.co/7B18H4tlA0
RT @RepSwalwell: We know. In just 18 months, law enforcement has already indicted/convicted YOUR campaign chairman, YOUR deputy camp… https://t.co/WkSP864XGj
RT @Pinboard: My favorite line from @Scholten4Iowa's stump speech is "we're borrowing money from China to give to Iowa farmers to… https://t.co/pij0Y3f6B6
RT @timkaine: 14 years ago I asked my mailman what kind of shoes he wore—I was gearing up to run for Governor and I knew I’d need… https://t.co/dkvC55i98v
RT @RobSchentrup: Had to fly over 800 miles to do it but I voted for the first time!!! https://t.co/UQpBEwnYUI
RT @VaughnHillyard: Here ya go: Kyrsten Sinema just wrapped up running a half marathon in Phoenix. She beat her personal half marathon… https://t.co/D2fBAoJjSs
RT @rendale: @jimsciutto @jeffgoldesq With 39% approval rating can you please tell me again why we cover every one of his rallie… https://t.co/4IqWeSaFiW
RT @Alfonsodelucioo: @jimsciutto @jaketapper It shows that our education system is failing at least 39% of our citizens.
RT @mradamscott: Not voting is not an act of rebellion. It is an act of surrender. https://t.co/dSeApkxXay
RT @ACLU: We’re heading into court right now to fight the Trump administration’s plan to put a citizenship question on the 20… https://t.co/2UFgeZTxWB
RT @KFILE: Kemp is also running robocalls telling voters that Stacey Abrams is trying to “steal” the election by having undocu… https://t.co/P8rr9dItt7
RT @voxdotcom: The midterms are even more important than you think. They won’t just determine who controls Congress next year. T… https://t.co/vjP8TX1Ybk
RT @AdamSerwer: a great column from @jbouie on how to solve america's voter apathy problem https://t.co/ZkpYH1Adqu https://t.co/1CiE88YgqS
RT @annaleekain: Wow. This morning’s #TheDaily episode is phenomenal and important. Listen. @mikiebarb
Bwahahaha. Asshat in Chief tagged the wrong person. https://t.co/99TQdlJHRH
RT @CynicalCitizen4: @JohnJHarwood VOTE instead of reading these polls. Remember 2016 polls??
This. Amazing. https://t.co/Fgs9LrpYmO
RT @EricBoehlert: euphemism alert! Trump "misrepresents" AP is just burning through that thesaurus https://t.co/aPmdnCPL3p
RT @marceelias: First they tried to suppress Democratic votes through dirty tricks. Then they tried changing laws. Now, the GOP has… https://t.co/CZFDiEgEYH
RT @Citi: This election day, @CitiBikeNYC rides are free. Enter code “BIKETOVOTE” in the Citi Bike app to claim your free day… https://t.co/Hffuciim7a
RT @JuddApatow: So @nbc and @Comcast aired that racist Trump caravan commercial during the football game. Who made that decision?… https://t.co/fgT1NbRM3x
RT @ciardha: @ThankfulThinker Many racist, misogynist real Berners harass lifelong progressive Democrats on Twitter-epecially ha… https://t.co/m9KENZjvIM
RT @RogerPine2: As a Conservative, I never thought I would be voting straight Democratic in ANY election. But I love my country mo… https://t.co/tzRgrr4SNz
RT @paulwymer1: @BlueGhost40_ Cast my first Democrat ballot in my life.Normally a Republican! Trump has destroyed that and I can on… https://t.co/tbMsHpagbG
RT @nytimes: The notion of a veteran singling himself or herself out for special treatment, some critics said, was distinctly un… https://t.co/E00v13uXFr
RT @dworet: Since both my sons one murdered, one wounded in a mass school shooting you nor anyone from your administration has… https://t.co/d1VhNVwDmR
RT @anneapplebaum: Since his election, President Trump has made 6, 420 false or misleading claims https://t.co/vmlJks2goU
RT @jilevin: Human rights group calls for investigation of Giuliani, Trump money-laundering scheme https://t.co/46dAIvuLWC
RT @FastfoodRights: McDonald's doesnt value its workers enough to pay them a #RealLivingWage dispite making billions in profit. Workers… https://t.co/WsikIWdHv3
RT @RevDrBarber: Georgia is not a “red state.” It’s a state in transition w/ a new electorate ready to reconstruct democracy.… https://t.co/1KRiXwA7TN
RT @TheDemCoalition: Dana Rohrabacher needs to lose on Tuesday. Retweet if you agree. He’s Putin’s Congressman. @HarleyRouda can win, bu… https://t.co/wOKIX70Rnt
RT @TheDemCoalition: .@GinaOrtizJones is running for Congress in #TX23. Gina is an Iraq War veteran, who also served as an Air Force int… https://t.co/Bz3WMrfYI0
RT @WilDonnelly: Nationalist @realDonaldTrump tells Montana rally that: “Barbed wire used properly can be a beautiful sight.“ https://t.co/d7N2gW35J9
RT @chillibeanboy: @BOX10ENTGROUP @Knowledge2Seek @rachelbedik I acquired this one yesterday. It’s awesome. Please steal. https://t.co/gy1XNWZ1q8
RT @a35362: CNN anchor humiliates GOP chair over Trump’s racist ad https://t.co/7G6jfI6sXG
RT @RawStory: Former white supremacist gives chilling warning on CNN: Extremists ‘will act’ when they hear Trump’s ‘bullhorn’ to… https://t.co/w9xMUnKeHb
RT @voxdotcom: “One of the key requirements for a fair and trusted process is that there be nonbiased supervision of the electoral… https://t.co/sDlQPyocxI
RT @briantylercohen: Laura Ingraham: ”Who is in this caravan?” Judge Jeanine: “Everyone you’ve ever seen in your nightmares, Laura. It’s… https://t.co/1yHUrI60mw
RT @SpanbergerVA07: Rep. Brat hasn’t held an in-person town hall in a year and a half. Over the same period of time, I have visited all… https://t.co/eEDzKG7Iyq
RT @sam_vinograd: Accusing your opponent of hacking an election when you are running against her + overseeing the integrity of aforem… https://t.co/0CQ2OvEixb
RT @BarbinMD: It takes seven paragraphs to mention the fact that voter suppression is all on the Republican side. And it's a good… https://t.co/5ERejBDwwt
RT @socialistdogmom: if you see a reporter interviewing a racist on camera, yell some swear words. it ruins the footage & they can’t use… https://t.co/9oPameQFSd
RT @CIndiana58: Russian Lawmakers Head to U.S. to Monitor Midterm Elections - Bloomberg In what world is this okay? This is like… https://t.co/rZgrRsXUbm
RT @knader88: Thanks Mellisa Etheridge for donating a bus and driver to help get Dodge City peeps to their voting location. @MelissaEtheri17
RT @seungminkim: For the gazillionth time, Trump did NOT win the women's vote in 2016. He won the white women's vote.
RT @karentravers: Reminder that earlier this week, Sarah Sanders said "The president is not placing blame." Today he points a finger… https://t.co/0doW9oNQUZ
RT @ananavarro: 13 Americans died b/c of hate crimes last week. I can’t rationalize voting for anyone embracing Trump as he continu… https://t.co/byirKsA7op
RT @NARAL: A new Trump administration rule would require universities to allow accused sexual abusers to cross-examine their v… https://t.co/Qg6Ht5RSNw
RT @AC360: Ret. Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters calls Trump "an un-American American president" "I want to take the President...ser… https://t.co/EmBjGXVDqp
McCaskill doesn’t deserve her Senate seat. But we can primary her another time. Please vote for her and I promise t… https://t.co/82QXpCtpYu
RT @KristenClarkeJD: BREAKING: We won! We have fully defeated Brian Kemp in our exact match lawsuit securing ALL relief we sought for vo… https://t.co/tBp1DZbGVX
RT @washingtonpost: Clinton accuser Kathleen Willey fights foreclosure and a legacy of being doubted https://t.co/u9F5qU68eL
RT @AynRandPaulRyan: John Lewis dancing to "Happy" is my favorite thing today. This 78-year-old man puts me to shame on the dance floor.… https://t.co/rPgo8JR5k5
RT @KFILE: Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry's office called the bosses of a University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate pr… https://t.co/uTTfLNst6w
RT @MSignorile: This week, listeners to my show heard stressed-to-the-breaking-point women calling who had men in their lives who a… https://t.co/VsjvDqJr8g
RT @AUkeibro: Why aren’t reporters on the ground, speaking with “the caravan” members fleeing violence, reporting on their storie… https://t.co/so6OVuLYQT
RT @staceyabrams: Your right to vote is sacred, and we have to fight every day to protect it. As #GAGov, I will work to establish sam… https://t.co/ZPVEA0MuFL
RT @repjohnlewis: Be bold. Be courageous. Vote like you’ve never voted before. Together we can redeem the soul of America. #GoodTrouble
RT @RepAdamSchiff: Literally nobody believes this. You held a rally at the White House to celebrate the passage of a bill taking away… https://t.co/V2YbIAnkjz
RT @PhilBredesen: “In this era of dissension … Phil Bredesen's fair-mindedness, independence and civility are even more valuable, and… https://t.co/KizaLH8p7u
RT @SenatorKelly: Raise your hand if you're ready to slam the door on the past eight years and elect Laura Kelly as the next governor… https://t.co/ygHVhAjhRG
RT @BreeNewsome: I feel like the Civil Rights generation, b/c they were so violently barred from voting, better understood both inhe… https://t.co/P23VuMv7G0
RT @joncoopertweets: Retweet if you agree that students should walk out of class on Election Day to head to the polls and VOTE. Thank yo… https://t.co/8SO8D8euLD
RT @Lawrence: A 7-year-old Cub Scout with a dangerous pre-existing condition gave this note to a Senator: “I’m scared I’ll get… https://t.co/xtoUYIasmh
RT @MDBlanchfield: @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/Vqa0LlX6xZ
RT @notcapnamerica: In which a vapid, petulant brat tries to come for an educated black woman and gets her ass eloquently handed to her… https://t.co/CDXg4a50gE
RT @RepSwalwell: My hope for America’s future is rooted in the next generation. If they show up with the same vigor that they have s… https://t.co/smas764W5R
RT @jamieleecurtis: Lets use this, so called, “social” media, to help@educate and awaken dormant voters. https://t.co/IsOzeHTL2m
RT @StephenAtHome: Carl Reiner 2020! https://t.co/6IB8EWBWIi
RT @rosenbergerlm: This is all well and good, but if you really want to be doing something, take these people and ask them to knock do… https://t.co/kacVb9MLZ1
RT @shannonrwatts: Steve King - an avowed bigot, racist and misogynist - served as Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign co-chair in 2016.… https://t.co/Ywy4UlG4gE
RT @GeneralClark: The American taxpayer has every right to demand that President Trump reimburse the government for his insane waste… https://t.co/Dn0QCVNKhS
RT @franifio: ‘Would you kill baby Hitler?’ is no longer a hypothetical question. We get to on November 6th. VOTE 🗳
RT @TheTinaVasquez: As I reported last week: A federal law bars active-duty military from enforcing domestic law, including immigration… https://t.co/HUB1wkZjX3
RT @MrDane1982: Days before one of the most vital elections in American History Bernie Sanders is out here like in 2016 defending b… https://t.co/c7hjXV5wRf
RT @VABVOX: When are people who are not Jewish going to understand that evangelicals being pro-Israel does not mean they are no… https://t.co/clIsCKBqNT
RT @robreiner: Puerto Ricans are Americans and will never forget the Administration's response to Hurricane Maria. https://t.co/Z60WkhtJYh
RT @lukeharding1968: How #Czechoslovakia spied on Donald and Ivana #Trump during the Cold War, seeking access to 'highest echelons of US… https://t.co/SYy8lD8SS9
RT @jonallendc: Sarah Sanders just said the president was elected by an overwhelming majority of Americans. That's not true.
RT @AndrewGillum: I am the only candidate in this race who believes women should have the freedom to make their own healthcare decisi… https://t.co/TVuc1dyuic
RT @MSNBC: .@morningmika: "How can you look at Donald Trump's reaction to those bombs sent to some of his most prominent criti… https://t.co/tQnunP3Ffr
RT @MiaFarrow: Full text of Carter's letter to Georgia secretary of state asking him to resign https://t.co/dsBT8GpgTX
RT @SarahBCalif: Trump reportedly plans to hold several more TRUMP HATE RALLIES prior to midterms MSM must stop covering TRUMP HATE… https://t.co/hsRwfmv3gA
RT @maggieNYT: Trump Persuaded Struggling People to Invest in Scams, Lawsuit Says via ⁦@BenWeiserNYT⁩ and me https://t.co/44Gyt8YEIW
RT @julietulbert: For the last 2 weeks, The Daily has used so-called "partial-birth" abortion as a frame to talk about the "extremism… https://t.co/9wTln0fARc
RT @RVAwonk: Trump is reportedly ordering the Pentagon to send 5, 000 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border. That's an increase from i… https://t.co/mj3MbIzze8
RT @Tennesseine: The IRS needs to revoke the #NRA’s tax-exempt status. They are not a non-profit advocacy group; they’re a lobbyist… https://t.co/OingJbZjOu
RT @MuslimIQ: How to claim asylum. Block out all the nonsense you’ve heard. This journalist gets it. https://t.co/Z6C4yARS1H
RT @navi_tavi: Here's the racist Donald Trump showing his true colors. #Pittsburgh https://t.co/ExRps7dgkK
RT @goodoldcatchy: Someone name the migrant caravan Tiffany so Trump never mentions it again.
RT @NellSco: Fat Hitler https://t.co/kIy7slojVb
RT @iamAtheistGirl: doh! 😆 it’s totally true 😆 https://t.co/OPjRDs3ZNF
RT @HeidiHeitkamp: This huge pile of unsold soybeans in Casselton is what the trade war looks like. Our farmers can’t sell their beans… https://t.co/4EAE47znQI
RT @FFRF: BREAKING NEWS. It's official - blasphemy is no longer a crime in the Republic of Ireland after yesterday's referend… https://t.co/JAGTOlP2aV
RT @mrbenwexler: One dead giveaway about the “both sides” argument is... ...only one side keeps making it.
RT @HeidiHeitkamp: Kevin, when asked about the trade war, you said "that's why we have bins." I'd like to see you say that to farmers.… https://t.co/3exULVpCLZ
RT @AshaRangappa_: Was there ever a time when people routinely declined an invitation to meet the President of the United States, rega… https://t.co/FIHHdDBKF1
RT @OMGno2trump: Today the FBI proved two things when they caught the pipe bomb terrorist. - the FBI is the best investigation and l… https://t.co/pT25jVAX4o
RT @eliza_relman: GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart's wife, Maria, said she's concerned by his embrace of the Confederate flag. Sh… https://t.co/nS8T0nNcd8
RT @RogueFirstLady: Is 5 only? https://t.co/wqHRW7m1Hb
RT @repjohnlewis: I fought too long and too hard to end discrimination based on race not to stand up and speak out against discrimina… https://t.co/JEpPZygTq4
RT @TXHiker: My mom has voted Republican for years. This weekend she told me she would be voting for @BetoORourke. I asked her… https://t.co/RkABuTBz27
RT @TerencePlumb: 😳😳😳 https://t.co/81ZrddrlqP
RT @kahuna754: @SyfiliticMadMan @grandoftwo @leopattie @rashonts @BravenakBlog All the leaked emails showed was the DNC knew what… https://t.co/k8it9ZqDCo
RT @ryanlcooper: Obama *massively* ramped up internal deportations and border security. one measure of how pointless this was is not… https://t.co/eN3m3xOcwc
RT @RockShrimp: that he wasn't immediately struck by lightning is probably evidence there's probably no god. https://t.co/LqCD9OIt4p
RT @TrueFactsStated: One is a singer. One is a swinger. Easy mistake. I’ll give him a pass. https://t.co/yTUW1T8E6J
RT @scopedbylarry: Last night @tedcruz told his pathetically small but rabid rally that his opponent should be locked up with Hilary C… https://t.co/oAWZn2ze8G
“I care as much about babies at the border as I do about babies in the womb, ” Tess Clarke https://t.co/qmwQduvXHb
RT @treasonstickers: I believe that McConnell believes he was assaulted, but I believe he was mistaken about who assaulted him https://t.co/9md1OeS93t
RT @SarahBurris: So much for "Tough as Texas" @TedCruz chickens out of CNN town hall with Beto O’Rourke — who’ll appear on his own https://t.co/dxwViq7R85
RT @Maggie_Klaus: Why do me like @tribelaw have to say “I admit it, I like Hillary Clinton” like she’s broccoli and this is a shockin… https://t.co/NsmYZQYBsI
RT @Thatwasmymom: That was my Mom. Sometimes the people we love do things that hurt us without realizing it. Let’s turn this around.… https://t.co/6EtIs9dyQJ
RT @agraybee: @SJGrunewald What's great is that she falsely accused him of something and he had to clear his name because his reputation was destroyed
RT @MadisonSiriusXM: What do you think of this? Let's eliminate Columbus Day as a national holiday. Instead, make Election Day a nationa… https://t.co/caFtTWFAdm
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: One of Trump's biggest tells is that he accuses other of doing the things he himself does. He assumes everyone else… https://t.co/PerZZDP1xk
RT @aravosis: Chip in to thank Sen. Heidi Heitkamp for opposing Brett Kavanaugh. Support women who support women.… https://t.co/HZt73Zqr0b
RT @ErickFernandez: OMG, I can't stop laughing. A @Fire_Ted_Cruz ad making fun of the idea that Ted Cruz is "Tough as Texas" "If some… https://t.co/kfg0jTPJk8
Your virginity is more important than your life https://t.co/pzt3lLaDyb
RT @waltshaub: Saudi Arabia could produce video footage of him leaving its consulate if he was alive and ambulatory when he did it… https://t.co/wLvL1nhm5L
RT @EllenBa23840352: @faryl @juliacarriew @JBomb11 Oh my god Mitch McConnell's son-in-law is a meditation dance instructor. HOW is this not widely known?
RT @juliacarriew: This is the first moment of pure joy I can remember experiencing in quite some time https://t.co/yHmNOkbbGb
RT @TomPerez: What a powerful piece from Emma González. I'm telling you, this young generation will change the culture of our cou… https://t.co/oiY2oQoOLf
RT @PattyArquette: Young people who are on the fence about voting please take into account what might happen to your family if they ca… https://t.co/4uEx4f2kzu
Yeah you did Tay Tay https://t.co/glQ29SePQC
RT @Stop_Trump20: https://t.co/BwS4nVNyRP
RT @GeorgeTakei: Asked about efforts to fund her opponent, @SenatorCollins said, “If our politics has come to the point where people… https://t.co/nT8AIIOj8W
RT @mayawiley: THIS story: “Why the hell is a #Russian bank communicating with a server that belongs to the #TrumpOrganization , a… https://t.co/WRnlelUGno
RT @notcapnamerica: @jdawsey1 https://t.co/hPgWAdlaU3
RT @riotwomennn: This is us. This is what democracy looks like. Moms, daughters, grandmas & our supporters are not a mob. Concern… https://t.co/AzoKDQf1uY
RT @madeleine: Colin Powell, @HillaryClinton, and I used to consult each other when we were Secretaries of State. Watch as Elizabe… https://t.co/95FnqQXvEC
RT @docrocktex26: Of course you’re not surprised by it, you and your sour grape stans intentionally sabotaged the Democratic oppositi… https://t.co/bqDsRWwUlh
RT @tragedythyme: A quick reminder for men: Common events for you can turn into really scary situations for women in a snap. Case i… https://t.co/EKS0VTdwan
RT @tragedythyme: @beatmasterJLS Seriously, why the fuck should we have to have a dryer in the middle of our living room in order to… https://t.co/EaoBVjEtrA
RT @tragedythyme: So men, if you want to be allies, then recognizing that assault is bad is just the minimum. For every sexual assaul… https://t.co/4SsmBv4rqo
RT @CajPaLa: Would you trade #ColumbusDay for "Voting Day" as a national holiday? RT if YES !
RT @krassenstein: I have had dozens of angry Twitter users contact me directly attacking me & asking me what I'd do if I was wrongly… https://t.co/E2T6vk708T
RT @nowthisnews: This brilliant but brutal PSA is trying to motivate young people to vote with some reverse psychology https://t.co/xcTjfyQzQh
RT @RawStory: This website will tell Georgia voters if they were purged -- but they must reregister by Tuesday https://t.co/C2NS0vx4ab
RT @guardian: Indian schoolgirls beaten for resisting boys' sexual advances https://t.co/vldFzLXnXg
One of the most incredible things I’ve ever read https://t.co/6GoeXwKYgo
RT @kjoerwin: Bernie Sanders Blames Hillary Clinton For Allowing 2016 Russian Meddling Please #UnFollow me #MuteMe or outright… https://t.co/o1kPkG4wfG
RT @LMplusG: Yes! @JRubinBlogger is right! Hillary supporters have been saying for some time – and the data supports this – that… https://t.co/D5g7XMp2ac
RT @bryanbehar: Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse and Susan Collins all wanted bipartisan thoughtfulness points for their public hand-wringing.… https://t.co/GbZRWHO9hF
RT @jkornack: @MalcolmNance Make America Great Again should be the slogan of the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.
RT @EdKrassen: Here are Democratic Senators who need your help in the upcoming midterms. Please follow and VOTE! @SenBillNelson -… https://t.co/TYmDMH45Fg
RT @TheDailyEdge: Remember when @JeffFlake said he would change his vote on #Kavanaugh if he could be shown proof that #KavanaughLied… https://t.co/lLtB2S4vUR
RT @Amy_Siskind: I am making a choice. I am choosing instead of rising above or putting away my anger as women are socialized to do, … https://t.co/3f5MEZDVyF
RT @Amy_Siskind: The GOP branding something “happened” to Dr Ford but it wasn’t Kavanaugh is one of the most diabolical messages eve… https://t.co/UjSwXU0dMD
RT @ClaraJeffery: One member of the GOP Judiciary Committee is up for reelection in 33 days: Ted Cruz.
@SenatorBooker no mannouncements please. https://t.co/vDIuq0KMQo
RT @CultOfEh: Your inability to make sense of “reason” without the use of a supernatural crutch to explain away the parts you can… https://t.co/jLMn6JPkjJ
RT @PaulaCobia: https://t.co/mP1Hn8nc64
RT @jordanwfisher_: WHO PAID THE $200, 000 DEBT OFF WHO PAID THE $200, 000 DEBT OFF WHO PAID THE $200, 000 DEBT OFF WHO PAID THE $200, 000… https://t.co/qRQI3D73PS
RT @PaulaCobia: https://t.co/lA7iWBes9b
RT @goldengateblond: “Collins made me realize there would be no moderates to lead conservatives out of the rubble of the Trump era.” ⁦ https://t.co/X7gJrtHT3L
RT @inglamwetrust: This is my #EvergreenTweet for the duration of the horrific Trump regime. #Resist https://t.co/G2i1U2idmv
RT @RedloraineV: @Ange_Amene I made this because I was so frustrated coming up against the same hurdles trying to talk to other whit… https://t.co/fuMJgW34xN
RT @Ange_Amene: 1/ So last night at dinner we got into the conversation about what white women can do to move white women in the direction of listening...
RT @LOLGOP: FYI: Saying, “I believe Dr. Ford but I have a better idea of who assaulted her than she does” isn’t a great way to support survivors
RT @dianelyssa: You CANNOT register to vote online in Texas. If you "registered to vote" online and you're a Texas resident, the mo… https://t.co/xxrbN1kuTC
RT @dianelyssa: “Love the people who are largely, actively, and gleefully working to ruin your life. Love the people who shamed an… https://t.co/2wlMKNCzpj
RT @RosenforNevada: Senator Heller just voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. Today marks exactly ONE MONTH until Election Day and we need… https://t.co/sRmF3i3Ob8
RT @Amy_Siskind: This week I donated to: @sharicedavids @DelgadoforNY19 for Congress, @AndrewGillum for Gov, and with treatment of D… https://t.co/sP0jpmanUk
RT @NickKristof: Saudi Arabia is believed to have murdered and dismembered the brave Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Here are the… https://t.co/FRuR5nHxAz
RT @VABVOX: Worth noting that THREE of the #GOP men on the Senate Judiciary Committee--Grassley, Flake and Sasse--do not have l… https://t.co/TE1AcF8Ud4
RT @dceiver: I don't think it's controversial to say that what Collins wanted to do with her speech wasn't simply to support Kav… https://t.co/XQz9M5lsJr
RT @joanwalsh: With all due respect to those reporting this: have you confirmed in any way that Republican senators got credible d… https://t.co/oIbGx2AxGv
I fricking love Joan Walsh https://t.co/MpCYC4NOiz
RT @politico: The former dean of Yale Law School: Kavanaugh's “very presence will undermine the court’s claim to legitimacy; it w… https://t.co/9SQrp4UeaO
RT @SaysHummingbird: THIS. HEADLINE. HITS. THE. NAIL. ON. THE. HEAD ---> Susan Collins stabs women in the back for her fellow Republican… https://t.co/G7dyCqOk7r
RT @RVAwonk: Why is Susan Collins so fixated on the presumption of innocence? You don't have to believe Kavanaugh is guilty to b… https://t.co/mWrmwSIPfg
RT @NormOrnstein: Collins called for Franken to resign without an ethics hearing and investigation. Her concern for due process and p… https://t.co/MdGZTp2MJo
RT @MarinaHyde: My bit on Ronaldo / Kavanaugh / Trump / John Maynard Keynes / Adam Smith / incels https://t.co/cxoLcDaoZc
RT @jruggiero86: @HawaiiDelilah https://t.co/w4Y9xdnavn
RT @ericgarland: <THREAD> You want to talk Sen. Susan Collins' vote on #Kavanaugh? Let's talk about her husband, lobbyist Thomas Da… https://t.co/oUWV7K19XP
RT @TrialLawyerRich: Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins just cast a vote to put an accused sexual abuser of women onto the Supreme C… https://t.co/lt6Rb4FmbA
RT @CNNPolitics: The effort to unseat Sen. Susan Collins in 2020 is already underway https://t.co/1wC4VXqrXy https://t.co/nVX635PImJ
RT @sarahcwestwood: George W Bush called Sen. Susan Collins several times over the past few weeks, a source tells @jeffzeleny. While Bu… https://t.co/2kIg3yk4co
RT @7im: 2018 Candidates Voting for Kavanaugh Hyde-Smith - MS Wicker - MS Fischer - NE Heller - NV Cruz - TX Manchin - WV Barrasso - WY
RT @feministabulous: except the one who did a sworn testimony under oath. https://t.co/phaiQ1mnc3
RT @Lmo66Olson: # NO More Racists/rapist/sexual assaulter in POWER!! https://t.co/MhKNv5XLfs
RT @paolamendoza: I was in the Senate Gallery as @SenatorCollins spoke her words of betrayal. You have made your alligence clear Co… https://t.co/AJ2FZ0Vfz6
RT @NatashaBertrand: .@RepSwalwell (in Devin Nunes’ hometown paper): Nunes buried evidence on Russian meddling to protect Trump. I know… https://t.co/Lr6gUDxhgX
RT @AwardsDaily: Let this be a wake up call to the millennials who were tricked into voting against their best interests in 2016 by… https://t.co/bMwSYBPrLO
RT @AngryBlackLady: Imagine holding yourself out as being pro-choice and pro women’s rights and then giving this speech, which is essen… https://t.co/AcwkrR3uD5
RT @girlsreallyrule: I have never been more insulted by the behavior of another woman as much as I am right now with Susan Collins and t… https://t.co/QqI8TSEEEO
RT @LOLGOP: Jeff Flakes week of posing as courageous was so worthless that it impressed Ben Sasse.
RT @NateSilver538: Really wish we had some recent **non-partisan** polling in Maine.
RT @brianefallon: Heidi Heitkamp and Lisa Murkowski won't get a fraction of the coverage Flake got for last week's pause, but they sh… https://t.co/tohdNJxg52
@SenatorCollins my mom calls BULLSHIT on you.
RT @chick_in_kiev: idk if you know this but a ton of women were occupying the Hart building today while you were tweeting this https://t.co/JhAJT1Linc
RT @davidhogg111: Dozens of men are being arrested in D.C. right now for protesting Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Imagine if our Senato… https://t.co/AUlEZUfO94
RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: Susan Collins will not be elected again. Hope she knows that.
RT @IanSams: Is Senator Collins just going to completely ignore the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh and his tempera… https://t.co/T04tGZ9vlF
RT @Hegemommy: Susan Collins voting for Kavanaugh is the perfect snapshot of white women bringing Trump and his administration over the finish line.
RT @importantmeagan: also it’s wild that we never got to the bottom of Kavanaugh’s six-figure “baseball debt” that disappeared overnight
RT @shondarhimes: Mhm. This is my #FridayFeeling. https://t.co/Y2Y8xkXu6d
RT @MSNBC: .@MaddowBlog: Alaska's Lisa Murkowski jolted the political world a bit, voting not to advance Brett Kavanaugh's Sup… https://t.co/mg2V8dTAHR
RT @RonanFarrow: “I feel like I’m being silenced." The FBI declined to interview primary witnesses related to the Kavanaugh allegati… https://t.co/VGFmVeDK5M
RT @MarisaKabas: did he bring his own turtle food https://t.co/CQIwnu0To3
RT @MsMagazine: "The Senate must vote against Brett Kavanaugh, and we must continue to challenge the culture of toxic masculinity a… https://t.co/CWjQ39UIOi
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: I miss when October was filled with scary things that *weren't* McConnell, Graham, Cruz, Hatch, Grassley, Kavanaugh… https://t.co/a9Blip9k1N
RT @washingtonpost: Trump is convincing men they are the "true victims" of #MeToo movement, says a serious Trevor Noah https://t.co/WXCy91OwKZ
RT @irin: Chutzpah thy name is Biden https://t.co/Mv6ntEl1Ly
RT @RachelPiermari1: @ArletteSaenz @JoeBiden Appreciate Mr. Biden but he has a way to fix this legacy. He could lead a charge to get Tho… https://t.co/viTExS3Mup
RT @HeidiHeitkamp: That’s why I voted for Justice Gorsuch, and that’s why I’m voting no on Judge Kavanaugh. You’ll probably hear a lot… https://t.co/ILIu71bv0G
RT @keanothedog: @kylegriffin1 #StopKavanaughNow https://t.co/DleFoTt4CK
RT @kathygriffin: FUCK YOU @ChuckGrassley FUCK YOU @OrrinHatch FUCK YOU @JohnCornyn FUCK YOU @ThomTillis FUCK YOU @SenMikeLee FU… https://t.co/TbzAl7B5Bx
RT @kasie: There are people drinking PBR from red Solo cups outside Mitch McConnell’s house at this early hour. They are chanting “I like beer.”
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote @jack. Your platform is over run by Bots. Two years later and another key Election and it just keep… https://t.co/VyyWWVkuwW
RT @paulwaldman1: By the way, 36 hours ago we learned that the president engaged in a years-long conspiracy to commit tax fraud on a… https://t.co/GWf9squ5Md
RT @mattmfm: American political parties, in summary: Democrats learn of sexual assault allegations and become less supportive.… https://t.co/J5VciDIXRt
RT @MSNBC: A Yale classmate of Brett Kavanaugh says the FBI did not return his phone call after he tried to provide the agency… https://t.co/hIbYKm6LJF
.@SenatorHeitkamp Thank you for doing the right thing. Just donated $50 via @actblue https://t.co/kfBAanQoZ9
RT @marinmaven: @renato_mariotti @CheriJacobus Time to fund Collins’ Opponent’s war chest for 2020. Help us cross the 2 million mar… https://t.co/qbPWSl3svG
RT @goldengateblond: She's losing by more than 10 points in recent polling, so props to @HeidiHeitkamp for doing what's right instead of… https://t.co/j0O9AaJmK7
RT @SenatorHeitkamp: My statement on U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh: https://t.co/exZcK78JtF
RT @IronStache: Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath. Repeatedly. .@realDonaldTrump might not care, but the American people sure do. https://t.co/rHKLP3bnRo
RT @Amy_Siskind: And in the end, they silenced her. The FBI did not even interview the victim. Never forget the courage of this hero… https://t.co/wPwv8enq9g
RT @HillaryClinton: .@JasonKander’s openness and honesty about his PTSD is a service to his fellow vets and the rest of us, too. Wishin… https://t.co/R3DATWP1XI
RT @judgebobsmith: Where Brett Kavanaugh lost me: A conservative former appeals judge explains why he turned against the nominee https://t.co/1DNumiyVm2
RT @KaylieEHanson: Approaching the Capitol with THOUSANDS of women to #cancelkavanaugh #stopkavanaugh https://t.co/SlQ5T2Wbvq
RT @Stonekettle: Religion, mostly. https://t.co/qfJpm7OpCM
RT @rudepundit: Gotta say - a vagenda of manocide is looking pretty good about now.
RT @ACLU: Say it with us: Sexual assault is not the fault of the survivor. https://t.co/fRkZhGZV8p
RT @gregolear: This Kavanaugh thing is far from over. The press MUST continue to report on the allegations: the sexual assault all… https://t.co/Jx25UdP8q5
RT @maydaymindy9: My husbands Republican friend is stopping over I’m hiding in the bathroom all I have is my phone with me and one of my dogs help
RT @4everNeverTrump: We aren't criticizing the FBI's investigation. We know FBI agents thoroughly questioned the NINE PEOPLE they were a… https://t.co/PcfHJTgRbj
RT @peoplefor: “Vote them out!” #StopKavanaugh #Kavanaugh #BelieveSurvivors #MeToo #CancelKavanaugh https://t.co/N0zT4kLrLj
RT @AmandiOnAir: Promise that you will BOYCOTT & SHUN any book publisher, media outlet, or speakers bureau that attempts to give a p… https://t.co/rPDbRqtrYc
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Best sign in DC today: “Devil’s Triangle: McConnell-Trump-Kavanaugh”
RT @KellyHeyboer: Within hours of my story w/ @SusanKLivio publishing, #Rutgers drops its two-year rule. If you were sexually harasse… https://t.co/syFVU15T5h
RT @FullFrontalSamB: This is not a request. https://t.co/THzfkRsNP6
RT @DogginTrump: All you peeps protesting in Washington D.C. right now against Judge Kavanaugh's nomination, I FUCKING LOVE YOU!
RT @johnpavlovitz: “To Young Women of America, You don’t matter. You are the acceptable collateral damage of our misogyny and entitl… https://t.co/0vq4PRP60d
@neiljohnmiller @HelenBrosnan Bet you’re also worried for your sons but not your daughters huh? How about a real investigation?
RT @HelenBrosnan: The entire hallway is in tears. We are at a moment in history where women have to repeat their trauma to the masses… https://t.co/mgsLLxTx1J
RT @SunflowerSoul71: I am in a good mood. Can you tell? LOL The ONLY people who tried to save us from trump and all that is happen… https://t.co/ZC4PELekO0
RT @JuddLegum: Grassley confirms that FBI was blocked from interviewing Ford & Kavanaugh. Claims that the hearing, where Kavanau… https://t.co/TPDOLLPfuo
RT @civilrightsorg: We’re watching. We’re marching. We’re fighting back. To #CancelKavanaugh. And we’re not going anywhere. https://t.co/t5mXQJp27k
RT @minakaji1: #CancelKavanaugh protest underway- demonstrators planning to march to the U.S. Supreme Court https://t.co/P7qijwaoPj
RT @CarolynBMaloney: Senators should think about how history will judge them. There is plenty of evidence that #Kavanaugh is unfit for… https://t.co/C2zdW5i2bZ
RT @JerryDMayer: In essence, Garland showed how extremely qualified he was for the Supreme Court by handling his obscene treatment b… https://t.co/4k9DKa9Mo9
RT @SenFeinstein: The terrible treatment of Dr. Ford and Ms. Ramirez by Senate Republicans tells every woman in this country to keep… https://t.co/ZLJ0epeys1
RT @NicholasFerroni: Dear @realDonaldTrump, I polled my male students and NONE OF THEM (0%) felt scared about being falsely accused of… https://t.co/6A4kyUTASd
RT @StevenLHall1: “There is..nothing more painful and upsetting to Donald Trump..than the suggestion that he is not as rich as he say… https://t.co/5IMskzUlyO
RT @Amy_Siskind: This to me is the biggest story of the week: Kavanaugh sent texts to Yale classmates ahead of the Ramirez story bre… https://t.co/r5gFOjLz4U
RT @lrozen: wow. per Feinstein, WH confirming not allowing FBI to interview Ford or Kavanaugh? https://t.co/nKbYEja3SP
RT @witliftin: Nominating a rapist to the Supreme Court so you can stop rape victims from getting an abortion is peak Republicanism
RT @AmandaK_B: Keep calling!!! @SenatorCollins, R-ME 207-622-8414 or 202-224-2523 @lisamurkowski, R-AL 907-271-3735 or 202-224-6… https://t.co/hz5MrLoAMY
RT @KenKalfus: A detail the Times missed: in 1965, when my dad was opening his dry cleaning store in Trump Village, he had to slip… https://t.co/KBsKLiZYoU
RT @RobinH2222: @aravosis #HellHathNoFury, #Enough, https://t.co/svuIa7ZfnJ
RT @maxwellcyoung: Such an important piece by @MonicaMedinaDC. A must read. https://t.co/jMWCfyeOBp
RT @dennisdiclaudio: Can we hurry up with that white genocide please? https://t.co/VBd8R2MJ34
RT @LOLGOP: A guy whose whole political career is based on accusing people of invented crimes is telling his fans to worry about false allegations.
RT @NatashaBertrand: Intriguing detail: Rachel Mitchell appeared to still be working for the Republicans as of Monday, according to a co… https://t.co/EZtS7JpEJx
RT @peterdaou: To any reporter or editor tempted to ask "Has #MeToo gone too far?" ... don't do it. It's nothing but a GOP anti-woman talking point.
RT @EricBoehlert: i'm an outlier https://t.co/VQesBzdMbS
RT @jedshug: How do you feel about this direct attack on Prof Ford and “Lock her up” chants directed at her, @JeffFlake… https://t.co/E1zpIu5NYs
RT @SethAbramson: MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Please read (and RETWEET ASAP, as time is short now) this new witness statement against Kavana… https://t.co/KapT1ICp2l
RT @battletested5: The Fred Trump story was always there for journalists to investigate 4th Estate could have EASILY done this shit b… https://t.co/dcTBUFR48z
RT @JohnBechard: I don’t want any fucking text messages from Trump.
