RT @tedlieu: Irony is alive and well in the @realDonaldTrump era. https://t.co/8mpcgqLUUZ
RT @EliotHiggins: Seriously, turn on the fucking cameras, you fucking cowards, this is the darkness democracy dies in.
RT @BBKogan: How many people is 22 million? The combined pop of: KS NM NE WV ID HI NH ME RI MT DE SD ND AK DC VT WY would be without health insurance
Whoomp There It Is. Say what u will abt it being safe enough politically to do this. She's standing up to them. She… https://t.co/tsJ4Arpfaz
RT @rudepundit: Hey, @chuckschumer, you should come up with a bill that fixes issues with the ACA and see if you can get Murkowski and others on board.