RT @mattmfm: This is a HUGE win for Democrats: literally no one thought it was winnable. Trump won 60%(!) in this district. https://t.co/KD8vbXVAeh
RT @RBReich: America is the richest nation in the world – richer than this nation has ever been. Where is this cruelty coming fr… https://t.co/LaAoolLDnJ
RT @ohhijackie: "Who paid for you?" he whispered. But the old wall keeps her secrets. https://t.co/xplQhXvzQ3
RT @grouchylib: Leaving this here until it proves wrong for even just one G'damn day. https://t.co/tLM1nYXgRF
Because his identity politic - unkempt and ineffective white male - doesn't float great w progressives. Except for… https://t.co/q4QiFJCG8W