RT @joshscampbell: Yikes. WaPo's @GregPMiller describes a tense moment from 2016 involving a CIA director trying to sound the alarm on… https://t.co/nAr125xFvj
RT @jilevin: "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."… https://t.co/YNHeg68UrB
RT @JenGranholm: Lotta chatter: If Kavanaugh knew about Ramirez story well before it broke, texted friends to help him minimize it, … https://t.co/ZwNcxX6ccu
RT @digitalmaiden: @MikeDelMoro 99.9% of the women in America knew BK's outburst on Thursday was because he was caught.... not because… https://t.co/iAA3N80uQG
RT @axidentaliberal: RAPED. Is it not enough that we revile them as criminals? Is it not enough that we rip them from the arms of thei… https://t.co/mmnyGZN45t
RT @mattkatz00: Trump Administration jailed an immigrant child for 25 days in a chain-link holding pen without a bed or shower. https://t.co/SkLs8Uixp3
RT @ScottMStedman: Twice now my source who knew Kavanaugh in high school and refutes his testimony has called the FBI major case numbe… https://t.co/BjFbqiGKTz
RT @krassenstein: Sean Hagan Jeremiah Hanafin Mark Judge Thomas Kane Brett Kavanaugh Leland Keyser Keith Koegler Dr. Mark Krasberg Be… https://t.co/hP9PCEiCTg
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have just sent this list of 24 witnesses to the FBI's Ch… https://t.co/Xom2kVjEUc
RT @DisavowTrump20: BREAKING: President Obama has endorsed Democrat Sharice Davids for Congress in Kansas’s 3rd district where she is p… https://t.co/J0WB0Um1Zn
RT @riotwomennn: "I have argued to you that when you found that a judge was a perjurer, you couldn’t in good conscience send him bac… https://t.co/v74HDBfDrw
RT @DanielleMuscato: Ladies, a question for you: "What would you do if all men had a 9pm curfew?" Dudes: Read the replies and pay atte… https://t.co/DCf3VBKngS
RT @DisavowTrump20: BREAKING: Democrat Laura Kelly is in a statistical tie with Trump puppet Kris Kobach for the Governor’s race in dee… https://t.co/azIdjCaO6Y
RT @plettre: My friend wrote this to @BenSasse. Shared w/ her permission. "I implore you to consult your younger self, the 20-… https://t.co/CVLi49SpKj
RT @PeoplesCourt79: Interesting how the same ones who are so concerned with their daughters being assaulted in public bathrooms have no… https://t.co/9nxFqtF10v
RT @illuminator99: None of this should have happened the way that it did. Thanking Christine Blasey Ford for her bravery is the least… https://t.co/pmQaWbOU53
RT @RepMaxineWaters: Hurray for the courageous women who confronted Sen. Flake! They are without a doubt the reason Sen. Flake joined De… https://t.co/6xWY1yBzMA
RT @resisterhood: A lot of white women were tweeting during the hearing Thursday that Rachel Mitchell believed Dr. Ford and was execu… https://t.co/HAfNkhGGAJ
RT @sarahwoodwriter: Bam. Trump can pardon the lot of them and they have nothing to fear from state's attorneys. We're all looking at t… https://t.co/bE7R2grsNh
RT @sarahwoodwriter: At stakes is the "separate sovereigns" exception to double jeopardy. If he (and the other 4 conservative judges) vo… https://t.co/kMPspXdyzi
RT @sarahwoodwriter: On next month's SCOTUS docket is Gamble vs US. No 17-646. This is what the rush is about. Yes, they want him to ove… https://t.co/6w1f8rMUVS
RT @JohnAmato: The way Kavanaugh acted to both female Senators during the hearing "sober" was instructive. Imagine him drunk with… https://t.co/43GEAyDhvx
RT @MelissaJPeltier: There’s a good reason why McConnell - the savviest & sneakiest power player alive today - warned Trump/GOP NOT to n… https://t.co/BgEe38DyBC
RT @matthewstoller: 1. Kavanaugh's clearly on display anger and pain was quite confusing to millions of Americans. Many saw authenticit… https://t.co/0onM0D1055
RT @JGordon337: Thank you, @SenFeinstein. Thank you, @SenatorLeahy. Thank you, @DickDurbin. Thank you, @SenWhitehouse. Thank you, … https://t.co/PwHnTb6qvG
RT @sharpo7: @adilbinaslam @EarnKnowledge https://t.co/IVR3hXmHH3
RT @ATC330R: 150, 000 years of human history. 2500 gods to choose from. Not a single piece of evidence to offer for any of them. https://t.co/UxsIxsVDaq
RT @jilevin: "Privilege is when you think something is not a problem because it's not a problem for you personally." https://t.co/AFbX9dj4Fr
RT @goodoldcatchy: There are people kicking up a fuss about due process and false accusations of sexual assault against men. I'm 40.… https://t.co/ShQQOKLPMN
RT @riotwomennn: REMINDER: Anyone with tips or leads that can help the FBI with the sexual assault investigation of Kavanagh or Ma… https://t.co/iCU0XFZB8A
RT @cmclymer: Divorce your Republican husbands. Pass it on.
RT @1pissedPolack: I don’t ask for retweets, I’m making an exception. Since the FBI was forbidden from contacting Safeway about Mark J… https://t.co/k1ss7oDTFR
RT @TheStableGenuis: Anyone who worked at the Potomac Maryland Safeway in the early 80s and you have info regarding Mark judge or anythi… https://t.co/PYOKQhJD1e
RT @roseperson: Imagine if we made these demands of people who were shot, stabbed. So many people simply don't see sexual assault a… https://t.co/t974AKUDl2
RT @simpson_patia: Attention, good people. I *NEVER* ask for retweets but I’m asking now. We NEED to find people who worked with Mar… https://t.co/7K6EW4z1RT
RT @AdamParkhomenko: For all the credit @ChrisCuomo gave to @JeffFlake last night I hope Cuomo will dedicate time to asking whether Jeff… https://t.co/xigDFSTJQi
RT @CNNPolitics: Parkland father Fred Guttenberg to Brett Kavanaugh: "Your life and family are not ruined" https://t.co/587gZ67gZA https://t.co/cNw3Ua4FuE
RT @HRC: .@realDonaldTrump and @mike_pence have been trying to erase the #LGBTQ community ever since they stepped foot in th… https://t.co/s9KDgTUNYt
RT @hilaryr: This. @amyklobuchar was impressive. More dignified than I would have been after #BrettKavanuagh tried unsuccessfull… https://t.co/46Mnbotr2U
RT @SethAbramson: Was there "sexual license" at the huge Georgetown Prep parties Kavanaugh attended in the 1980s, as Julie Swetnick a… https://t.co/C4o4zZPPE7
RT @AdamsFlaFan: The Kavanaugh Hearings in Cartoons https://t.co/dNoh57y45l
RT @JenAshleyWright: I'm so glad @harpersbazaarus let me write about what a world without safe, accessible abortions actually looks like https://t.co/62iALRxnfX
RT @behindyourback: I've been assaulted. I've also been not assaulted. The difference didn't seem to be what I was wearing, how flirty… https://t.co/E7f9gpmyKy
RT @PPMW_DC: “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” -Audre Lorde… https://t.co/kTO9MSNBRI
RT @Susan_Hennessey: Klobuchar is one of the most impressive sitting senators. When people discuss 2020 names they usually talk about so… https://t.co/b256T3q7vg
RT @riotwomennn: Attention! Georgetown Prep men emerge and speak out! Thank you! "A call to action from alumni of Georgetown Prep… https://t.co/TfSgP6u4uL
RT @stonecold2050: https://t.co/8nNRjSOfUj
RT @Chris_PSM: @joshtpm https://t.co/nR7bXbjFsO
RT @em_bee_kay: I've never wished so hard that Alyssa Milano was a real witch. https://t.co/Oqaw7210eq
RT @VABVOX: Folks gave me a time for reminding people this guy got us into two wars, but this is what Bush2 does when he's not… https://t.co/bge8LGj20h
RT @Sifill_LDF: This is essential to remember: in 2006 the ABA downgraded Kavanaugh from “well qualified” to “qualified, ” citing pr… https://t.co/dSdhaTC4mH
RT @slack2thefuture: @newtgingrich Um... you... you know you’re NEWT GINGRICH, right? I mean, google “newt gingrich 1990s” and just read… https://t.co/d1JDTnD3iY
RT @TimOBrien: "He lied even when he didn't have to lie. He lied in preposterous ways easily disproven by common sense." https://t.co/JjuA1DSOob
RT @DelaneyMiller2: This is one of the most empowering yet heartbreaking images I have ever seen. Thankful to have witnessed this momen… https://t.co/kREdoU3XEj
RT @page88: .⁦@Millicentsomer⁩ on toxic homosociality: Most high-profile [#MeToo] stories feature a man & woman alone. Kav accu… https://t.co/0xAMjD2W7x
RT @PBandKelley: At 17 a guy lead me to a dark room at a party hiding a group of men that wanted to gang rape me. We began kissing u… https://t.co/OrP4shol0w
RT @adrienneleigh: In 1975 the women of Iceland went on strike. Completely on strike. No paid work, no housework, no childcare. It las… https://t.co/coLXYEeO3Z
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: The Giving Tree is the story of a man who exploits a woman until she fucking dies it should be called The Patreearchy
RT @CharlesPPierce: On a week in which I lost respect for a lot of people. I gained a lot for Amy Klobuchar.
RT @melissaFTW: The thing that kills me about people who question the timing of Kavanaugh’s victims: It IS about timing. I don’t wa… https://t.co/GtZx2igUo2
RT @marnieg1967: @abigaildisney @rmayemsinger Yep in one way or another, every woman has seen this face
RT @abigaildisney: 1) In all seriousness, let me say this. I feel for Dr Ford, I have experienced sexual assault. But nothing today h… https://t.co/ogUWKA2q5k
RT @prchovanec: Who will tell Lord Vader that the Rebel ship got away? https://t.co/8hI8iFoTgy
RT @atrupar: Cruz obliviously argues that if Kavanaugh was really a sexual predator, there would likely be multiple allegations… https://t.co/5Sw7TINnsX
RT @JimKeithleyWMTW: Crowd of protestors continues to grow outside Senator Susan Collins’ Portland office. ⁦@WMTWTV⁩ https://t.co/fIX4Q0ofKq
Did Flake just get up, tap Coons on the shoulder and walk out with him?? Maybe the protestors had an impact...
.@tedcruz Even @ChuckGrassley is tired of hearing you #KavanaghHearing #KavanaughConfirmationHearings #KavanaughFord #KavanaughVote
RT @HillaryClinton: Donald Trump refuses to be subject to the law. The legitimacy of our elections is in doubt. The president is waging… https://t.co/Xrly8kwwMK
RT @susie_meister: White, straight, Christian men are scared to death of being treated the way they’ve treated every other group throu… https://t.co/NviIGksfHN
RT @ananavarro: This entire: “I do believe something happened to Dr. Ford, but I don’t believe it was Kavanaugh” defense is so ridi… https://t.co/fxIOLasRZl
RT @TheRaDR: "Every woman has a well-stocked arsenal of anger potentially useful against those oppressions, personal and institu… https://t.co/4fPPiuGAfU
RT @Mimirocah1: This is the point @SenWhitehouse was arguing. https://t.co/YL7pCwP1Zo
RT @sarahkendzior: Please watch this all the way through. What these women are saying is so important. https://t.co/B5mBz2Y1jT
RT @HunkyGayJesus: It’s Friday, My Sheeple. God help us. https://t.co/MlCpjPfSaP
RT @Evan_McMullin: Kavanaugh’s 1982 calendar details a July 1st drinking gathering at a friend’s house with two people who Dr. Ford al… https://t.co/WwCcDNdihH
RT @atrupar: HARRIS: You've said you think Ford's allegation is part of a left-wing plot. If that's the case, then why didn't Ne… https://t.co/E6xCSBxfEk
RT @AmandaMarcotte: I hope this disgraceful exchange about “God” demonstrates exactly how much Christianity is not about morality or de… https://t.co/KTqUZ9ltPI
RT @EmmyA2: 1) This is amazing 2) The teens are alright 3) W! O! M! E! N! 4) Something especially gut-punching about seeing… https://t.co/LApZ1eIPRw
RT @AmandaMarcotte: Here you go, America. This is what women are talking about when they talk about emotional abuse like gaslighting an… https://t.co/q6unvGwlAv
RT @HunterDK: Lying rape-enabling pieces of shit, every one of them. https://t.co/29nxNbfOtr
RT @jbview: Dems should be making this absolutely clear. https://t.co/1Fu0aIeU0L
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: Senator Graham is complaining that he felt ambushed by the allegations against Kavanaugh. You know who felt ambushe… https://t.co/lDCsFDJmFZ
RT @girlsreallyrule: Kavanaugh is showing all of the country how disrespectful he's growing. Also, his explanations about "devil's trian… https://t.co/96iHwb42zv
RT @AndreaChalupa: When I confronted the man who sexually assaulted me, he cried just like Kavanaugh.
RT @rhondaconn: #Kavanaugh was extremely disrespectful to @amyklobuchar . That is how he speaks to women apparently. All eyes are… https://t.co/kM62YJfqct
RT @WilDonnelly: Lindsey Graham, who is no longer at the hearing, just told reporters that Republicans will make up false sexual ass… https://t.co/SY2RL7mKul
RT @ThePlumLineGS: Entitled, petulant, frustrated @LindseyGrahamSC can shed all the fake tears of outrage that he wants. He can't e… https://t.co/xXxgF51Hb1
I agree with Senator Graham. This is hell. And Lindsey Graham is the devil #KavanaughFord
RT @RockShrimp: https://t.co/w73VyOEaVm
RT @joshtpm: Kavanaugh yells at Sen Feinstein and avoids her question about an FBI background check. https://t.co/AFQmfIR6Qf
RT @aravosis: Yes https://t.co/kdmr5dCKX9
Why is he mad at Madison Square Garden?!?! #KavanaughHearings
BECAUSE SHE GOT AWAY! "I never had sexual intercourse" #KavanaughHearings
RT @NormOrnstein: Actually, it answers many questions about his objectivity on the Court. And helps to explain why Trump picked him. https://t.co/fZYMW9A3vs
RT @BettyBowers: Dr. Ford saying the worst thing was the laughter is both heartbreaking and confirmation that she's telling the truth. #KavanaughHearings
RT @c_cauterucci: why was Renate important enough to make Kavanaugh's yearbook but not his tearful list of lady friend names
RT @neeratanden: At this point who doesn’t think that Dr. Ford would make a better Supreme Court Justice than this guy?
RT @JesseCharlesLee: Point of fact: Keyser also said she believes Dr. Ford. https://t.co/i6qYuTew2Z
RT @speechboy71: Brett Kavanaugh helped write the Starr Report. He wanted Bill Clinton subjected to the most personal, sexual questi… https://t.co/u6wxTu8qTw
Can I get a witness? https://t.co/gsFWrPqmfX
RT @Wonkette: He's LOSING IT CRYING because he kept calendars because his DADDY kept calendars and this makes him CRY because DAD… https://t.co/BLyr8M0BrQ
RT @hannahsmothers_: https://t.co/Cs3ogHI3ak
That was point #1?? #KavanaughHearings
RT @EricBoehlert: this is his weakest argument: Ford never came forward while i had big gov't jobs. none of them come close to serv… https://t.co/mGBUVDVnGV
RT @sarahkendzior: Kavanaugh's unhinged, entitled rage is making it easy to imagine him grabbing a teenage girl, throwing her on a bed… https://t.co/RdG5flUtzT
RT @mattmfm: The visual contrast is striking. https://t.co/R9BeCZ6j2L
RT @emptywheel: Golly. Really hard to imagine this red faced screamer is a violent drunk.
RT @akarl_smith: Interesting bit from @emmaogreen's report in @TheAtlantic on Rachel Mitchell's questioning of Christine Blasey Ford… https://t.co/S3CTD9Hlzh
.@ChuckGrassley BRENT? #kavanaughhearings
BECAUSE SHE GOT AWAY. https://t.co/2x8xjYxzrL
RT @AmyAbroad: Doing my makeup on the train this morning and a random man told me he likes women to have a more natural look. I to… https://t.co/ItHzCHhkHq
RT @BravenakBlog: Since Bernie is running in 2020, I have a few things I'd like cleared up: Where are your final FEC filings and ful… https://t.co/1whsmaMhHZ
RT @SyriaCivilDef: We are sadden of the news that "Sobhiya Alsa'ad" was killed along with several members of her family after aerial b… https://t.co/vPdRB4oxmQ
RT @wokeluisa: Friendly reminder: don't forget to delete one hour from the Trump presidency at 2 AM
RT @PersuasivePR: In case you needed something else to give you insomnia. https://t.co/BhTL3OXKTn https://t.co/sCaf8F1gQD
RT @USATODAY: She was 11 when she was forced to marry her rapist, and she has worked for six years to ban child marriages in Flor… https://t.co/G81AXKR5CS
RT @armandodkos: Again Bernie lost the OPEN primary in Texas by 65-32. I don’t get it. https://t.co/83MmXXRrzB
RT @sam_bova: To students who fear the consequences that come with participating in the school walkout: never be afraid to do wha… https://t.co/voQfjbvJeg
RT @EdKrassen: I’m calling it now. During the midterms when President Trump realizes that Democrats are about to take the house, … https://t.co/eZGcU82Ef0
RT @EdKrassen: @Emma4Change Great merchandise for a great cause.
RT @girlsreallyrule: UPDATE: Ms. Kathy will be doing a show at the @kennedycenter! Can't wait! https://t.co/dEcMSLqqCs
RT @wokeluisa: Martin Shkreli went to jail for defrauding investors and not for raising a life saving drug from $13 to over $700… https://t.co/UoCHUlRgYM
RT @NYinLA2121: Dana Loesch: “Any Gun Control measures should be left to the states.” The state of Florida passes gun control meas… https://t.co/4Rlobwbexs
This would affect workers of non traditional shifts as well as people who must cover child care. All folks who are… https://t.co/U2Pnno2J6D
Oh. It’s true and sad and sick. https://t.co/WrvSm4XCGw
RT @Ange_Amene: For 2 years I've read and watched many people analyze what Democrats need to do to win in 2020 and the answer has n… https://t.co/G05NsWMKcb
RT @KaraCalavera: I'm not sure why the Democratic party keeps listening to a guy who (1) is not a Democrat and (2) was supported by R… https://t.co/eo0AcHhoMf
RT @Ange_Amene: Diane Fienstein doesn't need the endorsement of Bernie Sanders. In fact it's the best thing she could ask for. He… https://t.co/QlAmcfbbW0
RT @tedlieu: My letter to the NRA asking the organization to explain if there are any Kremlin links. NRA officials can put this… https://t.co/a9t2BdyH0n
RT @ACLU: BREAKING: We filed a national class-action lawsuit against the Trump administration for forcibly separating parents and young children
RT @AP_Politics: Awkward. The federal government has been advising a Jersey Shore beach town on plans to build a pier and start a fe… https://t.co/6RAPGKFPU3
RT @AGSchneiderman: .@realDonaldTrump’s plan to turn over New York’s coast to Big Oil threatens our environment, our economy, and the h… https://t.co/ESYQabu5f9
RT @B52Malmet: Every single one of these Republicans is a traitor to democracy, willing to trash a criminal investigation into the… https://t.co/8vzkIapVSt
RT @Amy_Siskind: US ambassador to Panama resigns: “I resigned because the traditional core values of the US, as manifested in the pr… https://t.co/OIthhf6yYM
RT @xLiserx: I once climbed down the side of a mountain to rescue a man who’d been in a car accident. He rolled down his window… https://t.co/Zd7McFe9oI
RT @johnfkirby63: Asked by lawmakers to assess US gov’t response to Russian cyber threats, EUCOM commander says, "I don't believe the… https://t.co/9C32JVHIKg
RT @CarolynEllis5: @TheAtlantic @NatashaBertrand Every man who stands by Trump is either a sex offender or a sex offender sympathizers… https://t.co/cv9CNDEwZO
RT @joanwalsh: God bless you Fred Guttenberg. I'm sorry for your loss. You, not @DLoesch, will have the last word. https://t.co/NemCAEY4TW
RT @HillaryPix: “Secretary Clinton has provided a model of what it takes to transform society, often under scrutiny: tireless effor… https://t.co/6IPvHHvPv5
RT @paulwaldman1: That seems like it might be significant. https://t.co/rxQeCCh5QC
RT @lynnv378: I would love Elizabeth Warren if she wasn't a Berner, if she didn't slam Obama, if she had been quicker to endorse… https://t.co/YdtUYfQVY2
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Here's to finishing unfinished business. #InternationalWomensDay https://t.co/93mz0ZJFiq
RT @rmasher2: Trump, just now, to steelworker: "Your dad is Herman?" "Herman. Yes, sir." "Well, your father Herman is looking do… https://t.co/XRejzYrTYU
RT @kurteichenwald: 1. I have advice for @Emma4Change, @davidhogg111 and other students leading this country toward an end to this gun… https://t.co/OyEO7l8NbA
RT @thehill: NEW: Dems: Uranium One informant provided "no evidence" of wrongdoing by Clintons https://t.co/VXgNeshenJ https://t.co/6jVvW5ihrJ
RT @krassenstein: Last week it was Kentucky, this week it's Tennessee... State House Republicans in Tennessee have just effectively… https://t.co/KUX52ANwn9
RT @rudepundit: Over at HHS: "Teen pregnancy rates have plummeted over the last few years. That means too many women get to live th… https://t.co/IrR26tpGKH
RT @funder: “I did try & fuck her. She was married. I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. I just start kissing… https://t.co/EPK6irXLF8
RT @BanditRandom: Assange is attempting to cast doubt RU poisoned a UK based ex-spy and his daughter, stating RU doesn't kill women.… https://t.co/OWCtf8tbOp
RT @HillaryClinton: In honor of #InternationalWomensDay, I want to celebrate some of the women and girls who inspire me every day. The… https://t.co/tYIlgJwrCK
RT @funder: I think Betsy DeVos should be implicated in Mueller’s probe. Her foundation gave $2, 686, 500 to Russian orgs, her co… https://t.co/5yDLS3pN6o
RT @Row_Boat_Cop: This seems.... significant. And not the sort of thing you just ask off the cuff. https://t.co/Gg7uYR9ke3
RT @LaChristie: BREAKING: Kids are sitting down on the floor of Mitch McConnell’s office protesting for #GunReformNow https://t.co/HdiXnXkcPi
RT @Row_Boat_Cop: The fact that Chuck Todd just had *Roger Stone* on for a total puffball interview in which he provided zero pushbac… https://t.co/u5P4Jdxobe
RT @tedlieu: Only 2 possibilities: -Michael Cohen used $130k of personal funds to silence Stormy Daniels, which means it was a… https://t.co/zghd0Jnuew
RT @rudepundit: Fun fact: in July 2016, Trump signed an anti-pornography pledge. The 2016 Republican platform public said porn is "… https://t.co/5hcIXX3tp7
RT @Amy_Siskind: I think tonight we can safely say it’s a question of what will bring Trump down, not if.
RT @LCARS_24: Donald Trump has shown us who he is. And we ought to believe him. He is taking a hate movement mainstream. —Hillary Clinton
RT @funder: LIVE: These kids are sitting down on the floor of Mitch McConnell’s office protesting for #GunReformNow #NeverAgain https://t.co/huBwfHMa5i
RT @TomSteyer: Maryland is drawing a line in the sand. The American people must know where our elected leader's financial stakes a… https://t.co/t3xU0OTKpy
RT @DavidCornDC: This is what happens when you try to investigate a Scottish shell company with Russian ties that paid an American l… https://t.co/o2T2WGPTJX
RT @irishrygirl: As we like to focus on Trump and his lack of everything, I’d like to do a friendly reminder the VP of this country… https://t.co/280A0DOZux
RT @TimInHonolulu: When you figure his mortgages IMO Trump is insolvent. That's why he does cash deals to betray allies like the Kurds… https://t.co/YEzPUG6slI
RT @ByTomFrank: I was one of the former CNN journalists who lost his job. And I found the NYT story very interesting. https://t.co/RFvCxXsEWL
RT @SafetyPinDaily: Republicans are trying to get Democrats thrown off the ballot in one of Texas' biggest counties | MotherJones https://t.co/hAycpfSIJP
RT @KingKush212: @MuslimIQ They have the complexion for the protection
RT @MuslimIQ: One Neo-Nazi terror org is responsible for 5 murders—but they’re still promoting their hate as “free speech.” If t… https://t.co/VFFLMxsXMg
RT @EmilyEggbert: How is this not registered as a terrorist organization, with all assets frozen and all members’ communications and… https://t.co/DRa3mlcM6N
RT @ByTomFrank: I am one of the former CNN reporters, and plan to sit by my phone today waiting for that elusive apology :) https://t.co/mZsUTN4EDN
RT @nycsouthpaw: A friend points out that CNN fired three great reporters for a Scaramucci story that NYT apparently just confirmed, not for nothing.
RT @ShieldingC: Hey, assholes. Stormy Daniels is going up against the most powerful human being in the world. Her raw courage is… https://t.co/IgjrB418qT
RT @jonlovett: Chris Christie killing the tunnel and Lieberman killing the Medicare buy-in for 55+ are two decisions I think about… https://t.co/C0dywwySXi
RT @kylegriffin1: Trump Firings/Resignations/Departures* Yates Flynn Bharara Walsh Comey Dubke Shaub McFarland Corralo Spicer Short H… https://t.co/96aAG3L88q
RT @cmclymer: If Hillary Clinton were president, right now, you would be safe and bored and ungrateful and watching a serious new… https://t.co/RzKdzwNLeM
RT @EricBoehlert: suddenly Benghazi hysterics at Fox News don't care abt 4 dead Americans https://t.co/Gs2IdBW7EC
RT @tedlieu: Hush agreement & side letter attached to Stormy Daniels' filing essentially shows coordination between… https://t.co/FOmpnrJ0nR
RT @goodoldcatchy: Dear America, If Russia can pick your Secretary of State, can Canada or somewhere pick your next president?
RT @RVAwonk: Milo Yiannopoulos canceled an event in AZ because he said Scottsdale Police had informed him of credible death thre… https://t.co/i9DLNGwa5w
RT @aliasvaughn: 1. BREAKING: see this guy here? Mr. George Nader? (see thread that I'm quoting for info on him). HE FLIPPED. He is… https://t.co/gjlNL8D3IB
RT @Winkster15: When is the @whpresscorps going to start pushing back on Trump’s lying? Sanders lying? I’m sick of listening to the… https://t.co/nGne6zVDYp
RT @NWPinPDX: As seen while walking in Portland, Oregon. Clean up after your President. #voteblue #Midterms2018 #VoteThemOut… https://t.co/0ccTveetwB
RT @SyriaCivilDef: More than 85 people killed today due to airstrikes & shelling in #EastGhouta, highest daily toll since the #UN reso… https://t.co/7vPn5vE203
RT @SyriaCivilDef: Direct hit on the civilians and @SyriaCivilDefe volunteers while they were working to evacuate an injured civilian, … https://t.co/qUOUAUu7Pb
RT @RexHuppke: 2/ If you want to understand white privilege, consider the fact that all of these barely sentient mopes have manage… https://t.co/2Wf5p21ZZA
RT @washingtonpost: Analysis: Trump is implicated in his attorney’s Stormy Daniels payment for the first time https://t.co/1ULovkutc3
RT @Mikel_Jollett: “You think I’m going to jail?” - Sam Nunberg, the second he realized he was going to jail. https://t.co/SLYrroj9Vy
RT @fiImsus: That she wasted 12 years being married to ben affleck https://t.co/AGXipO6Qn8
RT @ClaraJeffery: Just saying that if I were worth "billions" and didn't start work until 11 am and took every weekend off my hair color would be so on point
RT @BettieRose100: Women’s March Leaders Have An Anti-Semitism Problem — Maybe It’s Time To Leave Them Behind https://t.co/DxXZyX22Nv via @refinery29
RT @GirlNamedBoston: #ThingsIDontRegret Voting for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. I can live with myself knowing I’m not responsi… https://t.co/9OIhZuPxMv
RT @aravosis: 5) omg There’s more. https://t.co/rencb0zVRk
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Sam Nunberg is testifying live on TV to the grand jury right now. The grand jury is Gloria Borger
RT @tedlieu: Read this Christopher Steele piece. Now consider this: -Tillerson has spent $0 of the $120 million Congress gave hi… https://t.co/KlfROwAhRL
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: A god who is evil enough to send two she-bears to maul 40 children because they called an old man “bald-headed, ” is… https://t.co/LRIyyoi1dS
RT @Ike_Saul: Students have: - forced CNN town hall - got new commitments from Rubio - pressured POTUS to call for bump stock b… https://t.co/o3WI3ZvnvY
RT @anirvanghosh: @realDonaldTrump @EndTimeTuber Putin must be rolling on the floor with laughter. Russia orchestrated a massive hack… https://t.co/mLFuco0vTt
RT @TheAcademy: We thank those who stand up for something. #Oscars https://t.co/4gSS6MRxsU
RT @SteveSchmidtSES: Trumps’ refusal to defend the integrity of the US election system and our Democracy from Russian attack represents… https://t.co/vJMYlFNMnd
RT @Kiwi19841: RT if you agree it’s time to #FireKushner
RT @HeidiSeattle: #25thAmendmentNow #ImpeachTrumpNow #FireKushnerNOW #FireKushner #TrumpRussiaConspiracy #TheResistance He’s go… https://t.co/8qFqIJ1HCM
RT @PrincessBravato: #FireKushner #FireKushner #FireKushner #FireKushner #FireKushner #FireKushner https://t.co/MtYqKyW1YK
RT @ellle_em: For people worried about the children, here is the conversation I just had with my 8-year-old Me: oh they're gonna… https://t.co/D1cir7LtWE
RT @krassenstein: Pop Quiz!! Q: Do you know why the CDC is unable to investigate gun deaths? A: After research on gun violence in t… https://t.co/jPUwplRrfg
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: “Gullibility and credulity are considered undesirable qualities in every department of human life except religion.”… https://t.co/DZOgXUSQlD
RT @irishrygirl: How about more alcohol to combat drunk driving, more cigarettes to combat cancer, more drugs to combat the opioid c… https://t.co/T5n97LyGwU
RT @sarahkendzior: Authoritarianism moves fast, and once autocrat is in, very difficult to get them out. Often power passes to leader'… https://t.co/6IiQtd6Eir
RT @grantstern: To recap: Trump publicly begged Russia for Hillary Clinton's emails almost two years ago. But the mainstream media… https://t.co/2TmjP0tmhK
Just came in hot @LGAairport - assuming #johndunkin is now head of the FAA? https://t.co/9WmqTDgIuQ
RT @SethAbramson: Four months ago, I started telling friends/family that I thought if Trump were somehow able to a) stand for re-elec… https://t.co/q73Xup8p7i
RT @aliasvaughn: Welcome to dictatorship. Donald Trump wants to be a dictator. https://t.co/endYugxT7t
RT @leahmcelrath: He's not joking. Pay attention. https://t.co/ydTBaQAajN
THANK YOU FOR THIS THREADDDDD I’ve been saying this in my head and then get too exhausted to write everything down. https://t.co/LYQ65Dtrwv
RT @RogueFirstLady: The Donald not afraid of Mueller. Him have pardon deal already with the Pence. The Donald only fear 1 thing: Proof… https://t.co/tSoOQKihvo
Why don’t you send a $200 voucher to each of the friends and family members who had to fly to FL for funerals. WWJD… https://t.co/IPgOJ8xS6z
@JackieKochevar That’s awesome! Were you flying into the Northeast?
Dry Humor winner for the day https://t.co/zVDu4WnEWd
RT @parraqiiii: @andrewbrodie331 @TwoDawgies Hahahha not every country though, welcome to Sunny South Africa where our previous pre… https://t.co/csJZ6w1KO4
RT @TwoDawgies: @andrewbrodie331 Trump has been a repulsive person his entire life. Mocking a disabled person was not a surprise or… https://t.co/7iRes1krbH
RT @andrewbrodie331: Sorry but it warrants being said. In a civilized country it would have ended RIGHT HERE https://t.co/O13EcOivY8
RT @allusblm: The true heroes of #NationalAnthemDay. #rt https://t.co/b34U5d2zWW
RT @thehill: Obama AG: Mueller has enough evidence to charge Trump with obstruction of justice https://t.co/nRqfQadH3U https://t.co/z4KuNQAZs9
RT @Amy_Siskind: Trump hit a milestone today, enriching himself by patronizing his properties along the way by golfing at this clubs… https://t.co/Wz53IvdeQE
RT @funder: Trump’s attack on the European Union is exactly what we should expect from Putin’s puppet. He also picked a fight w… https://t.co/lg23mIEIlM
RT @JYSexton: We're seriously living in a time where a president is waging a trade war and tanking the economy because he's unraveling.
RT @Niigaanwewidam: Ojibwe Grandmother has walked 17, 000 km to raise consciousness about water https://t.co/46UlvQQraU
RT @nytimes: Delta Air Lines might scrap discounts for all politically contentious organizations after its removal of a discount… https://t.co/0LOsHDooqL
RT @repjohnlewis: I stand with @Delta
RT @atheistic_1: #intelligentdesign #cdesignproponentsists #creationism #LyingForJesus https://t.co/pJQ1UGVNE4
RT @frances888: @jrajra Children are human beings and not personal property. The obstruction of your bill is another example of why… https://t.co/AoNkIGmUgx
RT @Michellekuiper4: @jrajra Terrible. With more more parents addicted to opiates and seeing headlines of children being sold right her… https://t.co/qxtNGUX8ZL
RT @happyhomemaker2: @jrajra Sadly in some states, it is ok for a child as young as THIRTEEN to get married! This needs to be addressed!
RT @YourVoice_SC: @jrajra Their opposition sends a message to perpetrators and abusive parents that child sexual abuse is okay if it’… https://t.co/7CB41NXZpS
RT @TuraGypsyRobin: @the1Victor @jrajra Here's one who is opposed to the bill. Kentucky state @SenatorSchickel https://t.co/t4oTxjnpPM
RT @tedlieu: Sen Graham believes war would result in long term stability. Did US increase stability when we attacked Iraq, Afgha… https://t.co/k3uhlFbhlR
RT @TinaMorphis: Throughout history you will find moments where the voices of children were the clearest and loudest voices for prog… https://t.co/TzkisIY0Hp
RT @BethDoane: For anyone afraid of the dark - this. #quotes https://t.co/6DzW0vVaDu
RT @rudepundit: You know, we just don't talk enough about the fact that Jared Kushner's dad went to prison, in part, because he hir… https://t.co/Db9V2c1GRZ
RT @funder: A GOP lobbyist told me this morning Trump’s only publicly acting like he’s taking on the NRA. Privately, he’s reass… https://t.co/ax8ZY6D3Mq
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: You. Are. Shitting. Me. https://t.co/boDdyuMbeM
Um. WHAT?!? huh HEY!! “Russian politician Alexander Torshin claimed his ties to the National Rifle Association prov… https://t.co/00aFPvlBpM
RT @joynessthebrave: When someone hasn't read a classic book, I always try to say "Oh! What a treat you have ahead of you!" rather than… https://t.co/kxRDMGuN3S
RT @delaneytarr: I would love for some people to understand that we didn’t ask to have to speak out about this. We would have loved… https://t.co/uRNAijcFDQ
RT @Amy_Siskind: I don't think this storyline is getting enough attn: in the chaos and deluge of news, Trump is essentially seizing… https://t.co/9eJOJe3EKp
RT @sarahchad_: There’s around 2.6 million students enrolled in Florida. Marco Rubio has received around 3.3 million dollars from t… https://t.co/6oF4c2hCJ7
RT @AdrianCJax: 3. The women's groups he scolded because they exercised their right to not go to the dance with him? https://t.co/EvIoQTxDSc
Walmart Will Raise the Minimum Age for Gun Purchases to 21 Years Old - Mother Jones https://t.co/u0yNU1NdwB
RT @kylegriffin1: Trump Firings/Resignations/Departures* Yates Flynn Bharara Walsh Comey Dubke Shaub McFarland Corralo Spicer Short H… https://t.co/OIJ20TchsB
RT @krassenstein: KABOOM!! Dick's Sporting Goods has just announced that they will stop selling assault-style rifles and require all… https://t.co/QCWghv1ArM
RT @funder: $3, 303, 355 is what it costs to buy Marco Rubio. #BoycottNRA #AMJoy https://t.co/dFz4fCVL54
RT @WendySiegelman: 🚨 Follow the money: new chart & article on "Trump’s Two Largest Creditors — Ladder Capital Finance & Deutsche Bank"… https://t.co/6IwWCIMnbJ
RT @WendySiegelman: Russian millions laundered via UK firms, leaked report says - Denmark’s biggest bank believes cash was funneled thr… https://t.co/OPdMlCpmaB
Bwahahahaha Cause .@realDonaldTrump likes to be called a “baby” anything - ‘Long-time Christian nationalist fixture… https://t.co/kPT1GtoKra
Sounds like .@DrJamesCDobson needs to focus on the dementia https://t.co/Rh0XI59iIp
RT @realMatMolina: The @NRA thinks they "speak for Americans." NRA members: 4.5 million U.S population: 323.1 million You don't… https://t.co/wJizyeCVTl
RT @kylegriffin1: The Lt. Governor of Georgia is threatening to punish a business that takes a political stance he doesn't like. https://t.co/N8PC3d7wQv
RT @brycetache: Hi @realDonaldTrump. Only 1/3 of the country supports you now. And the rest of us? We loathe you. We reject everyth… https://t.co/PmngNS5OkR
RT @EdKrassen: The fact that the Florida Gun Show is seeing record turnouts, as vendors display AR-15s to children right after 17… https://t.co/AnVKJH97ED
RT @jilevin: Southern Poverty Law Center: Hate groups on the rise in Maryland, nationwide https://t.co/0ElgUWOheJ
RT @Feminists32: @NRA @Delta Maybe you NRA people don’t realize this, but there are a lot of great gun owners in America that do not… https://t.co/dXHkRYRdT0
RT @ACLU: President Trump doesn’t get the last word on LGBT people’s rights. https://t.co/jLteck6OnF
This is a great thred. https://t.co/4TB0BCvCCX
RT @Miss_bk: @addiebrownlee https://t.co/RObNhMhEHc
Every single school in West Virginia is closed bc this is the third consecutive day they’ve been on strike. WV rank… https://t.co/0AgF2srfeg
RT @speaxeasy: @Miss_bk @votevets Idk, seems like teacher safety is just as important. What we really need is a nationwide walk-ou… https://t.co/4dhVNk58pt
RT @Miss_bk: @speaxeasy @votevets I'm sure that will be frowned on. Meaning it will not be allowed. Calling all retired… https://t.co/DYtsc5r9id
RT @speaxeasy: @Miss_bk @votevets Teachers need to march w the kids too
RT @cmclymer: Hi, I'm a military vet and gunowner. I've compiled a thread of fellow vets speaking out in support of gun control… https://t.co/31tBUJ3FjT
RT @joanwalsh: He's a coward, and a liar. https://t.co/YZVXZcUbi3
RT @HillaryClinton: "To all the little girls watching...never doubt that you are valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world."
RT @ryrysven: @lizzyborden123 @SemiMooch @PolitikMasFina @politico https://t.co/5xO16831iX
RT @ryrysven: @JeffersonsNotes @PolitikMasFina @KaraCalavera @politico STRAIGHT UP https://t.co/DhRZUiGrZw
RT @IDreamOnDemand: @Ithinkitscatchy @HilesDavid @PolitikMasFina @politico @BernieSanders Bernie's Record: -Ignored Russian interferenc… https://t.co/9J0n3KQIy4
RT @Ithinkitscatchy: @HilesDavid @PolitikMasFina @politico Sure...on the 4th of Never.🙄 Btw, @BernieSanders is so over.
RT @ZootopiaCity: @charles_gaba @SarahLerner Bernie (@SenSanders) #Sanders is the other side of the coin to @realDonaldTrump. He's t… https://t.co/FjP6lYWNEX
RT @LawrenceConnol2: @k8winkler @MrMurder37 @charles_gaba Listen to @SenSanders again, and ask why he voted against Russian sanctions? https://t.co/QA7gdxNPhZ
RT @sexygirl798: @GozoTweets @charles_gaba @blechtimes @DNC @TomPerez @dscc @TheDemocrats Do you remember what happened in SA after… https://t.co/XNvItywBeE
RT @blechtimes: @GozoTweets @charles_gaba I vote for finding out if Tad Devine was in regular contact with Paul Manafort at any tim… https://t.co/TNYSwLdowM
@joanwalsh @MichaelSteele Joan girl. You just keep on keeping on.
RT @JoyAnnReid: When the @NRA warns that it represents some 5 million Americans, keep in mind that the total population of the U.S.… https://t.co/esTrdYSGgU
RT @krassenstein: Updated List of NRA Partners to drop the NRA Alamo Rent a Car Avis Allied Van Lines Bestwestern Budget Chubb Insur… https://t.co/g9nik7rjxb
RT @yashar: Rather stunning when it’s laid out this way. Five people have pled guilty and fourteen have been charged. https://t.co/TKl9hRcip1
RT @davidfrum: Can we please cease describing “lobbying for the authoritarian Putin-backed Yanukovych regime” as “lobbying for Ukraine”?
RT @nicholasalanb: @davidfrum @JohnJHarwood I just heard you say this on @MSNBC and made week to hear it. I served as a Peace Corps Vo… https://t.co/zy555lA2ZT
RT @krassenstein: BOOM!! MetLife just ended their partnership with the NRA. RETWEET your thanks to @MetLife #BoycottNRA
RT @BrennenLeigh: Y'ALL. I saw an ALL MALE band last night, and they were all playing their own instruments, even the drummer. They l… https://t.co/vWIWJpnR6u
RT @TimfromDa70s: Chris Kyle the greatest american sniper in military history was shot and killed when confronted by a "crazy guy" wi… https://t.co/FLYY0g1tbe
RT @joanwalsh: I'm very impressed by the activism getting corporations to sever ties with the NRA. But someone should be leaning o… https://t.co/X8Z29Wj5BM
RT @SethAbramson: She speaks for tens of millions of us. https://t.co/RASzJiyT21
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!! https://t.co/00CPs8jqvJ
Oh hello yeah!! https://t.co/ALPtslAmQa
RT @BillKristol: I’d take in a heartbeat a group of newly naturalized American citizens over the spoiled native-born know-nothings o… https://t.co/0CeVFvCy6B
RT @SLSmith000: It seems like 5 lifetimes ago that Devos said teachers should carry guns to keep kids safe from bears. These peopl… https://t.co/0XxtAwgmNH
RT @JStein_WaPo: Here's the list of co-sponsors so far Interesting to note: Two high up in Dem leadership - Crowley and Hoyer - are… https://t.co/iSLYCsgzDO
@Delta @united What was the discount you offered friends and family of murdered students who needed to fly to their… https://t.co/xUFnTWGFDj
RT @majdkhalaf1993: Damascus and Damascus countryside, look at the pictures& you will see the extent of the destruction in the eastern G… https://t.co/ZNDwGfuJHd
RT @chrisablesart: “Don't Be A Dope, Vote Like Knope. Fuck The NRA" #NRA #GunReformNow #GunControlNow #EnoughIsEnough #LeslieKnope… https://t.co/Zjtr5hebuN
RT @KaivanShroff: FOR THOSE KEEPING SCORE... Convicted criminals who are DREAMers: None Convicted criminals who worked for the Tr… https://t.co/j5gSEywPuf
RT @chrislhayes: I mean, maybe it’s all a coincidence! Maybe it just so happens that highly leveraged professional foreign agent Pau… https://t.co/6V4xzcvVkK
RT @tedlieu: Dear @realDonaldTrump: Given recent events, your recitation of The Snake at #CPAC2018 was interesting. I am curious… https://t.co/YTFeWiH8eC
RT @tribelaw: Listening to the remarkable Florida students — and even Rick Scott, no great brain — explain the many reasons that… https://t.co/XmbsStqkzp
RT @JuddLegum: UPDATED: The NRA is being supported by these companies That's a lot of red lines. 15 brands have severed ties.… https://t.co/fAq2j1oGfM
RT @bryanbehar: We could have universal background checks, longer waiting periods, gun license and registration, bans on assault we… https://t.co/ISuLU2GHe2
RT @mmpadellan: .@realDonaldTrump: If you're so confident that our children, who mean EVERYTHING to us, will be perfectly safe wit… https://t.co/XHAHhO3pgW
RT @RogueFirstLady: Please RT this sweet boy from Parkland. Him do the work adults fail to do. https://t.co/XxnkOB5DSR
RT @ACLU: Lots of questions about students’ rights in a walkout. Here’s the gist: Your school can punish you for missing cl… https://t.co/xVLUyA2El7
RT @celiebugpro: We ended our NRA membership in honor of the children. We ask that everybody ends their NRA membership to show the N… https://t.co/YNesHIj0rU
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Laura, you’re attacking a teenager who just survived a school shooting from your verified account, inciting your 2… https://t.co/GrifuxqWFA
I like the way you think. https://t.co/cjNawubIOg
RT @krassenstein: The following companies have cut ties with the NRA over the last 24 hours. - Enterprise - Wyndham - Metlife - Her… https://t.co/vDwa5l72RU
RT @JoyAnnReid: This man continues to dishonor the seat Thurgood Marshall once held. https://t.co/IXWabfe6xd
RT @SethAbramson: BREAKING: As this Reuters scoop shows, the current occupant of the White House isn't just indifferent to U.S. natio… https://t.co/Hxh30h3TiA
RT @EdKrassen: BOOM! Earlier today I tweeted a list of companies who were still doing business with the @NRA. Now a couple hour… https://t.co/kiypUse29p
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: This morning Joe Scarborough attacked Hillary Clinton for being the "worst communicator ever." When he was a Flori… https://t.co/bhs9cjyK2b
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Enterprise, Alamo, and National car rental have all dropped their partnership programs with the NRA. RE… https://t.co/TFeoCu0OsU
RT @WrrrdNrrrdGrrrl: To the kids who are being threatened with reprisals if they go on strike: Do it. Seriously, just fucking do it. T… https://t.co/BZ4JBvVMWP
But isn’t that just a prereq for becoming a GOP lawmaker? https://t.co/cqia89IrhB
RT @acrmom2000: @rudepundit As a high school teacher, the 20% of teachers that would “volunteer” to carry are exactly the teachers… https://t.co/KKSdSeDO0P
RT @rudepundit: Trying to think here of which of my high school teachers I would have been comfortable with being armed. The Vietna… https://t.co/mYiwdOEvhv
.@FNBOmaha THANK YOU. https://t.co/oSnfFr5JSF
Oh DANGIT! Look what I accidentally did at the airport. #billygrahamcracker #BillyGraham https://t.co/NlvrpkUxKx
RT @RWPUSA: College admissions officers take note. Any high school student with this three day suspension on the record should… https://t.co/leTYKVA7lJ
RT @Nataya: This is why @SenSanders needs to sit down Bernie lost by a lot and way earlier than he admitted His Bernie bros wer… https://t.co/DJQ8c2sSoh
RT @MDBlanchfield: Asked to reject NRA money, Rubio avoids the question | MSNBC https://t.co/sXG3zIv73y
RT @HillaryClinton: Women’s rights are human rights. That was a radical idea back in 1995. It shouldn’t still be two decades later. https://t.co/BYZR7nI8Qh
RT @VicenteFoxQue: .@realDonaldTrump arming the citizens would turn the U.S. into a Grand Theft Auto videogame, causing more havoc and… https://t.co/OBsPncMDdd
RT @TomSteyer: The NRA contributed $30 million to Mr. Trump's presidential campaign. His allegiance to NRA interests is at the exp… https://t.co/pu7RWzO3R1
RT @MichaelSkolnik: Incredibly moved by @DelaneyTarr’s speech today. Follow her! "We've had enough of thoughts and prayers...we are c… https://t.co/fluzdVyf8K
RT @SenFeinstein: The assault weapons ban was effective. When the ban was in place, the number of gun massacres fell by 37 percent. T… https://t.co/BLTPRRvjpx
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Matthew Masterson, currently chairman of the US Election Assistance Commission, who protects election sys… https://t.co/AidvRQGDLY
RT @AndyRichter: Please read this: The AR-15 Is Different: What I Learned Treating Parkland Victims - The Atlantic https://t.co/mCVUeXaP1s
RT @SLSmith000: MANAFORT, PART ONE https://t.co/1ZARD7aTFR
RT @SLSmith000: 67/ An aside: I regulated lobbyists as Executive Director & General Counsel to my agency for 18-yrs, which included… https://t.co/sFW27MaY5B
RT @wokeluisa: This administration is more willing to ban entire RACES of people than to ban assault rifles #ParklandStudentsSpeak
RT @RepWillBailey: My kids learned about Parkland today at school. After dinner my 9yo climbed onto my lap & asked if we own guns. I… https://t.co/Jvo869UC37
RT @Ange_Amene: Bernie Sanders is questioning why the CLINTON CAMPAIGN didn't stop Russia's amplification of HIS divisive anti-Demo… https://t.co/F6mtrI0Tdq
RT @IronStache: The House of Representatives has not taken a vote on a bill specifically designed to reduce gun violence since 2007. https://t.co/hdRXbzg9XL
RT @ABC: Students in Iowa City, Iowa stage a walkout in protest against gun violence. “Not all of us can vote…not all of us… https://t.co/UV83Iy62iK
Why do I have reports of three -THREE different schools on lock down in a row in my feed? #KillTheNRA https://t.co/GKySnHjwNS
RT @jilevin: Fresh U.S. criminal charges filed in special counsel's Manafort case https://t.co/29x3yKbYJD
RT @smartflexin: “But why didn’t she fight back?”~Bernie Sanders https://t.co/M2UV2paNzw
RT @shannonrwatts: “Mrs. Schimmoeller, we talked about it. If anything happens, we are going to carry you.” THIS is the burden our la… https://t.co/Zo7o1aWDsr
RT @psgent92264: Fascinating NPR article from Dec 2016. I had not noticed this before; however, I feel certain that Bob Mueller is w… https://t.co/G5cJobwmOu
RT @activist360: Anita Hill -- Do You Believe Her Now? The case for impeaching sexual predator Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas… https://t.co/3c3aRoRRzQ
RT @EliottCNN: Senior Julia Bishop, 18, attended a friend’s funeral before getting on the bus to Tallahassee today. She has a mess… https://t.co/j4Z4W2MwOP
RT @jilevin: New report says NPR news chief continued inappropriate behavior despite repeated warnings https://t.co/RvH4EmR56p
RT @tedlieu: Dear Dana Loesch: The clenched fist of the American people is bigger than the clenched fist of the @NRA. https://t.co/ICoFjIJK0m
RT @GloriaSteinem: Men are 77 percent of the 2018 Oscar nominees for behind-the-scenes roles, as reported by the Women’s Media Center.… https://t.co/0nveXGNPSW
RT @JasonHalle: TRUMP'S BUDGET CUTS MILLIONS FROM GUN BACKGROUND CHECK SYSTEM This will significantly undermine efforts to keep fi… https://t.co/JV1ZTR7m9E
RT @Millennial_Dems: The real question is why didn’t the Clinton campaign stop Bernie from writing rape fantasies in 1972? It’s disgusti… https://t.co/l9A2NBlWBB
RT @realAsteroid: @InfoMEndler @vprnet @SenSanders Remember bernie also blamed her when his campaign hacked hers. He's a victim blamer.
RT @InfoMEndler: @vprnet @SenSanders Ugh, @SenSanders, really? It was obvious watching social media in real time that bad actors wer… https://t.co/vlzkMSo6uN
RT @ehosseh: In an astonishing development, Gallup no longer considers Texas a Republican state. We hear the call and we are mo… https://t.co/fzQetB8Lhx
RT @girlsreallyrule: Billy Graham was a man who claimed to preach the word of God while espousing severely homophobic views that were cr… https://t.co/mgRkj5x4AP
For nurses, sexual harassment from patients is 'par for the course' - NBC News https://t.co/XX9iGsgwgC
You in danger .@realDonaldTrump https://t.co/SBYGU48b9t
RT @aletweetsnews: @juskurius look here: https://t.co/GdSk2XzXyF
That’s correct https://t.co/qMHG4TO6fJ
RT @JaymayAllDay: @986 @aletweetsnews @AP And in case anyone was wondering, every single "Nay" vote was from a Republican.
RT @986: @aletweetsnews @AP Take a look at the roll call https://t.co/Q8E7geour7
RT @aletweetsnews: .@AP photo of Parkland students watching as the Florida House rejected another attempt at banning assault rifles. https://t.co/iTX9tvRJIO
RT @JaclynCorin: Locked in a meeting with Governor Rick Scott tomorrow
Sounds like Jack could use some #thoughtsandprayers https://t.co/FIbtvLZArz
I hope all these folks are ok with getting thoughts and prayers instead of donations to their campaigns this year.… https://t.co/j7OIeF6Aj4
Cause all that’s really needed is thoughts and prayers. https://t.co/pS6nj1W8un
RT @Ange_Amene: If I'm being honest with myself I completely and utterly resent Bernie Sanders for the fact that I now have to go t… https://t.co/bmavce6TPo
RT @Amy_Siskind: Still don’t get why our media waits so breathlessly for these press briefings - they’re nothing more than state pro… https://t.co/1ap6rQGJez
RT @A__Stout: The USA is NOT—and NEVER WAS—a CHRISTIAN NATION. (I'm Canadian and I know your own history better than you do!) https://t.co/KBp6BRH8Tf
Trump accuser keeps telling her story, hoping someone will finally listen - The Washington Post https://t.co/xF4yEOUlHI
Trump spent the weekend tweeting about Russia. He lied, a lot. - Vox https://t.co/CqNBYJcZ9M
RT @TinaMorphis: Just remember Russia's Attack on the US would not have been nearly as successful if not for the Media joining in on… https://t.co/IUlc90yi2B
RT @Amy_Siskind: While the students are protesting at the White House, Trump is golfing at one of his clubs in Florida. https://t.co/ss8Fa8J8ri
RT @Shaker_aphra: You wanted to be a big player in national politics, Senator Sanders. You wanted to be president. You can't just blo… https://t.co/z7xK3hAtvE
RT @SassBaller: Happy President’s Day to the legitimate 45th president of the US! #presidentsday2018 https://t.co/zUUpF9hvs2
RT @ReproRights: A new bill in Arizona would force doctors to take women through a checklist of reasons for an abortion before getti… https://t.co/YQbmNcAmfp
RT @wokeluisa: In case you missed: Hillary Clinton is the rightfully elected President of the United States. Period #PresidentsDay2018
Give em Hill!! https://t.co/pNtZKLOP01
RT @dansinker: Proper amount of days to wait to golf after children are slaughtered is two. https://t.co/dguEID5PTi
RT @tedlieu: The forced internment of over 100, 000 Japanese Americans is one of the most disgraceful chapters in American histor… https://t.co/maO04MrLES
RT @francismmaxwell: The fuck are you talking about, when a police officer shoots an unarmed black man you blame the unarmed black man. https://t.co/3joWfOYeWz
RT @metalkfoodie: On Presidents Day I want to thank the #PeoplesPresident @HillaryClinton for inspiring us to never give up and alway… https://t.co/ANbf9ONavE
RT @samstein: again, this man is doing more than some FEMA contractors. Also, it’s an absolute scandal that they’re without power… https://t.co/5NxjnUf9hd
RT @LizMair: I actually agree it should be illegal to boil lobsters unless they're killed in a relatively swift and painless fas… https://t.co/JGiQK7U13Q
RT @arionnashank: Happy #PresidentsDay, Hillary Clinton! | 💙 | ❤ | 🇺🇸 https://t.co/dCBotxNSu9
RT @nytimes: One of America's most prominent black CEOs describes for the first time why he broke with President Trump after Cha… https://t.co/gZH92SBQiF
RT @timkaine: In awe of Parkland students like Emma Gonzalez who are speaking out in the wake of the horrific tragedy they experi… https://t.co/MGw2jaakr0
RT @ProudResister: #MarchForOurLives On March 24, 2018, students will rally in Washington D.C and in local communities across the cou… https://t.co/XG0i3wZt6W
RT @sahilkapur: A revealing admission. The animating fear on the right is less about amnesty for lawbreakers, more that they’ll vot… https://t.co/Eec1bddgfv
RT @ezraklein: 9 experts on how to stop Russian interference into our elections. These are things we could do to safeguard our ele… https://t.co/gAqogplWUi
RT @CREWcrew: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s debt increased to between $31 million to $155 million. With those sorts of financi… https://t.co/eEbtFQ0yt5
RT @WendyMalloy: A spectacular day in #Tampa welcoming 100+ new @MomsDemand volunteers to honor the victims and survivors of… https://t.co/XCsk6FxORG
RT @WilDonnelly: New evidence of more Trump lies about Don Jr.'s Trump Tower meeting with Russians. We already knew Trump was friend… https://t.co/tL3egAePz3
RT @SamuelAAdams: Teenagers who were almost murdered four days ago are leading the nation on gun control. The head of Trump’s EPA is afraid to fly coach.
RT @krassenstein: Just a friendly reminder... People with pre-existing mental health conditions have access to firearms but not healthcare..
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: It’s about time “I’ll pray for you” gets the disdain it deserves. For too long, it’s been a socially acceptable fre… https://t.co/IQhaZqwyeD
RT @LiPiZiM: @womensmarch students are already organizing at @studentwalkout #studentwalkout
RT @MAD_Goddess1: @GenControl @scn_widow @mickhargreaves @womensmarch If and when punitive measures are taken against protesting stud… https://t.co/jz2fmMmUPk
RT @TheOnlyKAVIN: @womensmarch Are you communicating with the students and teachers or are you simply taking advantage of this horrib… https://t.co/7sBBOcV2Rf
RT @kwapiskwapis: @womensmarch @AnneLippin This post is not accurate in any way. Students are organizing to walk out on April 20th an… https://t.co/JmflvUm12U
RT @janieqjones: @TheStagmania @womensmarch My first thought was "are they gonna get Bernie to speak at this one too because if so I swear to God"
RT @TheStagmania: @jackjonesbabe @SpinnakerPix @eclecticbrotha @womensmarch Women’s March, Inc is a specific organization created to… https://t.co/oXY1h74ORY
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: I lost a bunch of followers after making fun of Jill Stein today and I’ve gotta say, from the bottom of my heart, good riddance.
Whoa. I'm finding and following this @baratunde https://t.co/bjG489Ppls
RT @funder: Here's Jill Stein on Russia Today, the state-ran tv network in Russia, talking about how she uses the propaganda ch… https://t.co/TFm6BcDwxK
@HillaryWarnedUs Hahahaha. You’re cracking me up. Heh heh heh heh
RT @funder: Here’s Jill Stein trashing the US while in Russia in December of 2015. She attended a Russian propaganda tv gala &… https://t.co/EGhCyeBhAd
RT @Craven7Jessica: @brittontaylor @NRA There's also a good website: https://t.co/C84YewSBq7 that will tell you if any of your $ is in… https://t.co/hor5ddLaa3
RT @NYDailyNews: The FBI is reportedly investigating whether Russian money was funneled through the @NRA to help Trump become Presid… https://t.co/baSbsO9Nwi
RT @DanaBashCNN: —> https://t.co/oRdybwLegh
RT @sarahchad_: One hundred of my classmates and I will be traveling to Tallahassee this Tuesday and wendsday to speak with our sta… https://t.co/YYiN9cwK6b
#Hillaryforspeaker2018 Order. Of. Succession. Y’all. https://t.co/2aUT1AisrR
RT @activist360: ‘You’re here celebrating the death of 17 children’: Literally 48 hours after the Parkland massacre, Paul Ryan hoste… https://t.co/WMImzjhTNP
RT @MollyMcKew: If you want to know what Vladimir Putin is afraid is, it's pretty much the kids from Stoneman Douglas High School:… https://t.co/uKHKCHb6hg
RT @Diane_7A: How many people have to be tragically murdered in a school shooting for President Trump to party all weekend? 17 https://t.co/N1vZBpPcgd
RT @alexburnsNYT: "I will not write another check unless they all support a ban on assault weapons" Bush family stalwart, who has gi… https://t.co/hGi3A2idcj
So what are we gonna do about it? #Hillaryforspeaker2018 Order. Of. Succession. Y'all https://t.co/F3ziUJQ1nr
RT @kenchengcomedy: terrorism is one of the only areas where white people do most of the work and get none of the credit
RT @PGourevitch: hard fact is that even in America gun control works and standing in its way is legislative mass murder:… https://t.co/FnXTSShxLF
RT @funder: Court Docs: Paul Manafort & Brad Zackson were sued for taking kickbacks from Russia-Ukraine oil deals, and also for… https://t.co/A1nWy7uu7C
RT @sarahchad_: To the politicians saying this isn’t about guns, and that we shouldn’t be discussing this rn: We were literally be… https://t.co/zfQuP4lR4u
RT @K200mph: Cameron Kasky, a student who survived the Parkland school shootings just said in an interview: "There's a section o… https://t.co/Pfdy0nEOPr
To his and our country's detriment @barackobama was/is obsessed with his legacy/ being adored, which led to persist… https://t.co/3M3XAAOS4T
RT @thehill: Trump ambassador pick accused of inappropriate behavior by female employees: report https://t.co/amMUqr5Wwv https://t.co/iqYvMnr8Df
RT @JuddLegum: If gun laws don't work, why don't you hear about mass murders using machine guns anymore? In the 20th century, mac… https://t.co/i4OjkpmFed
RT @RVAwonk: Very sad that the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES doesn't know that there's a difference between the FBI's counterin… https://t.co/db10I8S2LA
RT @Hey_Theist: #Atheism #Atheist https://t.co/2hb4Lkk5sC
RT @EM_RESUS: I'm an ER Doc and don't claim to be a gun violence expert, but looking into the data I've found insufficient eviden… https://t.co/m3U1fLRV1n
RT @riotwomennn: The well-known and public surrogates of Bernie Sanders were some of the most effective advocates of the criminal ac… https://t.co/zKthUCsPic
RT @riotwomennn: Ari: Did you know then that Russia was leaking emails to further divide the Dems? Sanders: Of course we knew. But… https://t.co/C9w8nhFTu8
RT @smittycanada1: @PreetBharara https://t.co/1CzaTxpF9V
RT @justinhendrix: Facebook executive @robjective gave everyone from InfoWars to Brad Parscale to Donald Trump Jr. to the President hi… https://t.co/xh0i8vww2P
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Good point on MSNBC: 13 Russian indictments. With the 9 Russians that were murdered, there may have been more indic… https://t.co/B7NVx6s4Kq
RT @joanwalsh: Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez is a hero. She's calling out Trump and the NRA by name at this rally… https://t.co/njcjHr73yk
RT @tedlieu: Today is #SaturdayMorning. That means we need to ask again: Why does Jared Kushner still have a security clearance?… https://t.co/ciBzyDR908
RT @MamaRose2017: @riotwomennn @mshambleton4 https://t.co/cXmQlQPzqS
RT @riotwomennn: What Hillary Clinton said during that debate is epic. She told America step-by-step what Trump & Putin were up to.… https://t.co/X0rlcVZbsv
RT @riotwomennn: The iconic, historic, epic moment when Putin & his misogynistic puppet Trump were called out during a live debate b… https://t.co/U1zxtgEYEC
RT @BlueGhost40: If anyone tells you there's no evidence trump has any Russian connections, show them this https://t.co/KscPbyjUIq
RT @womensmediacntr: New Yorker investigation into Trump affair finds system of ‘silencing women’ https://t.co/jATxFaHs04
@nevslin Students should align with teachers who are planning a walk out on May Day - Rather than 4/20 - It’s a poo… https://t.co/bP8RCYl7bU
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: Being free from religion is being free from the requirement to HATE other people. Ex-Muslims and Ex-Christians know… https://t.co/h1ZmCvlD7k
RT @rudepundit: Honestly never thought that supporting Hillary Clinton was an act of resistance against Russia, but it sure seems like it was.
RT @tedlieu: If the National Enquirer consulted or coordinated with the Trump campaign on the payment to Karen McDougal, then it… https://t.co/5cu3XGG2ok
RT @selectedwisdom: “So What Did We Learn? Looking Back On 4 Yrs of Russia’s Active Measures” my latest post on the intel failures we s… https://t.co/6GAeppGZiH
RT @sarahchad_: Dear Marco Rubio, As a student who was inside the school while an active shooter was wreaking terror and havoc on… https://t.co/CrIoLaI1LW
RT @RheaButcher: I’m joining whatever political party those kids in Florida just started
RT @stonecold2050: Marco Rubio is getting called out over gun control in the wake of the Florida shooting. Three billboards are parked… https://t.co/oBixWj5IYh
RT @joshgerstein: BREAKING: Special Counsel Mueller's prosecutors level new bank fraud allegations at Manafort, including 'conspiraci… https://t.co/YYvmB4Xuco
@realDonaldTrump Do you plan to meet with Sarah? .@CNN .@andersoncooper .@JoyAnnReid .@joanwalsh .@chrislhayes .… https://t.co/mgTw2ICzqe
So many reasons for Rogue Melania to be sad. This going #2 behind needing friend. https://t.co/PAdvDnVxgh
Love me some REEESEARCH!!! https://t.co/FZQW2sUbxs
RT @SethAbramson: CONCLUSION/ *No one* in the intel community confirms your claim—or Pence's—that the election results weren't affect… https://t.co/obkGSM89v5
Lady Ga-Gawd y’all gotta read this whole thread https://t.co/10ekfqWd2f
RT @SethAbramson: 14/ Mind you, this is separate from Schiller confirming that a Russian in your Moscow entourage offered you prostit… https://t.co/7y6vyxFE3r
.@realDonaldTrump You think you’ve got folks fooled because you haven’t been indicted yet. https://t.co/WEM2WRjC2f
RT @SethAbramson: Mr. Trump, you told the Russians you'd be running for president in Moscow in November 2013—and indeed it was that d… https://t.co/tjls0aUy0O
RT @RVAwonk: Good thread breaking down Mueller's indictment against the Russian-backed Internet Research Agency. https://t.co/YXBrPjoCRz
RT @SarahLerner: All of this to take down a woman.
RT @AriMelber: Mueller indictment lists two candidates that Russian defendants intended to “support” — Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.
RT @brianklaas: Mueller's indictment also talks about some orchestrated Russian attempts to promote Jill Stein, who dined with Puti… https://t.co/qxI2I1KwHZ
RT @MissTallulah2: I love this generation. They shouldn’t have to fight for their own protection this young, but it gives me hope to… https://t.co/dpehG4rhm8
RT @WeNeededHillary: When Bernie Sanders voted to strip funding for gun research - The Boston Globe https://t.co/R2OleFYr6U https://t.co/ZpKrmXcN8F
RT @geokaren: Russia supported Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and Trump. This is outlined in an indictment. Let that sink in.
RT @BetteMidler: THE MENTALLY ILL!! THE SCAPEGOAT RETURNS!! Some men who kill are not mentally ill, they are enraged and out of co… https://t.co/bdG3OKylas
RT @aravosis: Hmm. What is this new Mueller news? https://t.co/M1QIPiCwNp
RT @marcushjohnson: Knowing that the Russians helped Bernie Sanders is going to really hurt his 2020 aspirations especially with the tr… https://t.co/3aOvFehsHY
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Jared Kushner Investors Subpoenaed by U.S. Tax Authorities!
RT @BBCMonitoring: The life of Morgan Tsvangirai was plagued by violence and tragedy thanks to his seemingly tireless opposition to fo… https://t.co/heHVZVQFAB
RT @Jmalewitz: "Advocates for Nassar’s victims can’t believe Michigan State has hired a firm that has been associated with reporte… https://t.co/vjUx65rf7A
RT @wokeluisa: Marco Rubio: "We are monitoring the horrible unfolding situation in Broward County, Florida. Today is that terrible… https://t.co/vyIuJdQOdj
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: "President Donald Trump quietly signed a bill into law rolling back an Obama-era regulation that made it harder for… https://t.co/KYwgTHXPRs
RT @AmandaMarcotte: Note to self: The gun issue, since it provokes anxious masculinity, draws out mansplainers. Don’t engage. Don’t engage.
RT @crampell: Refugee resettlement agencies are preparing to shutter more than 20 offices across the United States and cut back o… https://t.co/o37kam3y8E
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Remember this sit in? House Democrats were protesting for common sense gun legislation. Paul Ryan called this a "… https://t.co/099TCD6bl1
RT @krassenstein: Bill and Melinda Gates say that the Trump budget could lead to millions of global deaths. I take their words over… https://t.co/a2nWaviRmV
RT @EdKrassen: “Donald Trump could not pass an FBI background check or get a security clearance if he worked as staff at the White House.” — Matthew Dowd
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: You will receive a more thorough background check if you adopt a puppy from a shelter than if you purchase a gun. https://t.co/5B0qBwWdcW
RT @jessphoenix2018: Actual studies about actual gun reforms show that if we change things, we'll see fewer gun deaths. #facts #data "… https://t.co/NCECm2MSdS
RT @JonAndJoeInIndy: @alamedamark @CharlesMBlow https://t.co/MVU6CVAfOR
RT @mysteriousrook: A good time to repost @NickKristof amazing NYTimes piece on sensible, small gun regulations. It's the only list I'v… https://t.co/jzqeKkBg6d
RT @pinkheretic: If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes... #atheist https://t.co/8BqSZfmBqX
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: The old joke is the most dangerous place in the world is between Bernie Sanders and a television camera. But guess… https://t.co/VLXDQHzZeP
RT @eclecticbrotha: Maybe a certain senator from Vermont should've passed on the NRA money that jump started his political career so he… https://t.co/7Sq0IxwJil
RT @aauthorsmusic: What if... #CommonSense #GunReformNow #guncontrol https://t.co/HNIa8vgh16
RT @EricBoehlert: btw, the Fla HS today had two armed policemen on duty--doesn't matter, 17 dead
RT @JoyAnnReid: One third of Floridians own guns. One third. Florida is where Stand Your Ground laws were born. Florida politicians… https://t.co/DvPorK87d3
RT @joanwalsh: I want to remind everyone about Virginia 2017: In the 13 races where pro-gun control Democrats squared off against… https://t.co/5IGemcD0Rk
Why the IOC should see Shaun White as a warning sign - CNN https://t.co/HLWVYPZ2OA
RT @peterdaou: How about taking the $30 million for a military parade and using it to help solve the hideous scourge of #gunviolence?
RT @JesseLehrich: I am calling for a total and complete shutdown of assault weapon sales in the United States until our country’s rep… https://t.co/6AvqefLJ8F
RT @VABVOX: Keep telling us there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. One of the most distinct differences is… https://t.co/hwpwE1X0DG
@LJBreedlove @matlyna155 @Trixie_Cats @PatriotDem @bayofarizona @Only4RM @DafnaLinzer @carolelee @mikememoli… https://t.co/ZdCUtwwuNV
RT @bayofarizona: @DafnaLinzer @carolelee @mikememoli @kwelkernbc THE FUCKING WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL HAS NO CLEARANCE
RT @neal_katyal: This story is unbelievable and a must read. The White House Counsel himself and others don’t have permanent high le… https://t.co/SuOgP8aj5X
RT @stopthenutjob: Sorry, we live near Newtown & we're sick & tired of playing footsie with those behind the bloodshed Here, meet the… https://t.co/tPX68WuT63
RT @fawfulfan: That's exactly the point. You can't pray away murders. #GunControlNow https://t.co/ze5K9SK0Wl
RT @LizMair: Dear everyone who thinks this is controversial: You really want to hear from the "among the Neo-Nazis were many goo… https://t.co/Ab5waiOo87
RT @JamieOGrady: This cartoonist deserves an award. https://t.co/GZ6SQZHAJ4
RT @emokidsloveme: The NRA doesn’t have enough money to cover the unbelievable number of lives lost to policies they have pushed. It i… https://t.co/wq1LoVjuis
RT @jilevin: Jared Kushner's Debt Soared By Millions Since Entering White House, Ivanka Trump Financial Disclosure Reveals https://t.co/ii4G4iL7zB
RT @brhodes: This is a democracy. It doesn't have to be like this. We can protect our children.
RT @JasonKander: The leadership of the @NRA has an agenda and it ain’t got a damn thing to do with gun rights. It’s 100% about gun s… https://t.co/q8izwxiQGO
RT @mattyglesias: Okay guys. I’m starting to think that some of the passion Republicans mustered a couple of years back about scrup… https://t.co/TUPGeDiiZs
RT @AKinkhabwala: The NRA says the AR-15 is a hunting rifle. After the AR-15 was used to massacre the innocent at Sandy Hook Elemen… https://t.co/bbG9u91FWC
Let’s not forget @SenSanders entire career built by and for the NRA https://t.co/wpA6lth6gV
RT @rudepundit: 1. Outlaw the assault rifles. 2. Have buybacks. 3. If that doesn't work, confiscate them. 4. If that doesn't wor… https://t.co/VgdplEGCjL
RT @EdKrassen: This is telling: A recent German poll on President Trump's Job Approval: - 9% Approve - 84% Disapprove This is a… https://t.co/fpL5xiX5UV
RT @AlexMohajer: Let me get this straight: Vladimir Putin is now speaking on behalf of - and as an intermediary for - the President… https://t.co/l1Oqu9oHAU
RT @Adaripp: To all those who tweet at me saying that they “hope I fail”, I have failed many times many times in my life. But mo… https://t.co/UqRSVR9nDv
RT @krassenstein: Bill and Melinda Gates say that the Trump budget could lead to millions of global deaths. I take their words over… https://t.co/nfQ9ScMhSJ
RT @RepAdamSchiff: Last year, @TimKaine and I wrote to @POTUS to request the legal justification for the strike in Syria in April 2017… https://t.co/pYNlxQT4p5
RT @sivers: “The opposite of feminism is ignorance.” I like this: https://t.co/faLiR6z5Xm
Freaking love this reply to the woman who said to him “did you even read the article?!?!” Bwhahahah https://t.co/tJ6dCWhpKz
@AndyBCampbell @javeriali @nytimes Oh my lawd Andy. You’re a better man than most.
RT @mmfa: A new lawsuit alleging toxic workplace culture for women at a prominent Wall Street firm includes a gross Fox News… https://t.co/bGzwoT7zIa
RT @_celia_marie_: If Hillary Clinton was a Nazi sympathizer/Nazi, would the @nytimes finally write stories about her supporters?
RT @EdKrassen: BREAKING: A 2nd Federal Court -- this time in NY state -- has ruled that President Trump's termination of DACA is u… https://t.co/VuVsc55CUP
RT @PaulBegala: I ask again: why isn't @realDonaldTrump outraged and concerned and committed to protecting USA from another attack?… https://t.co/OgfhuFxY4G
RT @tedlieu: As a lawyer, I would ask this question when I knew the witness was caught in a lie of her own making. I am going to… https://t.co/RCTV3eZprf
RT @OliviaMesser: This French sexual-assault case is just........... “She was 11 years and 10 months old, so nearly 12 years old. It… https://t.co/wIuyShMvwS
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote Our article "Pennsylvania, How The Hell Did Trump Win" is now published on Medium. https://t.co/qmHqNJJrZw
RT @Reuters: U.N. says @Reuters report on Myanmar massacre demands 'attention, action': https://t.co/Lbb2XPNVE1 Read the investi… https://t.co/KD7gDUFCVa
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote Why is no one asking what States Voter Registration Sites are being targeted right now? Why is no… https://t.co/HJHy02ZVVs
RT @peterdaou: SINCERE QUESTION to @CNN: Why are you doing ANOTHER "Trump supporters support Trump" segment? Especially when you a… https://t.co/ArJXIiH7Un
RT @sarahhollowell: the one Twitter constant is that if there is a woman tweeting "don't do this thing", a guy is in her mentions doing… https://t.co/38wQpIy7hU
RT @voguemagazine: “I would absolutely not go out of my way to meet somebody who I felt has gone out of their way to not only show tha… https://t.co/VHAneNz6ni
RT @docrocktex26: President Trump and accusations of sexual misconduct: The complete list https://t.co/KPdfeW8fsc #AmericanSociopath
RT @StevenBeschloss: He's a self-confessed sexual predator who's proud of his freedom to grab women's genitalia and stare at naked teena… https://t.co/7QFkZcEvpU
RT @Zac_Petkanas: This Newsweek piece is incredible. I had no idea that Rep. Devin Nunes was so close to General Michael Flynn. He… https://t.co/tt5YFjWImm
“It’s not Pie.” https://t.co/aKh2lqUE7l
RT @RogueFirstLady: There concern today USA athletes attemp defect.
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Pennsylvania to require voting machines with paper backup https://t.co/I9l3z0uH4I
RT @Amy_Siskind: It might be interesting for a reporter to dig up why Walmart was so keen to lure away Rachel Brand from the Justice Department.
RT @krassenstein: Just a friendly reminder... People with pre-existing mental health conditions have access to firearms but not healthcare.
RT @JoyAnnReid: Bottom line as confirmed by @tribelaw - Trump has no constitutional authority to bar the release of the Democratic… https://t.co/giQRlGtN2D
@Amy_Siskind I might regret saying something cruel like this, but @maureendowd has always been a waste of good ink… https://t.co/vlXih9WhLI
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: "Bernie would have landed a quadruple axel." https://t.co/XTY5RMTneU
RT @itsmebeccam: Fact: She isn’t going anywhere so y’all should stop wasting your time writing these sexist op-eds. https://t.co/aom8aaNJUl
RT @AdamParkhomenko: What reasons does she have not to believe the women that have come forward with their stories on Trump? https://t.co/ReoCJwyoxL
RT @riotwomennn: Did a divine spirit, the universe, God, energy, fate, Nature or some combo deliver the perfect villian at the right… https://t.co/Rna5n5EEhX
RT @Redpainter1: You know who defends Nazis? Other Nazis. You know who defends traitors? Other traitors. You know who defends chea… https://t.co/CbIEXz712i
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: #KenHam thinks we shouldn’t bother with aliens bcos Jesus didn’t die for aliens and aliens won’t need to hear his g… https://t.co/b91gK8ehWR
RT @Amy_Siskind: This! Every state must operate this way until we get rid of the Trump regime and the stench of Russian interferenc… https://t.co/kNqfTPJTlS
RT @tedlieu: This is a very disturbing article. If in fact Rob Porter's interim security clearance expired on Jan 15 and John Ke… https://t.co/od0KP6v0yJ
RT @everybodyzzmama: There most certainly IS a way to stop it. Quit victimizing women. If you keep your hands & your penis & your nasty… https://t.co/81JALPG3DO
RT @ACLU: For years, the LA County Sheriff's Department has been illegally incarcerating THOUSANDS of immigrants without caus… https://t.co/dzl25uIyFB
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: I was just called a dumbass by a Trump supporter who spelled it dumass.
RT @pplswar: Kansas is taking the whole "dictatorship of the teens" thing pretty seriously. 😆https://t.co/IYpTdlDrNv
RT @GavinNewsom: Wait — does that mean that not standing up is a way of peacefully protesting and expressing your views, @VP? 🤔 https://t.co/arl4M2qjyb
A quote for the AGES y’all!!!! https://t.co/NYZIW3JRMm
RT @Khanoisseur: Kushner (billions in debt to overseas creditors including Chinese-state linked actors) accessing classified materia… https://t.co/Dp3PnVPMZG
RT @tedlieu: I read the #DemocraticMemo and @realDonaldTrump is lying. The memo is: -Not political -Not long (many adults, and… https://t.co/PYyxTpJ5XF
RT @krassenstein: When you lose sleep thinking that Mike Pence may be our next president, remember one thing... Paul Manafort "hand-… https://t.co/wpSFwshl0n
RT @ACLU: 1. Your government spent months trying to prevent an American citizen detained overseas from seeing a lawyer. 2. I… https://t.co/WXfKKGaYhf
RT @BreeNewsome: This man spent $85K of his own money taking out full page ads in newspapers calling for the deaths of five Black an… https://t.co/ZfWW6drILP
“No hate in my holler” march is a window into West Virginia’s political divide https://t.co/gRreHOujQR
RT @krassenstein: Does anyone find it suspicious that a senator who won in Wisconsin in 2016 with 50.2% of the vote, Ron Johnson, is… https://t.co/9sl82GbLy9
RT @TheBaxterBean: PREDATORS TRUMP DEFENDED • Rob Porter • Steve Wynn • Roy Moore • Steve Bannon • Bill O’Reilly • Corey Lewandowski… https://t.co/J7Yq5Us1Gk
RT @rudepundit: Democrats need to gut the Republican Party and throw the bodies into a fire. https://t.co/nkbVVgmKor
RT @Smartassicus: You should probably not be allowed to work with women. https://t.co/CJ6aLk3fLG
RT @PoliticusSarah: ICYMI: Rob Porter And Trump’s Disturbing Pattern Of Surrounding Himself With Men Who Abuse Women… https://t.co/63YlYtUwMk
RT @Amy_Siskind: A story broke today that the DHS cybersecurity chief said Russia hacked into US voters systems in the 2016 election… https://t.co/oTlJ9ItED3
RT @itsmebeccam: Who is going to stand up & say what happened to Hillary was unacceptable? Who isn't going to normalize it? That person gets my vote in 2020.
RT @AdamParkhomenko: reminder from the woman that a majority of Americans voted for to be President of the United States. https://t.co/7dMmQQOdln
RT @itsmebeccam: What happened to Hillary is bigger than Hillary. Some still don't get this. Normalizing what happened to her is dangerous for women.
RT @itsmebeccam: To all the little girls who had to witness a qualified woman with a big dream be ripped apart and shooed away, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
RT @itsmebeccam: The comments made by Schumer, Biden, Sanders, and the like play right into the narratives that helped Trump win. It's unacceptable.
RT @tedlieu: Dear @POTUS: If you want to honor our troops, here are things more useful than an expensive #militaryparade: -Have… https://t.co/Y2NdFaYdjw
RT @SethAbramson: Americans don't do North Korea-style military parades. And we shouldn't start now. It's not who we are.
RT @Jezebel: Here's audio of Quentin Tarantino defending Roman Polanski: 13-year-old girl "wanted to have it" https://t.co/4qkNpbnAVM
RT @SethAbramson: I wonder if Trump and his lawyers realize that—should Mueller subpoena the president—Trump CAN plead the Fifth to a… https://t.co/SZZNliB5mF
RT @RogueFirstLady: Him want rockets, tanks, artillery, jets flyover and the goose stepping. https://t.co/u1TimVh9iW
RT @peterdaou: I really don't know what to say about this. https://t.co/okUIKLKgky
RT @funder: Story of the day: The Russian lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. during last year’s election campaign says he offered… https://t.co/lX03MPEV4Y
RT @FSCDems: #RELEASE: At Hearing with @USTreasury Secretary #Mnuchin, Ranking Member @RepMaxineWaters Presses on #Russia Sancti… https://t.co/oXCOIEuiPS
RT @costareports: Sec. @HillaryClinton attended a book party tonight in Washington for Lanny Davis, whose latest book takes on Comey’… https://t.co/StORVZZIo4
RT @SethAbramson: 40/ From the excellent @NatashaBertrand and her article in The Atlantic (https://t.co/C20f20fyxA): https://t.co/Awo4IQTDsW
RT @SethAbramson: 29/ Kata Sarka's story—told before the Steele dossier came out—confirms Trump is lying about how careful he was (as… https://t.co/9rsqlG4iQN
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) We now know that there's a *second* memo—one members of the media and law enforcement have seen—that alleg… https://t.co/p7InqDt9VM
RT @tedlieu: Dear @realDonaldTrump: I served on active duty in the US military to give people the right to clap when the Preside… https://t.co/hp0WNSTEFT
RT @lrozen: (paper now owned by wynn's fellow vegas/macau casino mogul sheldon adelson) https://t.co/JV68snHV6k
RT @kylegriffin1: Randy Bryce, Paul Ryan’s Democratic challenger, asked for $1.50 donations to show opposition to Ryan after his $1.5… https://t.co/Sq5vXIOrzk
RT @sjhawkwood: @JohnCleese That’s definitely the slogan of both conservatives & evangelicals. Projectionism is their favorite spor… https://t.co/aRZJ0hEiNg
RT @JohnCleese: One should never forget the first principle of the old KGB " Always accuse your enemy of exactly what you are doing "
RT @jilevin: Old allegations against Steve Wynn should raise new questions for the RNC https://t.co/Bqsgvswi6M
RT @EricHaywood: “Angry mob” vs. “rowdy” 🤔🤔🤔 https://t.co/6cdHAaAA2i
RT @funder: .@SpeakerRyan-Can you explain to the American people why a Trump campaign advisor, who met with the Russian governm… https://t.co/BdKPdM6QaT
RT @ABoettgerArt: I just gave my $1.50 a week for 52 weeks to @IronStache thanks for the motivation and for your complete lack of awa… https://t.co/HmElbJmmMX
RT @RogueFirstLady: I glad we not get puppy because if had one this morning The Donald kick it.
RT @Amy_Siskind: Please do a team boycott! “No, I'm not going to the White House. Are you kidding me?" https://t.co/8gb4CPDRRh
RT @HillaryPix: U.S. Secretary of State @HillaryClinton smiles at a traveling reporter during a news conference at the Foreign Mini… https://t.co/K5mP9RU50A
RT @Amy_Siskind: Hey #Eagles - I hope every last one of you boycotts @realDonaldTrump's invitation for a White House visit.
RT @funder: NEW: I just found this video of Carter Page in Moscow, Russia speaking in support of Vladimir Putin, while working… https://t.co/GYRdSBdinE
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Breaking: @funder has found this video of Carter Page you must stop what you are doing and watch right now. https://t.co/75T9rAltSs
RT @jilevin: Fun fact (well not so fun if you think about it...) https://t.co/e9BzYOiC60
RT @thehill: Record number of scientists running for office in 2018 https://t.co/P7WLlTYZiU https://t.co/6MyDG6zi4p
RT @JemiSHaaaZzz: Here's a visual reminder of what Ruby Bridges faced every day and why what she did was so powerful.… https://t.co/pgBIK3CwNG
RT @ACLU: ICE is running amok. https://t.co/aBWprWK3pW
RT @docrocktex26: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his… https://t.co/zMkf38kmr1
RT @kylegriffin1: A former lobbyist for the corn syrup and snack food industries is now helping set USDA dietary guidelines for the T… https://t.co/W7Hw103hek
RT @JSavoly: What was Russia's real impact on the 2016 election? #TrumpRussiaCollusion https://t.co/wVlVOJs281
RT @EricBoehlert: It's like he's purposefully trying to damage US security https://t.co/zUFU7NqdUr
RT @JuddLegum: Carter Page is an upstanding American citizen who was only subject to surveillance because he was railroaded by a c… https://t.co/5NHEC7O2Jg
RT @SethAbramson: The greatest challenge the rule of law in any country can face is bringing to justice its most powerful man. I h… https://t.co/mVzfuPaa7y
RT @funder: Whatever you do don’t retweet this video I found of Donald Trump Jr saying he’s “been to Russia many times” & sayin… https://t.co/0Kb7KAi2aX
RT @lrozen: Army doctor at gym today said he had gotten email informing him he may be sent to Korea in April, ostensibly for th… https://t.co/ySAFqlolke
Then you’re a hero. https://t.co/YDbHlO7uqL
RT @PaulBegala: I'm no expert on optics, but this doesn't look good. https://t.co/RW99u8QVFx
RT @AdamParkhomenko: News: Everyone in Devin Nunes’ district is talking about how we met our goal of 15, 000 new twitter followers for… https://t.co/jBzU59Punj
RT @tedlieu: Today is Super Bowl Sunday. That means we all need to ask again: Why does Jared Kushner still have a security clear… https://t.co/91Oa6cWaVw
RT @Amy_Siskind: Gonna keep saying: watch Deutsche Bank and Cambridge Analytica in the Trump-Russia probe. We know publicly the ti… https://t.co/U6sU9q4KpL
RT @greenhousenyt: .@ThePlumLineGS--The hugely skewed Nunes report and President Trump's rush to release it carry some “very ominous e… https://t.co/A4EDaaJQTp
RT @JuddLegum: Paul Ryan does not want you to see this tweet. But it is a very important tweet that everyone should see even thoug… https://t.co/Wk0q0UHBwn
RT @KaniJJackson: Your memo is so dumb it failed to graduate from Trump University. #YoMemoJokes
RT @lorkiklen1: Yo Memo so embarrassing it makes Mexico want to pay for the Wall. #YoMemoJokes
Yo Memo so small it won’t even cover your yearly Costco membership #YoMemoJokes https://t.co/SF8pTPLYpu
RT @TheSWPrincess: #YoMemo so fake Donald Trump put it on top of his head this morning. #YoMemoJokes https://t.co/5qqSSV9iCy
@AP BREAKING: Pat Robertson responds to news of Pat Robertson’s stroke: “Pat Robertson is a feminist, socialist, an… https://t.co/5Nb5LYfyXD
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa https://t.co/mmVxMRVfCR
RT @realFireNunes: Out at the Rally for Truth - Nunes must go!!! Fresno CA https://t.co/8eEpZHOZdf
RT @BuzzFeedBen: ICE Says It Separated Immigrant Father From Infant Son Because He Couldn't Prove Relationship https://t.co/HIJMAhpdz2 via @aflores
RT @MatthewWolfff: Yo’ memo so fake, Sheriff Clarke pinning it on his Uniform! #YoMemoJokes https://t.co/vVvWQQx5eF
RT @Amy_Siskind: It needs to be said: Donald Trump was put into office with the knowing help of a foreign enemy who sought to weake… https://t.co/s9wYAFgLqr
RT @robreiner: It’s one thing to steal people’s money by not paying contractors or defrauding people through Trump University, but… https://t.co/m0x0lHEhWi
RT @activist360: What brave, patriotic Republican will have the courage to finally say to Trump what is long overdue? "Until this m… https://t.co/9jfEAGmwDM
RT @JoyAnnReid: Nunes’ hyped up memo was so lame, #YoMemoJokes is now a thing that’s happening. Hannity’s head must be an entire fi… https://t.co/zh6zbTM7tV
RT @wickedatMLT: @Chooglin1 @DennisSlack5 @4030lisa @JChengWSJ Trump-Kushner Crime Family
RT @Chooglin1: @DennisSlack5 @4030lisa @JChengWSJ They are no longer a political party. They are instead, an organized crime syndicate.
RT @EricBoehlert: and guess what, she hit the NYT for sitting on the Russia dossier, which **they had during the campaign** and while… https://t.co/JBijDTeVGl
RT @HRC: 1/ BREAKING: The @GOP approved a resolution that supports @realDonaldTrump’s discriminatory trans military ban. The… https://t.co/trHlg2knaP
RT @dailykos: Following public backlash, ICE releases Dreamer they arrested at a traffic court https://t.co/mIhRZP4PzK
RT @rudepundit: Wait, seriously, that's the damn memo? That the FBI got info from a source so they investigated? 'Cause that's all it says.
BREAKING: Humane Society changes its name to INHUMANE Society #inhumanesociety #buthelikespuppies https://t.co/xvxHd3NqMm
BREAKING: Humane Society offers stern warning to anyone who asks the Society to be Humane. https://t.co/xvxHd3NqMm
RT @bradheath: The astounding thing about this story is that the president is in charge of the U.S. national security apparatus, i… https://t.co/osucDxOqHH
RT @ZaibatsuNews: Rachel Maddow may have discovered the legal defense fund for Trump staffers caught up in the Russia probes… https://t.co/FEp24K3QAc
RT @smartflexin: “No emissions after conception and none until the mother has finished breastfeeding - ejaculation is for inducing p… https://t.co/nZ9WdMVKUx
RT @Khanoisseur: @VP Pence forgot to mention that bonuses are tax deductible for employers. So not only does Wal-Mart’s very wealthy… https://t.co/E3KZ5wBk22
RT @JesseLehrich: David Brooks should've taken like 10 minutes to learn why some women get abortions after 20 weeks before writing th… https://t.co/EqXgaz5S2X
RT @kcpirana: @tedlieu @LCARS_TechGuy Leak the minority memo. In fact, leak/release it all - Trump's memo, the Dems', Trump's Tax… https://t.co/41KFSShtG1
RT @THR: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Investigators open up about their findings as they look into the actress' mysterious d… https://t.co/i7llhNUojD
RT @A80466758: How does this fucking double standard still exist? CURRENTLY nytimes still employs Glenn Thrush, and Haberman is s… https://t.co/r6Yriua74i
RT @CBCNews: A mocking "Hurt Feelings Report" left in the mailboxes of female employees exemplifies the sexist, toxic culture at… https://t.co/w2NZJBINJp
RT @funder: LIVE: Protesters have assembled at the gates of the GOP retreat #TheResistance #RemoveNunes https://t.co/n8KsvcnkiC
RT @RVAwonk: Umm... Don Jr. seems to have just accidentally admitted that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe didn’t resign — he w… https://t.co/27EfHSaRub
RT @RogueFirstLady: When FBI investigated Hillary, she crooked. When FBI investigate The Donald, FBI crooked.
RT @thompowers: DIRTY MONEY, exec prod by @alexgibneyfilm, "is an enthralling take on cons and corporate malfeasance, from money la… https://t.co/1wLWgdhzDm
RT @lrozen: take some time to read this transcript. it is frightening. the constitutional crisis is already well underway https://t.co/u4VZxLYxBN
RT @rabiasquared: I'm a fucking immigration lawyer. https://t.co/1oyJtSS4tZ
RT @krassenstein: Dear Hope Hicks What's more important? Loyalty to a man-child who would throw you under the bus in a second, or y… https://t.co/TmEspGT3VG
RT @AdamParkhomenko: https://t.co/MX5DeEK9RW
RT @AdamParkhomenko: who could have predicted any of this https://t.co/fI0cj41jQx
RT @empathywarrior: I'm thinking about all the survivors who have tried to hold institutions accountable for sexual violence and who ha… https://t.co/cmONqXLFg2
RT @TomthunkitsMind: Ex-FBI special agent: “There is a lot of anger in the FBI (the entire intelligence community, for that matter) over… https://t.co/isSd3d6uqV
RT @a35362: With Cleveland Indians to Drop Racist Logo, Eyes on Washington 'Redskins' - https://t.co/pxMmBy6dfR https://t.co/gJTLFauujA
RT @washingtonpost: Opinion: Trump’s night of intense gaslighting https://t.co/lFnUSUa2ap
@TinaMorphis Thank you for this great post. And reminding us that gas lighters come in all stripes. @SenSanders goo… https://t.co/u2Nw9Ciitt
RT @TinaMorphis: I have written about @ealDonaldTrump gaslighting before, but I'm going to write about the 11 signs again, just so p… https://t.co/Cp36yh2Wdc
RT @Only4RM: #SpoilerAlert: @SenSanders @BernieSanders is NOT the immigration / DREAMer savior some people are hoping he is. https://t.co/Mhbg2tqO7D
RT @TPM: Report: FBI director Wray told White House that Nunes memo contains inaccuracies https://t.co/yPZVCqOs5F https://t.co/Kg3rL6jWty
RT @PersianRose1: It looks really silly when feminists follow the religious instructions of a misogynistic man who thinks women are w… https://t.co/wt33UJCda5
RT @PersianRose1: I know the mullahs trick the unsuspecting female visiting politicians by saying "it's the local law" but according… https://t.co/Jlrt0yiAYn
RT @krassenstein: Remember Mark Corallo from the "Fire and Fury" book? He's the former spokesman for President Donald Trump’s legal… https://t.co/LReixZRPKm
RT @pretareporter: Women in Black: Congressional Democrats make powerful statement for #MeToo movement: https://t.co/SmdAv9MhJE https://t.co/vYzA4RbrUo
RT @ZackBornstein: I wonder who's right in the abortion debate: A handful of old men who benefit from us being mad at each other, OR t… https://t.co/QfLnaM9vWk
RT @SenGillibrand: I voted against the 20-week abortion ban. This bill was nothing more than another attempt by Republicans in Congres… https://t.co/WvcuWopPqp
Guess who feels like an asshole? #SOTU #SOTUBLACKOUT #SOTUResponse #SOTU2018 https://t.co/OMTE8QOGSM
RT @HillaryClinton: I wrote a Facebook post about a decision I made 10 years ago, what’s changed, & on an issue you didn’t hear a singl… https://t.co/g26PP5U8qJ
RT @kylegriffin1: Trump seems to have borrowed the catchphrase for his first State of the Union — a “New American Moment” — from an u… https://t.co/tl2P28JAmn
Check this fact. https://t.co/9O7u4JGrf4
RT @OfficialCBC: Many of our members attended the #SOTU to stare racism in the face. Both those who attended & those who didn't wore… https://t.co/qPVhK1izfj
RT @TVietor08: I thought Trump's "New American Moment" SOTU line sounded familiar. Sure enough, here it is in a 2010 speech by… https://t.co/pHRZwA5e6p
RT @krassenstein: Anyone catch this? Melania Trump failed to stand with everyone else when Trump stated: "In America we know that… https://t.co/OSl9bCfxho
RT @SethAbramson: 3/ SOURCE: https://t.co/0a8kN7eMEs
It's reports like this that send him over the EDGE. HIGH-larious. https://t.co/Ea5f1QZgYe
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) It's time to tell the biggest untold story of the 2016 election: how a cadre of pro-Trump FBI agents and i… https://t.co/UT9hDTaQAE
RT @GWillowWilson: It's a mistake to think a dictatorship feels intrinsically different on a day-to-day basis than a democracy does. I… https://t.co/h1KU3bb1E8
I try not to curse on here too much. But this guy is just a piece of shit. https://t.co/WxfQoF2Osn
RT @krassenstein: Wake Up America!! Devin Nunes was on the Trump Transition team. The Transition team is currently under investigat… https://t.co/N0lV98z2yC
RT @PreetBharara: Protect Mueller
RT @AdamParkhomenko: @PreetBharara https://t.co/GpQt7G5ns8 - If you are in Washington, 8 PM EDT Tuesday. https://t.co/m3Q1l9HKOt
RT @AdamParkhomenko: What the hell are all these guys like Nunes hiding? Don’t let off. There’s no memo that says Democrats have to be p… https://t.co/YOIIPv9u5l
RT @krassenstein: Make no mistake about it. President Trump has officially breached the Constitution of the United States of America… https://t.co/bALoP87Yg1
.@mikefarb1 .@SethAbramson .@Khanoisseur Look at @Monilopez827 post in this thread. Gary Johnson was the third larg… https://t.co/ErjFl0vQU8
@Monilopez827 @IgiturOne @mikefarb1 Oh. Look at #3.
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote And here is everything you need to know. They gave him the Presidency. He has been paying back the… https://t.co/w7JZ8mi7wg
RT @tedlieu: THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. @realDonaldTrump is thwarting the bipartisan will of Congress. Also, what does Putin have… https://t.co/XNkDRyqJL5
RT @cmclymer: Canada: “Sorry.” Australia: “No worries, Mate.” U.S.: *inexplicably eats fistful of crayons* https://t.co/M2QzI4EWk7
RT @Amy_Siskind: We are watching a train wreck in slow motion: McCabe today and likely Rosenstein next and Mueller thereafter. On t… https://t.co/EbZptfqprm
RT @SethAbramson: PLEASE RT: The nation is on alert for Trump firing Acting AG Rod Rosenstein—a prelude to blocking progress in the M… https://t.co/imuBMSKMkf
RT @DemWrite: ‼️ Get your marching shoes ready. Rapid response marches now officially will occur if EITHER Mueller OR *Rosenstein… https://t.co/crgeMQHtbV
RT @SethAbramson: BREAKING: All indications are that Trump—via agents in Congress—has forced the retirement of a key witness against… https://t.co/rwOFJoH3Sq
RT @AlGiordano: I'm guessing that the proposed "conditions" included no mention of the grand jury on the Burlington College bank fr… https://t.co/5bQdyJWZHa
RT @marcushjohnson: After Bernie couldn't set the conditions for an interview (to try and avoid talking about his wife's FBI investigat… https://t.co/K9MyTFgCVB
This is an incredible idea! https://t.co/cYQzZAXpWl
RT @ClapGod: If a gay teacher can teach my kid the difference between they're, their, and there, I'm good. https://t.co/yczFcx7bdR
RT @mmpadellan: A message to @realDonaldTrump: We, The People, who you are duty-bound to serve whether you like it or not, have Ro… https://t.co/2D2WyU175R
RT @rudepundit: Sorry, but I can't get behind anti-Trump conservatives like Bill Kristol or Jennifer Rubin until they apologize for… https://t.co/T7Cw1LHnAS
RT @MrDane1982: What economic policy has Donald Trump passed since January 2017 that helped propel the Black unemployment to drop d… https://t.co/fXBsQkRBvW
RT @FiveThirtyEight: This map is drawn to maximize the number of districts that usually vote Republican — seats where a R has greater th… https://t.co/cxmcKgMP5B
wha...WHAT?!?! Good God. Another feminist icon bites the dust. https://t.co/ths8zDKoBF
RT @ananavarro: Ted Cruz is the son of a Cuban immigrant. But maybe when Cruz looks in the mirror, he sees a Norwegian. 🤷🏻‍♀️ https://t.co/VN0cLISsZ8
RT @fakedansavage: We asked some sane people and we asked some fucking morons. https://t.co/HDmfduDie6
RT @krassenstein: Facebook has told Congress that Russian agents created 129 U.S. election events on their platform Facebook said th… https://t.co/KvZiICoN5s
RT @HawkfanM: @Dan__McClure @RunninGirrL @NicoleEggert @07SilverSpyder @ScottBaio 😂 nailed it, if she was gonna make this shit up… https://t.co/jUgRXizvCK
@RunninGirrL @HAWofPA @NicoleEggert @07SilverSpyder @ScottBaio Lol - and I just looked at your profile, Lisa - you… https://t.co/QqrGGcPnAg
@RunninGirrL @HAWofPA @NicoleEggert @07SilverSpyder @ScottBaio Lisa, your arguments are STALE, girrl. Go ahead and… https://t.co/ogGfK3LnW9
RT @Lee_in_Iowa: And also just to clarify, Zogby is the SANDERS guy who is on here telling us actual lifelong DEMOCRATS to step asid… https://t.co/JJj1tS5dRy
RT @EricBoehlert: this is how NYT frames retirement of one of the most important progressive DC leaders of the last quarter century https://t.co/GNFTzlC2Bt
RT @ClaraJeffery: This story is fascinating and the interactive elements of the scroll are super cool. https://t.co/IK3YyzOkZz
RT @sarahkendzior: I have a chapter in a new political anthropology volume on emotion and state power. I wrote about paranoia, surveil… https://t.co/HKUAauSawP
RT @MarisaKabas: joe biden, john kerry and bernie sanders walk into a bar. i lock them inside. forever. oh, sorry this wasn’t a joke setup.
RT @MrDane1982: End of an era.... Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards will step down as the group’s leader.  Run for office!
RT @krassenstein: Trump's useless $25 Billion Wall could instead pay for any of the following: - Hire 35, 000 full-time teachers for… https://t.co/PgnHAmLII3
RT @AlexMohajer: A message "to all the activist bitches supporting bitches" by the inimitable @HillaryClinton. https://t.co/fnUfsJnUN4
RT @kimmie8264: Boycott the SOTU address https://t.co/ixaoFP5tTI @MoveOn #Demforce #TheResistance
RT @AlexaLisitza: Your MCM is the grandson of Hispanic immigrants but doesn’t support DACA. He’s 47 and his real name isn’t even Ted.… https://t.co/EDcEcHMfMq
RT @MDBlanchfield: Opinion | I Was Tortured in Gay Conversion Therapy. And It’s Still Legal in 41 States. - The New York Times https://t.co/Kg6uFCftg7
RT @funder: .@SpeakerRyan-You need to launch a Congressional probe into the 20 allegations of sexual assault against Donald Tru… https://t.co/jT1ecJ9Ot1
RT @kylegriffin1: Steve Wynn, one of the most powerful men in Las Vegas and a man who Trump has called a “great friend, ” engaged in a… https://t.co/uLz1M1xJUm
RT @RVAwonk: Trump just got booed when he talked about the "dishonest" and "fake" press at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
RT @a35362: Analysis | Trump's handling of the Russia investigation has never looked more like a coverup https://t.co/qrZwnLlD7S
RT @Rosie: there he is - North America https://t.co/TiGjNcyWKM
RT @paleofuture: This photo of Trump heading to Davos should be his new official portrait https://t.co/RYBqS2zuFY
RT @Khanoisseur: Photographer Simon Edelman who shared pics of Rick Perry getting a memo from coal baron Bob Murray was fired and is… https://t.co/PuSwvuBaVj
RT @PeterAlexander: NEW: Nikki Haley presses Arab leaders to step up in peace process, asking: "Where is the Palestinian Anwar Sadat?"… https://t.co/kXsJ60UiCu
@iamAtheistGirl You actually just ruined his life plan.
RT @joanwalsh: Whoa Robert Ray is a horrific GOP partisan and a rank sexist. Thanks @donlemon for letting Laura Coates speak.
RT @issyelliot: Why don't the Republicans who want the border wall just start a GoFundMe. And if you donate more than $100 you ge… https://t.co/nmIKyOpk7G
RT @CrisAlexJimenez: Trump's plan to protect young ppl from deportation includes separation of families & nativist policies. Let me be v… https://t.co/i5FoIG3l3x
RT @joanwalsh: Yes @donlemon goes to break as Robert Ray continues to insult and filibuster other guests. That was breathtaking.
RT @krassenstein: Yesterday Trump Admitted to not caring if Russians infiltrated his campaign, and no one even noticed: Direct Quo… https://t.co/Xzk1fK6Yn0
RT @tedlieu: News that @realDonaldTrump ordered the firing of Mueller emphatically shows CONSCIOUSNESS OF GUILT. https://t.co/4yUgdM4OGt
RT @MrDane1982: When Mueller is done with Trump, Pence and the Administration. Either give Hillary Clinton the presidency or she s… https://t.co/pqhlhWGXx3
RT @sarahkendzior: Trump has confessed to obstruction of justice at least twice -- on TV and on Twitter. Secondhand reports are intere… https://t.co/GjS5iYWgH9
RT @RogueFirstLady: I have best anniversary ever.
Are you KIDDING ME?! https://t.co/wlBVXupEe6
RT @AsperGirl: The people who sold out Dreamers were the millions of Bernie voters who voted Trump, 3rd party, or sat home after s… https://t.co/00KadQ3ocA
RT @MrDane1982: If Bernie Sanders think Democrats running against him will not go after him unlike Hillary Clinton style, then he's… https://t.co/dpiEgGxhTP
RT @DearAuntCrabby: To the members of the Secret Society. Tonight's meeting will be held at Walt Disney World in the Hall of Presidents… https://t.co/IejxusSGMs
RT @RogueFirstLady: Good morning. Today I sneak to NY for secret meeting of own self maybe.
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Wisconsin Republicans Have Abruptly Decided To Oust Top State Elections And Ethics Officials. Note that… https://t.co/kV2lw0ww2u
RT @vstrvlprojected: I just found the greatest video ever https://t.co/khmHaUTeVC
C’mon y’all. Send a message, and you don’t even have to get arrested. https://t.co/7y8PZtDYG8
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) On November 4, 2016—96 hours before the presidential election—Trump advisor Erik Prince went on a radio ne… https://t.co/5EuowPhsCv
RT @Alt_FedEmployee: I guess the GOP realized their thoughts & prayers were useless, so they are trying a new tactic called "completely… https://t.co/UGJxTAziJH
RT @irishrygirl: Nothing says true Christian like cheating on wife #1 and getting wife #2 pregnant while still married to #1, then c… https://t.co/I49twhRCcn
RT @SethAbramson: I want to be clear: I worked with law enforcement for years, and had great respect for those I worked with in the c… https://t.co/Qfn2IMhiJt
RT @JuddLegum: Anti-Mueller narratives that fell apart in last 24 hrs: 1. Texts from two agents deleted to cover up plot against… https://t.co/VIyWcKRtmX
RT @MrDane1982: If you believe Trump is guilty of working with Russia to win the election then you should believe Hillary Clinton s… https://t.co/SfHaVDcrUd
RT @SethAbramson: Not one person in America, Democrat or Republican, doubts this story is true. https://t.co/Z37uoiH4mu
RT @cmclymer: Larry Nassar was forced to listen to the statements of all 168 girls and women he sexually assaulted read out in co… https://t.co/nqS7uesdnX
RT @rudepundit: In one day's news, I keep thinking about how we have failed children. From school shootings to how long Larry Nassa… https://t.co/05EHBKQhoS
RT @MrDane1982: Yes, there's a difference between white Hillary Clinton supporters, Bernie Sanders supporters and Donald Trump Supp… https://t.co/U28ANHRo8j
RT @mmpadellan: Knowing how much of a ratings whore @realDonaldTrump is, wouldn't it be fun if *someone* were to convince him that… https://t.co/zIpHuPydOa
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: More Pope shade... https://t.co/9EJzuMGe4G
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Donald Trump doesn't care about the Pope, he has plenty of guys in white robes who support him.
RT @michaelpfreeman: You go, Michael Steele. https://t.co/cYQGwLH5Xn
RT @NormOrnstein: Tony Perkins doesn’t get another chance. Amoral, revolting opportunist scoundrel. https://t.co/7mE8v6iqjx
RT @CassandraCorvid: Chance the harrassment occurred: 100% https://t.co/h5MsWVKHOn
RT @joncoopertweets: According to latest poll, 53% of Americans believe Trump should resign in the wake of sexual assault allegations by… https://t.co/ucS46pZjLy
RT @Normsmusic: Sex offenders can not live in Government Housing. https://t.co/dVr83i4qx7
RT @Normsmusic: Christian Evangelical Trump supporters: We kind of gave him a pass... Trump payed off porn star #Mulligan 19 women… https://t.co/yoRJeHjpfV
RT @shannonrwatts: The always ghoulish @NRA posted this despite Kentucky school shooting: "You look at the left. You look at the money… https://t.co/BYHKkOrCh7
RT @JSavoly: GOP Rep. Blames Obamacare For Sexual Harassment Allegations 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 https://t.co/S3VhWHdFj7
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: Ironically, being an atheist activist is arguably a Christian thing to do. 😄 Eph 4:25 “Wherefore putting away lyin… https://t.co/QyHClJCl2s
RT @rudepundit: "When is there going to be a point where the citizens of a town or city simply form a human wall against the ICE of… https://t.co/tcXPWbpE57
RT @steve_vladeck: Just so we don’t lose track of the wrong-ness of this (since-deleted) @TuckerCarlson tweet, #SCOTUS has expressly a… https://t.co/ACsBIw2ZW0
RT @PaulBegala: So secret that the FBI director threw the election to Trump. https://t.co/VdR3Ysq4v1
RT @dae_gore: My grandma ain’t give nobody time to wake up good and brush they teeth this morning https://t.co/28ld3tZPhV
RT @rudepundit: The President of the United States is actively lying about and destroying the lives of 2 FBI agents who haven't eve… https://t.co/nRTr5AIWdJ
RT @SkepticNikki: During a disaster, survivors are always quick to say god was looking out for them. What about those who died? Was… https://t.co/UX6izCS6VP
RT @krassenstein: 2 students have been killed, 19 injured at Marshall County High School in Kentucky. It has been 6 Hours since th… https://t.co/4GlXMvRwHW
RT @DearAuntCrabby: You're not selling me, @SenSchumer ... We're fucked. @maddow
#UnpopularOpinion Obama has always suffered from everyone must like me disease. He cared more about his legacy than… https://t.co/JkI0WA91Lv
Yeah!!!!!! Sit on it .@realDonaldTrump https://t.co/qeOPTyhzGq
If you keep it up, you’ll embarrass him enough he won’t come. https://t.co/UEVJZmLKQU
RT @allusblm: "We March, y’all mad. We Sit Down, y’all mad. We Speak Up, y’all mad. We Die, y’all silent." #BlackLivesMatter #USA
RT @allusblm: After 1 Year of Trump, America Is Losing Its Soul... ✊🏽 #USA #TrumpRisign #TrumpShutdown #Resist #MAGA https://t.co/LNux7Qx4qt
Pay attention #resistance https://t.co/kLDDcYxhkM
RT @freedevo_: what did they expect when they went to Africa? No Africans ?!?! https://t.co/tFoGgTdN0T
RT @BravenakBlog: Ha!!! We are still waiting for the truth about the last set of bots from 2016. https://t.co/kSXim75SeY
RT @ABC: NEW: Sen. Feinstein, Rep. Schiff urge Facebook and Twitter to investigate involvement of Russian bots in pushing "R… https://t.co/e82cl0ItZ3
RT @BeachPeanuts: Nice work if you can get it while also outsourcing the presidency* https://t.co/ddjQiRq0Pj
Thank you thank you thank you. https://t.co/I3HABqaGa4
How about we all yank @SenSchumer for even considering funding the wall. #schumerschmumer #trumpshutdown https://t.co/1kBBp4Ko9i
RT @ryanjreilly: Some House Republicans and conservative media outlets are pushing this notion that the FBI texts show a “deep state… https://t.co/emeHOubqZB
.@realDonaldTrump Poor Man’s Dracula want to suck your job away. https://t.co/AEmCuuEoEy
RT @ebpersons: Income inequality is one reason we have an unfit moron in WH and are now a 3rd rate nation. Some women benefit from… https://t.co/3K4MVdLiL0
RT @Rosie: tell us where to donate to every single one of them https://t.co/5ZEF8mOEyl
RT @SethAbramson: A 32 year-old white supremacist now controls the federal budget negotiations. Think about that.
Dear freakin whatever. https://t.co/l1BLBNCYR0
RT @SneakyCatLady: @DyanneWark @gettinnoticedmo Yes, my sister worked as a nurse before Roe v Wade and said D&C is what would be writt… https://t.co/z2X8LxLxZo
RT @Shipulski: @SethAbramson Methinks @ggreenwald should register as a foreign agent.
RT @SethAbramson: Lost 1000 followers over the last two days after this man came after me on Twitter. Now I'm thinking that it might'… https://t.co/hTn1cR7EY2
RT @SethAbramson: BREAKING (VANITY FAIR): Trump, Whose Approval Rating Is in the Mid-30s, Insists to Friends It's "In the High 50s"… https://t.co/6cuM1TtxQh
RT @NateSilver538: The Women's March is probably a more *important* story than the shutdown. It involves less drama/unpredictability, … https://t.co/w5c499fwhl
RT @riotwomennn: Is it true? Did Melania Trump try to join the #WomensMarch2018 https://t.co/OOEIUjH0AN
RT @PaulaCobia: Love this sign in Austin Texas! #WhyIMarch #WomensMarch2018 #MeToo #TimesUP https://t.co/eSjFh4QF4d
RT @JuddLegum: ‘If black, shoot them’: Former Kentucky police chief’s racist Facebook messages revealed https://t.co/haVXeZwGmA
City of Angels... https://t.co/PHdOCWPn9K
RT @JuddLegum: The military should be getting their paychecks but so should all the other federal government workers who do import… https://t.co/e5vY5mLKPt
Couple of Bosses. https://t.co/Cp7uAYrwf2
RT @ABC7Chicago: About 300, 000 people are attending the 2nd Women's March Chicago, exceeding last year, organizers say:… https://t.co/hgzBGtfLM4
RT @RobinBrenizer: #WomensMarch2018 Denver https://t.co/Rh2R4aVFsL
RT @ClareWHarris: You know Vancouverites are mad when they protest Trump in the pouring rain in January! #WomensMarch2018 #cndpoli… https://t.co/fvKqCKhuo8
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: 👇👇👇 Count on it. 👇👇👇 https://t.co/ZjygXCdudh
RT @RobinBrenizer: #WomensMarch2018 Denver https://t.co/ZxoEFcalON
RT @addiebrownlee: #WomensMarch #theResistance #Equality https://t.co/f3QGrXrfft
RT @goldengateblond: Took this at last year’s SF march. One of my favorite photos ever. Forever relevant. #WomensMarch2018 https://t.co/zp9KInDbCD
RT @Nupe117: Blue Wave 2018 #WomensMarchNYC making its way down Sixth Avenue. @realDonaldTrump @cspanwj @CNN @ABC @CBS https://t.co/HNXstNYNia
RT @SkepticNikki: So Jesus is the cure for everything? He's not very good at his job. https://t.co/ZiVxtmZHT2
RT @robreiner: 90% of Americans are in favor of extending the CHIP program. 90% of Americans are in favor of DACA. 90% of American… https://t.co/fyrOrGk4IB
RT @funder: LIVE: #WomensMarch2018 in Manhattan Wow. Absolutely amazing. Republicans should be terrified of Election Day 2018… https://t.co/TMp1XJt05Y
RT @EricBoehlert: WH: we won't even discuss immigration during shutdown--Trump will tweet abt immigration in 7 hrs
Article not so much but HILARIOUS headline https://t.co/3exjUB6oe5
RT @MrDane1982: This is why Hillary Clinton supporters rejected purity politics, it's dangerous, damaging, dismissive. Change, rea… https://t.co/Sgwo93vbAn
RT @MiekeEoyang: Will someone please explain to me how paying off a porn star to not talk about an extramarital affair during which… https://t.co/REPuB4pEV9
RT @MrDane1982: Trump is the 'most pro-life president in American history, ' Pence says Well the record says he's not By killing… https://t.co/nuo1AQt7lP
RT @CREWcrew: Deutsche Bank is investigating suspicious money transfers by Jared Kushner. https://t.co/IakDT2qLBn
RT @tedlieu: Today is Friday. That means we all need to ask again: Why does Jared Kushner still have a security clearance? https://t.co/THSjdXJ4YC
RT @DenbrotS: 7.It was at these series of parties that I personally witnessed the Plaintiff being forced to perform various sexu… https://t.co/1H1akJUUjA
RT @DonnaNoble10th: .@SpeakerRyan said if the Dems force a government shutdown, they’ll prevent things like CHIP being funded. No, yo… https://t.co/lmmBUOAnNk
RT @tedlieu: The resignation of @realDonaldTrump official Carl Higbie is yet another example of the importance of the Free Press… https://t.co/UrACcQRjA8
@realDonaldTrump Always picture John Kelly trying to wrest his phone from his hands saying, “it’s grammar (wrestlin… https://t.co/bogoOfTh3Q
RT @dianelyssa: He is absolutely NOT our best hope. He’s run for President THREE TIMES and hasn’t won the nomination once. He’s to… https://t.co/ZbzmQ2Cws0
RT @dianelyssa: @ joe biden: https://t.co/ZxngqZ4WJC
RT @dianelyssa: Joe Biden also has spent a good portion of his time since leaving the White House talking utter shit about Hillary… https://t.co/mmITm8c0h8
RT @dianelyssa: Joe Biden assisted in the tearing down of a sexual harassment victim, has yet to apologize to her directly, and thi… https://t.co/BZaR65rhnn
RT @dianelyssa: Good to know that Anita Hill smearing, Crime Bill co-authoring, Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself to Save My Life, Joe… https://t.co/4xUUl7lLF9
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) Trump committed Obstruction as to Bannon and Lewandowski, as he did the following WITHOUT invoking privile… https://t.co/5sxGgwVYRn
RT @JordanUhl: UNREAL. @TomCottonAR has sending cease and desist letters to his own constituents. So much for representative demo… https://t.co/fmOl8n0igh
Oh why oh why oh why oh did I ever leave Ohi... oh. Right. https://t.co/31M9YDiq7j
RT @goldengateblond: Really cool of the @nytimes to give them that big platform today, as though there's ever a day we DON'T have to thi… https://t.co/zivCh2hfj2
RT @ananavarro: These are US citizen children, separated from their father. Republicans, this is not “family values”. America, th… https://t.co/RDKT9YyHyy
RT @jilevin: Larry Nassar's rampant sexual abuse was reportedly an open secret at Michigan State https://t.co/cdiKV3KCmD
RT @SLSmith000: 1/ Starting thread over. This thread will analyze Mueller grand jury matters known to the public. It will be gradua… https://t.co/OiSjrBd6zK
RT @SLSmith000: Thread (great job, @Erinlank & @ScottMStedman) ! https://t.co/cdDDmJrxc9
RT @Wonkette: Mueller has ALWAYS been following the money https://t.co/EfFJruzm75
RT @NelStamp: We are trying to get 1000 women to sign up to go through a campaign management training by this Friday:… https://t.co/xkZOhQw4bs
RT @nadabakos: Hungarian Police Have A Warrant Out For Former Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka https://t.co/FyOLkQWQUs
RT @funder: The FBI & Robert Mueller are probing whether a prominent Russian banker with close ties to Russian President Vladim… https://t.co/TuJp66n3eH
RT @HRC: Hi, this is Cristina Jimenez (@CrisAlexJimenez). I’m the executive director and co-founder of @UNITEDWEDREAM, the l… https://t.co/jNNAM3yEJg
RT @MarcACaputo: The problem with congressional shutdown reporting: It must be written But a deal always happens Even if the dea… https://t.co/xmo7mpi6qk
RT @MuellersKnife: Still fresh! https://t.co/bXDjCW5xMD
RT @ScottMStedman: NEW: Maria Katasonova (friend/associate of Konstantin Rykov featured in the music video confessing to hacking) with… https://t.co/ayvvcLuAeg
RT @RachelRMoran: Damaging the emotional and mental health of prostituted women is not enough for Irish punters; their orgasms are wo… https://t.co/PTKxbtRHSu
RT @AidenWolfe: Evangelicals: "Sure, Trump may stand as the antithesis of Jesus's teachings. He may view himself as a god, he may b… https://t.co/P8EXrUyqKj
RT @ericas: Oh hey, I’m in @TeenVogue today encouraging more women to become campaign managers! Women and people of color are t… https://t.co/uv1V72KnqA
RT @funder: #TheResistance ALERT: Trump wants to blame Democrats for a #shutdown, but we won’t let him. This would be a… https://t.co/DT64CVaiLb
RT @awelab1956: @KimH80593422 @addiebrownlee @MSNBC Actually I disagree. He's openly misogynistic. He tore Hillary down, was demean… https://t.co/dXHKsNdEfB
RT @RBReich: Why attend a State of the Union address by a president who has done more to divide America than any president in re… https://t.co/clpZDEYdHm
@MSNBC Hey Ya’ll! Think that press release about firing Chris Matthews is STILL in someone’s outbox. Lol. Won’t tha… https://t.co/OVwimSyuli
RT @EdKrassen: BREAKING: When DHS Sec. Nielsen was asked if Norway was a predominantly "white" country, she answered: "I actually… https://t.co/U2efETME0q
RT @JoyAnnReid: Kudos to the young woman reporter who asked whether Trump still has bone spurs.
Tennessee pastor accused of sexual assault placed on leave of absence https://t.co/DSabkABM46 # via @HuffPostWomen
RT @ironstowe: Reminder: John Gotti was deemed as untouchable, and was nicknamed "The Teflon Don" because prosecutors was never a… https://t.co/O7QOQI5nQn
RT @krassenstein: There are Now 5 US Representatives who have announced their intentions of boycotting Trump's State of the Union Add… https://t.co/KLKV6ev5W5
RT @MrDane1982: Hillary Clinton, turn your camera on and do you own damn rebuttal for State of the Union. Dont ask snd dont wait to… https://t.co/fXxEkhVROt
AAAAND... BABY DOC - SECRET MONEY: How Trump Made Millions Selling Condos To Unknown Buyers https://t.co/lsdCEU2uEs via @ByTomFrank
RT @VABVOX: ▪Your mother was a teenaged maid who fled poverty and barely spoke English. ▪Your first wife was a divorcee who fle… https://t.co/kedadGhCbj
RT @Alyssa_Milano: This morning, on #MLKDay, our president tweeted the phrase “America First”. I would like to draw your attention to… https://t.co/BewhMctIfL
RT @EricBoehlert: dude, it's gonna work everywhere https://t.co/uJ47waXfq8
RT @JoyAnnReid: Rand Paul is on TV right now literally pretending that immigrants come here without a desire to work and that they… https://t.co/dnTLYRkiKI
RT @omarvaid: THIS WON’T FLY: Trump appoints an incompetent 24-year-old as America’s “drug czar, ” an insult to every victim and f… https://t.co/1QmKXnqo7e
RT @SLSmith000: 1/ Let’s examine Dmitry Firtash within the context of his ties to Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort & Trump (This thread wi… https://t.co/pRAXJuCHqD
Not watching. #stateoftheunionofmyass https://t.co/hy5n0jcXAX
RT @JoyAnnReid: Please explain the meritorious aspects of your immigrant mother, paternal grandfather and wife's backgrounds which… https://t.co/nhko9j3T1c
@MSNBC Hey! How’s it going! I think there’s been some weird thing going on with your press releases. Still haven’t… https://t.co/hT3VglwgNX
RT @dianelyssa: Friendly reminder that @MSNBC fired @joanwalsh, a feminist champion, because they apparently couldn’t afford to kee… https://t.co/IAmEPzMjwr
RT @galwayuc: We're waiting, @MSNBC, for you to finally do the right thing and take #ChrisMatthews off the air. https://t.co/G1DFlOgaxk
@MSNBC did we miss the announcement that Chris Matthews has been fired? Please repost. Thanks! #Hardball #HasChrisMatthewsBeenFiredYet
RT @ethorkel: If @MargaretAtwood would like to stop warring amongst women, she should stop declaring war against younger, less po… https://t.co/QzHI6d6Jk4
RT @PenAndDragon: Would like to know who @globeandmail gave Margaret Atwood a national platform to misrepresent the very real critici… https://t.co/9QS8WdT1wt
RT @WordsandGuitar: @MargaretAtwood And in the national news, too. Can you imagine how having you, one of the most celebrated writers i… https://t.co/zUWJzI60AQ
RT @empathywarrior: I wish I knew what to say. I wish people who can readily shift the conversation by publishing a thinkpiece whenever… https://t.co/h1xfqbsLOF
RT @empathywarrior: Atwood calls for the "unproductive squabbling to stop" so we can redirect our focus at UBC. Well, some of us have b… https://t.co/NRknrQulD9
RT @empathywarrior: I've seen THE THINKPIECE. I'm tired. 1. Still not a fucking witch hunt. 2. Atwood hasn't a CLUE about what dealing… https://t.co/IdwsdQVDQL
RT @JulieSLalonde: Look, I’m not taking her bait. The only thing I’ll say about this is if you’re comparing feminist criticism, grou… https://t.co/kK6VoMlzWH
RT @funder: Can we please For the love of God Talk about the 20 women That Trump has raped, sexually assaulted, groped, inap… https://t.co/ND9ollb46A
RT @peterbakernyt: "America is an idea, not a race, ” Graham told Trump. And by the way, the senator added, he himself was a descendant… https://t.co/UlIuruoAaO
RT @funder: Trey Gowdy has resigned from the House Ethics Cmte! REPEAT Trey Gowdy has resigned from the House Ethics Cmte! M… https://t.co/F4pOhzmVoC
RT @SethAbramson: Here's a question for U.S. media to ask Donald Trump: "Did you use *campaign funds* to pay off the women accusing y… https://t.co/H4M03XCb0m
RT @funder: The word “shithole” is being projected onto Trump’s DC hotel. https://t.co/pq0b7b1BEW
RT @SethAbramson: I honestly don't understand why *any* Democrats are attending the State of the Union. How does it honor the office… https://t.co/jciZB3szBJ
RT @sarahkendzior: The only barrier to Trump's susceptibility to blackmail is his total lack of personal shame. He doesn't care if you… https://t.co/Gfh0lb8BmW
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: https://t.co/5WQ2W05CT4
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: https://t.co/RTJSJThrsf
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: https://t.co/o0kzh3X2W7
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: Holy cow! https://t.co/aOUR2cBZmN
RT @LawdCheesyCrust: https://t.co/5248VOoRfI
RT @DrStaceyPatton: The media isn't diverse – and this leads to appalling reporting | Steven Thrasher https://t.co/sUs6CgvMvD
RT @KateMaltby: I wasn’t aware anyone in the #metoo movement was suggesting it’s ok for young women to “use sex to get power”. The… https://t.co/3gDndjmGZf
RT @peterdaou: BITTER VINDICATION: Those of us who consistently called out sexism against Hillary were ridiculed by tut-tutting wh… https://t.co/UiKQsaeFUM
@maddow Waiting for your powerful statement about how you will resign if @MSNBC does not fire Matthews immediately.… https://t.co/L6e85STBlq
@MSNBC Fire this horrific pig NOW. And if we find out you gave him severance so help you. https://t.co/8W4WRrnlFY
RT @AynRandPaulRyan: Chris Matthews, what the fuck were you thinking? And to everyone in the room who laughed, you aren’t much better.… https://t.co/s1LVkASbPZ
RT @ShaunaRDeBono: Chris Matthews joked about giving the most powerful woman in the world a date rape drug. If he isn't immediately fi… https://t.co/zdehr8nKWA
RT @MattGertz: Let's start with this gargantuan compilation in 2008, highlighting Matthews' "history of degrading comments about w… https://t.co/NOarnM0KgQ
RT @dianelyssa: Hillary Rodham Clinton has been a: - 1st Lady of Arkansas - 1st Lady of The United States of America - 2 term NY… https://t.co/lF1e7ajTqO
RT @cmclymer: Chris Matthews literally made a rape joke about the first woman presidential nominee of a major party. OH, WAIT--… https://t.co/6FG7mcNLIs
RT @cmclymer: All the asshole dudes just laughing off-camera when Chris Matthews makes a rape joke instead of calling him out? This is on you, too.
RT @SarahLerner: MSNBC would be better served if they got rid of Chris Matthews & gave that nightly slot to Joy Reid.
RT @MattGertz: In light of the footage of MSNBC's Chris Matthews joking about his "Bill Cosby pill" before an interview with Hilla… https://t.co/HGCAtSrqEr
RT @RogueFirstLady: I like the Stormy Daniels because she keep The Donald busy leaving me alone.
RT @sarahkendzior: I don't care that Trump had consensual sex with a porn star. I care that he's been accused by at least 16 women of… https://t.co/Rh3qxaP19V
RT @KatieELN: @amjoyshow @JoyAnnReid @allinwithchris @MSNBC Joy. Take the Hardball spot. I'm tired of lousy men disappointing me.
RT @CleverTitleTK: So Dan. Let's say Victor Scavino arrives from Canelli, Italy in 1904, then brother Hector in 1905, brother Gildo in… https://t.co/7GbpM088mu
RT @RantingOwl: GUYS. Just now. In gym. *guy approaches two women working out, with flirtatious eyebrows at the ready* Girl 1: UH… https://t.co/SYHvYwgmoG
RT @shannonrwatts: Trump's guide to diversity Africa: Array of shithole countries Haitians: Have AIDS Nigerians: Live in huts Puerto… https://t.co/cl8QbKFGn8
RT @Amy_Siskind: Every Republican silent tonight on Trump’s bigotry should be ashamed. It’s not enough to retire either - if you do… https://t.co/R6tpbdwh5e
RT @SkepticNikki: No one who believes the things #DeepakChopra says should be president of anything. I'm talking to you, #Oprah.
RT @eveewing: The question of Oprah’s “qualifications” to be president is entirely beside the point. The question of why we conti… https://t.co/FerURmtDQv
RT @RedTRaccoon: When you say "I hate to say it", it's time to stop talking. "I hate to say it, was that the African Americans, the… https://t.co/RWOlkcp00s
RT @DearAuntCrabby: What an embarrassment @realDonaldTrump is to the United States. https://t.co/JsmAPptizg
RT @StillLes4Hill: JUST TRUE—There is 1 scenario—& only 1—that would restore US's world standing. Rectify the hijacked election and sw… https://t.co/KNmAjCyeWI
RT @Shakestweetz: 👇🏼This dynamic is so sinister. "Oprah did something another woman couldn't" isn't saying something authentically co… https://t.co/0nq2XCMFVX
RT @ShaunKing: White supremacist aimed to stop an Amtrak train to “kill Black people.” Now imagine how widely told this story wou… https://t.co/UrV90qFJzK
RT @RVAwonk: Today, the Committee to Protect Journalists named Trump the top global “press oppressor, " alongside some of the wor… https://t.co/3MPskQoi90
RT @peterdaou: Understand this: The dominant - and false - narratives that male journalists continue to repeat about Hillary (unin… https://t.co/ErVPJBB2mu
RT @Amy_Siskind: Mr. stable genius and so-called defender of the National Anthem from NFL players, also doesn’t know the words. https://t.co/jT4O0YGlow
I Can’t Believe I Have to Explain Why Oprah Shouldn’t Be President - VICE https://t.co/wpVIu8NkFn
That Oprah! Gettin’ everybody fired up! And that’s all you need to be president! Ask the Bernie Bros! https://t.co/CY4zdy5J4D
RT @oscarmiked: when a man does something well, we congratulate him. when a woman does something well, we drop her in thunderdome t… https://t.co/2P0kKQMst5
RT @sapphicgeek: Victoria and I were in line at Starbucks and witnessed a break up that was amazing. Guy: I don't understand why p… https://t.co/WE1BgOzCMW
RT @RogueFirstLady: I think The Donald should do live Tweet interview with Bob Mueller.
RT @liviapolise: #SwingLeft 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 #FlipTheHouse #Election2018 https://t.co/FglNGmJxOA
RT @waltshaub: @PressSec @RajShah45 Members of congress may want to warn POTUS not to lead his staff to violate these ethics rules… https://t.co/H5IRwagtr7
RT @waltshaub: Hey @PressSec & @RajShah45, Norm is right. If you or *ANY* WH staffers work on this or post it on the WH website, i… https://t.co/Ka7D3YCo6T
RT @NormEisen: WARNING to White House staff: the president may be exempt from the rules at 5 CFR § 2635.701 et seq. on misuse of p… https://t.co/PNL79xWpWR
Please read this important thread https://t.co/U68h3MSiJM
RT @HuffPostEnt: Dylan Farrow hopes #timesup movement won't spare Woody Allen https://t.co/vcme6uL3mJ https://t.co/NCKWJ496ZM
RT @SassyMamainLA: Emma Stone, wearing black, speaking up for #TimesUp and brought an activist to the #GoldenGlobes Emma Stone also… https://t.co/GA982e7oVa
RT @loonybinsblog: umm what's the joke? "look honey, I just made millions from a woody allen movie & I'm wearing an anti sexual harass… https://t.co/WPZrBwhzZo
RT @jessicajaffes: @ celebs who have worked with known abusers (like woody allen) and haven’t apologized for it: you can’t just wear b… https://t.co/SXPaXiUHJq
RT @UniteWomenNJ: The movie that Seth Meyer just brought up -Manhattan - by Woody Allen - is basically a movie glorifying harassment… https://t.co/8v2xMr8XPU
RT @nytimes: The truth has a voice. This commercial for The New York Times premiered during the Golden Globes. https://t.co/bDdSVPgLzf
RT @jezebelly1: @realdylanfarrow Anyone that doubts Dylan’s account of the sexual abuse, you can start here:… https://t.co/Dom7KHHBjx
RT @DearAuntCrabby: What say you, #DOJ @CivilRights @jeffsessions ?? https://t.co/XTYyQtUHI2
RT @allysheedy1: James Franco just won. Please never ever ask me why I left the film/tv business.
RT @allysheedy1: Ok wait. Bye. Christian Slater and James Franco at a table on @goldenglobes #MeToo
RT @allysheedy1: Why is a man hosting? Why is James Franco allowed in? Said too much. Nite love ya #goldenglobes
.@SpeakerRyan OOPS! https://t.co/8hVmhOXJ3t
RT @KattyKayBBC: The BBC’s superb China editor steps down over equal pay after discovering she is paid 50% less than male counterpar… https://t.co/A9nrlptskI
RT @IronStache: .@SpeakerRyan believes the government has no role to play in our healthcare system. Except for when it comes to wom… https://t.co/bCZiggzLqL
RT @AlHuntDC: Will Lindsey Graham turn on his best friend, John McCain ? Sen. Graham wants DOJ to investigate Trump/Russian doss… https://t.co/WhdSvJvlXe
RT @TheRickWilson: This is what adult supervision looks like, and it's glorious. https://t.co/Tx5F9vF6fv
RT @hodgman: It is hard not to conclude that something is happening at the @nytimes. https://t.co/EKZMYZf1G5
RT @Mandari25733571: @TamponsForTrump @Amy_Siskind Ecactly. Why abandon Pence if there's a chance he might get to be President? Unless t… https://t.co/bnJT2Gltc1
RT @Darkhorse724: @MichNazz @lakegirllifer @saydiesiamy @Amy_Siskind I'm in the Philippines for work. Protest here is a religion. The… https://t.co/eQS4USJFax
RT @AP: BREAKING: Four women accuse Oscar winner Paul Haggis of sexual misconduct, including two rapes.
Does this person of interest happen to frequent shopping malls and ride a horse named Sassayyy? https://t.co/JJ9AlWGPoB
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: Some say “God” is love. I believe in love! What I don’t believe in is the god who impregnated a teenage girl with h… https://t.co/YU0jj8YWYi
RT @AGSchneiderman: Let me repeat: I will lead a multistate lawsuit to protect the free and open internet. We can’t stand by and watch… https://t.co/r5hdz44Q90
RT @funder: .@SpeakerRyan sided with Trump lapdog Devin Nunes over the DoJ & the FBI. This is absolute insanity. Our country ha… https://t.co/0WEVW46Aa8
RT @krassenstein: KABOOM!! Special Councel Robert Mueller has substantiated Comey’s charges that President Donald Trump pressured hi… https://t.co/nldjBrEoDr
RT @krassenstein: I have a suggestion to the publisher of "Fire and Fury, the Henry Holt Company @Henryholt How about taking things… https://t.co/G0xYIk8YHp
RT @funder: FALSE! A majority of the states that denied Trump’s request for voter fraud data are run by Republicans. https://t.co/Q7Wk1AOR2H
RT @joanwalsh: I'll make my @CNN debut with @jaketapper tonight at 10 pm from Washington! Please join us!
RT @Amy_Siskind: One gets the sense that an awful lot of people who know full-well Trump is not mentally competent are allowing him… https://t.co/M6B6ZFebEI
RT @kurteichenwald: @FoxNews 6) ...to DEFCON 2, possibly DEFCON 1. When Reagan accidentally made a bombing joke over what he thought wa… https://t.co/tM136Z1jSl
RT @kurteichenwald: 1) It can’t happen. The Roman Empire can’t fall. The Soviet Union can’t disintegrate. Nazis can’t rearm. The Titani… https://t.co/t4UrXCJD8W
RT @timkaine: Message to President Trump: you can't Mean Tweet us into a blundering war. Wars require a vote of authorization by… https://t.co/MzmuDzLRPP
RT @MiaFarrow: Bannon on whether Trump Jr involved his father in that meeting with Russians: “The chance that Don Jr did not walk… https://t.co/Idh1Su8Tk8
RT @chrislhayes: Half of Puerto Rico still has no power and ***a thousand people died*** there largely, it appears, because of insufficient storm response.
RT @funder: It’s now clear @SpeakerRyan is helping GOP Rep Devin Nunes interfere in the Russia probes. Ryan kept Nunes on Intel… https://t.co/5Gjw6BzMjY
RT @krassenstein: Looks like the GOP Tax Scam is ILLEGAL! The 'Revenue Act of 1862' stated that federal tax liability was to be calc… https://t.co/JyjU4OIY8h
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Just saw an old white man chastise a young WOC for parking in a veterans spot so she whipped out her phone, showed… https://t.co/0cgWur7caU
RT @tribelaw: So the FBI warrants in no way depended on the Steele dossier. So much for the main argument that the mounting case… https://t.co/rdrh9KlSH5
@MrDane1982 @kiwigirl888 She’s one of us 😉
RT @mrmarkpotts: Remember when Trump was crappy to Australia and we were all like, “why?” https://t.co/HQpkQizewu
RT @matthewasears: Now I say "black lives matter"; "I believe women"; "I don't get to debate the existence of others"; "free speech ab… https://t.co/LjrMSKHKFN
RT @ZeddRebel: Ossoff came within a polling error of flipping a district Republicans had safely held for damn near 40 years. So, y… https://t.co/TUYvHoWcet
RT @judithmknott: The Australian connection in NYT Papadopolous article reminds me of something. In May, in Trump’s presence, Turnbu… https://t.co/TVDlPCQrJc
RT @obbiecole: @speakout_april @slack2thefuture @AdamParkhomenko @FBI Also some left-wing ones.
RT @speakout_april: @slack2thefuture @AdamParkhomenko @FBI Kushner was responsible for setting up the Trump campaign, digital operation… https://t.co/2437xbxS5j
RT @speakout_april: @slack2thefuture @AdamParkhomenko Although under reported, earlier in the year, @FBI started investigating US news… https://t.co/IMWRgPkN8G
RT @SenBlumenthal: Trump denial of Russian collusion rotten at core and doomed to unravel. Expect more serious convictions and indictm… https://t.co/KbHdueIAn1
RT @ameliabonow: How can you possibly claim to be “against poverty and medical debt” when you are anti-choice? We’ll never eradicate… https://t.co/OLs9x5WA1R
RT @pwcdanica: My name keeps showing up in end-of-year lists, so here's my response: Trans people are just as good at public servi… https://t.co/re6M8szL7S
RT @ezlusztig: So when the Comey Letter was written, the Trump campaign was under active FBI investigation by officials who had be… https://t.co/n7BgRnHWmd
RT @TheNandanSage: @ezlusztig Harry Reid spoke out. We should’ve put it all on the line & we didn’t. I love Obama, !I believe now he sh… https://t.co/yo2OtnYpOQ
RT @sleezsisters: My wife's nurse had to stand for 30 mins & administer a drug slowly through a syringe because there are almost no I… https://t.co/saWyhUMsIK
RT @FiveThirtyEight: One of our best stories this year: @ClareMalone on whether the #metoo movement will come to low-wage workers:… https://t.co/nojgTOf4Eg
RT @moorehn: If you get off on proximity to power, consider that journalism is not for you. Be a political aide or a PR. Journalists question power.
RT @ProudResister: Donald Trump repeated 16 times in his interview with the New York Times that there is “no collusion.” Then he said… https://t.co/fdohhYR1EC
RT @JuddLegum: Roy Moore denies that he lost the U.S. Senate election, even after Alabama's Republican Secretary of State certifie… https://t.co/BsrkgfLiSE
RT @ProudResister: There is a CRIMINAL in the White House. There is a CRIMINAL in the White House. There is a CRIMINAL in the White Ho… https://t.co/QdVM2z6QRp
RT @docrocktex26: When Trump starts wars w/his mouth after 1/20, these same folk in my mentions trying to shut me up about his mental status will be shocked.
RT @funder: Trump fired every single member of his HIV/AIDS council without telling them why. Not only that, he did it in a let… https://t.co/WlgrWZI8Zh
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: President Trump has fired all members of his HIV/AIDS council without any explanation what-so-ever. The… https://t.co/7xtsOoxUtU
RT @rudepundit: This is some "old man yells at cloud" shit right here. https://t.co/nl1Db4umWF
RT @MrDane1982: Howard Dean run against Bernie Sanders in Vermont.
RT @peterdaou: CURIOUS: In a year when a vibrant women-led opposition movement (#resistance) flourished at an inflection point for… https://t.co/xUENc5yQtk
RT @RogueFirstLady: The Donald very unhappy he hear of people writing #TrumpTreason on their money before spend and put into circulatio… https://t.co/6mQL7xmZSS
RT @RVAwonk: NEW: Russia's central election commission voted today to ban opposition leader and outspoken Putin critic Alexei Na… https://t.co/J1UhY8o8YF
RT @krassenstein: Our President has been accused of: - Raping his Wife - Walking in on Naked Teens at Miss Univ. Dressing room - Admi… https://t.co/djhF7f73Yu
RT @RogueFirstLady: It look like I not get my true Christmas wish again this year, but I make the hope all my friend here do.
RT @BillKristol: It's odd having an American president who's unconcerned about the FSB and hostile to the FBI.
RT @robynkanner: if anyone at vice wants to anonymously send me the things they wish they could tweet right now i'll just fire 'em off for ya
RT @JohnBrennan: Andy McCabe & Jim Baker epitomize integrity, competence, and respect for rule of law. Not surprised… https://t.co/DnnnuQHAW7
Whoooooooooo! Sistas are doing it for themselves! https://t.co/FyJuZe1fMK
RT @RVAwonk: People Trump attacked this wknd: -FBI deputy dir. Andrew McCabe -FBI general counsel James Baker -Comey People who… https://t.co/xMHC3AgyXh
RT @MrDane1982: Bernie Sanders on Republicans tax scam Overhaul: ‘It Is a Very Good Thing’ That Middle Class Will Get Tax Cuts ....… https://t.co/CJzoCgaDU8
RT @smartflexin: This man is a fraud https://t.co/1utgmNKiiD
RT @samswey: The fact so many journalists avoid using the term racist to describe this president demonstrates the extent to whic… https://t.co/B2SpFTxOX9
RT @joanwalsh: I am overwhelmed by the support I've received today from all of you. And I'm thrilled to tell you I'll be heading t… https://t.co/Mutkj0lpDB
RT @MrDane1982: Hillary Clinton warned us about everything, never forget. I’m the Last Thing Standing Between You and the Apocalyps… https://t.co/uRjKlikHov
RT @RogueFirstLady: Is suck to be marry to the joke of world.
RT @Amy_Siskind: CHIP funding has been extended through March 2018. Keep fighting!
RT @Khanoisseur: 2. Get how this game woks? Trump lets Corker sell a few arms to Ukraine which benefits an arms maker from Corker's… https://t.co/r1fWKFRJyN
RT @Amy_Siskind: If you need to get motivated to fight for and save our democracy, listen to Rep Cummings. https://t.co/03ANeP11ME
.@realDonaldTrump Are you thinking that agent Mueller is going to be like, “Where the heck did counselor Baker go?… https://t.co/EtjOTmOl2u
RT @JohnBrennan: Trump Admin threat to retaliate against nations that exercise sovereign right in UN to oppose US position on Jerusa… https://t.co/5AmeuJZ38M
RT @RogueFirstLady: There will be parade one day. Goodbye parade. https://t.co/8quw1MMj4E
RT @JoyAnnReid: But they get to say “merry Christmas” so it’s fine. #MAGAnomics https://t.co/pKPYptfQzw
RT @GetWisdomDude: A Call To War.. When DEMs Take The Helm The Gloves Are Off. Overturn EVERY Order 45 Signed. Attack Citizens United… https://t.co/PR8w2f2zlL
RT @owillis: begging liberals to stop being obsessed with the 30% of unreachables. theyre never going to leave the cult. they ca… https://t.co/VLIYNAXesd
RT @AP: BREAKING: UN General Assembly votes 128-9 to declare US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital `null and void'
RT @FiveThirtyEight: When women do get a break in Hollywood, they tend to be white. These tests ask if films incorporate women of colo… https://t.co/nJsj5rl5Js
RT @SethAbramson: https://t.co/ThqGIArvTj
RT @JesseLehrich: nations who completely disregarded Trump's threat on the @UN Jerusalem vote include: France Germany United Kingdom… https://t.co/DwxzbWlGYa
RT @JuddLegum: This is significant. For weeks there is been speculation that the White House is coordinating an effort to attack… https://t.co/1xRfCZHiaf
RT @RVAwonk: NEW: A group of House Intel Republicans, led by Devin Nunes, has been covertly investigating the DOJ and FBI for mo… https://t.co/aBCahbu3QR
RT @Shakestweetz: The collusion is right out in the open, and so is the obstruction. https://t.co/DnG8vafGb6
RT @MrDane1982: 32.In the 2000’s Hillary Clinton created a charter school in the Bronx, for Young Men of Color called Eagle Academy… https://t.co/x0AkzNghbI
RT @SteveSchmidtSES: The appalling sycophancy led by the Vice President at yesterday’s cabinet meeting is an affront to our Democratic n… https://t.co/qogJrvIWi1
RT @MrDane1982: 34.In the 2000’s Hillary Clinton supported and promote a successful re-entry by formerly incarcerated individuals… https://t.co/Hd9mliuano
RT @scientistjadams: On the fence about things like #evolution or #climatechange? Please send me a private message with your questions a… https://t.co/Mnn08Prqmd
@brianklaas The Democratic Republic Of North Korea?
RT @MrDane1982: 36.In the 2000’s Hillary Clinton Invested $5 billion in re-entry job programs for formerly incarcerated individuals… https://t.co/GWnvsXedRt
RT @rudepundit: He truly doesn't understand how Congress works. Let's try this: If your party has the majority in the House, it can… https://t.co/hl756fqlij
@MollyJongFast Also. She was ambitious. Gross.
RT @alex_zee: BREAKING: The first six plaintiffs in the #j20 inauguration protest trials (including San Antonio's @LexShoots) hav… https://t.co/rofjYihiUO
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: NBC Reports that Jeff Sessions has just ordered DOJ prosecutors to begin asking FBI agents to explain the… https://t.co/O0Vjot5pRn
RT @Amy_Siskind: In the beginning of 2017, those of us using the term authoritarian to describe Trump were still in the minority. A… https://t.co/dy14wmmdlT
RT @SethAbramson: The same day (today) that Mike Pence tells Fox News—very sanctimoniously—that he and Trump haven't been at all focu… https://t.co/hTieqQrYa5
RT @SethAbramson: BREAKING: Vice Chair of the Senate Intel Committee, Sen. Mark Warner, Issues Defiant Speech on the Floor of the Sen… https://t.co/C0CQtZTj94
RT @SenGillibrand: In 2018, I hope you will channel your anger and energy into defeating those who voted to put their donors before ha… https://t.co/AUj8DQ3ZXI
RT @NickMerrill: What Happened by @HillaryClinton was named a best book of the year by: ✔️ The New York Times ✔️ The Washington Post… https://t.co/DWlDaL6006
RT @krassenstein: The White House press secretary had the nerve to tell Democrat Ted Lieu to 'spend less time tweeting, more time doi… https://t.co/1KBoXT8VUM
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Sullivan - AK Cotton - AR Gardner - CO Perdue - GA Risch - ID Ernst - IA Roberts - KS McConnell - KY Cassidy - LA C… https://t.co/zbbhTEZehn
RT @rudepundit: For future reference: In an election between two candidates, you're not choosing the lesser of two evils when one o… https://t.co/z2WtGIWaVG
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Men are being applauded for denouncing sexual assault now while women are being demonized for not reporting it sooner.
RT @CNN: Here's a breakdown of the current 2018 tax brackets vs those in the GOP tax plan: https://t.co/t7Ei5UuY9j https://t.co/DkxrMEtkh4
RT @thehill: Columbia, S.C. to ban bump stocks https://t.co/n1DS5kQkps https://t.co/th7iWzis7U
RT @DemWrite: ⚡️ RT if you vow to do everything YOU can in 2018 to EXPEL each and every Senator & Representative who votes for th… https://t.co/jcdyvR0kJu
RT @MDBlanchfield: Opinion | Trump should face harassment allegations under oath https://t.co/C5aqTH3XjP
RT @SenBooker: Just so we're clear on where the American people stand – our office has received over 54, 000 letters on Republican… https://t.co/kB0noYmydo
RT @mrbenwexler: Roy Moore still hasn’t admitted that he lost the election last week Which maybe tells you a little something about his other denials
RT @SethAbramson: Commit yourself—right now—to voting out of office *any* politician who votes for this historic redistribution of we… https://t.co/mL2tJB4aaE
RT @MrDane1982: Who's getting a Trump tax cut, Nina Turner Bernie Sanders Colin Kaepernick Van Jones Michael Moore Cornell W… https://t.co/D6sNo1XOJC
RT @Rosie: so how about this i promise to give 2 million dollars to senator susan collins and 2 million to senator jeff fla… https://t.co/JxVPz5QAzd
RT @MrNelsonM: Trump. Jane Sanders. Jill Stein. Guess who's NOT under investigation? 🤣 https://t.co/VHc6T6kLbF
RT @funder: If you're wondering why Jill Stein is being called to testify in regards to Russian election interference, it may h… https://t.co/1zjIBBoUd5
RT @funder: Russia paid for Facebook ads promoting Jill Stein: ‘Trust me, it’s not a wasted vote’ Yes, it absolutely was a was… https://t.co/a7lmKIfLTO
RT @gettinnoticedmo: In the grand scheme of things.... I feel pretty sure that Jill Stein was a willing cooperator with Vladimir Puin.… https://t.co/evzj0PD4zW
RT @JenaFriedman: Since Jill Stein blocked me on Twitter, I can't ask her where the vote recount donations from sad liberals after th… https://t.co/OF1Joi9Or7
RT @Amy_Siskind: Gee, who coulda guessed this was coming after Jill Stein sat at Putin’s table with Michael Flynn in Moscow. https://t.co/3e5Men12TY
RT @wokeluisa: Michigan: Hillary: 2, 268, 839 Trump: 2, 279, 543 Stein: 51, 463 Wisconsin: Hillary: 1, 382, 536 Trump: 1, 405, 28… https://t.co/qyJhlDKpNw
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote BOOM! More than 250 Trump Organization Subdomains are in Communication with Computers in Russia!! Thread.
RT @RogueFirstLady: Why Dems not write competing tax plan and show difference to people?
RT @EricBoehlert: just so folks understand why Trump lawyers so freaked out that Mueller (legally) had transition emails, it's bc Tr… https://t.co/sOYAHgcany
@Amy_Siskind Because they’re not pro-life, they’re pro controlling women’s bodies.
RT @kurteichenwald: Wow. I took the same guy earning $20 million a year (top 1%). Did nothing but change his residence from a blue stat… https://t.co/hF6IJ89Axs
RT @Amy_Siskind: Anyone else wondering if the reason Paul Ryan is stepping down is because he knows what Trump did to “win” the elec… https://t.co/laRb0CPt7P
RT @dsamuelsohn: Mueller spokesman Peter Carr statement defending the special counsel's work: "When we have obtained emails in the c… https://t.co/encqVbib6n
RT @M_Breen: If someone told me 5 years ago I’d live to see a coordinated attack on the FBI and defense of Putin & Assange by “c… https://t.co/xnmvJWCIkC
RT @AmandiOnAir: If @realDonaldTrump successfully orchestrates the firing of #TrumpRussia Special Counsel Robert Mueller do you plan… https://t.co/ApEd104eeb
RT @robreiner: Make no mistake, by attacking Mueller, DT's state run TV(Fox) is pushing US to a constitutional crisis. Be prepared to take the streets.
RT @riotwomennn: Historically, the Dallas Morning News has tilted way conservative. Now the paper takes readers on a trail of evid… https://t.co/olkZV1QqZi
RT @AriannaDantone: I’m sure sexual assault charges in the military would decrease if men didn’t sexually assault women https://t.co/igLEfkP2nj
RT @krassenstein: I PROMISE that if President Trump finds a way to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, I will peacefully protest in… https://t.co/iZvIQkROtM
RT @funder: Not So Fun Fact: Most of the Republican Members of Congress calling on Mueller to be fired are probably under inves… https://t.co/TjMKE3ZegR
RT @JoyAnnReid: "The forbidden words are “vulnerable, ” “entitlement, ” “diversity, ” “transgender, ” “fetus, ” “evidence-based” and “sc… https://t.co/gC4BCkSpId
RT @AllisonWynifred: The problem with responses like the ones Tom Hanks & Matt Damon gave today is that men are taught their opinion is… https://t.co/D16jjR2GKE
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: President Trump has reportedly banned the Center for Disease Control (CDC) from using the following phra… https://t.co/syRrLA96JY
RT @neeratanden: Gotta say that this is pretty unbelievable. In 2016, when African Americans could see the damage Trump would do, … https://t.co/tG0JsNqBHw
RT @mariajpsl: After more than a year working on this story, here it is: Florida disposable workers: Companies profit from undocum… https://t.co/KH6TYXuyzJ
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Remember the British Far Right leader Jayda Fransen, who Trump retweeted disgusting anti-Muslim videos f… https://t.co/OI22UfIQu0
RT @olgaNYC1211: Message from #TheResistance for @RepMattGaetz We will be in the streets if Mueller is fired and won’t leave unti… https://t.co/B0npW20uF1
RT @NBCNews: FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn's closing remarks before the 3-2 vote to repeal Obama-era #NetNeutrality rules: "… https://t.co/y3pG3jtkyY
RT @BradenWells1: The reason why I am a @KillerMartinis Fanatic is because of her moral integrity and unwavering commitment to truth.… https://t.co/kwoi6ewMMf
RT @BrendanMLeonard: shout out the 6 people who voted for @RonanFarrow and the 17 (!) who voted for @rosemcgowan in the manhattan da ele… https://t.co/F1XTL9XRLP
RT @cmclymer: Dear journalists/reporters: When covering violence against a transgender person, misgendering them in your reporti… https://t.co/juEe4ug1pR
RT @kurteichenwald: Corporations have $1.9 trillion sitting in bank accounts & investments. Just sitting there. The largest amount of c… https://t.co/UzOwDVs3wA
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) From Russian payments to Trump advisors to failing to register as foreign agents working for Putin allies—… https://t.co/Wrz1OH5Gs8
RT @TheStagmania: Sanders playbook: 1) Refuse to endorse Dems, plan media tour to explain why they lost 2) Whoops, Dems won! Go on… https://t.co/lBENnOTFbB
RT @AGSchneiderman: And don't forget to check to see if your identity was used in a fake comment: https://t.co/yw9etGCp2x. We've uncov… https://t.co/JvaA1kMnBt
RT @gabrielsherman: Trump spoke with Murdoch ahead of Disney deal to make sure Murdoch wasn’t selling Fox News, person briefed on the call said
RT @SeanMcElwee: uh, so it certainly looks like the chair of the FCC appeared in a video with a pizzagate conspiracy theorist https://t.co/v08IpZHeuG
RT @AriMelber: People say Tuesday's result shows a rejection of Moore/Trump. By that logic, note that voters rejected Trump in 20… https://t.co/PkCz5zU7YY
.@KillerMartinis - This is the most BRAVE, RIGHTEOUS BAD ASS THING I’VE EVER READ. YOU are who WE ALL need to be. Y… https://t.co/7Hy9HQsmuL
RT @docrocktex26: We shall overcome him too. https://t.co/LVTrYJvJRH
RT @armsivilli: Okay so another 30 or 40 bite the dust? https://t.co/RTmc7gPFvo
RT @aroseblush: 🤬 Scarborough Suggests GOP Members Show Their Texts From Benghazi Hearings 🤬 https://t.co/eaEaw3igf8
RT @sanacardi: Take Note: https://t.co/VcFRJPWRkv
RT @womensmarch: Please share! The @FCC just voted to kill #NetNeutrality. BUT the fight isn't over. Congress can #StopTheFCC and… https://t.co/rL6MrQmwVj
RT @ClintSmithIII: It’s the same thing with some study abroad or mission trip programs. We send people off to do service work & “exper… https://t.co/tW7gYZu3DP
RT @yashar: New: The New York Police Department has opened an investigation into Russell Simmons. Great work by @AmyKinLA of th… https://t.co/wnj8V8ZrXC
RT @colleenv123: #25thAmendmentNow Our President needs to be able to handle the truth, not be "handled"to protect him from the trut… https://t.co/CfAOscoQgO
RT @codykeenan: This is completely disqualifying. (Along with about 500 other things.) https://t.co/o2i4aHejaP
RT @keithboykin: Three Republican men vote to take away your rights on the Internet. Two Democratic women vote to protect your right… https://t.co/Hxeyk8wuMu
RT @nicolebrodeur: Julianne Pedersen, 5, flew up from Calif. and wore a pantsuit and pearls to see Hillary Clinton, “the toughest girl… https://t.co/vO1T4QRHj4
RT @buddhameme: “Donald Trump, the man, on the other hand, is uniquely awful. His sickening behavior is corrosive to the enterprise… https://t.co/llvZnnjy0Y
RT @make5calls: Even Republicans know that repealing #NetNeutrality is a bad idea. Congress must #StopTheFCC vote tomorrow. Call y… https://t.co/JqpSz3mhjq
RT @cmclymer: @HillaryClinton Goddamn right, Madam President!!!
RT @HillaryClinton: Yes! Elections matter. https://t.co/xU8dpew1Cn
RT @HachezYanicka: @501Wittmann @lpolgreen @maggieNYT If you don't know the difference between sexual misconduct and normal human inte… https://t.co/jIiYUcPkPH
RT @Amy_Siskind: We cannot stop being outraged and alarmed that in a matter of 2 days, Trump called a @CNN host who is black America… https://t.co/9Y1bUiOsZe
RT @Amy_Siskind: One PoS bigot, serial sexual assaulter gone tonight - now we take the next one down! https://t.co/68vIOS56CG
RT @brianklaas: This is absolutely unacceptable. The conflicts of interest are egregious and compromising. US foreign policy cannot… https://t.co/FvPjDphVGM
RT @joanwalsh: Oh wow. Alabama's secretary of state is inviting Moore supporters to come to his office so he can explain the vote… https://t.co/Qseeqebxvv
RT @NBCNews: Nathan Mathis tonight: “Hopefully people in politics will stop using gay folk to bash them ... People in Alabama ar… https://t.co/GJGZr62qEy
#Itssafetogobacktothemall #NoMoore https://t.co/Wkh4AdK1Aw
Tuesday, December 12, 2017 https://t.co/ytYDbz5vSV
RT @RVAwonk: The child molester running for the U.S. Senate isn't the only weird thing going on in Alabama politics right now. L… https://t.co/YlHlKaGAQP
RT @Redistrict: Amazing: turnout is at 72%-77% of '16 presidential race in heavily black counties, but just 55%-60% in rural white… https://t.co/Csu15jT0Tj
RT @DHStokyo: Dear Alabama, Thank you. Sincerely, America https://t.co/rpWqJUeFDK
RT @tribelaw: For Jones to win despite Alabama’s draconian photo ID law is even more remarkable than it would otherwise be. RT if… https://t.co/TKaizECR5I
RT @benwikler: In a political sense, it's absolutely wild that the Democrat even has a shot in this race. And in a moral sense, … https://t.co/VEK4n0tpu8
RT @brhodes: Donald Trump the Republican President and leader of the Republican Party and the Republican National Committee supp… https://t.co/sstUZUNdNy
RT @GDouglasJones: “I have always believed that the people of Alabama have more in common than divides us. We have shown the country… https://t.co/WMzf2jzo1A
.@PaulBegala “He isn’t King David, and he isn’t Saul of Tarsus, and he hasn’t even repented Brother!” #roymoore… https://t.co/O7aFWUElVu
RT @JoeMyGod: CNN's Jim Acosts says @PressSec pulled him aside to warn him against asking Trump about his sleazebag attack on Gil… https://t.co/p5vOI02Mn2
RT @StaciaRR: I was once on a elevator alone with @realDonaldTrump (& a man w/him) at Madison Square Gardens. He was aggressive &… https://t.co/Ch7ltshW2Q
And it will be a very short story indeed. #MyVeryShortStory https://t.co/2a1VC5C7Vm
RT @NydiaVelazquez: .@realDonaldTrump your attempts to shame and silence @SenGillibrand will backfire. The American people see you for… https://t.co/JYS6fAClcJ
RT @NBCNews: Sen. Gillibrand responds to President Trump's attacks: "It was a sexist smear attempting to silence my voice, and I… https://t.co/fjFG7IdLQw
RT @SenGillibrand: You cannot silence me or the millions of women who have gotten off the sidelines to speak out about the unfitness a… https://t.co/fdJ0xThA9A
RT @JuddLegum: Trump family tried to vote absentee in the NYC mayoral election: MELANIA: Didn't follow directions to sign envelop… https://t.co/o6OhFL7Cb8
RT @rudepundit: I'd like to think that most Americans pause at least once a day as they think, "Goddamn, Donald Trump is a piece of… https://t.co/ZO0aQCgO7q
RT @RogueFirstLady: Was he bareback? https://t.co/u5fSziRRXL
RT @Amy_Siskind: Today in America: Starting our day with an overtly sexist tweet by Trump, and we’ll be closing it out with a vote o… https://t.co/IkDZt4KeKI
RT @CNN: Democratic US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says President Donald Trump should resign over allegations of sexual miscondu… https://t.co/i0FFKwAnR0
But just the ONE time. https://t.co/PAGwJxxJVU
RT @Greg_Palast: BREAKING: We just got a call from attorneys John Brakey and Chris Sautter from #Alabama. The State Supreme Court, w… https://t.co/Bfl9CFEqvA
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Who among us hasn’t accidentally gone to a brothel with child prostitutes?
RT @kylegriffin1: Reminder: The Democratic Women's Working Group will hold a press conference today calling on the House Oversight Co… https://t.co/JN1eS6L50y
RT @jilevin: PLEASE RT! Dear @pfizer, Do you really want to advertise on @SeanHannity's TV and radio shows given his support f… https://t.co/H82x0Yh7gz
RT @sahluwal: Donald Trump was quicker to denounce John Lewis, a staple of the civil rights movement than David Duke, the head of the KKK. Telling.
RT @pwcdanica: "There's a certain irony. She's a lightning rod for social issues but her campaign (focused) on the bread and butte… https://t.co/eBT5NRpDG0
RT @owillis: Hillary Clinton's campaign coverage was literally being shaped by the "no girls allowed" club. Halperin. Thrush. Li… https://t.co/wH6gkWveE3
RT @riotwomennn: Bottom line? Bill Sailing & Roy Moore were in Vietnam. They left a fellow US soldier at a brothel with underage sex… https://t.co/WQcIKHhCrX
RT @riotwomennn: Bill Sailing served w Roy Moore in Vietnam. According to Sailing, he & Moore end up at a brothel with underage sex… https://t.co/kOqbyLgX5J
@jma_words @ad1220 @22aspen36 @nana4MANY @politicoalex @BenSasse Zach was the big person here. Kudos.
RT @GDouglasJones: “We are on the #rightsideofhistory, folks. If we have ever had a year of courageous women, it is 2017!” Doug Jone… https://t.co/FdyhOGXjSh
RT @NewDay: Roy Moore has a history of controversial comments. @ChrisCuomo takes a look at what Moore has said about homosexual… https://t.co/Qfkls2t3gl
RT @JasonHalle: Food Stamps cost the average taxpayer in America $36 per year. Corporate Subsidies cost the average taxpayer in Am… https://t.co/53NFVlX8Pa
RT @mollycathwalsh: I met Roy Moore a few months ago for an interview, he grabbed my hand & pulled me in & said “aren’t you a pretty li… https://t.co/MY3UQeUXS3
RT @peterdaou: When I called out the mainstream media's sexism against Hillary during the election, I was tut-tutted by the white… https://t.co/Jr1rJif2Mz
RT @CNNSitRoom: Republican Rep. King: I disagree with President Trump and would not vote for Roy Moore, "there's a certain line her… https://t.co/MgXnOlDn5f
RT @RWPUSA: A lot more Klansmen would have been brought to justice sooner if more prosecutors had been doing their jobs like… https://t.co/ZDNwFmSKWp
RT @waltshaub: I’m increasingly worried Trump may go after Mueller. As a country, we must be prepared. Congress should signal now… https://t.co/AmcmPtmIQA
RT @MamaRose2017: @Rosie @merrill2n @HuffPostPol RT this everyday, all day long until this predator in chief is gone👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 https://t.co/GkeaXgEvVU
RT @SenGillibrand: President Trump should resign. But, of course, he won't hold himself accountable. Therefore, Congress should invest… https://t.co/AuIFJpHTIo
RT @MarisaKabas: i can't believe this isn't being breathlessly covered. women are detailing sexual abuse by the sitting president of… https://t.co/paoqD9Ga8J
RT @jehorowitz: Are you in Alabama and in college? Guess what: NONE of the polling is expecting you to turn out for this election.… https://t.co/IIcI2vm9YN
@ad1220 @22aspen36 @nana4MANY @politicoalex @BenSasse Awesome. Totally get it.
@22aspen36 @nana4MANY @ad1220 @politicoalex @BenSasse @nana4MANY is not talking about literal balls. She like many… https://t.co/Cjc34SOLQL
@NancyRog11 @nana4MANY @ad1220 @politicoalex @BenSasse We ARE taking about balls in the “figurative” sense. I think… https://t.co/IrAPWXNyTc
@nana4MANY @ad1220 @politicoalex @BenSasse Thank you!!!!!!!!
RT @nana4MANY: @ad1220 @politicoalex @BenSasse Personally, I've seen enough of the "grow some balls" jokes. This women has none, n… https://t.co/4nXgWQjtVE
RT @krassenstein: Fox News poll: Doug Jones leads Roy Moore by 10 points WARNING: Don't believe it. They are likely trying to get D… https://t.co/ro7riGP2Gc
RT @goldengateblond: The 13th abolished slavery. The 15th gave all races the vote. The 19th gave women the vote. The 24th abolished poll… https://t.co/7qLS6QVEfk
RT @robreiner: Tomorrow the survival of Democracy is on the ballot. The good people of Alabama can protect US. Vote for Doug Jones. Vote for America.
RT @peterdaou: I've devoted decades of my life to fighting rightwing extremism. Now these condescending fringe leftist Bernie dieh… https://t.co/tu8VSOr14x
RT @JuddLegum: Dear Senator Graham: This is your official government account. Why are you using it to promote the for-profit bus… https://t.co/TRfQnUFd8L
RT @RogueFirstLady: Remember how Bill Clinton special prosecutor expand from land deal to sex assault? Maybe #Mueller expand to sex assault too?
RT @Amy_Siskind: How is it that Hillary Clinton isn't even a candidate anymore, and still she gets more negative coverage in the Sun… https://t.co/Vr9XMmFEFQ
RT @freedlander: A pro-Trump SuperPAC sent a 12-year-old girl to interview Roy Moore which is really going right at your main problem https://t.co/1WS4vIYWU7
RT @GDouglasJones: "When it got to the 14-year-old's story, that was enough for me .. I said, 'I can't vote for Roy Moore, ” Republican… https://t.co/7rPUvvVsY5
Agreed. Whenever. Wherever. https://t.co/dTdWAqktZJ
@voxdotcom Thank you for this. I’m interested to know why no interviews with female refuges we’re included? Thank you.
RT @brianklaas: Before destroying the remnants of democracy in Turkey, Erdogan purged judges, fired prosecutors who were investigat… https://t.co/1IfkTaj24a
RT @neeratanden: I demand an apology for the 10, 000 times @realDonaldTrump has lied and misled the country. Retweet if you think he… https://t.co/JslCznfiSu
RT @iamAtheistGirl: stop shoving your vile beliefs down my throat. your death cult is gross https://t.co/OP4VYYqp4I
RT @Bakari_Sellers: Thread. https://t.co/K8aRyPgyZt
RT @DanielSeidemann: My ailing father - 93 years old, a victim & defeater of Nazism, a right-wing Orthodox Jew - was asked by the physic… https://t.co/WqDBeVBWiM
RT @Amy_Siskind: Hallmark of authoritarianism: attacks on the free press - have your insiders buy up media outlets and shut them dow… https://t.co/6iV8Vkgi2p
RT @RogueFirstLady: This not true. It closer to 10 because him got All in the Family box set for him birthday. https://t.co/3KKqwFqjPC
RT @JamilSmith: We shouldn’t ever get used to the President of the United States calling for the firing of journalists.
Hahaha. Almost there... https://t.co/wWuW9QFfbt
RT @Amy_Siskind: If Roy Moore loses, not only will it be a victory for humanity and decency, it will be a thorough repudiation of Do… https://t.co/a9CwVmCA48
RT @womensmediacntr: The earliest computer programmers were women—then men decided it was a good career https://t.co/yO6T50khmO via @WSJ
RT @ProgDadTV: On the bus. Three white losers with #MAGA hats get on. They intimidate an elderly Latina. Start chanting "Build the… https://t.co/7yrNtHHAVu
RT @krassenstein: If Trump is Kicked out of Office for colluding to interfere with our election, we NEED a new election! NO QUESTION ABOUT IT!
RT @HaroldPerrineau: https://t.co/TJpADQ8CKY
RT @bravenak: Another reason I want Bernie to retire is because of how he makes me uncomfortable as a woman, @SenSchumer. His pos… https://t.co/Mkw6D8oJer
RT @RVAwonk: Donald Trump is speaking in Pensacola. He just said Hillary Clinton lost in a landslide. She beat him by 3 million votes.
RT @EmmyA2: Nancy Pelosi is on my flight back to San Francisco. It’s a 6 hour flight. She’s sitting in coach. 😍
RT @Amy_Siskind: New allegations against Trump, the predator-in-chief! Trump MUST face Senate hearings over sexual harassment allega… https://t.co/xeoVEWCLV2
RT @AshaRangappa_: This is like someone letting you know they robbed a bank and sending you the location of the storage locker where t… https://t.co/v5M4bdeYIa
RT @HillaryPix: #WhatHappened today in Rhinebeck 👉 a plethora of local stores had signs in windows reading “Still With Her” to welc… https://t.co/kPblQWROrs
RT @RawStory: Female CNN panelists gasp when Jack Kingston disputes Roy Moore’s accuser was a child: ‘Well she was 14’ https://t.co/SYo6OUBnzT
RT @RWPUSA: Next Tuesday night the Capitol Police will make a preliminary decision on whether, for security reasons, Take Your… https://t.co/jOUm7w90sw
RT @CNN: Fox's pro-Trump hosts are working overtime to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller, writes CNN's @brianstelter… https://t.co/Bn59xzVDpl
RT @jilevin: PLEASE RT! Dear @fisherinvest, Advertisers distance themselves from Hannity after Moore coverage. Why are you st… https://t.co/uhR1SdDKl5
RT @jilevin: PLEASE RT IF YOU AGREE Dear @SpotlightResort, Please don’t further enrich @seanhannity. Our children deserve bett… https://t.co/7pyimQjUcn
RT @jonfavs: Donald Trump should resign over these NINETEEN credible sexual assault allegations, and no elected Democrat should… https://t.co/nrC9vQpO6s
RT @ActualEPAFacts: PLEASE call 1-202-418-1000 to reach the voicemail of the Chairman of the FCC. Say your name, city, and state and th… https://t.co/cGS47cKAoS
RT @jonathanweisman: Rep. Blake Farenthold used $84, 000 of taxpayer money from a secret House fund to settle a suit from an employee who… https://t.co/w6jzEph0d4
RT @ASlavitt: BREAKING: Tax bill could be in trouble. If Corker stays solid, Collins is unlikely to get her way.👇 Only one more… https://t.co/WTieVsR8Jc
RT @Rosie: dear god susan - u hold the world in ur hands - protect us susan - u know u can - don't make us beg - service is ur… https://t.co/tqvhhbu3vJ
RT @funder: The 16 women who accused Trump of sexual assault are telling their story in one video-please share this far & wide.… https://t.co/MdnEXQFEwi
RT @GDouglasJones: “CHIP funding helps more than 150, 000 Alabama kids have access to healthcare that couldn’t otherwise afford it.”… https://t.co/zlnCYKXdRv
RT @igorvolsky: TODAY: 3 people, believed to be students, are dead after a shooting at Aztec High School in New Mexico. YESTERDAY… https://t.co/1DswJMLSYt
RT @CaptainsLog2017: Dear @MSNBC Why in the world would you give Corey Lewandowski a platform to spread his nonsense on your station to… https://t.co/5VwIlh0CK6
RT @Amy_Siskind: This is absolute bullshit! https://t.co/ckVRBOeTFI
Jack should have kept that f-ing door for himself. https://t.co/2TV5iwslaV
RT @RogueFirstLady: Alabama retired Colonel Lee Busby ( @Busby4Senate ) running last minute write-in campaign to beat child molester… https://t.co/2hHcjpRFoL
RT @allinwithchris: Former Franken staffer @jess_mc: "Democrats need to make this count. We need to replace these guys with bold, progr… https://t.co/79gLwvTPEF
RT @PattyMurray: Need help signing up for health care? Julie has you covered! And don’t forget open enrollment ends on December 15 f… https://t.co/KbcrjxjYuL
RT @PolitikMasFina: Reddit has figured out how Dems can win. Apparently we just need more white men. 😂😂 https://t.co/AimWz3Ax0I
RT @ezlusztig: Would appreciate a head count of how many of these Democratic Senators have also directly and unequivocally stated… https://t.co/HTUPkP1Ue9
RT @EricBoehlert: let's not forget as events unfold these days, that when Hillary raised the specter of sexism and misogyny during De… https://t.co/a8dAoecIIy
RT @RogueFirstLady: Alabama is being consider for $1.6 BILLION auto plant by @ToyotaMotorCorp and @MazdaUSA I wonder how they feel if… https://t.co/JSBLFaktd0
RT @Amy_Siskind: Wouldn’t it be powerful if tomorrow the 33 US Senators who called on Al Franken to resign called a press conference… https://t.co/pNmQHalG68
RT @eveewing: So you know how when some of these heralded men are shown to be harassers & fired, people mourn the loss of their g… https://t.co/3ehgkouZXK
RT @IjeomaOluo: Hey, if you're angry that liberals are facing more consequences for abusing women than conservatives are YOU ARE A… https://t.co/1lGr5jFcAh
RT @peterdaou: I repeat: #AlFranken resigning is not about premature or excessive punishment, nor about appeasing the GOP. It's ab… https://t.co/mIBeaPjF9C
RT @krassenstein: BREAKING: Chris Christie says that his Warning about Michael Flynn was among the reasons Trump fired him from The… https://t.co/8yFBZ3dc39
RT @funder: President Abbas just ordered his Palestinian team located in Washington DC to come home, saying that the United Sta… https://t.co/KLahnG4ija
Whoot! “I have no god commanding me to harass you.” https://t.co/Am7LoFZd3u
RT @MrDane1982: I loved my Democratic party until Bernie Sanders was welcomed into our party & tore it apart. Now a party that I cl… https://t.co/jjX9k9tYF5
RT @KaivanShroff: I expect every single Democratic Senator who has, correctly, called upon Al Franken to resign to also immediately c… https://t.co/tpOquCqSbi
RT @cmclymer: I am all for Al Franken resigning. I was all for him resigning last week. But someone is going to have to do a goo… https://t.co/wosrU3tEQb
RT @AriMelber: There is a federal law against undermining U.S. diplomacy, Reagan used to cite it, and Mueller could use it - our r… https://t.co/brLfSi2Fkt
RT @kylegriffin1: "The account is the strongest evidence to date that the Trump administration wanted to end the sanctions immediatel… https://t.co/2zlftlxo3d
RT @TomthunkitsMind: We need public hearings with @realDonaldTrump and his victims of sexual assault, including underage victims. Call… https://t.co/3VrFKoncEJ
RT @RobinBrenizer: He really should start drinking. He sounds drunk anyway. May as well enjoy it. Lol https://t.co/q0RRAMKYMh
RT @kategolder: three men ruining our country five feet apart cuz their not gay https://t.co/cfedHAKsXc
RT @NathanLerner: Trump is trying to avoid being deposed in the sexual assault lawsuit against him by arguing he's too busy. 1. Tha… https://t.co/OQTLvNUKdA
RT @mattmfm: Worth remembering that as Democratic women of the Senate rightfully stand up to call on Al Franken to resign, RNC C… https://t.co/oASA85D2M0
RT @CharlotteAlter: This was conceived, reported and written by women. It was fact-checked by women. The video was shot and edited by w… https://t.co/SSnsW9UX4N
RT @MrDane1982: The sad part about sexism and misogyny, we will never in our lifetime see another resume like Hillary Clinton to ru… https://t.co/eZ9zTjAr51
RT @kylegriffin1: Democrat Jen Jordan won a special election runoff in Georgia's 6th Senate district last night, flipping the seat.… https://t.co/dz28ib8I3j
Because Neil Warren is an evangelical. And evangelicals support @MooreSenate the #pedophile more than 70%. The rest… https://t.co/Md1jhYLFeI
RT @MrDane1982: In this era of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the theory of going high when your opponents go low, really low tel… https://t.co/kFXTDwEmM1
RT @RogueFirstLady: Thank God we have party in charge who understand baking cake for gay couple is endorsement of homosexuality, but su… https://t.co/YQBtAiYCJ2
RT @smaxxmahaffey: OMG! @CNN @AC360 is giving muted coverage of an accused child molester at a campaign rally. WTH is wrong with CNN?… https://t.co/vXIIoma8Bd
RT @MikeLevinCA: I join those calling on @DarrellIssa to unequivocally disavow Roy Moore and refuse the support of the Republican Na… https://t.co/cLmCrpK6XF
RT @zeynep: I wrote a piece for a mainstream outlet (not the NYT), mentioning the sexual assault allegations against Roy Moore.… https://t.co/bv8muwRp9X
RT @chelseahandler: People keep telling me that the voters of Alabama will elect a child predator and I reject that. No one with a shre… https://t.co/xSzN5zKLKi
RT @NormEisen: Hitler built the SS as a parallel power structure because he did not trust German military and intelligence. Just s… https://t.co/BBC8jhqrU5
RT @christinawilkie: NBC News Exclusive: Russian lawyer says Donald Trump Jr. asked her for info on Clinton Foundation. https://t.co/bLCZNiwdqN
RT @GDouglasJones: “I believe women are every bit as capable as men, that they deserve to be elected to public office, and I damn sure… https://t.co/LmZucJvbFO
RT @Amy_Siskind: Of course he shouldn't be there. Trump has been an overt racist every day since he took office. https://t.co/9liLtLr9YS
RT @rainyweatherz: Minorities are the present and future. We can move mountains if we all went out and voted. https://t.co/NX8KYmsvZs
RT @johnpavlovitz: "Every December they angrily demand everyone acknowledge the arrival of a Christ child, who practically speaking—th… https://t.co/gVLMcXFRxy
RT @NatashaBertrand: Mike Pence and Reince Priebus Contemplated a Coup to Replace Trump on Ticket Following Access Hollywood Tape https://t.co/eha6Vq4cSE
RT @MJGerson: There are few moments when a political party can be said to have lost its soul. GOP support for Moore is one of the… https://t.co/e4i7l9SZUz
RT @VaughnHillyard: Walker Goodrich, another Fairhope Republican, says he's voting for Doug Jones: "Never in my life have I voted for a… https://t.co/SL0HfvTkNP
RT @guypbenson: Moore supporters in my mentions seem torn between "he's innocent!" and "he probably did it, but it doesn't matter."… https://t.co/ZyWibu9MTu
RT @mrbenwexler: THE RIGHT: Yeah he's a serial child molester but he'll confirm the guy I want on the Supreme Court THE LEFT: Yeah… https://t.co/yGJxv0pfaj
RT @LeviStraussCo: Proud to stand w/ @HRC + others in signing a brief opposing LGBTQ discrimination. Businesses must be #OpentoAll… https://t.co/XhoZaRVMtb
RT @tribelaw: The claim that the President “cannot obstruct justice” because he heads the justice system is made only by Trump’s… https://t.co/0uiO9f00gN
RT @jaketapper: Very clear @MooreSenate/Bannon/Breitbart talking points: 1) all the Alabama women accusing Moore of improper beha… https://t.co/ChIxk3jjH1
RT @pattonoswalt: Democrats have forced Rep. John Conyers to step down. Good to see them doing the right thing. I'm sure the GOP woul… https://t.co/i4ytaGCb89
RT @jilevin: BOYCOTT SEAN HANNITY! Dear @LendingTree, Advertisers distance themselves from Hannity after Moore coverage. Why… https://t.co/ZGd2kV9IBz
RT @peterdaou: Today, @JoeNBC tries to rebut the argument that he helped Trump during the election. He does so by pointing out tim… https://t.co/eHtLmfe1h6
RT @EricBoehlert: just so folks realize, GOP embrace of Moore is a preview of GOP's embrace of firing Mueller and and GOP's embrace o… https://t.co/GfKaou5o0y
RT @MrDane1982: When Mueller is done with Donald Trump, everything he has done needs to be reversed, including the presidential election of 2016.
RT @Amy_Siskind: Trump hasn't tweeted today. He knows Mueller's got him and his son-in-law with the Deutsche Bank subpoena. I bet… https://t.co/xI4qVetuCU
RT @JRubinBlogger: the vile state of social conservatives -- back a president with multiple, credible accusers who backs alleged child… https://t.co/FhEwCBNgjd
RT @chrislhayes: Roy Moore was a uniquely unqualified and unfit senate candidate *before* being credibly accused of sexually assault… https://t.co/D6EUw4K6n3
RT @RogueFirstLady: Thank God we have president who strong on NFL kneeling and have open heart for pedophile community. Thank… https://t.co/RFuIfRVMfV
RT @RogueFirstLady: Who write this for you? https://t.co/vpeVcVk7XP
RT @RogueFirstLady: The Donald not want this shared. Do not share please. https://t.co/5MNSpUzQ4Z
RT @RogueFirstLady: You not able to make up this. #dotards https://t.co/zasmHh7SDt
RT @RogueFirstLady: Move to Alabama and run for Senate. https://t.co/hOGgRTnrT5
RT @RogueFirstLady: .@AMCTalkingDead Is it wrong I rather be at Sanctuary than White House just now?
RT @RogueFirstLady: Thank God we have party in control that believe in rule of law, welfare of children, infallibility of Constitution… https://t.co/MdAkqZFKCe
RT @RogueFirstLady: You base not have 401k https://t.co/TFhArRIJuo
RT @MrDane1982: Bernie Sanders voters attacked Kamala Harris & is now attacking Joy Reid but no they don't have a problem with just… https://t.co/1y9LbGxMxb
RT @AynRandPaulRyan: Roy Moore was 34. She was 17. "The scrapbook also contained a photo of Gibson as a high school senior, and when sh… https://t.co/ZDUJoDLiin
RT @DemWrite: "Nevertheless, We Resist" @TeenVogue's newest volume is guest-edited by @HillaryClinton & focuses on motivating & e… https://t.co/QrTrLgKtAV
RT @ProudResister: CNN Breaking News: White House lawyer told President Trump in January that Michael Flynn misled the FBI and lied to… https://t.co/xt4NXi7GDu
RT @Kanisha1Jackson: Thousands protest in Utah against Trump's plan to shrink Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante: "Donald Trump's… https://t.co/j96mWJUEOX
RT @Mikel_Jollett: Orrin Hatch is literally saying it's OK to abuse children. What has the Republican Party become? https://t.co/Ui2icYDMQa
RT @hemantmehta: Act like Jesus. https://t.co/NRoTdEecmf
RT @nycsouthpaw: The President benefitted from a foreign power’s intervention in our election. Then, his team secretly conspired wit… https://t.co/lxeT2m23mQ
RT @ProudResister: BREAKING NEWS: Senator Dianne Feinstein reveals that the Senate Judiciary Committee is investigating Donald Trump f… https://t.co/ulKkxtUvcT
RT @sarahkendzior: The tweet and thread below are about a year old. Still catching up to the news, but...how is Kushner and his settle… https://t.co/EgUElfEzEo
RT @AynRandPaulRyan: .@SenDeanHeller is a GD coward. He threw @lpackard, who has stage IV Hodgkin's lymphoma, out of his town hall for… https://t.co/Op6QTqgMbH
RT @RWPUSA: It's time. His criminal defense lawyers need to confiscate the Twitter account. His cabinet needs to confiscate the nukes. Amend. 25.
RT @ericgarland: Ever wonder if megachurches launder money? 🤔
RT @SarahKSilverman: Let’s all take a beat & internalize this quote from the transcendent James Baldwin:… https://t.co/wmlVQ0QqVK
RT @ddale8: I know we're talking about obstruction and collusion right now but Corey Lewandowski says Trump used to have press… https://t.co/R3bT2FEYVh
RT @Amy_Siskind: It’s 10:30 am EST and Trump has already sent 10 tweets! Do not quote or react directly. Starve him of the affirma… https://t.co/KBHCAeaSOM
RT @HillaryClinton: Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do after a loss. Not this time. This tax bill is only going to get worse as pe… https://t.co/a8Nzc6ay8j
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Pence is not getting nearly enough scrutiny in the media for his hands on role running the transition. Reminder aft… https://t.co/YJ1CugBJwu
RT @HillaryPix: HRod at the @TeenVogue Summit today. @HillaryClinton https://t.co/66XroAlD1I
RT @ProudResister: People need to stop acting so surprised. This crime was blatant and right in front of everyone’s face. Our Country’… https://t.co/EJlPHzxfXM
RT @funder: .@SpeakerRyan-Multiple folks from the Hill tell me Trump plans on firing Mueller. Everyone who retweets this wants… https://t.co/wJr2AdjZh5
RT @JoyAnnReid: And 18 years later, the Nixon administration sued your father and your company for housing discrimination for havin… https://t.co/yshbHHaZuK
RT @kylegriffin1: It's been 63 days since Congress let CHIP, the children's health insurance program that insures 9, 000, 000, expire.
RT @bravenak: Bernie is like that houseguest who complains about the sheets, couch, food, floor, furniture, artwork, toilet paper… https://t.co/pKcu02UvIb
RT @MichaelSLinden: Instead of asking why Dems couldn't stop this bill, ask how they possibly could have when @SenatorCollins is willin… https://t.co/Zg1SAWMOb4
RT @DemWrite: 🚨 RT for Utah! Wouldn't it be fabulous if there was a YUGE protest waiting for Trump at the *Utah* State Capitol?… https://t.co/jmgvIgpYZE
RT @benwikler: On the night of the Ohio State-Wisconsin Big Ten football championship, 1100 people in Akron are at a rally against… https://t.co/i95slUGEM9
@JermaineOM @docrocktex26 @ACLU @AGJeffBSessions Agreed.
RT @jilevin: ***BOYCOTT HANNITY!*** Dear @sanofi, Do you really want to advertise on @SeanHannity's TV and radio shows given h… https://t.co/jpByaQUxDd
.@ACLU The evidence is clear cut. Every lender who gave a black person a subprime rate and gave a white person with… https://t.co/a7XWteiQW6
RT @Barrow4Parker: @washingtonpost https://t.co/E7U8NEF9z5
RT @funder: Trump has now urged seven officials to help end the Russia investigations #TrumpResign #AMJoy https://t.co/YuoK7xajEg
RT @funder: Paper trail proves VP Mike Pence knew Michael Flynn was working as a foreign agent for Russia #AMJoy #TrumpRussia… https://t.co/wo7Rfj09FN
RT @funder: A Congressman sent this letter 11/18/16 to Pence alerting him Michael Flynn was a paid Russian agent. Pence knew &… https://t.co/70lfgu9s7P
RT @funder: Roy Moore-backing Alabama pastor lied to cover son’s alleged molestation of orphans #NoMoore #AMJoy https://t.co/Q49LTosZXr
RT @funder: Save this tweet: People will go to prison for this #TaxScamBill. Intermingling with lobbyists & their campaign dono… https://t.co/dWzaNPRsLg
RT @SethAbramson: Today, Republicans in D.C. are celebrating a massive TAX INCREASE on the middle class and a massive TAX CUT for the… https://t.co/egRzYeT3eA
RT @gettinnoticedmo: Hey @SusanSarandon, if Hillary was President, she could have vetoed this #TaxScamBill. Thanks. Thanks a lot.
RT @owillis: lie https://t.co/58iWRSOE3F
RT @sarahkendzior: Are you a nazi promoting genocide? Fine with Twitter! Are you a stalker making violent threats? Fine with Twitter!… https://t.co/BkZodFXBMz
RT @TopherSpiro: The Hillsdale Handout. Burn it into your memory. https://t.co/osf3HD6IdO
RT @Alyssa_Milano: Portland! Put on your slippers and get over there! https://t.co/4XENTTxnBF
RT @funder: If I’m Kushner or Don Jr right now I’d be terrified. #MuellerTime
RT @SethAbramson: How to Campaign for a Pedophile in Two Easy Steps https://t.co/74cOPuhZNx
.@SenatorCollins please. Please stop this bill. We believe in you. @PattyMurray you right by the American people be… https://t.co/Gwpjiiay8s
RT @nytimes: A Hasty, Hand-Scribbled Tax Bill Sets Off an Outcry https://t.co/yxAKSolF4e
RT @MrDane1982: Jill Stein is shitting herself right about now. Jill Stein and Mike Flynn both was in Russia together. Both attend… https://t.co/CdNUhXyc5b
RT @funder: If this goes as far as we think it does then we need a #NewElection. Anyone who tells me it’s not possible probably… https://t.co/EhrJRHKD2S
RT @brianschatz: Please RT if you think that every Senator should be given enough time to read a multi-trillion dollar piece of legislation.
@emokidsloveme @MimsyYamaguchi What’s a sin-misfortune?
@emokidsloveme And potentially all the incorrect subject verb agreement or the missing articles in Alice’s tweets...
RT @AlexMohajer: "The truth? @HillaryClinton did not lose the 2016 presidential election. We did." @HuffingtonPost https://t.co/uGErzEPz9T
.@MooreSenate preyed on the woman who would become his wife. No wonder he thinks hebephilia is consensual. https://t.co/f95kP1kaKN
RT @dark_wisdom_: Hope your fucking tax bill was worth all the treason.
RT @SenJeffMerkley: I asked the senior senator from Texas to come to the floor and explain his Wall Street Welfare amendment that lets… https://t.co/fSAqFZxYsx
RT @SunjeevBery: @marcorubio If Republicans in Congress insist on destroying the fabric of our social welfare system -- all to give… https://t.co/F88N3vFMQp
RT @vermontgmg: Don’t be fooled—Bob Mueller doesn’t do fishing expeditions. He knows where he’s going—and there’s much we still don… https://t.co/MLaUrVY7oh
RT @Amy_Siskind: Sad day in America. We literally know today illegalities happened, tainting many inside the WH, poss treason. Neve… https://t.co/Pb9uSSYVVN
RT @BreakandEnterTV: @kylegriffin1 Michael Flynn: "Lock Her Up!" Hillary Clinton: "You First." https://t.co/NemKC1FylX
RT @MrGeorgeWallace: It's bullshit if they don't let @HillaryClinton drag Flynn to prison in Wonder Woman's lasso and whatnot.
.@SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski Sisters are doing it for themselves. You changed the world once. We all believe in… https://t.co/XhtgcQEMfV
.@SusanCollins Please Senator. An entire nation rests on your decision. You were a hero when you didn't worry about… https://t.co/d047A8SJyn
RT @Amy_Siskind: And meanwhile, our Republican Party, knowing full-well now that our election was likely compromised by Russia and i… https://t.co/fynLfsNS4w
RT @aravosis: Why are we passing any legislation at all in the middle of a constitutional crisis about whether President is a cri… https://t.co/Uu3gadvumN
.@Scottwalker do you take it as seriously as you do your strong policies against awful sweaters? https://t.co/EPtREfI9qW
.@SenatorCollins I️ have so much respect for you for putting people before party. You did it before. Make history a… https://t.co/oj4I1faQk3
RT @DemWrite: 🇺🇸 Please RT in solidarity with the millions of Americans who will suffer at the hands of the @GOP & their evil… https://t.co/8wfK9SMSXW
Yes yes yes yes!!!! 🌈 Onward and Upward 🌈 https://t.co/dmwH4dEmrT
RT @DavidKlion: If you're Collins, Corker, or Flake, what is your incentive to pass this monstrosity and hand Trump, who now looks… https://t.co/dD1SzJdF8K
RT @RepMaxineWaters: Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up, lock him up.
RT @Rosie: hello @SenatorCollins - thank u for your service 2 our country - 4 being the voice of some many women - I beg u 2 s… https://t.co/z0a9PzvNHz
RT @bravenak: Please don't make me roast Bernie's last living Revolutionary War veteran looking ass today. Cause I will. Looki… https://t.co/bwSAhxxBvi
RT @VicenteFoxQue: .@realDonaldTrump is a “president” who gets on better with authoritarian regimes than America’s traditional democra… https://t.co/4hyaDhnbyJ
RT @VicenteFoxQue: .@PressSec, you’re saying that if @realDonaldTrump keeps quiet about the sexual allegations, therefore he’s innocen… https://t.co/MJUVUHF14R
RT @joncoopertweets: 👉After being turned down four times for being too “negative”, we finally found a billboard company in Alabama that… https://t.co/5TUaCYFjny
RT @chrissyteigen: An SNL sketch where the reporters report on their own sexual misconduct and firings but they don't know it until live prompter
RT @funder: Trump can play dumb all he wants but he knows exactly what he’s doing. The gaslighting, the racial slurs, promoting… https://t.co/UxBh8w6eYH
RT @VicenteFoxQue: .@realDonaldTrump, are you really trying to tweet your way towards world war? You hot headed moron, your retweets p… https://t.co/o37iRc83p5
RT @NancyPelosi: .@realDonaldTrump now knows that his verbal abuse will no longer be tolerated. His empty chair photo opp showed he’… https://t.co/fPtHO7as8A
RT @activist360: Matt Lauer is immediately fired, yet self-admitted serial sexual assaulter Donald Trump is still president? Somethi… https://t.co/hw8h9ee18g
RT @ClaraJeffery: So so so many women--seemingly all of us--are being retraumatized by every news cycle.
RT @piersmorgan: Good morning, Mr President @realDonaldTrump - what the hell are you doing retweeting a bunch of unverified videos b… https://t.co/bFcPjiSCmS
RT @kylegriffin1: Richard Blumenthal to reporters on Trump’s tweets this morning: “The Republican Party will bear a moral responsibil… https://t.co/qgWIXfVzsy
RT @RVAwonk: Roy Moore co-wrote an academic course outlining why women aren’t morally suited to vote or run for public office.… https://t.co/n1dI6WnLl2
RT @shannonrwatts: Women can be sexist, too. Especially privileged white women. https://t.co/uoQzymkEtM
RT @TheRickyDavila: Agree totally. https://t.co/plbs3Pgnar
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) With the news that Bob Mueller recently interviewed Jared Kushner about his dealings with former Trump NSA… https://t.co/nBbzOIHvUc
RT @owillis: Look at the men who covered the 2016 election and ask how could a woman possibly have been given a fair hearing? Th… https://t.co/l36Mz5qnNA
RT @ayeletw: Susan Collins needs to hear from you, immediately. Call to save the Obamacare mandate, to prevent the give away of… https://t.co/s7vpVhRmqi
RT @politicalmiller: So Hillary took on Trump, Putin, the FBI, the Republican House, and absurdly sexist media and still got 3 million m… https://t.co/YuRSFKpHFA
RT @JessicaValenti: Just gonna pre-empt an argument I know is coming: Women know the difference between a friendly touch and one meant… https://t.co/zjtOfN7Bl8
RT @rezaaslan: Hey Media! Stop asking why Trump would retweet a racist white nationalist hate monger, as though you don’t really k… https://t.co/M2DmcaE7An
RT @danpfeiffer: Paul Ryan is a moral coward. Rinse. Repeat. https://t.co/U2x9OWYtfx
RT @SeanAstin: I am NOT a "Butt Hurt" Hollywood Liberal Elite. I'm a married man of 26 years with three daughters and I'm a human… https://t.co/5ri63JViJp
RT @ShaunKing: Dear @Twitter, By allowing Donald Trump to use his massive presence on here to share anti-Muslim hate videos, crea… https://t.co/Ak5ltt5z1e
RT @krassenstein: Can we now finally call Trump a white supremacist? His own words & actions support it. I'm done pussyfooting aro… https://t.co/HfMhtxtUNW
RT @MrDane1982: 71M people who voted told sexual assault survivors and dead sexual assault victims their life didn't matter! Repub… https://t.co/orhSsqqrQf
RT @DellaCooper3: @peterdaou https://t.co/M01lXqRL5x
RT @peterdaou: Last year, I spoke out forcefully against mainstream media coverage of Hillary being laced with sexism and misogyny… https://t.co/akLNp3QX4Q
RT @robreiner: DT retweets anti-Muslim hatred & we all say it's a new low. It's not. DT is and always has been as low as a human being can get.
RT @rudepundit: If there is violence against Muslims because of what Trump tweeted, Twitter is directly complicit. It's not even a… https://t.co/9cJYVemvAP
RT @RVAwonk: I keep hearing people say the recent flood of sexual assault allegations has men "looking over their shoulder" and… https://t.co/YvJrpOgQwd
RT @RogueFirstLady: I talking to myself about run away from you. https://t.co/S07qGyFkFM
RT @RVAwonk: I have a lot of questions about James O'Keefe and Project Veritas. Top on my list: When is Congress going to launch… https://t.co/ARCXDsR92i
RT @MrDane1982: Why does the media ignore polls showing Dem base still prefers Hillary Clintion not Bernie Sanders & others. Press… https://t.co/S8962QpPLt
RT @MurrayCampaign: Yet another reason we need all hands on deck to fight for #NetNeutrality https://t.co/5kaRMLe5Ls
RT @CNN: The Veterans Affairs Department has failed to report potentially dangerous doctors https://t.co/PtM4ZqrPaQ https://t.co/nJZy6CqhyU
RT @TheTweetOfGod: People who brag about not being politically correct tend also not to be factually, morally, or grammatically correct.
RT @RVAwonk: And when Project Veritas paid a woman to pretend she was raped to discredit women who were actually sexually assaul… https://t.co/kOn0hHfWXe
RT @JasonKander: One grandmother at a time... https://t.co/AJfNZTvePQ
RT @kylegriffin1: Sen. Chris Coons is asking the Judiciary Committee to hold a hearing on potential presidential interference with U.… https://t.co/bVvgnGJ2Ac
@IAmOnlyMe89 Girl. I️ can’t even.
RT @bravenak: I am in desperate need of more men who have NEVER voted for a woman for President to lecture me on my audaciousness… https://t.co/CMXxRaHcuU
RT @smartflexin: I think you’re a berner with traditional berner views and that includes such a deep carelessness towards issues of… https://t.co/5ZjxQoqah8
RT @Sifill_LDF: Where are the polls on what Black southerners think? https://t.co/2Oci4sv0M7
RT @EdKrassen: BREAKING: Trump is now privately claiming that the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape isn't authentic. This is his f… https://t.co/C6SJNZVUqr
“the task had resulted from Mr. Trump’s desire to accelerate the release of Mrs. Clinton’s remaining emails.” https://t.co/U4wechqoJg
RT @EdKrassen: Don't worry America, Trump gets worked up over Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" award every year. This is noth… https://t.co/DADXS6tXAI
RT @PreetBharara: Some Mike Flynn questions: After Flynn was recruited by the Russians, did Putin's regime introduce & vouch for him… https://t.co/7uSVIvmnKR
RT @ASlavitt: ACA enrollment ends in 3 weeks. 4.5 million Americans can get covered at NO premium. They must just apply by 12/15… https://t.co/CdXwXySDLM
RT @krassenstein: I'm going to say this as Clear as Day. There is NO WAY Trump gets out of this unscathed. He WILL goto Prison &… https://t.co/usH9NA7uzA
Doing god’s work... https://t.co/90tyuvRZnP
RT @MrDane1982: Bernie Sanders: Democrats must move beyond 'identity politics' Edit... Democrats must move beyond Bernie Sanders
RT @peterdaou: The NY Times features the "polite and low-key" Nazi next door. The LA Times highlights "the human side of Charles M… https://t.co/pHZHQcTYVz
RT @JamilSmith: I hosted a panel for @kcrw’s ONE YEAR LATER that addressed Trump’s frequent targeting of prominent black folks in t… https://t.co/4xgbwHzooh
RT @MrDane1982: Bernie Sanders votes is my citation... He calls civil rights .. identity politics Voted against immigration ref… https://t.co/1l2FikRnSf
RT @PennyFate: @MeansNefarious @MrDane1982 Bernie is not an honest broker. He likes sounds bites of Nirvana. At the end of the day… https://t.co/vkmKNeEYZx
RT @AlishaRai: my @time person of the year is that bro who deleted the presidents twitter for 11 minutes
RT @ForeignPolicy: “The U.S. would turn into a leading voice for perpetuating abuse and denying justice to millions of women and girls… https://t.co/4YwAFxUzRw
RT @FiveThirtyEight: What happens if the election was a fraud? The Constitution doesn't say. https://t.co/7oWJZ0sVcY
RT @bravenak: The Hill has got to be the stupidest source on Twitter. Their headlines are insanely dumb. No 'Democrats' did NOT.… https://t.co/FtxP3gWu3p
RT @jilevin: *** Please RT if you agree *** Dear @TripAdvisor, Pedophilia is not okay! Why are you okay with advertising on… https://t.co/BPUuhqyius
RT @ipsnews: IPS has prepared a handbook for journalists to support sustained media coverage of gender-based violence, including… https://t.co/KWiy7dbWBK
@SatanicResearch @pinkheretic Agreed. Many cultures have a similar flood myth. As well as people who we supposedly… https://t.co/go4uKs2dN5
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Time should tell Trump he’s Person of the Year, have it really wind up being Maxine Waters and call it Reclaiming Her Time.
RT @krassenstein: It's funny how the party that worried so much about their Daughters’ safety when in public restrooms w/innocent Tra… https://t.co/8tnLNQwWJ9
RT @siddiqbashar: @nytopinion https://t.co/vaLHnEAfvG
RT @SarahLerner: “Why don’t women report” part eleventy billion. https://t.co/GvzjJQtBzU
RT @Rosie: vote this ass out https://t.co/8SEVMzvR5a
RT @VFHIVE: Christopher Steele told a reporter that one real-estate deal might be key to understanding the collusion case https://t.co/SyIcgYK2Cz
RT @AmandaMarcotte: https://t.co/ePoFqg0FgI Joe Barton should not be punished for consensual sexual activity. Hopefully, he will recons… https://t.co/swaKkJCxvR
RT @VABVOX: According to the Constitution, @HillaryClinton could be elected Speaker without being a member of Congress. https://t.co/iLbW99RQW0
RT @NatashaBertrand: Flynn’s lobbying partner Bijan Kian, now under scrutiny by Mueller, hired a journalist to help produce a pro-Turkey… https://t.co/9wOl5uI5h1
RT @levarburton: Ha...! I’m crying... #bydhttmwfi 😭😭😭 #theyputhiminthevisor https://t.co/KqerUABoFq
RT @NathanLerner: .@TheDemCoalition's latest billboard has been rejected by 4 billboard companies in Alabama. So let's make it go vi… https://t.co/QY9wtoA5w1
.@MooreSenate watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade #thankful https://t.co/VI2UbLipSF
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) BREAKING: Allegations Trump spoke to Putin via speakerphone at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant, discussing… https://t.co/Jj4RHLSAQ8
RT @cheddar: Actress @frandrescher's advice to all women facing sexual harassment: "No matter how minor or major...make a lot of… https://t.co/c9limz5QH0
RT @TheOnlyKAVIN: . @HillaryClinton I approve this message!!! https://t.co/cEtDYwTmqg
Tens of thousands with outstanding warrants purged from background check database for gun purchases - The Washingto… https://t.co/KabSQaqRKe
RT @LOLGOP: If you think fertilized eggs are children but fourteen year olds adults, you're going to have to stop pretending yo… https://t.co/jRYioxOzG5
RT @DemWrite: A sex trafficking victim, #CyntoniaBrown was choked & raped with a gun to her head. She killed her assailant. And g… https://t.co/B8NbHcHlnU
RT @funder: Fun Facts: At least 12 Trump associates had contacts with Russians during & after campaign, including 19 face-to-fa… https://t.co/ZKblMuLcrd
@AmyJeanShelton @ClaraJeffery I️ don’t have any issues with Melania. She was very likely trafficked and likely thre… https://t.co/TH4A1q0Y2z
RT @jilevin: Don't force young girls to hug their relatives, the Girl Scouts say https://t.co/o9NQ7nTPBN https://t.co/zSvudgQQQX
RT @LukewSavage: All hail @kenklippenstein for this Olympic-level troll https://t.co/tX7iPgSt6C
Something awful is right. Does the UN do anything good?? https://t.co/fsiHd8locp
Because literally the ppl who wrote this law believe in #yourvirginityoryourlife https://t.co/ZvX0VK8HGP
RT @RogueFirstLady: The Donald terrified people take another look at him accusers and very angry people tweet hashtag #TrumpSexPredator… https://t.co/RRFDtbrsXC
RT @RogueFirstLady: Holy poopies The Donald freaking out people calling Senators and demand investigation into him sex assault charges.… https://t.co/O5eeveHWFf
RT @BetteMidler: Charlie? Rose? OMG!! MEN HAVE DROPPED ALL THEIR BALLS....Oh yeah, I posted that recently....Still, MOVE OVER GUYS… https://t.co/viTj2q73eG
RT @ezraklein: I'd like to see less talk about "pivoting to video" and more about the great video journalism being done. Like this… https://t.co/1Uzgq12IPc
RT @AGSchneiderman: Over the last 6 mos, my office has investigated a massive scheme to corrupt the @FCC's comment process on… https://t.co/pH5x8By0KC
RT @robreiner: Compare & contrast. DT rejects the man who prosecuted the killers of 4 little girls/supports the man who sexually molested 9 little girls.
RT @MrDane1982: Hillary Clinton raised $3B for the Democrats over her career. She personally raised $500M for her Campaign. Hillary… https://t.co/H3k6cGGEzG
RT @JuddLegum: Final frame in Doug Jones' new ad is pretty brutal https://t.co/ndVnVHAiKF
RT @ryanstruyk: Would you still consider voting for a candidate accused of sexual harassment by multiple women? (via new… https://t.co/KdUxsvvdjW
RT @robreiner: There could be only one reason why DT backs a man who tried to rape a minor. He has no problem with that behavior. Wonder why. Simpatico?
RT @MrDane1982: With all these male media commentators being fired over sexual assault, now we see why Hillary Clinton couldn't get… https://t.co/Se6z2Cxvzj
RT @shin_inouye: .@civilrightsorg condemns the Trump administration’s immoral decision to end Temporary Protected Status for Haitian… https://t.co/4ldrttZPLd
RT @AlGiordano: This is exactly why he is trying to stack the courts with judges made in his white male image. Organize and resist.… https://t.co/v4zo8YLEz5
RT @TheRickyDavila: I won't let this go. https://t.co/JAn6uWJg6c
RT @tribelaw: It feels truly obscene that a nation as rich as ours does this to its people. https://t.co/fqFp06oNHy
.@RogueFirstLady Paula Cobia handing out attitude adjustments at 4pm. In case you know anyone who needs attitude ad… https://t.co/2pu8j2wY3S
RT @SLSmith000: My friend & colleague, Paula Cobia released a statement on behalf of her client, Gloria Deason, one of the women ad… https://t.co/r3LJ0DWpr6
RT @mns2lv4ever: @EdKrassen @seanhannity https://t.co/aIr8LqvDNl
RT @justinjm1: Roy Moore sided with convicted rapists of underage girls https://t.co/3N2QThVpq6 https://t.co/U4rmeIspmM
RT @zinziclemmons: So far, @Lupita_Nyongo and @AuroraPerrineau have faced the worst backlash after going public. Hmmmm, what do they h… https://t.co/I1RqxAscpK
RT @zinziclemmons: You should be apologizing to @AuroraPerrineau. This isn’t an apology, this is a half-assed attempt to cover your as… https://t.co/oBROkicxtC
RT @zinziclemmons: Now that I have your attention, please do whatever you can to support @GDouglasJones in the AL senate race. He supp… https://t.co/FOTYXGRVP2
RT @zinziclemmons: My statement on why I will no longer write for @lennyletter, and the behavior I witnessed firsthand from… https://t.co/4ONBAIURPo
RT @socalsteph_: @lenadunham You are one of the reasons women do not come forward. Because they have to hear shit like this from peo… https://t.co/yNb9X6JTdF
RT @daibyday: @lenadunham Your *several* post backlash statements are beyond tiresome at this point. That being said, I certainly… https://t.co/08ffCFjSXf
RT @daibyday: @lenadunham This isn't about "politics" or "timing" - this is about claiming the feminist label only when convenient.
RT @SaerwenGloom: @jillwklausen @hotmesslie @TaranaBurke @halesbells @lenadunham Apparently she is an 'apologist'.
RT @docrocktex26: Hillary announces she is resigning … as Fox News's president of the United States https://t.co/iVQwO9ZTIB
RT @kylegriffin1: It's been 50 days since Congress let CHIP, the children's health insurance program that insures 9, 000, 000, expire.
RT @Dangchick1: LaToya Cantrell elected 1st female mayor of New Orleans in a landslide victory with 60% of the vote. https://t.co/bbwSJC2MNq via @USATODAY
RT @ThePlumLineGS: Retired Alabama police officer: "It was a known fact: Roy Moore liked young girls." https://t.co/Z6gtEQ0xTN https://t.co/5dlAB1D3WH
RT @kenvogel: Corey Lewandowski insists that he has nothing to do with the Trump-linked lobbying firm Turnberry Solutions, but it… https://t.co/PS2QjfUcO8
RT @ericgarland: Oh man: Mueller has the text messages between Rinat Akhmetshin and Ike Kaveladze from just before the "adoptions" m… https://t.co/bzAmdHh7JO
RT @RVAwonk: Don Jr. confirms he met with "Russian godfather" Aleksander Torshin — the same Putin ally/organized crime boss who… https://t.co/LsmQNrptHG
RT @TheRoot: Deputy Sheriff in Virginia wore blackface, dressed up as Rep. Frederica Wilson for Halloween and was not fired nor… https://t.co/g64QmJiXwM
@OliviaResists @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/RFvdov6llY
RT @RVAwonk: Conservative evangelical leader Tony Perkins — one of Trump's "faith advisers" — covered up for a GOP lawmaker who… https://t.co/aomkibwbgY
RT @SenWhitehouse: The news has dribbled out slowly, but the totals are striking: “the Trump campaign interacted with Russians at leas… https://t.co/5L6GlMrCEJ
Ministers sign letter saying Roy Moore 'not fit for office' https://t.co/NqkJOOyyHo
RT @Marshall_Cohen: These 12 women have accused President Trump of sexual misconduct. The White House position, repeated again today, i… https://t.co/NLwcwdqvcz
RT @owenbernard: WARNING!!! DO NOT BELIEVE THE POLLS...Republicans in Alabama are lying to pollsters to artificially boost polls in… https://t.co/LE3nY7wYIi
RT @aliasvaughn: 1. Thought this was gonna be a slow news day? THINK AGAIN. @AP has this exclusive on the Trump tower Russian lawyer… https://t.co/PsUdPnXWPD
RT @GDouglasJones: I may have the honor of serving Alabama as your senator, but the most important thing I have done is prosecuting th… https://t.co/VZBt3k5f67
.@Newsweek Change this irresponsible and untrue headline now. https://t.co/NyDto9T65o
RT @ReasonVsFear: Forgive me, but it will look for a bit like I'm going off on a tangent. It will all be clear shortly.... When I wa… https://t.co/td7nXFnfiG
RT @ABlackTweeter: @ReasonVsFear @missfreckles1 @ginmarrienne https://t.co/5e8wnXqzeR
RT @JohnJHarwood: WH press secretary Sanders, asked why sexual misconduct allegations against Franken merit investigation but those a… https://t.co/qTKu0UeSFQ
RT @joshtpm: In 2014 video Sam Clovis, who choose Papadopoulos and Page, explained that Russian troops were in Ukraine to “assis… https://t.co/TwXBRw3158
OH. Yes you DID say this. THANK you. OMG "Rapists rape people, not outfits." https://t.co/USURnSF5lB
RT @laurenduca: Gabby Douglas is young to be a public figure, and I hope she gets the chance to learn from this, but let me make th… https://t.co/9UV8mYIKKJ
RT @jaketapper: HA HA HA HA HA it’s funny because the Russians interfered in the 2016 US election https://t.co/DQXZsj2ap9
.@Franklin_Graham You're right. The president you support is guilty of much worse than that. Including trafficking… https://t.co/mxsx5K29Rd
RT @MotherJones: How the media may be inspiring more mass shootings—and what it can do to stop https://t.co/5iOdvkdeMc https://t.co/ccB0hNipwz
.@lenadunham And you've just set it up so that anyone who's worked on #girls with you and @JenniKonner and may want… https://t.co/lgChrHPgiy
RT @Brickiseed: Lena Dunham and Gabby Douglas hanging onto their fan-base after today. https://t.co/mqoTmkHMbG
RT @Michael2014abc: Gabby Douglas right now seeing Lena Dunham trending #1: https://t.co/XZIjtGs1iA
RT @Jbird1579: @addiebrownlee @lenadunham https://t.co/3a1H5ugCrJ
.@lenadunham So which statement do you plan to retract? https://t.co/mOL1F81y0S
@lenadunham .@lenadunham I think in the end it's not a bad thing when one's heroes disappoint so dreadfully. Well n… https://t.co/YWnIbyBunD
@lenadunham .@lenadunham before an investigation. Before the other women who will come forward. And they will come… https://t.co/Ed0Q63bKI7
@lenadunham So... which statement do you plan to retract? https://t.co/mOL1F81y0S
@lenadunham do tell? https://t.co/koTg6aglbw
RT @aliasvaughn: 1. Kushner received emails in Sept 2016 on WikiLeaks & about a "Russian backdoor overture & dinner invite" & forwar… https://t.co/38huT8TGPp
RT @ClaraJeffery: this seems ... unwise https://t.co/Q2u0ocJpj3
RT @MikeElk: Folks check out @metooseiu, which has been launched in the wake of revelations about sexual assault and misconduct… https://t.co/njgGrUmigh
RT @ProudResister: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called on an ethics committee to investigate Al Franken. I AGREE. Now… https://t.co/39ODcAThhT
RT @JohnLeguizamo: Part 1. Sarah Sanders tomorrow: "Don Jr was a member of the Trump family for only a short period of time. He was a… https://t.co/kZ2huPnckK
RT @Khanoisseur: These are gonna look great in documentaries about financial crimes that happened on Mnuchin’s watch https://t.co/vbSjc0z8qj
RT @EricBoehlert: for the record, the NYT launched the bogus Uranium One story in 2015 with an "exclusive" deal w/ Steve Bannon. th… https://t.co/uwew9KO20a
RT @Rosie: cant make this shit up https://t.co/DysWC4DVCg
RT @Mikel_Jollett: Boycotts work. This is 100% because of the 11 advertisers that dropped his show. https://t.co/vszsnSbkVO
RT @shannonrwatts: I sure wish we were as good at thoughts and prayers as other developed nations. Northern California https://t.co/tb1MTJKJNp
RT @funder: .@FoxNews-It’s time for you to #FireHannity. Everyone who retweets this agrees. His Roy Moore defense is one of the… https://t.co/do7W6bzmJO
RT @funder: .@realDonaldTrump-You need to resign immediately. Everyone who retweets this agrees. #TrumpResign https://t.co/AxVIaw3oIq
RT @jilevin: Advertisers shouldn't support pedophiles or the people that support them! Dear @CosequinPet, Pedophilia is not ok… https://t.co/f19LY49Mww
RT @funder: Retweet this if you want FoxNews to #FireHannity Advertisers are ditching Sean Hannity over his defense of Roy Moo… https://t.co/M0Lu8flOCb
RT @JuddLegum: Congresswoman proposes paying for GOP tax plan with new tax on ammunition for semi-automatic weapons https://t.co/Vl34GuUuhx
RT @atDavidHoffman: Let’s retweet this to remind him we remember. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/6v7ZxK02jQ
RT @weIshwitchh: Hillary Rodham Clinton still defending Elizabeth Warren against sexism even after she said the primary was rigged i… https://t.co/IIrOPug5CA
RT @B52Malmet: These white evangelicals who are supporting the rapist Roy Moore are good with his pedophilia in order to get a SCO… https://t.co/jPJVwcg1Sw
RT @fakemikemulloy: Wow, Dick’s is pulling its ads from Hannity, everyone run outside and smash your dick with a hammer to own the libs.
RT @jessecase: I don't think you guys appreciate how creepy you had to be to get banned from a mall in the 80s.
RT @melissaFTW: Transparent. Broad City. Fleabag. Insecure. Girls. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Jessica Jones. D… https://t.co/1og0izRX5p
RT @peterdaou: A lot of people hate that I constantly defend @HillaryClinton. I wake up each day to a torrent of rage from right a… https://t.co/0lUeHEf4sz
RT @JoyAnnReid: Alabama voters may send a serial child molester to the United States Senate simply because he claims to be a Christ… https://t.co/7SQby3YyHL
RT @Zebop: People's puerile hatred of Hillary Clinton and vile lionization of the moronic Bernie Sanders helped to give us Don… https://t.co/5ZBiOcEbCh
RT @ProudResister: Dear @FoxNews, Your anchor, Sean Hannity, conflated sexual assault and consensual sex on your network. You may wa… https://t.co/YNSJt8wRLr
RT @dougmillsnyt: This what our APEC Summit photo coverage looks today in Da Nang Vietnam. Blank. No coverage by the White House Trav… https://t.co/9Rydu1ccXl
RT @SenMikeLee: Having read the detailed description of the incidents, as well as the response from Judge Moore and his campaign, I… https://t.co/cuO0MkNxVJ
RT @williamlegate: Funny how the party which worried so much about their daughters' saftey in the bathrooms is now going on the record to defend pedophilia…
RT @DemitriDawson: The WaPo published a well-researched, in-depth and comprehensive story on the predatory behavior of Roy Moore. This… https://t.co/aF8TxvNQSS
RT @bravenak: How fucking hard can it possibly be to simply NOT sexually assault people? I have never once had the urge.
I’ve done this too. https://t.co/Fo3tUtfEBt
RT @KeepMyPowerOrg: More on #RoyMoore from @washingtonpost “There are allegations that he would approach high school girls after he wou… https://t.co/AEeuq3PV04
RT @Loca2733Mc: Post Office Fails to Deliver on Time, and DACA Applications Get Rejected. At least 33 other cases have been rejecte… https://t.co/Rg5nWfDE2k
RT @jeremynewberger: So if you think Roy Moore is innocent please have your young daughters report to his campaign office for volunteer… https://t.co/bOzz8qXcyh
RT @MittRomney: Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections. I believe Leigh Corfman. Her account is to… https://t.co/J7YLdKENtq
RT @Stonekettle: Seriously though, if you had to pick the pedophile out of that line up... https://t.co/6x3EKUep48
RT @Pappiness: Anthony Weiner, who sexted with a teenager, is currently serving a 21-month sentence. Roy Moore, who made sexual a… https://t.co/FcbXuSByyz
RT @ThreeEggOmelot: @johnmoe @daveweigel So it’s He said, She said, She said, She said, She said, She said, She said, She said, She sai… https://t.co/O6ZSAxVS6U
RT @Evan_McMullin: I never thought I’d see the day when pedophilia became a divisive issue within the GOP. The party cannot lead in this condition.
RT @Tennesseine: .@SenSanders’s ongoing attempt to undermine anyone and everything that isn’t all about him. Bernie Sanders is all a… https://t.co/qBq77tep8l
RT @ryangabrielson: Transparency in this @washingtonpost reporting on Roy Moore is so good and so important. https://t.co/HFzys1cbcG https://t.co/CRbFkMWQOL
RT @NathanLerner: Roy Moore's accuser consistently recounted her story in 6 interviews Voted Republican in last 3 elections, includi… https://t.co/qJKboJtGry
RT @MrDane1982: Bernie Sanders say whatever you like, As long as you just say goodbye, Blame it on Democrats. Say it's our fault, S… https://t.co/zVUEGX8cNU
RT @peterdaou: BELIEVE WOMEN.
RT @funder: You know who else is a sex predator other than Roy Moore? Donald Trump.
RT @Scout_Finch: Hannity and guest are openly justifying a 32-year-old man, who was an assistant district attorney, molesting a 14-y… https://t.co/xrfnQF8Ob2
RT @KimberlyReason: @upsidedwnworld @ResistanceMona @Scout_Finch Precisely. Pedophiles protect one another. Their deepest drive, apart… https://t.co/wud4Vehx2o
RT @upsidedwnworld: @Scout_Finch I keep telling people that this is how predators talk and reason. These men are outing themselves. Pre… https://t.co/t8nYn75PXR
RT @SuzyKhimm: Why don't women always report sexual harassment? This is what happened to @SarahAWildman when she did: https://t.co/Ok1NM43UUZ
After the tide of sexual harassment cases I realized: I'm a bit of a sexist https://t.co/jYV1fym16j
RT @HillaryClinton: Children are going to lose their health care. No one should want that. Call your member of Congress and tell them t… https://t.co/W7JCWqo9qE
RT @HillaryClinton: Oh is that today? https://t.co/AYy7CtYRWj
RT @HillaryClinton: No one I would rather share initials with than @HRC. https://t.co/7rQJItrJXi
RT @HillaryClinton: Be Resilient. https://t.co/ZaO65tTmgW
RT @HillaryClinton: Congratulations to @RunforSomething founders @amandalitman + @RossMoRock for a huge night! 25 of the local candidat… https://t.co/2xCECXHZV6
RT @HillaryClinton: They tell me about 10% of first-time candidates usually win, but 40% of @runforsomething candidates came out on top yesterday.
RT @HillaryClinton: Love this. What a great way to spend November 8th—or any day, for that matter! https://t.co/LOsg41xCya
RT @TheOnion: New Edition Of Bible Specifically Mentions Second Amendment https://t.co/JpbiKbnuYm https://t.co/Nnwecsr1ks
RT @Khanoisseur: NRA blew a million bucks supporting Gillespie, who bragged about the ‘A’ rating they gave him and mocked the ‘F’ ra… https://t.co/uluP0EaHtK
RT @mattmfm: Every single Democrat targeted by these racist mailers won against their Republican challenger. https://t.co/pNisBwhYCX
RT @bravenak: I just wanna say, #ThankYouHillary for standing up to Trump even when the media mocked you relentlessly. Thank yo… https://t.co/JfN6Nq5SFS
RT @dylanlscott: I don’t think you’re supposed to say this out loud https://t.co/iHrrPsgfvl
RT @KeiferLirette: The 2nd Amendment was written at the same convention where they decided slaves were only 3/5ths of a person so maybe it's worth reexamining.
If you read one thing today... https://t.co/HdaV83IPWm
RT @CAPActionGuns: Every nation has mental illness. Only the US sees such high levels of gun violence in the developed world.… https://t.co/phFxxamdWu
RT @AllenCMarshall: TX Church Shooter didn't act alone but was assisted by 52 senators, 298 representatives, 45 & the NRA.
RT @rudepundit: If it's too soon to talk about gun laws after Sutherland Springs, then let's say we're talking about them because of Orlando.
RT @bravenak: I wish men would stop voting with their dicks. I hope the dick voters stay home tomorrow.
RT @midtownkrogers: Whose alls in here tonight! Tweep us back now then you can come get a free french biscut from #deli Ray or else hes about to chunk them out.
RT @midtownkrogers: Were so SORRY sorry Moanas nakied babby just ran through #deli Moana spanked it right after yall saw it so every things 10#% percent off now
RT @jimsciutto: #CarterPage has denied any meaningful meetings with Russians in Moscow but sent this email to Trump campaign afterw… https://t.co/NuOgj1idLW
RT @RogueFirstLady: The Donald certain it someone from Hillary campaign...but it not. https://t.co/lNmJ1oV4kG
RT @RogueFirstLady: Actually, this happen all the time. https://t.co/hnT1KCTQV3
RT @RogueFirstLady: The Donald very frustrated he not able to spell Papadopoulos for the tweeting right now. #RussiaCollusion
OMG. Y'all - you have got to follow @RogueFirstLady She needs friend. https://t.co/RDvGCB0ZT7
RT @RobinBrenizer: A little THREAD on Wilbur Ross. Just to give you the highlights of who he is in relation to Trump. It's significant in this big picture.
RT @jemisha_johnson: If Texas shooter is: Muslim: More travel restrictions! Black: More blacks in prison! Mexican: Build the wall! White: Protect 2nd A!
RT @ananavarro: Been 6 weeks, and millions of Puerto Ricans -AMERICANS- are still without electricity. This would never be allowed… https://t.co/SMNGM8zVQP
RT @RVAwonk: So... wow. Don Jr straight-up offered to change US policy towards Russia in exchange for dirt on Hillary Clinton. https://t.co/L0CIm3ULpO
America cannot lock its poor in debtor's prisons to fund its police departments https://t.co/djvwCHEZjh
RT @ABC: Anthony Weiner, sentenced for sending obscene material to a high school student, to report to prison by Monday.… https://t.co/dZQkCXE51n
RT @CandiceAiston: Twitter’s only black engineer warned the company there was a Russian bot problem before he was laid off. He refused… https://t.co/j6IMftHgqT
RT @funder: FACT: Every single one of Trump’s foreign policy advisors from the campaign met with the Russian Gov’t & have direct links to Putin. #AMJoy
RT @lekhawk: @PalmerReport We make rules for cars which are not designed to kill yet make no rules for guns & rifles which are designed to kill.
RT @GhostPanther: Another part of the problem is that Repub Party doesn’t view mentally ill heavily armed white guys as dangerous, they view them as voters.
RT @eclecticbrotha: A pattern appears to be developing. As Russian investigations intensify, the frequency of attacks from the so-called left increase as well.
RT @eclecticbrotha: Most of us were focused on Trump until Brazile set fire to our camp. When we fact check to put the fire out, we get attacked for that too.
RT @eclecticbrotha: Also this. https://t.co/6m8o3nrfjG
RT @eclecticbrotha: Dude, its not a good look when you issue idle threats based on false claims that wilted in less than 24 hours. https://t.co/GWjttnDXqQ
OMG I’m dying. https://t.co/2Z1aJfnDv5
RT @eclecticbrotha: Hillary's role in the senseless death of Tasha Yar has never been fully explored by the media.
Bwaaaaa. #berniesandersfanfiction https://t.co/L8EiWmiIng
@mattymcd Incredible. Keep it up. And as a Democrat - please include them in this as well.
RT @mattymcd: Received $10, 713 from the NRA https://t.co/cRg6PpQVjb
RT @mattymcd: Received $15, 436 from the NRA https://t.co/YBpCOgYQbX
RT @mattymcd: Received $21, 975 from the NRA https://t.co/ht7vW3y4ho
RT @mattymcd: Received $41, 172 from the NRA https://t.co/7jZhJ3x9f6
RT @mattymcd: Received $51, 750 from the NRA https://t.co/G3zpHd0CYy
RT @mattymcd: Received $68, 803 from the NRA https://t.co/aAWsiYks2Q
RT @mattymcd: Received $82, 892 from the NRA https://t.co/Yp8iZgt5wB
RT @mattymcd: Received $83, 983 from the NRA https://t.co/smJRzXGrbx
RT @mattymcd: Received $19, 650 from the NRA https://t.co/DqJNH208qe
RT @mattymcd: Received $883, 335 from the NRA https://t.co/T2ACAhBCoA
@hilaryr @donnabrazile .@hilaryr What? @donnabrazile is no victim here. And she doesn’t WANT it to end. She just sa… https://t.co/If7sg2v9gK
RT @KaraCalavera: If folks want to take Brazile's word, they must also accept that Sanders, Biden, and O'Malley all tried to take HRC's nom when she was sick.
RT @Mikel_Jollett: So, once again someone made a wild claim about Clinton, the media ran with it & it turned out to be...total bullshit https://t.co/D5EOnky9Ix
RT @laurenduca: Getting it right the first time is everything. It's hard to overstate the damage caused by reckless coverage here.… https://t.co/pnXsA5N8dv
RT @6igyak: “I called Rudy Giuliani in tears. He was right Hillary wasn’t there after 9/11” #DonnaBrazileBookExcerpt https://t.co/csLShL4OKs
RT @KaivanShroff: It literally happened again, one year later. False claim about Clinton right before Election. Media reports widely.… https://t.co/4IO92sCIGy
RT @AidenWolfe: I no longer support Elizabeth Warren for 2020. Real leaders don't take cheap shots at allies while an orange Nero burns down Rome.
RT @Alyssa_Milano: This is what fascist dictators do. https://t.co/T5ON9KGA1F
RT @kachristo: Bernie took this stoically. He did not yell or express outrage. He was just relieved I didn't demand his tax return… https://t.co/Mp1GJc2o0q
RT @fawfulfan: You’ll notice Brazile’s original accusation was headline news everywhere, but the refutation and her retraction are… https://t.co/do97YKzAeU
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Sounds more like he’s been summoned. https://t.co/R3mSTFJGvw
RT @EricBoehlert: ouch. Larry David as Bernie Sanders on SNL: "I'm gonna win this thing the Bernie way--If I lose I'll bring everyone else down w/ me"
RT @SethAbramson: NEVER FORGET: There are over a dozen sexual assault survivors' stories that end with, "And then he became the 45th president of the U.S."
RT @AGSchneiderman: Let’s be real: The people who are trying to deny women reproductive rights are doing so in order to oppress and disempower women. 1/
RT @Mikel_Jollett: I would also accept "We're gonna do research before covering it because these stories have proven false literally every time for 20 years."
RT @Mikel_Jollett: Once. Just once, I want a news journo to say: "We're not covering latest Clinton thing bc after 20 years we've learned they're bullshit."
RT @isteintraum: Maybe the thing that made Dems weak in 2016 wasn’t Clinton, but the fact that the DNC chair was scheming to replace her 2 months before 11/8
RT @smartflexin: Biden was using moments in the primary and general to take pot shots at her, Warren was gaming the system for a fut… https://t.co/I90rtClp8w
RT @soychicka: But for now, case filings can be found here. And elsewhere, but for convenience's sake, they're all in one place. https://t.co/ZuHlXPF6yj
RT @soychicka: FYI, here's the case. Yes, it's complicated. I'll address it elsewhere, maybe subthreaded below. https://t.co/d0MyVy0tZH
This is incredible. https://t.co/jP38ByIVeB
RT @SebastianEPayne: Another fantastic @FT letter: People Like Us blew it for everyone but themselves https://t.co/XxgPpfT06c
RT @MollyMcKew: Can't believe this isn't being highlighted from today. Page seems to say foreign intelligence warned him of Steele… https://t.co/SoWnoVLlex
@Rosie We have to start paying attention to state assembly and local races too. They’re the ones getting draconian… https://t.co/VUtyTLZF7X
@Rosie What’s scary is before there was tRump these folks were getting themselves elected in droves. They’re everywhere.
RT @goodoldcatchy: A vote on whether to fire Mueller would be a vote on whether or not to instigate mass civil unrest.
RT @SallyQYates: DOJ not a tool for POTUS to use to go after his enemies and protect his friends. Respect rule of law and DOJ professionals. This must stop.
.@zbyronwolf Hi. The JFAs are online. Please take a look at them before repeating already debunked claims. Thank you https://t.co/YbHNMR80pv
RT @Mikel_Jollett: This is chilling. Bipartisan group of leading psychologists from Yale & elsewhere call for emergency evaluation o… https://t.co/DDTpZFkGWH
RT @bravenak: Dear Bernie Sanders, The South does count, black votes matter, and there are no caucuses in a General Election. Regards, #NoBernie2020
.@donnabrazile https://t.co/snJ6tTCteD
.@chrislhayes if I believed in god I’d think she sent you. THANK you for pointing out this had nothing to do with t… https://t.co/c4prPMcxi4
RT @Mikel_Jollett: Let’s be very clear about what this means: If Bernie had won the primary, he would’ve had the EXACT SAME control o… https://t.co/zpmr8UijZF
RT @thehill: JUST IN: Clinton-DNC deal was "exclusively" for "general election" preparations: report https://t.co/EtfDK5I2Io https://t.co/gpNLpNWBww
@ourjerbs @Valhallagrrl @HilesDavid @Wonkette @EvanHurst Well. I don’t know your mother. But it sounds like you’re pretty angry at her?
@ourjerbs @Valhallagrrl @HilesDavid @Wonkette @EvanHurst Um. Yeah. Everybody is wrong except for @Valhallagrrl and… https://t.co/E5GiZVZinZ
RT @RWPUSA: POTUS is threatening to jail his political opponents and is looking for an excuse to fire Sessions then Mueller. C… https://t.co/wSweljhFBZ
RT @bravenak: I wish people would stop making these hilarious graphics. Remember this? https://t.co/yLc0DNcF5a
RT @tahino1: @bravenak @gis3330 https://t.co/jqDVdBdKvO
RT @BhanLiz: @bravenak @HumorlessKev Though I had nothing to do with Susan Sarandon’s wiki looking like this for abt an hour https://t.co/JKrWXzRHqt
RT @macushla7: loving Nicole Wallace https://t.co/QWJ6TV2Och
RT @ZeddRebel: "We have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day" https://t.co/JqEyzXwr9H
RT @funder: For my birthday it’d be awesome if everyone retweeted this-video proof Don Jr’s done biz in Russia since 2005 #AMJoy https://t.co/VXW2MvGCwE
.@donnabrazile is looking at @elizabethforma right now like Oops. https://t.co/6cjYppaCVK
.@donnabrazile @elizabethforma Hey Liz - you knew what an idiot DB is? Why’d y... Oh - right. The whole hating Hill… https://t.co/q0eLR6dhI7
@donnabrazile @elizabethforma Welp. There goes Warren/Brazile 2028. Oh unless you were gonna run as independents? https://t.co/CofaSsDjEh
.@donnabrazile @elizabethforma Yo. Mean girls. It’s only Repubs who let their leaders lie without looking up the fa… https://t.co/32nYt4GPaD
.@donnabrazile @elizabethforma Y’all are totally crapping yourselves right now. Aren’t you? https://t.co/2vDy2ydmix
.@donnabrazile @elizabethforma Honestly? Y’all are idiots to think BS is gonna include you on the playground. You’r… https://t.co/Sd7XgYfghe
.@donnabrazile @elizabethforma - so - y’all trump fans now? Gettin ok with just you know - lying? https://t.co/HJ06FD9Vzm
@donnabrazile @elizabethforma I am so ashamed of the both of you https://t.co/cLLuxRiiZh
@donnabrazile @elizabethforma You two have double handedly taken any idea that Ds have a shred more integrity than… https://t.co/mLprlHXDOe
.@donnabrazile @elizabethforma I was surprised Donna in 2016 that you were able to get past your vehement hatred of… https://t.co/iXfHr5iphj
.@donnabrazile @elizabethforma ...guess not so much Donna https://t.co/Ls9QTStgxC
.@donnabrazile @elizabethforma ...Elizabeth - I was never naive enough not to see you hated HRC but I did think you… https://t.co/TpcH5nkzAg
.@donnabrazile @elizabethforma Really? Um. Really? https://t.co/mA5jfht70E
.@donnabrazile @elizabethforma ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU HORRIBLE HUMANS https://t.co/hdzRAL4Ec0
.@donnabrazile @elizabethforma Oh my GOD you two!! https://t.co/ViGrg7xdBv
RT @h_dgholson: @KaivanShroff So sad Elizabeth Warren showed herself today. All she cares about is a Sanders/ Warren ticket. I won’t forget this.
RT @susanswann99: @h_dgholson @KaivanShroff 65, 844, 610 of us aren't voting Bernie. Sanders & Warren can suck it.
RT @TheRickWilson: Shocker. https://t.co/rVgzobAAdO
RT @peterdaou: Honest question: Can anyone name precisely what the #DNC did to affect voters and make Hillary win the primary? #DonnaBrazile
RT @TaliaMarMusic: Or you could not hire grown men that would be distracted by children’s legs https://t.co/GnrKE8bOId
RT @SenatorDurbin: Don't forget about this: It's been more than a month since Hurricane Maria hit and 70% of Puerto Rico is still without power.
RT @bravenak: Bernie losing to Hillary did not make you a 'victim' of 'trauma'. She did not blow you & your High Sparrow up in… https://t.co/IdfyifGaLM
RT @williamlegate: RT if you think we need 'Extreme Vetting' for gun ownership more than we need it for immigration.
Ohio House passes bill to ban abortion after Down syndrome diagnosis - USA TODAY https://t.co/ABWIRZLZMV
RT @owillis: dear black people, guess which pizza we should never buy anymore? cool people of other races, feel free to join in. https://t.co/q69rQz40xU
RT @RepWilson: Well, we demand a merit based PRESIDENCY! https://t.co/GZpQZ5Avif
RT @HeerJeet: Looks like Jeff Sessions perjured himself. https://t.co/5y08d0zr0H
RT @AP: BREAKING: UK government says Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has resigned after allegations of inappropriate behavior.
RT @ShaunKing: Bad men are dropping like flies around the world. https://t.co/f2WZgbzMxH
WT HELL! WHEN are we going to acknowledge the racism in our police force. EVERYONE knows many police classify as PS… https://t.co/M5cmO4OjY1
RT @zachbraff: She was given candy for free. You inherited all your money. You met with Russian spies. It’s “too”. https://t.co/Bsf5wkQxST
RT @ASlavitt: It's on! 2018 ACA enrollment has begun. 80% can find plans under $75/month. Go to https://t.co/nYl9YWdSHm. Spread the word.
RT @funder: Yesterday Trump vented to Bannon about Kushner's role triggering Mueller investigation. #TrumpRussia https://t.co/od8DoTaPnN
Oooh that is FINE-stein. https://t.co/s1oAmWHlID
Bond. Paul Bond. https://t.co/sbyEIDqEUT
RT @Only4RM: Gotta check in with the home office. https://t.co/jVCSj7MMpO
RT @keithboykin: An Uzbek killer w/a paintball gun and a rental truck gets a reaction. An American w/a converted automatic rifle sho… https://t.co/RRuGxhpxQR
RT @thegarance: Trump administration appointments giving a generation of men a lift over their female peers across the govt https://t.co/21oMlxnKyE
RT @bravenak: Anybody else secretly hoping Manafort snitches out Bernie's Chief Strategist, Tad Devine? Oh. I guess its not a secret anymore.
RT @AynRandPaulRyan: Reporter: "I'm doing my fucking job." Cop: "Curse again and I'll arrest you." Reporter: "Fuck this." He's then BODY… https://t.co/pVABKqVHyi
RT @MarkWarner: We must make clear to POTUS that pardons of himself or associates would be unacceptable & result in immediate, bipa… https://t.co/AlYSYEmTM7
RT @commondefense: Retweet if you didn't lie to the @FBI before your 30th birthday. https://t.co/M9xsXBGwcd
RT @SethAbramson: Media must ask Trump aides who sent Papadopoulos to Israel to talk Russia policy a week after he revealed himself as a Kremlin intermediary.
RT @AmandiOnAir: This is why I ignore people who insist we should reason, engage and be patient with the perspectives of Trump voter… https://t.co/fOl1aGikzD
RT @krassenstein: “Dad & Trump are living in the same building. Mom says they go up & down all day long hanging and plotting together" - Manafort's daughter
RT @MarcACaputo: Under the 1st Amendment, you have the right to stand on a sidewalk in a public place Under the 1st Amendment, you… https://t.co/2TDKgV2xhF
RT @ShaunKing: I’ve documented 17 times this man has said something bigoted. He’s a bigot. https://t.co/R8Kx2BvQmT
RT @Lin_Manuel: Wept reading this. On your watch, @RealDonaldTrump. We will tell the story of your failure & its toll on our people… https://t.co/mRsEtiwSSh
RT @ASlavitt: Health emergency: 80k Americans on USVI, no power, no refrigeration, no place 4 insulin. For weeks. https://t.co/Qr5a90HDoB via @bri_sacks
RT @mitchellscomet: So after the last couple of days of Berner's whining about how I "don't know how to read a graph" I figured it was time to do this thread:
RT @Pappiness: Netflix announced House of Cards will end after season 6, so at least a fictional President can be destroyed by sexual assault allegations.
RT @marcushjohnson: Bernie said fighting racism was 2nd to "bread and butter" issues? They aren't even trying to hide it anymore. I'll never vote for that clown
RT @funder: Anyone attacking Hillary Clinton at this point is doing so because she’s a woman. I’m sick of it. No more.
RT @MDBlanchfield: Voices Calling on YOU to Come Out Starting Nov 4 to Drive Out the Trump/Pence Regime https://t.co/qsdJs5TGE1 https://t.co/CViwuos5NX
RT @pdacosta: CNN, discussing recent terrorist attacks with cars, fails to mention #Charlottesville.
RT @DylanByers: Sen. Franken on fire: “Mr. Stretch, how did Facebook… not make connection that electoral ads paid for in rubles were coming from Russia?"
RT @Loynaz15: @bravenak Because Trump as well as Bernie have instant apologists and translators.
RT @DavidCornDC: Here's the big news of the day: Trump says "no collusion" but Mueller releases information showing Trump campaign d… https://t.co/h8kS3kJPSM
RT @KirkCruz: @PantherNGA @reifman @bravenak @lirpalomina @ShaunKing One of my favorites, this NY Times piece about Sanders campa… https://t.co/IPOXJqMwd4
RT @bravenak: Bernie Sanders doesn't think 'women, Latinos, blacks, and people in the Gay community' are 'ordinary Americans'. F… https://t.co/46XLQ1FOMO
RT @tmawelsh: “The worst part ... wasn’t the weird offers of room service lunch or the tongue kiss but the fact that he utterly d… https://t.co/Ar1KnQMeeO
RT @franklinleonard: The White House Chief of Staff is a Confederate apologist. Let that sink in. https://t.co/QQvnk45pIK
RT @TheRickyDavila: The @GOP are afraid of you. You are exposing their corrupt ways. Keep fighting Carmen. https://t.co/WaavoNLZvA
RT @RepSwalwell: What a day. As we put ourselves to bed, let’s finally put to bed any notion that Trump team didn’t work with the Russians. #ReclaimAmerica
RT @HillaryPix: Carmen #ReclaimingHerTime as @repmaxinewaters #HappyHalloween https://t.co/E6tyQdbVqT
RT @oliverdarcy: I spoke to Fox News employees who told me their network's coverage of yesterday's Russia news was "an embarrassment" https://t.co/GZcJ1kr9gx
RT @smartflexin: We didn’t support HRC blindly, jackass. We knew more about her than you ever will https://t.co/ECMd7NE20b
RT @nwg83: Are you following @HillaryWarnedUs ? https://t.co/EG0J6zn8qy
RT @washingtonpost: Analysis: Six police officers subdued and handcuffed a reporter covering Ed Gillespie. His alleged crime? Swearing. https://t.co/Dirvv3kocD
RT @KenDilanianNBC: The indictment alleges that Manafort and Gates secretly lobbied for a Russian backed party and lied about it. That is Russia related.
RT @chxamaxhc: Twitter is gold. https://t.co/mEdvwe0dMt
RT @SethAbramson: 4/ Here's the relevant language: https://t.co/eLDGMczDCI
RT @MrDane1982: What a beautiful screen shot. https://t.co/hRYvThaLkt
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Chicago, if you're seeing Hillary tonight, you'd better start a chant of "Madame President!" that doesn't let her get to speak.
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Chicago, if you're seeing Hillary tonight, you'd better start a chant of "Madame President!" that doesn't let her get to speak.
RT @tanehisicoates: Regarding John Kelly's creationist theorizing on Lee and the Civil War, its worth pointing out a few things.
RT @nickconfessore: Unless I'm mistaken, virtually none of the Papadopolous details are previously reported. Mueller knows a lot that the public + press do not.
RT @mattyglesias: Dear Angry Emailers: John Podesta and Tony Podesta are different people.
RT @LawyerRogelio: CNBC has an amazingly detailed chart of Manafort's transactions involving money allegedly laundered. https://t.co/oBl1jL52Ko
@JYSexton 2/ Someone had to be the first to say it. Thank you for being the first. This is happening now because you weren’t afraid then.
@JYSexton 1/ Cant imagine your frustration. But you got the truth out there. People had to hear it over and over to begin to take it in.
Get prepared to march in the streets. Trump will do something unbelievable. Know it now. So you don’t waste time th… https://t.co/Po81u4ZTMf
RT @Aus_RichAlex: Thread about how warnings from knowledgeable experts like @SarahKendzior, @JYSexton & @AndreaChalupa as well as… https://t.co/IuxCKfNJgD
RT @RVAwonk: Sam Clovis - the supervisor who encouraged Papadopoulos to make Moscow trip - is up for confirmation as USDA's top… https://t.co/iWYOefbyD7
RT @EdKrassen: GEORGE PAPADOPOULOS has pleaded guilty, saying that he met with Russian officials who claimed to have dirt on Hilla… https://t.co/5XGPDyQLYq
In his defense - I say it all the time too. https://t.co/8cFTMeDybx
.@jaketapper @GloriaBorger please speak to Manafort/Gates indictment including “serving as an unregistered agent of a foreign principal”
RT @carolecadwalla: So. One day ahead of publication, Squire Patton & Boggs, lawyers for Cambridge Analytica, drop @guardian a line.... https://t.co/ibSWo6Tvyq
RT @Rosie: we KNOW about trump https://t.co/fVySt0Lhc6
RT @brhodes: It's almost like Trump pardoned a political ally early in his term to send a message to people who could consider flipping. 🤔
RT @RWPUSA: Papadopolous is the big one - lesser charges but it is about collusion. And he is cooperating. Bad news for Trump.
RT @funder: "I've known Donald since the 1980's" Paul Manafort #ManafortMonday #AMJoy https://t.co/nwvzA5gClu
RT @matthewamiller: The FBI interview where Papadopolous lied about his Russia contacts came on the same day, Jan. 27, Trump asked Comey for a loyalty pledge.
RT @creeknation01: @NBCNews https://t.co/WSdOkLBEWx
RT @funder: .@realDonaldTrump-The daycare is closed. Time for you to resign. Everyone who retweets this agrees—they also agree you’re nuts. #TrumpResign
RT @JKH2: Bernie trolls were pushing the uranium non scandal for an entire year. One day y’all will admit that they and the Russians are on one team
RT @ASlavitt: The most urgent thing happening in the country right now is the need for water in Puerto Rico. The biggest crisis is leadership.
RT @SethAbramson: Any defense attorney will recognize what this is: a spectacular meltdown by a longtime criminal about to be caught.… https://t.co/E7IKLGXbmH
RT @amjoyshow: Watch @JoyAnnReid debunk the #UraniumOneDeal fake news story on #AMJoy https://t.co/QGPubMmfsZ
RT @misstessowen: Today a neo-nazi told me that, as a female reporter out on my own, I was "lucky I didn't get raped." #reportingwhilefemale #shelbyville
RT @mikefarb1: #unhackthevote BOOM! Electronic Polling Books Could Have Been Altered in Georgia's Counties to Add Or Drop Voters… https://t.co/EWp8vTqKjm
Clearly. If this happens everyone needs to drop everything and get outside. Fast. Every city. https://t.co/HARfXdZCdO
RT @GothamGirlBlue: Men who assaulted and harassed women were merciless drivers of the narrative that Hillary Clinton was an unlikeable, manipulative shrew.
RT @Mikel_Jollett: “Always accuse the other side of that which you are guilty of.” -Joseph Goebbels https://t.co/cPkLWis7Ar
RT @TwitterMoments: Editor @JuddLegum reminds us of the women who publicly claimed that Trump allegedly sexually assaulted them. https://t.co/D83bfiLVUT
RT @tonyposnanski: RT if you have no issues with your tax dollars being used for Mueller’s investigation.
RT @funder: Trump Adviser Roger Stone was just permanently banned from Twitter. #TheResistance
RT @Rosie: middle fingers up https://t.co/Q5ranhGBwD
Ok. THANK you. https://t.co/X3t5HDnqL1
RT @peterdaou: Far too many people frame 2016 as Trump "winning." In fact, it was a massive array of forces that prevented a woman winning.
RT @ProudResister: LA Morning Radio Host Bill Handel called Congresswoman Frederica Wilson a “cheap sleazy Democrat whore” on his radi… https://t.co/QMu0UJ7KRh
RT @waltshaub: Why is Congress still talking about the person who didn't become POTUS and has a non-profit instead of the one who did and has a for-profit?
RT @aliasvaughn: This needs to be EVERYWHERE. This is MAJOR news and it is BEYOND outrageous and it SHOWS something WAS manipulated. https://t.co/dA8qFrx6LZ
RT @Evan_McMullin: Buckle up. We can expect Trump’s efforts to confuse and divide Americans against each other to shift into overdrive. Don’t fall for it.
RT @Rosie: why the hell do seasoned reporters allow themselves to b silenced by SHS - why do they listen to her lies and distortions daily - its a joke
RT @EdKrassen: Why is it OK for President Trump to deport a 10yr old girl with cerebral palsy as soon as she is released from the… https://t.co/hBY63c4NCk
RT @ASlavitt: Every day #CHIP isn't enacted is a day we aren't meeting our commitments to children. Today is Day 1. RT if you agree.
RT @ASlavitt: Every day #CHIP isn't enacted is a day we aren't meeting our commitment to children. Today is Day 26.
RT @codykeenan: Surprise! Her husband owns a coal company. https://t.co/AnxmUThpbV
RT @RVAwonk: So when Trump camp was trying to distance itself from Cambridge Analytica this wk, they lied abt their data models https://t.co/ojIwdHBRMe
RT @williamlegate: Every Trump interview should only be released in transcript form so that everyone can see how dumb he truly is… https://t.co/JwoQgMPktT
RT @kenklippenstein: Boom. Leaked copy of the Puerto Rico / Whitefish contract: https://t.co/XR1wTcD5hJ
RT @politicalmiller: If we've learned one single, solitary, ironclad f**king rule from #MeToo it is this: BELIEVE WOMEN They're not ly… https://t.co/bxhw8EcGoo
RT @JoyAnnReid: This is what your right wing granddad yells at the dinner table after watching Hannity, not something that is actua… https://t.co/7UmwBC8zWn
How about 14 and 11 years respectively To be served in a coffin sized cell? Look at these idiots. https://t.co/HMhFKUsjQj
RT @HillaryPix: .@HillaryClinton turns 70 and becomes Wonder Woman at #WMCAwards, October 26, 2017. #HappyBirthdayHillary… https://t.co/OasLZ2BhWJ
RT @elenamejialutz: Historian Linda Gordon connects the dots between 1920s Ku Klux Klan and the resurgence of hate groups today. https://t.co/c03pJHRkwa
RT @will_c_fischer: And people say @realDonaldTrump isn’t kind to his employees... https://t.co/pNdqxer8n5
RT @JoeStGeorge: Denver Indivisible dressed up as Handmaids to mock the visit of Vice President Pence in Colorado. #copolitics #kdvr https://t.co/3k15RAIlqd
RT @jamisonfoser: You and Mark Halperin were MSNBC contributors at the same time, right? Did you know about him? https://t.co/eNHAkVaIS1
RT @BrendanNyhan: Former WH adviser suggesting the president's political opponent should be executed on television. This is deeply da… https://t.co/W3sVFIP2Dd
RT @Soapbox_Atheist: I don't believe in God; I don't believe in belief in God; and I don't believe that belief in believing in gods should be respected. #atheist
RT @tedlieu: Whitefish contract provides more evidence that the @realDonaldTrump Administration has become the swamp. #MAGA https://t.co/ei7XQyt64n
RT @peterdaou: 100% true. I've said it all year: Until we fully internalize the fact that the problem is not just Trump, but the G… https://t.co/He178jkCXs
RT @brianklaas: After inexplicably refusing to impose new sanctions on Russia, the Trump administration closed the sanctions office. https://t.co/HtGMrftfYs
RT @smartflexin: Remember how Joe Biden fails every primary hard? He’s starting early https://t.co/CbpjzE82eX
.@HillaryClinton Happy Birthday Madame President https://t.co/0ug0DcwnAh
RT @CharlesMBlow: WTH is going on?! Is everybody doing this creepy ****? I mean… I just had no idea this was so pervasive. Who grabs… https://t.co/iwGWqwMkpS
RT @francismmaxwell: White Privilege means you can shoot & kill an unarmed black man & have your record say it didn't happen. Why are NF… https://t.co/SlYAotZLmY
RT @ClaraJeffery: Joy is a job requirement rarely seen in male politicians https://t.co/cvbFjZVHA8
RT @jess_mc: It matters who covers the news. It matters who covers women in the news. https://t.co/C0S91zy46Y
RT @EmmyA2: It's her 70th birthday, the press is still attacking her campaign, and she's tweeting about protecting kids' health… https://t.co/r0SfrgU6Va
@Rosie @hisey_mike 3/ I crumpled to the floor - No over and over. Called Mom and Dad. How can this be happening. To… https://t.co/8YpZZWH3Dd
@Rosie @hisey_mike 2/ campaigned, made videos w for Hill. I wanted to hear it from her. That Hill was winning. I wa… https://t.co/7c0DQulHqv
@Rosie @hisey_mike 1/ Was on group tour election night (wld never have booked a show myself that night) Shows over… https://t.co/fnr7RmKlqS
RT @SSWorks: 216 Republican Reps. voted for a budget that cuts Medicare + Medicaid to pay for a tax giveaway to the wealthy. R… https://t.co/bmrXnbo31x
Since he admitted it... (non)apologized for it...are we still talking a new low for the left, who read abt it like… https://t.co/WRhnfIxy8H
RT @jimsciutto: US intel community has in fact corroborated portions of the dossier including meetings between Trump associates & R… https://t.co/XLnl50gLnA
RT @holyfag: this woman literalIy saved a young girl from human trafficking and this is the kind of headline you come up with https://t.co/OSIobCt1CF
RT @ACLU: Border Patrol has been waiting outside of the hospital as this little girl recovers from surgery and is now taking… https://t.co/ZozEn4xlFy
RT @rudepundit: Only stupid people declare they are intelligent. Intelligent people know there is a great deal they don't know. https://t.co/8LNthAXfBu
RT @RVAwonk: It's almost like sexual misconduct is a societal problem --> 5 women accuse Mark Halperin of sexual harassment https://t.co/dbZUYpQxG4
RT @maddow: national press secretary for clinton campaign... https://t.co/oYfG5vf22n
Ooooo Consequences. https://t.co/Z3zLf9dLyV
.@JamesCarville wld be proud. It’s called opposition research folks. And pretty darn good if they do say so themsel… https://t.co/Ql0w25UmAf
Rigged: How Voter Suppression Threw Wisconsin to Trump – Mother Jones https://t.co/DVvPQg126n
@rudepundit Thank you Rude Lee for posting my guest blog: The Bible Teaches That Rape Is Just Fine (Guest Post) https://t.co/5B77VRNuEX
Holy cow - must read. https://t.co/Eg9IPV7HmV
Donald Trump's sexual harassment accusers hope president goes way of Weinstein https://t.co/awW4cdMQGt
RT @CyrusToulabi: @thehill FIXED IT, @HillaryClinton. #ImStillWithHer https://t.co/PbgnEqVa2w
RT @NAChristakis: Such idiocy. If Bill Gates walks into a bar with 89 people, the average bar customer becomes a billionaire. https://t.co/0suWQJ3Ry9
RT @MDBlanchfield: U.S. Men’s Soccer Proves That Mediocre Men Will Still Earn More Than Successful Women https://t.co/qm0rRaN3YQ https://t.co/0sz1VB3T4b
RT @Evan_McMullin: The President is an active participant in Moscow’s information warfare against the United States. https://t.co/N12XMIPR06
RT @KGvote: Reporters have stopped asking Trump about his taxes, giving him a victory #ImpeachTrump https://t.co/36qp1VSTK0
RT @Billbrowder: Yes it happened on the same day as the Russians issued their 5th Interpol arrest warrant for me https://t.co/5dvgyfvxum
RT @mmfa: Cable news almost silent on neo-Nazis allegedly attempting to murder counterprotesters at Richard Spencer rally… https://t.co/vnyPD5H0f1
RT @JuddApatow: I am so sorry. It is great that you are speaking up. We stand with you. https://t.co/dUgI1A3oIf
RT @McJesse: Ok but the 1996 DNC was lit https://t.co/nuHp1lBND8
RT @SenGillibrand: If you’re a member of Congress and not even willing to renew health insurance funding for vulnerable children, then who are you serving?
RT @JoyAnnReid: Apparently John McCain prefers septuagenarians who didn’t dodge the Vietnam draft. https://t.co/12bumJxTA5
RT @WilDonnelly: Avg DACA recipient is 26 & came to US at age 6 91% are employed 100% have no criminal record They pay $500 to renew every 2 yrs ($800M)
RT @davidfrum: A great way to show respect for the flag is to refuse offers of clandestine election assistance from hostile foreign espionage agencies
RT @SkepticNikki: God is the personification of the bully in all of us.
RT @MrDane1982: 94% of black women voted for Hillary Clinton, if 53% of white women didn't vote for Trump, we would be living in a… https://t.co/64aKO9JA7T
RT @mothermade: ALL women, don’t ignore Weinstein’s questioning of the woman of color. This is what WOC face everyday. We are discr… https://t.co/UVqBxPo7Xf
RT @shannonrwatts: All this kid did was ask “Why on earth would you want someone who abused women to have access to a gun?” I want t… https://t.co/Ssl2ut3dhs
RT @PuertoRicoPUR: We need power 💡 We need power 💡 We need power 💡 We need power 💡 We need power 💡 We need power 💡 We need power 💡 We need power 💡
RT @JuddLegum: O’Reilly paid a $32 MILLION settlement to one woman Extraordinary OJ was found guilty of murdering two people and the judgement was $33M
RT @GretchenCarlson: Nobody pays $32m for false allegations - nobody https://t.co/qB3njcHHuy
RT @ambertamblyn: I have an op-ed in tomorrow's Sunday @nytimes: I’m Done With Not Being Believed by Amber Tamblyn https://t.co/PRFZr9QCgi
RT @bex0760: I love a relaxed and uninhibited tea time Hillary. https://t.co/vu728vCBYm
RT @AmandaMarcotte: Telling yourself that all other men are evil, too, is a good way to justify sexist and predatory behavior. https://t.co/WPK50tn8xl
RT @benjaminwittes: Why is the press systematically ignoring this incredible admission on Jeff Sessions's part of dereliction of duty? https://t.co/xLRlXMTojo
RT @SethAbramson: A defendant plans to pay the legal fees of witnesses who could testify against him. Just as problematic as it sounds.https://t.co/98HL1nLXRj
RT @1509lucky: @addiebrownlee @bravenak Whenever I even hear his NAME https://t.co/0qMvQnKmlr
Oxford Students To Alumnus Aung San Suu Kyi: Rohingya Inaction Is 'Inexcusable' - HuffPost https://t.co/crZ3kwe8nA
@bravenak 😂 How I felt anytime Bernie “explained” anything about anything.
3/ Hey Navy - send the medical ship to PR.
2/ Merk it’s Hill - don’t worry bout trade - we’re coming up w something fair for everyone.
1/ All the more reason for her to just start being president. You know? Just call ppl up... https://t.co/nyjQd5xV6E
RT @SethAbramson: Knowing all we do now, this may be the most damning story *ever written* on Trump and Russia. I hope you'll RT it. https://t.co/HWz5mv96ut
RT @RVAwonk: Hey did you hear about the guy who set off a bomb in VA today & was charged with domestic terrorism? No..? You di… https://t.co/BdSZJAdiDN
RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) BREAKING: The thesis discussed at the link below has been confirmed—and it's a smoking gun on collusion. https://t.co/SP0zDTX7Rh
RT @AGSchneiderman: I just wrote the feds about their outrageous, unconstitutional meddling in a young woman’s private reproductive dec… https://t.co/dAVsFkSsRH
#IBelieveFrederica Believe tRump or believe anyone else. Done.
Whoa. This article just stopped me. Worth being your one read today @janedykema https://t.co/GpcQgiEOTB
RT @CharlesMBlow: I keep telling y'all about John Kelly. He signed up to make Trump's craziness look less crazy. That make Kelly himself VERY dangerous…
RT @laurasessions10: THREAD 1. What happened in Niger.
RT @swatson429: One of the most important sentences in Lupita Nyong'o's NYTimes Op-Ed about Harvey Weinstein. https://t.co/YFUizgeoGs
RT @nytimes: Lupita Nyong’o writes in @nytopinion: What Harvey Weinstein did to me https://t.co/9m5tKiQTPm https://t.co/1GF0nYxhcn
tRump uses a Crayola from his Giant Set to sign Executive Order. https://t.co/vFdrH0rrQ2
hahaha "have little overlap with his actual faults" Take it they haven't found his rape essays yet? Or just don't r… https://t.co/sxrt75B1iA
What the? Um. oh kay? Now may I please have my paper towels? Oh - right - that's PR. Oh. Also we're out of paper to… https://t.co/XMvdmtSfDl
@geokaren @HillaryWarnedUs Lol. Right. A total word salad from @SenSanders
RT @funder: #TrumpResign now trending at #90-let’s get it to #1! #TheResistance
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: I love Hillary by this sign. https://t.co/3lfyz8fcUt
RT @docrocktex26: When fascism came to America it was wrapped in the Confederate flag and renamed "economic anxiety" by the MSM.… https://t.co/qlyB1xS7NG
RT @PeterAlexander: BREAKING: A federal judge in Hawaii has blocked enforcement of the new Trump travel restrictions. It's a nationwide ban.
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: "Bernie had ideas which were hard for him to explain but he never had to explain them except in one editorial board… https://t.co/NIjppyV0Le
@ErinBurnett - when you don’t know facts inside out - u allow ppl like Stephen Moore to lie on your show & U “play… https://t.co/J1YcuqbwNp
RT @rudepundit: If the cost of freedom is constant murder, then you have a fucked up idea of what "freedom" means. https://t.co/99oLF5SiC5
RT @JoyAnnReid: Also, where are all the Benghazi obsessives now that we have lost for special forces troops in Niger? Anyone? Hearings? Any interest at all?
Undocumented Minors Who Suffered Rape May Be Denied Abortions In Government Custody - HuffPost https://t.co/VaMi1qQ4sX
RT @nycjim: Journalist who lead “Panama Papers” investigation into corruption in Malta is killed by a car bomb.… https://t.co/0jpf3eURmL
RT @KarenKilgariff: WOMEN: there’s a real problem with sexual power dynamics in the Hollywood system REPORTER: hold on, let’s hear what Woody Allen has to say
RT @kylegriffin1: Nearly 70% of people hurt by Trump's cuts to health care subsidies live in states he won. https://t.co/WDw5ctUBBy
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Donald Trump has many, many, many problems. This is who he is. https://t.co/wgokmbX0ta
@SusanSarandon Urgent: Tell your senator that you’re sorry you worked so hard to get Trump elected.
RT @EricBoehlert: why aren't more Dems raising holy hell abt this?? this resonates and it's easy to explain: he golfed instead of hon… https://t.co/6TBTuHwpOI
RT @MrDane1982: Call Hillary Clinton everything in the book just remember that book will always say she beat Bernie Sanders by 4M and Donald Trump by 3M!
#MeToo Of course right? Might as well consider every woman on here harassed or assaulted unless she tweets: #ohmygoshlookslikeidodgedabullet
RT @rudepundit: Here's a different approach than Larry Flynt's: A bunch of uber-rich people should get together and offer Trump $1 billion to resign.
RT @JuddLegum: Current status: Puerto Ricans w/o electricity: 85% Puerto Ricans w/o clean drinking water: 31% Trump: Played golf 5 of the last 8 days
RT @EricBoehlert: note to every Fox News scumbag who peddled Benghazi conspiracy for 4 yrs https://t.co/rDjKbAgtDi
RT @Khanoisseur: When a study showed that refugees generate tax revenues that exceeded costs of resettling by $63 billion dollars…Mi… https://t.co/0hULz9I0iK
RT @rudepundit: Essentially, Trump is treating the ACA like a slumlord does when he wants to push out tenants: Make it terrible so they have to leave.
RT @smartflexin: Here are the ‘offending tweets’ from @MonaB2010 that got her fully suspended: https://t.co/3Lx8sjQyYZ
RT @ananavarro: @jk_rowling, and all this time, I wrongly thought Lord Voldemort was fictional.... https://t.co/Ia45a1b2t1
RT @RoArquette: And we wont back down. No ..we won't back down
RT @nytimes: Rose McGowan, who accused Ben Affleck of lying about Harvey Weinstein, said "There are powerful forces at work" https://t.co/y3bZjcx4hS
RT @JoyAnnReid: The president of the United States is bragging about tanking the stocks of American companies. https://t.co/Qo7dwtUtTF
RT @CREWcrew: It what is almost certainly a coincidence, Trump reportedly fumed about laws prohibiting American businesses from b… https://t.co/4WsDtYNVEm
RT @renato_mariotti: Forcing someone to respect the flag is not patriotism. It’s totalitarianism. Our nation is about freedom, not fascism.
RT @MrDane1982: Bernie or bust, was based on purity, white male dominance, they didnt care how dangerous Trump was, the woman was equally or more dangerous.
See y’all in 24 hrs. If yer lucky. https://t.co/OxM7Dhc4CU
RT @addiebrownlee: @phaedra1203 @TamikaDMallory @Essence @RepMaxineWaters @womensmarch @lsarsour @SenSanders And the absolutely most h… https://t.co/9u6QddIIV1
RT @addiebrownlee: @phaedra1203 @TamikaDMallory @Essence @RepMaxineWaters @womensmarch @lsarsour @SenSanders https://t.co/ty30k99NRu
RT @addiebrownlee: @phaedra1203 @TamikaDMallory @Essence @RepMaxineWaters @womensmarch @lsarsour @SenSanders Hi. I know it’s hard to b… https://t.co/WYSVOBs4o3
@phaedra1203 @TamikaDMallory @Essence @RepMaxineWaters @womensmarch @lsarsour @SenSanders And the absolutely most h… https://t.co/9u6QddIIV1
@phaedra1203 @TamikaDMallory @Essence @RepMaxineWaters @womensmarch @lsarsour @SenSanders https://t.co/ty30k99NRu
@phaedra1203 @TamikaDMallory @Essence @RepMaxineWaters @womensmarch @lsarsour @SenSanders Hi. I know it’s hard to b… https://t.co/WYSVOBs4o3
!!!!!!! More !!!!! https://t.co/1SVQmePhgQ
Or... shows up wearing their Hillary tees - boos him off the stage then all leave. https://t.co/X3HBRDzGn7
RT @onedankmom: @MrDane1982 Their attacking their own speakers now. They are pissed they got exposed. https://t.co/qrY101MaDW
@TamikaDMallory @Essence @RepMaxineWaters @womensmarch @lsarsour continues to do anything she can to promote misogy… https://t.co/3Gazm9MiQB
RT @peterdaou: Dear @womensmarch, here is why people are so frustrated with #BernieSanders speaking at the #WomensConvention. https://t.co/L2kSEQMALN
@AngryBlackLady @lsarsour Hates Clinton. So Jealous of Ayaan Hirsi Ali she can’t keep her hijab straight. Promotes… https://t.co/OYmDYwTh1Q
RT @JoyAnnReid: When a group of male Senators put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court despite Anita Hill’s accusations women should have taken it as a sign
RT @nataliesurely: Some alt-right dickbag tweeted my phone number last winter, and when I reported it Twitter denied it was a violatio… https://t.co/myGYveHkr4
RT @IrisRimon: LMAOOOO > Women's March on making Bernie opening speaker: “We all know how busy women leaders are” https://t.co/liindGLCQX via @voxdotcom
RT @LTone: Rose McGowan's Twitter account has been suspended for inciting women to speak out against sexual harassment & rape.… https://t.co/x4A65k6Qkf
RT @davidfrum: Trump’s attitude to sufferering on Puerto Rico an ominous indicator of his likely attitude toward fatalities on the Korean Peninsula
RT @DCampoamor: Men on Twitter: Cunt! Slut! I'll rape you! Die! Twitter: "There's nothing we can do" Rose McGowan: Men are trash Twitter: "SHUT IT DOWN"
RT @AynRandPaulRyan: PUERTO RICANS ARE AMERICANS. Saying this is like telling Texas or Florida to fuck off. Yet I don't see you doing th… https://t.co/r5NpZGD3oa
RT @rudepundit: The President of the United States is threatening to abandon millions of Americans in a disaster zone. Can we impea… https://t.co/OdhNFXl6px
RT @GeorgeTakei: Stop obsessing over who is taking the knee. Ex-Trump advisor Carter Page has just taken the Fifth.
As if this was the only incredibly misogynist thing he said all night. There were so many that multiple outlets tra… https://t.co/YCc12MwGRs
@SethMacFarlane It’s not that we’re not smart enough to get your joke. It’s that your joke wasn’t funny. https://t.co/JRtrT2wnno
RT @TopherSpiro: 1: This executive order will offer CRAPPY health care, SPIKE premiums for people with pre-existing conditions, and… https://t.co/s76SnTJJVb
RT @HillaryWarnedUs: Trump: Unstable. Unraveling. Hillary: Unbroken. Unbowed. https://t.co/5rOH64otbd
RT @abzdafab: Dear Men, Please remove the phrase "as a husband and/or a father of daughters" from your vocabulary. Women exist outside your bubble.
“The evidence that was presented to Ealing Council may constitute proof of criminal harassment.” https://t.co/Tio3G3Yb9S via @broadly
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Lots of talk about protecting your daughters from powerful predatory men and not enough talk about teaching your sons not to emulate them.
@chrislhayes 1/Hey Chris - False dichotomy - Implies Obamas were completely inoculated against celebrity. Not sayin… https://t.co/qAZsbfdRUA
RT @Dannichka: Terry Crews is 6’3 240lbs and he was scared to speak up about his sexual assault. Now ask yourself why a 5’1 125lbs woman wouldn’t be scared
RT @peterdaou: You, @SenSanders, ran a campaign that vilified Hillary Clinton, echoing the worst rightwing talking points about he… https://t.co/K9nWUq5BBC
RT @rosemcgowan: Hey @mattdamon what’s it like to be a spineless profiteer who stays silent? https://t.co/rp0OrRrpqJ
RT @MollyOShah: Lmao retweet if a stranger has ever told you to smile https://t.co/O5KygbESb9
@ErinBurnett Are you for r..? Wha? Used to have some respect for you but I’m having to give that a serious re-think… https://t.co/NX55IgKesd
RT @RandiWachtel: @ErinBurnett Female anchor on a network that gave a sexual predator free air gives his him a “pass” but still attacking another women
RT @zellieimani: White nationalists lead another march in Charlottesville & Pence chooses to be offended by NFL players. This is why they continue to kneel.
RT @postpolitics: Fact Checker: President Trump has made 1, 318 false or misleading claims over 263 days https://t.co/c97UWrkeLK
RT @HillaryClinton: This hasn't gotten enough attn: For the first time, Congress missed the deadline to reauthorize the Children's Health Insurance Program. 1/7
RT @heylauriestark: Remember: The Weinstein Company didn't fire Harvey because they found out he was a sexual predator. They fired him because WE found out.
RT @kylegriffin1: Q: "Is he the most dangerous president we've ever had?" CLINTON: "I think he is." https://t.co/tS19yuwfBk
RT @JuddLegum: 1. When Trump became president, people stopped talking much about the numerous women who alleged he sexually assaulted them.
RT @JuddLegum: 2. But just because he's president, doesn't make these women unimportant. Seems like a good time to remember each one.
RT @JuddLegum: 3. Ninni Laaksonen, former Miss Finland. “Trump stood right next to me and suddenly he squeezed my butt” in July 2006.
RT @JuddLegum: 4. Jessica Drake. Said Trump grabbed and kissed her without consent, then offered her 10K for sex in 2006.
RT @JuddLegum: 5. Karena Virginia. Says she was groped by Trump at the U.S. Open in 1998.
RT @JuddLegum: 6. Cathy Heller. Says Trump grabbed her and attempted to kiss her at Mar-a-lago in 1997.
RT @JuddLegum: 7. Summer Zervos. Apprentice contestant says Trump started kissing her and grabbing her breasts, began "thrusting his genitals." 2007.
RT @JuddLegum: 8. Kristin Anderson. Said Trump reached under her skirt and grabbed her vagina through her underwear in the early 1990s.
RT @JuddLegum: 9. Jessica Leeds. Said Trump lifted up the armrest, grabbed her breasts and reached his hand up her skirt in the early 1980s.
RT @JuddLegum: 10. Rachel Crooks. Says she was assaulted by Trump in an elevator in Trump Tower in 2005.
RT @JuddLegum: 11. Mindy McGillivray. Says Trump groped her while she was attending a concert at Mar-a-lago in 2003.
RT @JuddLegum: 12. Natasha Stoynoff. Says Trump pushed her against a wall and jammed his tongue down her throat at Mar-a-lago in 2005.
RT @JuddLegum: 13. Jennifer Murphy. Apprentice contestant says Trump kissed her on the lips after a job interview in 2005.
RT @JuddLegum: 14. Cassandra Searles. Says Trump grabbed her ass and invited her to his hotel room in 2013.
RT @JuddLegum: 15. Temple Taggart McDowell. Former Miss Utah says Trump kissed her directly on the lips the first time she met him in 1997.
RT @JuddLegum: 16. Jill Harth. Says Trump repeatedly sexually harassed her and groped her underneath a table in 1993.
RT @JuddLegum: 17. That's the end of this list. These are just the women who have come forward publicly.
RT @Shakestweetz: Evergreen. Today's issue (one of them, anyway): Trump to roll back the Affordable Care Act birth control mandate. https://t.co/TcwLouAHmD
RT @julissaarce: DACA renewals must be received by today! No official notices went out to recipients, we are the only microphone.
RT @Marshall_Cohen: CNN has confirmed: FEMA just abruptly deleted the webpage that told the American people that 95% of Puerto Ricans s… https://t.co/584XFaerS9
RT @EricBoehlert: Clinton won college educated white women. but other than that..... https://t.co/4U17RfVbCZ
RT @SethAbramson: THIS IS HUGE. Please share this news. A substantial percentage of the Steele Dossier has already been proven true. https://t.co/Z3Ap2ulrCJ
RT @RVAwonk: To be clear: They didn't take all the stats down. They only took down the ones they didn't like. This is how autho… https://t.co/sfY4PJPM5P
Anti-Abortion MP Jacob Rees-Mogg Admits to Profiting Off Abortion Drug Sale - VICE https://t.co/zzMPvPPcV8
Glynace was the first person to welcome me to Texas so long ago. I remember tagging along ago. I love her. https://t.co/PggnY5wyX6
RT @bravenak: One might think the Susan Sarandon's of the world think poor dark folks like myself and Dolores are beneath them. Need to be punished.
RT @bravenak: Kinda pathetic when famous RICH celebrities cannot pass up an opportunity to be vengeful. Trump does that too. You're a lot alike, Susan.
RT @bravenak: It just reminds me of that time you sent the VERY SAME WHITE PEOPLE to harass a brown woman during the primary. Great Activism, Susan.
RT @bravenak: Dear Susan Sarandon, I bet it felt GREAT to send your white army of progressive bullies to harass a black woman for daring to say FUCK YOU.
RT @AGSchneiderman: I worked at an abortion clinic before Roe v. Wade. We can't go back. We need more men to stand up & make sure of it: https://t.co/Wzla0nsCrh
RT @AGSchneiderman: If a woman can’t control her own body, she isn’t really free. That’s why I’m proud to be one of many #MenForChoice.
RT @BradWalsh: This is our president saying he won't do what he can to provide humanitarian relief to Puerto Rico because corporat… https://t.co/aUazj5MDNj
RT @AdamParkhomenko: Clinton pressed Trump to deploy hospital ship Comfort to Puerto Rico. Now it's preparing to go. https://t.co/74x7btFTrE
Check this out Basically Hillary is our president anyway... Hillary Clinton For President! - Mother Jones https://t.co/2LAXU1cSXA
RT @ChelseaClinton: Mr. President? https://t.co/NyQbTsH15S
@MrDane1982 Rachel talked abt crying abt HRC Iraq vote in 2008 - y she cldnt vote for her. Classic & no reminding t… https://t.co/ZKixhE4PT0
RT @eleanor_mueller: "I love these guys, but if we could have a few more women senators --" Sen. Klobuchar says at CNN's #HealthCareDebate to deafening applause
RT @EmmyA2: remember when this was literally Hillary's health care plan and Bernie called her a sellout who didn't have big eno… https://t.co/SzRjSP8oUB
RT @DaleJr: All Americans R granted rights 2 peaceful protests Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable-JFK
RT @goldengateblond: NEEDED: Black athletes willing to take a knee in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands so Trump will finally pay attention to them.
RT @ClintSmithIII: Just a reminder to journalists: if something is racist & you don't call it racist, that's not being objective, that's not doing your job.
RT @adamcbest: Proud of liberals for condemning Anthony Weiner. Conservatives don't condemn sexual predators -- they elect them POTUS & watch them on Fox.
RT @Amy_Siskind: Also Week 32, Deep Root Analytics, with ties to the RNC, left voter information on 200mm voters unprotected online: https://t.co/5hPf2Dnj6D
RT @Amy_Siskind: That level of detail does not come without on the ground expertise on voter rolls, of the type Parscale, Kushner and RNC had available.
RT @Amy_Siskind: That u know so far. Here's ur state (Week 32 of the list) where web servers in ONLY Democratic areas were targeted:… https://t.co/Upj696DxxS
RT @TheBradMielke: Worth noting the demographics of the athletes - NBA: 74% black NFL: 68% black NASCAR: 4 black drivers in Cup histo… https://t.co/IXTjw5iCfm
RT @WesleyLowery: if kneeling *before the anthem* also gets you boo'ed, doesn't that suggest that opposition to kneeling was never about the anthem?
He never a had a plan so might as well use the best one we've had so far... https://t.co/jqXGaoT1A1
RT @rmayemsinger: Rosa Parks was not protesting the bus. Gandhi was not protesting the food. Players are not protesting the anthem. It's the injustice, stupid
RT @RyanMarsan: I'm pro-choice bc having the freedom to choose is fundamental to our individual autonomy. Reproductive rights are human rights #MenForChoice
RT @JasonStonehouse: I don’t belong in the conversation between a patient & her doctor; it’s not my body so it’s not my choice. #MenForChoice #bodilyautonomy
RT @phlubup: Of course I'm pro choice. The day I can get pregnant is the day my opinion will be worth a damn on the subject. #MenForChoice
RT @JimUicker: Raised Catholic, I believed abortion was sin. Then, in high school, I talked to a woman about it. At 49, I'm still pro-choice. #MenForChoice
RT @Stonekettle: Making somebody salute the flag with your boot on their throat is NOT patriotism. It's fascism. Repeat this until you understand it.
Bwhaaaaaaaaa!!!! https://t.co/iuDut0lpCL
5/ Call 212-644-0202 Suggested script: Trump's assistant here. Double checking there is room for 7 of Trump's most recently trafficked gals.
4/ Call 212-644-0202 Suggested script: Hi! My name is Mae. Trump is not allowed in Manhattan. It's new - so just wanted you to know. Thanks!
3/ Call 212-644-0202 Suggested script: Hi! My name is Bud. You're French yes?
2/ Call 212-644-0202 Suggested script: My name is Ace. They may not have told you but the private party on Tuesday contains Trump. Thanks!
1/ Unless it's a decoy - Le Cirque, in Manhattan. - https://t.co/pczwJtMnTP
RT @TrueFactsStated: It turns out the Leader of the Free World ended up being a woman anyway. https://t.co/LiPm4tWeoT
@SkepticNikki Reported. Thanks for letting us know.
@SenSanders @realDonaldTrump Hey bros. Juuuust in case ya missed it... https://t.co/yuif2xOWk3
RT @RichStapless: Donald Trump calls Colin Kaepernick a son of a b*tch for practicing his constitutional right but will pardon Joe Arpaio. Clown. #TakeaKnee
RT @KeepBCFree: The #GrahamCassidy bill is a disaster, so we’ve compiled some important questions for “pro-lifers” to ask themselves. #WhatsProLifeAbout
First time since I became an atheist that something made me scrunch up my little eyes and lift my hands. https://t.co/BidnMtsPAU
🎉🎉🎉🎉 YES. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 ☄️☄️☄️☄️Suck it @SenSanders https://t.co/8OhFJPGmJ2
RT @T_FisherKing: A lot of ppl don't understand